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thriving places


Thriving Places is the name given to a process which is aimed at improving the way that communities, voluntary groups, councils and other organisations such as the local NHS work together. It is also about giving power to local communties.

It is a 10 year project which is focussed on delivering local services making the best use of the local community assets.

who is thriving places for?

Thriving Places is for everyone to engage in from the statutory organisations such as the local council, the health boards, the voluntary sector as well as any interested individuals.


What does Thriving PLaces Involve?

Thriving Places involves a changed approach to how community engagement takes place between the various partners. It will involve new ways of working within organisations and also between organsitions.

How this takes shape will be very much influenced by the inputs from the local community and how the community engages with the voluntary and public sector organsiations in the area. item1c

Who can I contact for more details?

Depending on whether you are working within an organisation or as an individual then there are a few key contacts within the council, New Gorbals Housing Association as well as the voluntary sector who may be able to direct you towards the relevant information. These contacts will be listed here shortly.item1d

Is there funding available to organisations
through the Thriving PLaces intiative?

Initially Thriving Places will involve more about changes to how people work and work with one another rather than being about a source of funding for specific projects.

As the process of change to the ways of working takes shape then it is possible that funds may become available for some aspects of community development but at this early stage it is more about sewing the seeds of the changed way of working amongst all of the partner organisations.

why is thriving places so important?

Thriving Places is important because there has been a recognition that there needs to be a change to the way that community development is delivered across Glasgow. Within this recognition there is an attempt to re-evaluate how such work is delivered and to attempt to overcome some of the persistent issues which have affected local communitiesitem1f

who will manage the thriving places project?

Thriving Places is about empowering communities to effect and bring about the changes within their local area working in partnership with the agencies and public bodies which operate within the area. To all intents the local community will have a significant role in the management of the process item1g

what has already been happening in the gorbals
as part of the thriving places project?

There have been many developments regards the Thriving Places process within the local area. New Gorbals Housing Association are key players in establishing the structure for the local area. There have been meetings through the Gorbals Regeneration Group, the Gorbals Voluntary Sector Forum as well as discussion among groups and individuals. In the near future then it is hoped that this page will become a source of information regards what else is happening with the Thriving Places process. item1h

is the gorbals not already thriving?

In many ways the Gorbals is indeed thriving with a busy calendar of events, groups and activities. There are still areas where the Gorbals can still improve on and develop what it does as an area in a more effective and joined up manneritem1i

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