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Author:  DannyGill [ Tue Feb 17, 2015 12:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Where is everybody

Hi Everybody,
Seems as if nobody's posting now which is a shame, I know a lot of people use Face-book including myself but don't people think they could post just one comment per week I wouldn't like to lose this site as I have made a good few friends here. C'mon people once you start posting again others will follow [hopefully].

Kind Regards.
Danny :)

Author:  accobra [ Sat Feb 21, 2015 11:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Where is everybody

Hi Danny ,
Hope you and everyone on the site are well.??
It is only an observation but the the reason for the ghostly quietness on the site be anything to do with the fact that
maybe we have all "run dry " on the memories . By that I know that Iwas struggling to bring to the table anything new.!!
Although Istill wanted to give comments other folks memories We all came on the site for a multitude of reasons and for
me it was trying to find a friend of my older brother called John Pettigrew and hear we are nearly five years later I am
none the wiser but has,nt the site allowed us to bring to the surface many many memories and experiences that we all at
the time did not realise just what a wonderful treasured times that they were in spite of the relative poverty that was
around at the time I know you mentioned Facebook which I do not subscribe to <personal choice > .but I have been off
and on the site for four years and I just wonder if we are guilty of just going over and re-cycling the same stuff over and
over . I am not being negative just as I said an observation . Mind you I am absolutely gob -smacked that my first post
"EMPTY BEER BOTTLES " has had over 2500 views . I know it was not the memory of a 5 year old boy that has made it
so popular but all the members contributions off there treasured memories also .
On a less serious note could it be a hang over from Scotland not getting the "Yes " vote?
But take heart as I think that Scotland will have a bigger prize with a Labour Government nationally with Nicola Sturgeon
having the balance of Power with SNP. So it wil be a louder voice for Scotland without the Commercial Fall out if the yes vote
had got through !! Controvercial.???

Best Regards Reg


Author:  DannyGill [ Sat Feb 21, 2015 1:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Where is everybody

Hya Reg,
Great to hear from you mate, hope that all is well with you and your Wife in France, yes I know what you mean Reg sometimes it's hard to think of new topics to post and it seems we have discussed many over the years we have been on the site. Face book is the main channel of people conversing [Twitter etc too]. I also know and agree with you about discussing the same subject and some people may have opted out of posting a comment because of this which I can understand. I look forward to the General election this May and yes for me Labour in a coalition with S.N.P. would be to my liking, anyway reg always a pleasure reading your comments, will speak later all the best for now.

Kind Regards.
danny :)

Author:  cockatoo [ Wed Mar 04, 2015 9:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Where is everybody

Hi Accobra, I knew a John Pettigrew, was he a tall thin guy ? Its quite a long time ago ,did he have a girlfriend who's surname was Kelly (She had a brother called Gordon) I cant remember her name. I had a good few drinks with John and Gordon, this is 25-35 years ago. If my memory serves me he moved to Giffnock or some place like that way past shawlands. I am not aware of there being 2 John Pettigrew's in the Gorbals at that time. And for what its worth I done a jig about my living room when Scotland made the correct decision and voted NO, (controversial ?)

Author:  thegorbals admin [ Wed Mar 11, 2015 10:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Where is everybody

Hope you don't mind me pitching in here!

I look upon these forums as being conversations and as such the more people contribute then the more memories are triggered and discussions develop. Imagine sitting in a pub wae someone you've maybe not seen or met before and bit by bit you find out the things you maybe have in common and before you know it you end up blethering tae closing time, and maybe even miss yer bus! I know I've been there a few times! It happens a lot in the Laurieston bar still!

Author:  DannyGill [ Sun Mar 15, 2015 1:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Where is everybody

Hi Anthony [Admin],
Yes I agree with you about someone mentioning a topic and then others joining in,on the point of the Laurieston bar which you mentioned in your post, it amazed me on a trip back to Glasgow on holiday nearly four years ago that the people who run the bar are the Clancy Family John, James and other Family members actually lived in the same street as me [Fauldhouse/Wolseley st] now how was that for a coincidence . I had arranged to meet a few people in the Lounge bar of the Laurieston on a Saturday Lunch time, well we met up and I hadn't saw some of them since we were at primary school [wee Bonnies] over 50 years previously obviously we had so much to catch up on like did you marry and have weans and what did you work at etc. We had been sitting there in the Lounge having a drink when about one o'clock in the afternoon the bar from being pretty quiet became absolutley choc-a bloc, I never realised that there was this Sub-Crawl where people have a drink at the nearest pub to all the Subway stations on Glasgow's underground system, the place was so busy it was unbeleiveable and then all of a sudden after a quick drink [or two] theyn were gone and the place was empty again with the exception of our little crowd, the glasses were all lifted from the tables and everything was spic and span then the next lot of Sub-Crawl people came in and it was packed to the rafters again and my crowd got talking to some f the people and we had a good old laugh. Ten they left and the whole thing kept getting repeated all day long with the Sub-Crawl people. What a great day we had and what a great wee pub the Laurieston is too.

Kind Regards.
Danny :)

Author:  accobra [ Mon Jun 22, 2015 8:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Where is everybody

Hi Cockatoo,
Apologies for delay in replying to your post but I seem to dip in and out .Sounds like I am going
for a swim . :D John Pettigrew was a fairly slim guy and he definitely had a brother called James and I also think there was a sister but I only ever met the two boys.!
They lived at 100 Bedford Street and there father worked as a projectionist in one of the big cinema ,s
in the centre of Glasgow. Ilast saw him when he came out of the blue one New years Eve and was about 17 and I was about 14 and my brother and and another friend went out to some parties to see in the New Year.
Our family had moved from 2a Wellcroft Place to Knightswood and I suppose we lost touch with the Gorbals.
However I still have some great memories of those early days as per the bulk of my posts in 2013.!
Wind forward last week I went to visit younger sister who has not been to well.
I drove to the Gorbals and the only trace I could find was one or two old bridges ,churches and I think it
was "The Star Bar" that had a look of the old days. From my vivid calculations and memories there was some new houses set back from the entrance of what would have been my old "Tenement" and where
2a wellcroft Place was it appeared to be grassed over .
Danny it was a strange feeling standing there no tenement no Office Bar and I
would almost swear that the person that I spoke to at the location came across as a "Yuppie" !
I just did not feel any connection with the new surroundings. :D Something a bit nearer my heart was
a guided tour round the New Hampden Park which was very impressive and I discovered during the tour
that both Alex Ferguson and David Moyes played for Drumchapel Amateurs allbeit not in the same year???
My nephew made sure that I had plenty of supplies of "flat square sausage" along with
the lovely local bread. well fired rolls etc. :)
I also went to a PotFest< no not wacky Backy> Pottery pieces at Scone Palace <Perth> it was brilliant
and I bought a couple of nice pieces to bring back to France.
Finally I am inclined to agree with you regarding the No vote as I do not think that the ordinary folk would
be any better off and I think term you would loose Shipbuilding , Tourism would also suffer and many Industries who would feel pressurised by commercially disadvantaged legislation who move out of Scotland and some may have already started.!! I believe that all politicians lie and no one has mentioned
the mess the Country could have been in if it was a Yes vote namely the global price crash of oil.
I also believe that if it is ever a yes vote I can see "The Shetland Isles " breaking away from Scotland and keeping the oil to themselves . What do you think ??? :D

Best regards Reg :D

Author:  Jimbo [ Tue Sep 08, 2015 5:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Where is everybody

Accobra. It's ages since I went up from AYR via Eglinton Street but the "Office" was still there,
must have been a while ago!

Author:  accobra [ Sun Nov 08, 2015 2:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Where is everybody

Hi Jimbo,

Many thanks for your post and apologies for getting back to you . Although I am unable to vote in Scotland my birth place it does not stop me from being a tourist and I spent nearly 4 weeks there
visiting family etc. I spent 5 brilliant days in Plockton and it was brilliant. seeing many interesting wild life and Loch Carron is an amazing sea Loch and we stayed at an amazing B&B and the owner was the
Sister in Law of Ken Bruce. Jimbo I also saw the amazing "Falkirk Wheel " and about aa mile behind
this amazing piece of Engineering I walked along the Old Antonine Wall that seems to go all the way to Duntocher. But getting back to the mention of the Office Bar I just could not see any sign of any pub. :)
I only saw some fairly new homes that were set back slightly from my old address on what was
once Wellcroft Place < see photos on the posting for "The Office Bar" Anyway I was quite surprised
not to have seen this land mark. :)
This was about 3 months ago.? Jimbo do you live in Ayr ? My wife and I spent a couple of weeks at my relation's place in Straiton .Maybe next time we visit we can possible meet up .?
Finally you may or may on be interested to know that Donald Trump appears to be buying up
a lot of Scotland :o He already has built a golf course in Aberdeenshire < not yet the Hotels>
He paid 25 million for Turnbery Golf Course and on 13 th October I had a lovely meal at The Brig O Doon
in Alloway and he now owns that Beautiful Hotel. He is also trying to buy Prestwick Airport . ;)
He also owns a house in Alloway. I cannot see how he can have time to be President of the UNITED
States.? We love going shopping to Ayr .Is Danny allright as have not heard from for a while.?

Best regards for now Reg :)

Author:  Jimbo [ Wed Nov 11, 2015 5:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Where is everybody

Reg., yes I live in Ayr, pity I didn't know you were here in October!
I was kinda "offline" for ages, but it seems NO ONE is posting anymore,
what a damned shame, this was quite a lively place and now it is dead,
or all the posters bleedin' deid?

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