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PostPosted: Sat Jan 04, 2014 6:38 pm 

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Hi All l hope you have all sobered up and had a good time now it is back to normal :lol:
You would have thought that there wasn't going to be any food in the shops the way people were shopping

Weather here in Glasgow is rubbish but we are lucky some poor folk are getting flooded.

Remember when people had parties everyone had their party piece you daren't sing certain songs because they were either wee Jimmys or Wullies song and you were soon told off.

Right now all you chanters on the site what is your party piece?? Did you play the spoons or the two wee bits of stick that you made clappers with :lol:
Then I'll put the thinking cap on and try and guess your age :lol:

I used to sing "Beloved" by Mario Lanza but cannot remember my other song but it will come to me

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 05, 2014 4:51 pm 

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HI Amelia...I am glad you posted this topic because when we were young, parties were a big means of entertainment for us...Everyone would sit in the kitchen or the living room if you had been re-housed and after a few wee drinks we all got our courage up to have a sing song...Of course, we knew what everyone's favourite song was and, like you said, you could not dare to steal it or you would never live it down...That was in the days when almost everyone smoked and if you wanted a cigarette, you opened up your packet and passed it around the crowd. Then someone else would do the same until you were so smoked out that you could hardly sing :mrgreen: ...My "party pieces" were "Passing Strangers" sung by Sarah Vaughan and Billy Eckstein and "Mona Lisa" the great Nat King Cole song...What great times we used to have all very innocent and so much fun...God was good to give us memories...By-the-way, here in New Jersey this morning it is so icy that we cannot get down our front steps...Yesterday and the day before it was -13 C. and today it is -1 so the snow we had iced up and now there is little rain so it is like an ice rink outside...I think it is time to take down the Christmas decorations. Happy New Year to all the good people who contribute to this site and the Administrataor and folks who make all this happen... :D :D

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 06, 2014 12:04 pm 

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Hi Amelia+Mag
Yes now that takes me back down memory lane, going to a hoose party with a "kerry oot for a kerry oan", my favourite party song was/is China doll and as you say if anyone started singing someone else's "song" they were told naw you canny sing that it's so and so's song ha ha. I also remember in the pub [no juke boxes] you would all be sitting in the lounge bar and someone would start singing and Heaven forbid if anyone was making a noise while the singer was giving it "laldy", or if someone joined in the singer the "MC" would shout out ONE SINGER ONE SONG and give us a bit of order. When we moved out to south Nitshill there was a wee pub called the Railway Inn and it had a wee snug bar and every Sat night there would be a sing song and this guy Bobby was the self-appointed MC and you told him what song you wanted to sing and he would go round the crowd and say right it's so+so' turn to sing [most people would buy him a half-pint for being the MC ].
Mag on the point of passing the fag packet round yes you usually had to open the windows to let all the smoke out ha ha, remembers me when I was living/working in Australia way back in the mid 1970's there were four of us bricklayers and two hod carriers in our gang and everyone of us smoked and as soon as one fag went out another packet was passed round and every one of us was a drinker too. I remember this pal of mine Kevin who was in our gang [this was in Melbourne] said to me in the pub where we went every lunch time and also when work finished he said in our gang there was a Scot,Englishman,Hungarian,German,New Zealander we're from all parts of the world and every one is a "bevy merchant" ha ha. Hope you all had great Xmas/New Year Festivities.
Danny :)

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