July 2002
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Author:  thegorbals admin [ Fri Nov 23, 2012 2:55 pm ]
Post subject:  July 2002

I’m looking for information on the Gorbals Burgh Police before the force was combined with the City of Glasgow Police.
If you can help please e-mail me on

Submitted by: James Ritchie
Balloch, Scotland


Does anyone know the Birrell family, who all stayed in the Gorbals from the thirties to the late sixties? They were and are a large family who all stayed a stones throw from each other. You can email me at

Submitted by: Alex Birrell
Glasgow, Scotland


Can anyone who lived in the Gorbals tell me the name of the place that under privileged kids used to be sent to for a holiday? I have vague recollections of it being called "Fernethy" or something similar. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers being sent there

Submitted by: Helen Wemyss
New South Wales, Australia


My great great grandfather James McGilchrist lived in Hutchesontown in the early 1800's and was described as an "ironfounder", so I presume he worked at Dixon Blazes. Does anyone know if there is any history of ironworking in the Gorbals that would tell me about the life he must have led?

Submitted by: Elspeth Grant
Caterham, Surrey


My grandparents on both sides came to the Gorbals in the early 1900's, one set was of Russian extraction and both sets were Jewish. I'm really interested in any stories about how Jewish people from Eastern Europe came to the Gorbals and the conditions of their journey and how they lived in the Gorbals. Also if anyone remembers Goodman and Sara Flora Finklestein who had a Waterproof Coat shop in the Gorbals or his daughter Rachel who was my mother, married to Morris Fisher also from the Gorbals. She died when I was 13 in 1966 and I never met one single member of her family, although I think she may have brothers and sisters. Would love to hear from anyone who knows anything

Submitted by: Sandra Fisher
England, London


Memories of childhood growing up in Abbotsford Place in the sixties... Born in 1958, attended St John's Infant and Primary Schools before moving to Govanhill in 1969. I remember playing "balls" in the close, chinese ropes, American Times, Kick the Can, Scabby Touch, swapping scraps on the stairs and "beds". I also remember "Midgey Rakers", the coal man carrying a huge bag of coal up two flights of stairs to our coal bunker in the hall. Pestering my mother for old clothes for the rag man in exchange for a balloon, and "pieces" being thrown down to you if you got hungry while playing. I remember "penny ices" and "broken biscuits", Roller skating at the top of Nicholson Street, climbing dykes and dreepying. The first "Adventure Playground" to open in our area, organising a 'Jumble Sale' for children in need, and going up to the Sunday Post (I think) offices in town with our takings, before going to "Wimpy's" for chips on the way home. I remember good neighbours and friends, the O'Rourkes, Mrs Duffy, Mrs McFadden, Mrs Rokeeka, Jim and Bridie Boyle.

The McFadden twins, Bridie Gallagher, Busha and Sheeba, Ailsa Coyle, the Huttens, the Chambers, the Lochrans, the Dobies, the Folans, Joan Meehan, Rosemary Doyle, the Vicor Harvey and his family (who ran a little club at 3a). The McNulty's and the Stringers who lived at No. 1 (Mrs Stringer was in a wheelchair and many a while we children spent talking with her in her front porch). School friends faces.. Bernadette Folan, Ann Colum, Marie Malseed, Elizabeth Murphy, William Finlay, Daniel Lee, John Hogan, the Docherty twins - Brian and Thomas and James Hutchison.

The Gorbals of yesteryear are gone, but in our mind the memories live on.. as some of the happiest times of our lives!

Submitted by: Rose O'Donnell
Co.Donegal, Ireland


Hi, I stayed at Oxford Street until 1971 then moved to Hutchie E (Sandiefield Road). Went to St John's Infant and Primary Schools. Also went to St Luke's primary about 1971/2, then onto St Bonaventures (John Bosco). I have three sisters and one brother, Sandra, Brenda, Jenny and Stephen. If anyone remembers me please drop me a line at

Submitted by: Carol Connelly
Glasgow, Scotland


Does anyone know Katie Taylor of 198 Lawmoor Street (also known as the plumbers close). Her daughter Pat (also known as Cissie), would love to hear from you. You can email me at

Submitted by: Patricia Taylor
Glasgow, Scotland


My mum, May Atkinson was born at Silverfir Street and my dad Bill Russell used to drive a Tizer lorry. They moved to 32 Hickman Street, Govanhill where they had 3 boys in 1939 - 41, and then to Kings Park where they had twins in 1948. Went to Strathyre for a while, then Folda, Glenisla and Struan before going to Australia in 1956. Does that bring back any memories for anyone? I would really like to catch up with my Dad's side of the family. Please email me at

Submitted by: Cameron Russell
Toowoomba, Australia


I remember the nut man well, he had one eye and always wore a tie. I was brought up at 274 Florence Street, I remember the gas man when he used to empty lighter pole into the puddles and watch it foam.

Submitted by: Alistair McLeish
Glasgow, Scotland


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