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 Post subject: September 2009
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FAO George O'Brien I saw in your postings saying that you lived in Lawmoor St are you anything to Tommy "Cocker"O'Brien. Tommy moved up to Carnwadric when the gorbals was being pulled down along with Thomas "Candy" McAndrew Joe Mulligan and Malky Campbell Tommy is married to Ida we were at his 50th wedding anniversary it was through me that they both met in Charlies cafe in Rutherglen Rd. Used to hear him speaking about a brother he had in Canada. Amelia Submitted by: Amelia McKinlay Glasgow, Scotland 30/09/09 Email: Thanks Auld Soo-Sider re the details about Rosemary Harley working at the Victoria Infirmary many years ago. It is really her brother Tommy that I am trying to locate - any ideas/memories? Thanks very much. Submitted by: Cindy London, England 30/09/09 Email: Looking for anyone who may know anything about my grand parents who lived in the Gorbals until 1955. Thomas Sloan and Anne McQuade (or McQuaide). Can anyone help? Submitted by: Michael Reid East Kilbride, Scotland 29/09/09 Email: Hi folks...just discovered a fantastic website crammed with rare photos of Glasgow, Gorbals etc. The address is many unique images of our fair city, its worth a look. Submitted by: Colin Mackie Glasgow, Scotland 29/09/09 Email: RE OREGAN ST: Does anyone remember The Toners and McAfferteys? I remember both, Anne McAfferty and Catherine Toner were in my class in primary, others I remember from Oregan St are Julia McArthur, John Moony, Peter Millar, Alice and Jeanie Connelly from around the corner and I think Jackson the coalman lived in Oregan St. Its great to see names from school days, made me smile hope everyone I mentioned is keeping well x Submitted by: Molly Glasgow, Scotland 28/09/09 Email: Not Supplied Re: Sam Murphy Yes my wife has a sister named May she lives in Alexandria Scotland. My wife remembers a Murphy who lived downstairs from her at 150 Lawmoor st. Is that you? Submitted by: George O'Brien Burlington, Canada 28/09/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Melvin. I was wondering if you knew a school pal of mine from Buchan street, Ronnie Winestone. If you know him or can get in touch with him give him all my best, thank you Jackie parker Submitted by: J Parker USA 28/09/09 Email: Not Supplied Jose Stuksis. Can you tell me what you know about the Irvine family that lived near you, was there an Allen and a Rose Irvine, please let me know thanks Jim Submitted by: Jim London, England 28/09/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi, i have so enjoyed reading everyones stories although i have severe eyestrain! I was wandering if anyone can remember my fathers family. OWEN DURKIN, wife DORIS, and my father Owen Durkin. His sisters Thomasina and Margaret. I believe that my great grandparents were also there, Owen and Margaret. If anyone has any tales or stories or can remember anymore of the family. please contact me. many thanks samantha durkin Submitted by: Samantha Durkin Devon, England 27/09/09 Email: Would like a copy of a class picture. I attended St Francis between 1943-1948. The Pic was taken in Miss Bedie's class and some of my class mates names that I remember are: Cathie Mitchell from Thistle St; Lily Crawford from Cumberland St; Alice Boyle from Sandyfaulds St: Keeney Duff from Mathieson St and Hannah Tierney from Lawmoor St Submitted by: Betty McAndrew Glasgow, Scotland 27/09/09 Email: Does anyone know people by the name of Joanna and Robert first son and daughter of Martha Shocovich from south portland Street Gorbals who later married John McGurran Dunmore Street Gorbals? Submitted by: Esther Ann McGurran Glasgow, Scotland 26/09/09 Email: Not Supplied So, so sad to hear about Auld Malkie passing away! Never met apart from the wee ditties on this forum.....Rest in Peace Auld Man! Submitted by: Auld Biddy Not Supplied 26/09/09 Email: Not Supplied Hello, Does anyone remember the Durkin family that lived in Surrey Street. My father was born there in 1948. He is Owen Durkin and His Father was also Owen. His mother was Doris. his grandmother and father also lived in surrey street. if anyone has any information, please e-mail with it, ie: family names and dates etc. I am trying to do the family tree and haven't got very far. It would also be nice to hear any stories that you have to tell. Also any relations that are out there, please get in contact. Thank you Samantha Submitted by: Samantha Durkin Devon, England 26/09/09 Email: F.A.O JOSEPHINE STUKSIS been trying to email you with no luck please drop me a note I would like to talk to you, your post certainly made me remember past times! Hope to hear from you soon, Shuggy Submitted by: Shuggy Australia 25/09/09 Email: To AMB I wonder if you knew the Chapman family who used to stay in the Pass? I was pals with Rita Chapman when I was at John St Seniour Secondary around 1958. I remember her Mum and Dad seemed to be happy together and quite romantic. Every week without fail he used to buy her a box of Moonlight- this was a mixture of chocolates and other sweets- a bit cheaper that Dairy Box or Black Magic but it's the thought that counts! Rita Submitted by: Rita Moffat Glasgow, Scotland 24/09/09 Email: Not Supplied My eyes are nipping been reading all your stories for hours. I used to go to the venny in Lawmoor St every day and loved it. The original venny was in abbotsford place and later moved to lawmoor st. Chris Sheldrake was the first leader in lawmoor st. Other play leaders at that time were Big Andy Robertson a lawyer. Jackie Stuart a teacher from Adelphi. Lilias graham Adelphi. Stuart, Nigel, Billy Nielson, Liz Devine, Sally, Tricia Thompson, Echo to name a few. Mick McGinn and Geoff Shaw may have been involved with the abbotsford place venny but they were not involved with the lawmoor one as far as I know. The venny was magical I met people from all over the world who came there to work during the summer months. I am still in touch with some of the leaders even now. John Purves is in the Congo. Sadly Chris Sheldrake was killed riding his motorcycle many years ago. Billy Nielson recently paid me a visit and Liz Devine has been a good friend to me for 40years. FAO Lorna Duff I remember Jon, Eddie and Rhonda hope everyone well give them my regards. Love this site will defo check it out again. See yees later. Anne-Marie Submitted by: Anne-Marie Murray Glasgow, Scotland 24/09/09 Email: Looking for Robert Main stayed in Oatlands went to St Bonaventures primary and Secondary school and went to St Francis guild was known as Mainsie and worked for a time in Grandfare Store Oswald St 1968/69 Alistair would like to find out if anyone knows of him or can put him in touch with him. Submitted by: Alistair McLean Caloifornia, United States 24/09/09 Email: FAO Jessie O'Neil Hi Jessie, nice to hear from you it's been a long time no see eh. Was going to send you a wee E.Mail but my Yahoo has been playing up this past couple of days I am receiving but for some reason can't send, yes we had lots of fun and laughs back then, remember when we were sent down stairs to get empty boards and/or trays you could have a laugh with some of the bakers and drivers. Then I was moved from the greasing into Peggy's wee room I was sent down stairs to ask for a long stand, off I went downstairs asked for the long stand and was told wait there, after a few minutes or so was told you've had your long stand off you go noo, Ha Ha Ha. ( I never suspected a thing ) I have a wee photo it was taken at my sisters birthday party in our house in the Schipka Pass, I'm sure you are in that photo Jessie along with her other pals you are all sitting round the table, if you like I will look it out and send it to you in a wee E.Mail when my yahoo is sorted out. Do you remember the wee songs ? like Borstal Boy, Weary Weary Life, A hoose called Barlinnie, and Twomax Worker/Hairy depending on which word you choose to sing Ha Ha think they were home made ? I still find myself singing them now and again silly or what eh, better stop now or I'll go on and on anyway Jessie it's been good to hear from you, I will send an E.Mail when I can AMB Submitted by: Amb Lakeland 24/09/09 Email: Posted bit of info bout hells kitchen yeserday. Wonder if anyone remembers the Wylies Eglinton St. we lived across from Bridge St subay 58 eglinton st there was my mum nettie dad Willie and 9 kids to many to mention. Terry and Anna were oldest Nancy (me) Everett and William were youngest. The Hunter family lived up our close and l was great pal of Rena Hunter would love to here from her. My sister has a better memory than me and she is looking at this site. If anyone remembers us would be nice to here from you. I have lived in Shawlands for 32 years but u cant take Gorbals out of the lassie. Submitted by: Nancy Rose nee Wylie Glasgow, UK 23/09/09 Email: FAO..Joan - I just remembered the name of the laundry in Hospital Street. It was the Richmond Park Laundry. There was a tiny shop under the railway bridge in Cleland Street which sold roasted peanuts, toffee apples and tablet and, I think, macaroon bars. They actually made some of it in a place they had in Hospital Street. I loved the smell of the roasting peanuts. Submitted by: Margaret Canada 23/09/09 Email: Not Supplied I know hells kitchen well, worked there when I was 14 1969. Went to St Margs Stanley St 66-69. The school closed that year. Nice to here from any old school pals. Think Tommy Reilly u might know me and Everett and Michael. Happy days. Submitted by: Nancy Rose nee Wylie Glasgow, UK 22/09/09 Email: Does anyone know the wherabouts of a Brenda Logue who worked in Templeton's Carpet Factory with my sister, Helen McGettigan, around the years 1964/65. She married a man named, Sam, who came from the Uddintston area and they emigrated to Canada soon thereafter. Submitted by: Margaret Burgdorf New Jersey, USA 22/09/09 Email: Not Supplied Hey I am trying to find out how old Meg McKinlay is. Submitted by: Billy Adelaide River, Australia 22/09/09 Email: Does anybody know the whereabouts of John Mains from Crown Street? He worked in Grandfare. Submitted by: Alistair McLean California, USA 22/09/09 Email: Thank you Auld Malkie and bless you. Melvin Submitted by: Melvin Bernstein Glasgow, Scotland 22/09/09 Email: Not Supplied Peter Coyle born 15th july 1953 at home in 168 Nicholson St Glasgow looking for any photographs of this house or area from that time also if anyone knows were my mother Elizabeth Coyle lives in Partick with my sister Kathleen Coyle if anyone has any information please e-mail me as the answers can get all mixed up if you answer direct on the anecdotes site regards Peter Coyle. Submitted by: Peter Coyle Glasgow, Scotland 20/09/09 Email: Re:George O'Brien. Did you wife have a sister by the name of May? Submitted by: Sam Murphy Windsor, Canada 19/09/09 Email: Not Supplied I am trying to trace Thomas Copeland who lived at Menzies Road during the late 60's early 70's? I'd be grateful for any information that may help in finding him or his relatives. Thanks! Submitted by: Colette Graham Liverpool, UK 19/09/09 Email: F.A.O. Thomas Johnston, I was always in and out of 'We Have It's' when I was a wee boy. If you remember, it had a sign outside the door saying - 'We Have It', If you want it, we have it - If we havn'y got it, we'll get it - If we cann'y get it, you've had it. The other shops to the right of it were 'Mary in the Dairie', two old spinster sisters ( a canny remember the other one's name ) & their big alsation dug. The other shop to the right again, was Lizzie Innies's, a wee woman who would let you have loose fags and would always watch ye like a hawk if you were playin' on the 'one armed bandit' in the corner because it was always gettin' broke into. I lived three close's doon from 'We Have It's' at 233 Florence St. towards Call'y Rd. and knocked around wi' Denny Lynch, Davy Coyne, Billy Perrett, John Malcolm (Malkie), Ronnie Murphy & Mick Coyne. We had some good laughs together & I hope they are all keepin' well, as I canny' remember the last time that I saw them all. PS. I forgot a pal that lived down your end Thomas, his name was Jim Kane and he lived up the close next to 'Hutch'y Grammar', you might have known him?. Regards, Terry. Submitted by: Terry Lennie Luton, England 19/09/09 Email: Would anyone know if there was a hospital at 49 Sandyfaulds St. in 1873? Or even a website that might have that info? Thank You, Elaine Submitted by: Elaine Los Angeles, USA 19/09/09 Email: Hi Karen 1 Ina Graham was my cousin she had 2 brothers Billie and Tommy, still stays in Gorbals after Aunty Greta moved to Crown St. My Aunty Peggy drain moved into house, I stayed in Naburn St my pal was Ann Shearer. Your grannies house was above the dunnie and my Aunty Lizzies was next windie above the dunnie to. Her name was McPherson 2 boys Ronnie and John. Submitted by: Margaret Graham Glasgow, Scotland 19/09/09 Email: Not Supplied F.A.O. Tommy Reilly Hi Tommy, hope all is well with you, your old neighbour Morag here, are you new to this site? have never seen any message from you before, take care. Submitted by: Morag Reilly Glasgow, Scotland 18/09/09 Email: Not Supplied I have posted several postings on here looking for family members. Please will you check with your older relatives as I know for a fact I have relatives in Glasgow but just cant find them. My grandad was Patrick James Boyle who lived at 132 South Portland St Gorbals around 1938-40 ish. His wife was Mary Ann Kilkie and this is the last address my dad can remember, Patrick was around 30 years old at this time and Mary would have been around 21. Patrick died aged 38 at 10 1/2 Eglinton Lane Gorbals. My dad was around 5 or 6 when he left South Portland St, his name was Tommy John Kilkie but was known as Tommy Boyle after his dad. I just cant get my head around the fact that you all knew each other or knew someone that knew someone yet my Boyle family have done a beam me up Scotty. Thanks for reading and please think long and hard and ask older relatives as this means a lot to me and my family. Submitted by: Tommy Boyle Leicester, England 18/09/09 Email: I wonder if anyone can help with my search. I am trying to find information/contacts in connection with George & Lucy Peat, who lived at 130 Abbotsford Place. I know George died in 1955. I know they had one child, a daughter called Ellen, but they could have had more. For many years they performed puppet and Punch & Judy shows, and I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who may remember them, or their shows, or who has a contact with a family member who might be able to help me further. Many thanks. Submitted by: Martin MacGilp Inverness, Scotland 18/09/09 Email: Hi Nan Cameron, I have re-sent the Thistle st photos you were looking for, hope you find your house I have sent two email covering all I have of Thistle St Bye for now, Norrie Submitted by: Norman McNamee Rutherglen, Scotland 18/09/09 Email: Reply to Tommy Reilly 13/09/2009, I also lived in So. Portland, you referred to Father Rowan could it have been Father Ryan? I am about 10 years older than you but I have a photo from St. John's school camp in Peebles 1957 I am pretty sure there is a Reilly in the 5 aside team. Frank Ford Submitted by: Frank Ford Whyalla, Australia 18/09/09 Email: MURDOCH MACREGORS SNUFF FACTORY IN COWCADDENS hello can anyone tell me some information about this company where it was located when it opened or closed i have found an old snuff tin in good condition with this information on it regards peter coyle. Submitted by: Peter Coyle Glasgow, Scotland 18/09/09 Email: FAO...Nicky Easton. Hi, we lived up the pen in 128b Nicholson street. ground floor. Everyone used to hang about our front window. It was used to get in and out of our house cos it was a long walk right round to our door. Even when the doctor had to come he climbed in the windae. lol I still know the duffs who lived up the next close. There was also the Crossans, Langans, Irvines. Nesbits, Gillans, Burtons. Dunachies. Loads I can't quite remember. We moved to Castlemilk early 1972, still there. Submitted by: Josephien Stuksis Glasgow, Scotland 18/09/09 Email: I was a young and naive 27yr old when i left the gorbals to come to guernsey to work the season, that was 26yrs ago (just given my age i thought i was escaping from a place that i disliked, how wrong i was back then, it was my 9-5 work and the same old routine that i disliked, i was confused and wanted a good life and i thought the only way to do that was to get away, but i could have got a good life in glasgow if i wanted to, i know that now, i would go back a lot and the first thing i could smell was the buses, oh it was great!!! i would go on the subway and think how much i missed it, listening to the gorbals people brought tears to my eyes as i felt so guilty for ever thinking i disliked this place, this was my home and i ran away from it, the gorbals people are the best in the world in my book,they are the friendliest people ever, why is it that you have to go away to see all this, or would i have seen it had i stayed and settled down, im not sure if im making! sense here, im hoping someone will understand what im trying to say, i still go home as often as i can, once maybe twice a year, yes ive seen all the changes and it makes me sad as i feel as if they are trying to get all the gorbals people out, but its the people of the gorbals that makes it such a dear place, i would come back and live there tomorrow if i could and have thought this for many years but my children are born and bred on this beautiful island and i cant imagine life without them near to me, my heart will always belong in the gorbals and with the people. maureen (everett) wylie. p.s i have never lost or ever will loose my strong gorbals accent. Submitted by: Maureen Everett Wylie Guernsey, Channel Islands 18/09/09 Email: COME ON GLASGOW PALS LOOKING FOR MY MOTHER ELIZABETH COYLE BORN NOVEMBER 1924 IN GLASGOW AND MY SISTER KATHLEEN COYLE WHO IS 55 YEARS OLD THEY ARE BOTH SOMEWHERE IN PARTICK BYRES RD GLASGOW. WILL BUY YOU A DRINK OF WHISKY IN THE HAYBURN VAULTS PETER COYLE ELIZABETH COYLE SON BORN IN GLASGOW JULY 1953 REGARDS. PETER COYLE Submitted by: Peter Coyle Berkshire, England 17/09/09 Email: To John Morton, I lived at 110 Lawmoor St. next door to the mortons. They were our cousins, I live in Canada now so if you need any info let me know. Submitted by: George O'Brien Burlington, Canada 17/09/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Margaret Graham are you related to Ina Graham, she lived next door to my granny in Hallside street and her mum was Greta, my mum still speaks to her all the time and I had my children in her house a few weeks ago talking to her budgie!! My mum remembers my granda saying that about the step tho she can hardly rember that house, she said the fitzsimons lived in loads of houses. Take care and thanks for the reply, Karen Submitted by: Karen L Glasgow, Scotland 17/09/09 Email: Not Supplied I would like to offer my condolences to the friends of Malkie. I knew him from Abbotsford place when I was a kid, he always treated us well. I have fond memories of him and can still picture him, he was a true gentleman. I agree with you Rob he was a true Gorbals character who touched many. Submitted by: Billy Malcolm Glasgow, Scotland 17/09/09 Email: Not Supplied In reply to John morton Portsmouth. I knew the Mortons from 110 Lawmoor st.I lived facing them at 115, I think they lived up the close next to Jimmy Waddells shop, also up there lived a family called Obriens. All the kids used to play in the street until dusk in summer. On their bikes,bogies,skates,skipping,whip and peery,hopscotch,kick the can,football,etc. We used to wait for the drunks stagging out the pubs and asking them for any pennies. I remember going to glasgow green to the football pitches and touting for a game always got a game. Does anybody remember a football team consisting of deaf and dumb players who used to play friendlies on a sunday at glasgow green? From 1955 to 1960 I worked at templetons carpet factory on glasgow green. I was based in the Dyehouse, does anybody out there know of anybody who worked there. Submitted by: Joe Toehill Bradford, Yorkshire 17/09/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Cathy Kennedy, first time on the site. Yes same George O'Brien that met you in Toronto I lived at 110 Lawmoor St. My wife Betty Connor lived at 150 Lawmoor St. Submitted by: George O'Brien Burlington, Canada 17/09/09 Email: Not Supplied Born 128b Nicholson St, old fire station building opposite St Johns baby school. Mum Mary (nee Hannah) Dad Tony both from 8 Lawmoor st. Sisters Isa (she had one leg and went about on crutches) Tilda, myself Betty and Margaret. Brothers Tony Thomas and Andrew. Moved to Downcraig Road in Castlemilk in 1972. Anybody remember any of us?? Submitted by: Josephine Stuksis Glasgow, Scotland 17/09/09 Email: Hi tommy reilly, i'm wondering if your the old tam i new back in the gorbals (58 eglinton st) there were nine of us also (wylie) and we too had the string behind the door, ha ha went to st johns and st margarets, it would have been the same time as you, if it is you tam then would be nice if you sent an email, cheers Submitted by: Maureen Everett Wylie Guernsey, Channel Islands 17/09/09 Email: I have heard there is a new book coming out about the Gorbals called " GORBAL'S SHADOW"S does anyone know when it will be in the shops. Thank you. Submitted by: Agnes Herrity Glasgow, Scotland 16/09/09 Email: FAO Rita. Do you remember the end of your grandfathers quote? Here's tae us, Wha's like us--- damn few, and they're a' dead. Submitted by: Joan Not Supplied 16/09/09 Email: Not Supplied Does anyone remember a factory manufacturing razor blades in the 1950s? Not sure where it would have been. Submitted by: Terri Glasgow, Scotland 16/09/09 Email: Not Supplied To Robert Campbell I am sorry to hear about your loss. Going from what you said your pal Auld Malkie obviously enjoyed good friends in this life. I am sure he had lots on this site too. I regard the site as a wonderful group of friends -people like Christina Philbin who knew all my Mother's family. Keeps me connected to absent friends and the wonderful community of the Gorbals in the 40's 50's and 60's. As my Grandfather used to say-usually with a glass of whiskey in his hand and a Woodbine in the other-Here's tae us-Wha's like us ? Gie few. RIP Auld Malkie-we will miss you too. Rita Submitted by: Rita Moffat Glasgow, Scotland 16/09/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Robert Campbell - My deepest sympathy to all the friends and family of Auld Malkie, sorry to hear of his passing. His posts here will be missed. Thanks for letting us know. I hope he and Anne are together once again. Sincerely, Pat Submitted by: Pat Mooney Not Supplied 15/09/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Margaret; Thanks for the info. I'm glad I wasn't the only one to remember the laundry. Wasn't there also a place under the bridge that sold roasted peanuts? BTW, my grandaughter, who lives in Japan just visited Scotland and sent home four boxes of double nougats- something we can't buy in the U.S. Submitted by: Joan USA 15/09/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Michael, Christina I will need to find out when my Grandfather died the hard way-by doing something I have been promising myself for years-start the family tree and do the required research via the appropriate Census. It is a bit annoying because I am sure that Nancy Marr, (the Nancy Moffat that was as you recall Christina!) lived low down middle in 157-a Mrs Morrison lived lowdown left. I recall that Michael McGrory knew Mrs Morrisons son. This what makes all this is strange/a bit of a mystery. At some point possible around 1949ish my Great grandfather died and my wee bandy-legged Great Uncle Wull, (I had an Aunt Williamina Moffat-Ina called after him) moved from 147 3 up middle where he stayed with my Great Grandfather and swapped hooses with Nancy Marr, nee Moffat to 157 Moffat st lowdown middle. I remember when my Anuntie Nancy and my uncle Jimmy had a bit of a "domestic" and I had to stand on a wee wooden stool to open the outside door at 157 and run to my Auntie Nelly (she of course was ! another Moffat) and Uncle John Webster to help sort the quarrel out. They lived in the wee hoose in between 147 and 157 Moffat Street briefly then moved to 147 two up middle-a single end. Now the one that holds the key to roughly when the move was made- which corresponded with the death of my Great Grandfather is Michael McGrory!!No pressure then Michael! Of course my dates could be out a little- can you think back My Auntie Nancy used to wear her black hair curled to her shoulders. Max Factor Creme Puff Candlelight something and deep red Max Factor --- Fire? My uncle Jimmy Marr was a docker small to medium height and quite a big Beer belly! The Smith girls would know-perhaps Michael you could ask Beatrice or Dorothy in you next Xmas card? All of your brains will be birling with Moffat here and Moffat there-of needless to say people said that they had to change the name of the Street to Moffat Street as there were so many Moffats they couldn't very well do anything else! Can anyone else help solve the mystery? Cheers to you and yours Rita Submitted by: Rita Moffat Glasgow, Scotland 15/09/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi. Does anyone remember the McGarry Family. Jimmy Mcgarry was my Grandfather, I Think they lived on patterson st. my gran was called lizzie Atley. they both were well known in the Gorbals during the 30s/40s/50s. After the leaving the army my grandfather had the coblers shop that did a few other things bootleg booze being just one of the many. I would love to get some info as im trying to put together my family tree. Submitted by: Karen Kerr Rotherham, England 14/09/09 Email: To all the readers who knew my friend Auld Malkie; My name is Rob Campbell, together with Betty Slavin, Tam Cosgrove, Chic Stewart, Isabel Craig and some others, we were all close friends of Auld Malkie, we met at least once a week in the Library, he always loved writing into the site and spent hours reading your stories, Auld Malkie passed away last Wednesday morning in his sleep. We write this letter to you all for making him a very happy person, he would often tell us great stories about great patter from Jim the Jannie his favourite and also Ten Q. He said you would have been best mates if you had met, to Melvin liked you and always stuck up for you as others always picked on you, Malkie took this site seriously and you were all his friends. He was a good man tee-total since he lost Anne his wife twelve years ago, loved walking, and reading a lot, proud of his Gorbals background he could tell some great stories especially when he came out the army in 1945 he had us all laughing about his friend Willie King, the bookie Neilly o Donnel, John Banks, Dunky MacKay and all his patter kept us going, he was the last of the old Gorbals characters, he would give you his last penny, he was a good hearted soul. On behalf of us all, his cronies, some ex Gorbals Thank you. Submitted by: Robert Campbell Glasgow, Scotland 13/09/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi I am tommy reilly born in 108 South Portland street 1954. My father was Hugh Reilly mother Alice Reilly. I went to st Johns primary in nicholson street and then portugal street, i then went st johns which moved to west street. We attended St Johns chapel in portugal street where I was and alter boy at the time of Cannon Boyle Father Rowan, Father Chalmers, Father woods and father Tracy I went to St Margarets secondary in Stanley street kinning park from 1965-1969. I woud like to hear from anyone out there who may have been at school or grew up at the same time in the good old days of the gorbals, When being one of a family of nine brothers and sisters the key was left at the back of the door on a bit of string ond not once was there a break in to the house. Submitted by: Tommy Reilly Glasgow, Scotland 13/09/09 Email: Not Supplied I have a vivid memory of visiting my granny who lived in Salisbury street. I would sit with her by the fire and every so often she would clap her hands at a "stranger" that was fluttering on the ribs of the grate. Her house was filled with yesterday; doylies, sepia oval photos of Victorians laced up unsmiling. She would doze off for a while and I would watch the sparrows frolic on the telephone wires. The clock between the wallie dugs would chime and she would wake up from some dream, and say things like "Aye Tommy I'm coming", then look at me "Who are you? she would ask. I had to tell her I was her grandson, It was a little spooky at times. The coals would fall in the fireplace almost noiselessly. "Is it no time you were getting hame"? she would say. I would then let myself out. "Cheerio granny". Aye Tommy I'll be wae ye in a wee while". I always left her in a state of strangeness, then jumped intae the fitba game with my wee pals. Submitted by: J Parker Emporia, USA 12/09/09 Email: Not Supplied We lived in Surrey St till 1948 when we moved to Househillwood. Does anyone remember the Matheson family from 56 Surrey St? My Dad John, mum Molly, sister Peggy and brother John. We all went to Abbotsford School. My Grandad also lived at 56, his name was Fred Farquhar. I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers us. Submitted by: May Munro Lossiemouth, Scotland 12/09/09 Email: I remember the laundry/dry cleaners on the corner of Cleland and Hospital Street. I lived across the street from it above the pawn. The Bluebird pub was on the third corner but I don't remember what was on the other corner. I remember, as a child, getting a Saturday penny from 'Jock the bookie'. Submitted by: Margaret Canada 11/09/09 Email: Hi this is the first time on this site and finding it very interesting to read all those stories of times gone by in the gorbals. i stayed at 147 florence st which was called the penn. my auld man used to flee (flew) the doo's cos we stayed top flat i went to camden st school and come home and feed them after school. my pals then were mike mCcoll, james mulheron and wee wullie ferguson, always remember times when and i think it was mike MCcoll who was with me used to go to the back door of the Moy Bar steal the empty bottles of beer and take them round to the off sales at the front of the pub and get tuppence or threepence on a bottle, after getting our money we would go back round again after a few minutes and unknown to us we probably picked up the same bottles and done the same again (brilliant) made a fortune. anyone remember the WE HAVIT shop, and the guy with the barra that sold whelks and mussels, i thinkn he stood at the corner of florence st at cumberland st and McKenzie's the coal man with the horse and cart, many a wee lift on the back of the trailer. GOOD MEMORIES. Cheeers Submitted by: Thomas Johnston Glasgow, Scotland 11/09/09 Email: I remember as a small boy playing in the back-courts of North Coburg Street. I used to visit school-pals who stayed in the close next to the Pawn shop. Anyone old-timers out there remember North Coburg Street? Submitted by: Johnny Lad Glasgow, Scotland 10/09/09 Email: Not Supplied PETER COYLE NICHOLSON ST GORBALS GLASGOW 15-7-53 corporation of glasgow 73 john st boarded out boy is looking for his mother elizabeth coyle born 1924 in glasgow. Please email me for further information. Submitted by: Peter Coyle Edinburgh, Scotland 10/09/09 Email: I am trying to find anyone who knew my dads family the mortons they lived at 110 lawmoor street from about 1937 to 1954/1955 ish Submitted by: John Morton Portsmouth, England 09/09/09 Email: Hi karum din Are you related to Joe Din who went to St Francis school in the early fifties? He was a friend of mine at school. Submitted by: John Bonar Melbourne, Australia 09/09/09 Email: Hi no telling ye can you let me know your father's name please? Submitted by: Geraldine Congalton Melbourne, Australia 09/09/09 Email: Hi G5, My Dad had two shops we had one in Nicholson St. across the Street. from Grants Whiskey factory, and one on the corner of Norfolk St. So you could have gone in. We left the Gorbals in 1962. Thanks Karum Submitted by: Karum Din Newbury Park, California 08/09/09 Email: I was with Margaret McManus when the chimney fell we were on our way to school. Every time I hear the high winds Margaret comes into my mind. It was some 59 - 60 year ago Submitted by: Susan Glasgow, Scotland 08/09/09 Email: Not supplied Does anybody mind what happened to the big St Francis bell? (Paddy) Submitted by: Paddy Not Supplied 08/09/09 Email: Not supplied Hi Rita, The only Mullens I remember stayed one-up at 157 Moffat Street. I believe there was a boy called Alec who was a year or two older than me. When I was demobbed in 1947 my parents had moved from the single-end in the close to a room, kitchen and a tiny wee box room on the third floor. I think you are right, the lady in the middle house was named Marr. That would be between 1947 until I left summer 1950. I'm not certain, 'cos, I was seldom about, between work and winching. As my mother worked in the packing dept in the UCBS, she had an early start and I didn't want to disturb her, I used to spend many late evenings with my Uncle Paddy and Aunt Beattie Smith. A wee blether and a cuppa. Even tho' as you remember, a new member of the Smiths had just appeared on the scene: Dennis!!!! Ah, Memories. Rita take care. A Golden Oldie Submitted by: Michael Not Supplied 08/09/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO WeeBlether it was our close the lighting struck we heard an almighty crack and then the rumble as the chimney came down then we heard the scream when we looked out the window Margaret was on the pavement with all the boulders around her I dont know how the other lassie wasn't hurt we ran down to help but didn't know what do then other people came as you say it was hammering down so they lifted her into my cousins doorway 202 out the rain the woman she stayed who brought her up Bridie Fisher whom Margaret stayed with was her aunt or gran I dont know she didn't reconise her and was asking if anyone had called a priest nobody could tell her it was Margaret the scene was horrible and I wont forget it Margaret was a lovley lassie who never missed chapel and is one of the reasons I dont believe in god Submitted by: No Telling Ye Brighton, England 07/09/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Rita, well the Smith family have been well remembered this week. I dont think my coat had patch pockets either just side slits. Hope you have a nice time with your old neighbour. Out of all the Moffats the name I remember most is Nancy Moffat but I dont know why. Hi Michael, you certainly know your family history. One of my Uncles papered my first house a single end low down at the back I too had lovely grained doors everyone up the close used to admire them he also bought us the letter box and the handle and a 3way light that was our wedding present from him. Another uncle lived down the stairs from my mother up no.47 he too was off work for a year and made my young sister a beautiful dolls house it was a bungalow and you lifted of the roof to play with the toys inside he too spent lots of time at the library looking up drawings he was a bit of a perfectionist so it was lovely when it was finished she played with it for hours dont remember if he made the funiture or if it was bought years later people used to ask my mother to sell it to them will have to ask my sister what happened to it. FAO Angela McDonald yes Jessie Philbin was my Mother-in-law when my daughter discovered this site 4or5years ago she would say wish Grannie Jessie was here she would remember that she had a great memory right up until she died at 90years of age she used to call all the streets by their old names Florence street was always Rose Street to her dont know if I am getting mixed up but I think she called Moffat street south York street can anyone tell me where that came from. Submitted by: Christina Philbin London, England 06/09/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi does anyone know of the family McInnes living at Eglinton Lane. Angus was a window cleaner and had a wee lad also Angus, who died age 7 in 1905. Lots of girls, Maggie, Catherine, Annie and Isabella. Submitted by: Dorothy L/derry, Northern Ireland 06/09/09 Email: Not Supplied I Was from 29 Hospital St, but when the thunder storm happend 1960. I was living at 29 Stronsay St. Germiston. I was 12, all the family were in the hallway, as you go in the front door with all the lights out. My granny Flora Hayes stood in front of the glass toilet door, when the lightning flashed, all you could see was my grannys silhouette with her long wavy hair and her crooked walking stick and saying god is punishing us. I was terrified. She looked like something out of hell, every time the lightning flashed. Submitted by: Robin Hayes Manchester, England 06/09/09 Email: FAO ,wee blether. I remember Margaret McMannus and when she got killed I cried my eyes out..Margaret used to baby sit me when my ma and da went out, I was only a toddler at the time but I still remember her .... it was a sad time .there was only her and her mum I think.. and her mum looked after the priests ....Ann Submitted by: Ann Davies(Kerr) England 06/09/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO wee blether I remember well the lass that was killed in Nicholson St. she was a friend of my sister Helen Submitted by: Ken Not Supplied 06/09/09 Email: Not Supplied When we were wee if we did anything wrong my Granny always threatened to bring the Priest out to us. I'm not talking really bad things here, might have been you went to a wrong shop for her messages (she could always tell what shop the stuff had come from) or she felt you had stole a sweetie before you took them to her. One day I committed the ultimate sin of buying her a 1/4 pound of ginger snaps out a different shop from where she'd told me to go. So I got treated to the riot act and assured she was sending for the Priest. We never ever talked back to our elders but that day I couldn't take it any longer, so I said "Granny what are you sending for the Priest for me for? I'm no a Catholic" She replied "No you're not, but you're a bad pill and you're going to the bad fire" lol Today I realize how ridiculous it would have been a Priest making a house call over ginger snap biscuits, but back then we thought it would really happen. My Granny had moved from the Gorbals to the Oatlands in those days and to this day I remember the name of every single Priest from St. Bonaventures who was being notified of all of her grand weans shocking behaviour. Now I'm curious was this just my Granny or did anyone else experience this kind of thing? Father Devlin if you're reading this. Please tell me did you ever make any house calls over things like ginger snap biscuits or a missing soor plume sweetie? Cheers Pat Submitted by: Pat Mooney Not Supplied 06/09/09 Email: Not Supplied I am trying to solve a family mystery. I have a Thomas Young in my family tree who was born in 1874 in USA. His parents were Scottish but must have gone to America for a few years then returned before 1881. 1881 census they are in Edinburgh but by 1891 they were at Adelphi Street in Gorbals. Parents were James and Jane Young from Dumfries area. Any help, however small, would be greatly appreciated. Submitted by: Irene Smith Midlothian, Scotland 05/09/09 Email: FAO. wee blether, I remember that tragic accident when the girl was killed by falling masonry during that terrible storm. At the time, I lived at 20 Bedford Street(above the double eagle pub). My kitchen window looked right up Nicholson Street, the morning after the accident as I looked out the window, I could see lots of rubble lying on the street. It was later that I heard about the accident. Submitted by: Owen Dougan Glasgow, Scotland 05/09/09 Email: FAO Karum Din. Hi Karum, seeing your name there has set me thinking, I lived in Gorbals till 1973 but I always remember going to Dins shop. I am not sure if it was at the corner of Bedford St and Sth Portland St because there was a shop there and when you say you lived in St Portland St it makes me think that it was your family that ran that shop. The reason I am not sure if that was the shop is because we also used to go another shop which was in Cumberland St I think between Surrey St and Nicholson St just before the railway. If it was your shop at the corner of bedford st and sth Portland St across from a pub on the opposite corner I think there was also another shop just down from the corner. Nice to hear the name Din from my memories from the Gorbals. Am I correct was your shop on the corner? Thanks. G5 Submitted by: G5 9QW Dublin, Ireland 05/09/09 Email: Not Supplied To wee blether I remember the accident and knew Margaret very well she was an only child and her father died when she was a baby her uncle who was a priest and lived in Nicholson st was there almost immediately to perform the last rites Tam Smith who was one of the Gorbals hard men was also there to give help and he broke down and cried like a baby her poor mother was always seen dressed in black for years and became a recluse never talking to anyone what she went through must have been hell Submitted by: Annie Not Supplied 04/09/09 Email: Not Supplied Does anyone remember a young girl aged 18 called Elizabeth Ferries, in 1942. She lived at 13 Thistle Street and came from Aberdeen. Worked in a munitions factory. Which factory would be nearest to Thistle Street? She had a baby boy in 1943. Submitted by: Jackie Aberdeen, Scotland 04/09/09 Email: Hi,looking for anyone who knew the Barcus family. They were 5 girls Magdeline, Annie, Agnes, Barbara and Petrona. Magdeline had a son my father Frank Barcus sometimes called Larson. Glad for any information. Submitted by: Carol Barcus Vagnhärad, Sweden 04/09/09 Email: F.A.O. of Norrie McNee, sorry Norrie I did not receive the pictures otherwise I would have written to thank you. The only thing I can think of is you missed the E at the end of partickbelle as a few people have done the same. cheers Nan Submitted by: Nan Cameron Glasgow, Scotland 04/09/09 Email: Hi. My name's Alex Norton. I'm the actor recently appearing in 'TAGGART" I'm currently writing my autobiography and would appreciate any help from anyone who may have known me or my parents John and Sarah Norton when we lived in Moffat Street from 1954-57. I was a pupil at Oatlands school from '55 - '56 before we flitted to Pollokshaws. Any info would be gratefully appreciated and in return you'll get a thankyou in the credits. Submitted by: Alex Norton London, England 03/09/09 Email: To Wee Blether and Christina Philbin Yes I was very, very fond of that blue sticky up collered blue duster coat-canny remember if it had patch pockets but I think not. And yes I remember the gingham skirts and the big sticky oot skirts. My mother was a dab hand with the starch in any case so I had THE BEST sticky oot skirts- one underskirt filled the whole pulley! Come to think of it my skirts stuck oot sooo much I could have easily blown away with a strong wind!! Later on I worked for Reeta of Reeta's in the Gallowgate first on a Saturday and Sunday then full time-had to give it up eventually as I spent all my money getting Provi Checks to spend in guess what-Reeta's! Find I have a longing to revisit places since I have got older... Went in to the Reeta's shop recently (they sell wedding frocks now and Mother of the Bride Outfits) I was astounded to see how small it was -in my memory it was much broader and longer. Same with the Pig and Whistle that I used to work in. Thought the bar was really long-again much smaller than in my memory. Ah that my hips were thus. Now we are talking the reverse-they are certainly much larger than way back then..... All good health to everyone. At the end of the day that is one of the most important things to have... Love Rita Submitted by: Rita Moffat Glasgow, Scotland 03/09/09 Email: Not Supplied To Sandra Dazell - Hi there Sandra it wouldn't suprise me that Nancy Sampson (Vine) house would be immaculate even now given her age. She had a real big team of weans and when the were out to play in the mornings-or to school they were spotless, (faces gleaming and lovely rosy cheeks) and so were their clothes. A big washing was put out early doors every dry day there was. Her mother was always neat and tidy too and had her hair set regularly. Marion stayed with her for a few years when she got older. one of the girls is ages with my sister Janet - 60 this year. I am 67 and remember Katherine and Ann more clearly than the others. aLL THE BEST TO YOU AND TO Nancy Rita Submitted by: Rita Moffat Glasgow, Scotland 03/09/09 Email: Not Supplied Michael McGrory Great to hear from you again-don't stay away so long next time we enjoy your stories. Can you please help me with my family tree? You mentioned your family stayed on the ground floor at 147 Moffat St-then they moved up to three up(?) do you remember the names of your neighbours? I was told that my Great Grandfather (Alexander Mullen and his son Wee Wull) stayed 3 up middle followed by my Auntie Nancy Marr, (nee Moffat) I then subsequently got this middle hoose around 1961. As I am doing my family tree it would be really helpfull if you could remember who lived three up middle at the time your mother lived there. Good luck and good health to you! Rita PS My great uncle Wee Wull was extremely bow legged and liked a dram or ten. Submitted by: Rita Moffat Glasgow, Scotland 03/09/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi i have not been on here for along time but always read your lovely storys, anyway i just want to let you's know that my cousin tam has a new gorbals book coming out end of september, called gorbals shadow's as, he, and Ellen McAlister worked, on the origional, video Gorbals Shadow's made in 1988, his family are still the oldest family, living in the Gorbals Since 1819. The Smith family, had BlackSmith Shop, for over 130 yrs, up until 1956, Tams Grandfather was the last blacksmith in the family, plus the book is about, real characters. From the area, Tam has an exhibition at Castlemilk, Stables, Mackrie RD. 11 sep 2006 which exhibits paintings, from, 1953, till, 2009. And, is the first exhibitions ever with paintings of old castlemilk, pop in and see his execellent work. Submitted by: Pat Davis London, England 03/09/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi karen l, just to let you know i was brought up with the fitzs my cousins were ronnie mc phersonand john james was owr best pal and stevie was older he was a fine looking guy. my aunty greta graham lived next door to them in hallside st then my aunty peggy drain i remember margaret and joshephine your granny. katie made puff candy we all loved it ther was a big step into there house your granda said if any of his fell over it they where not his as he had so many thanks hen but james was my best pal. hope to here soon Submitted by: Margaret Graham Glasgow, Scotland 02/09/09 Email: Not Supplied Re Rosemary Harley, she was studying to be a doctor the last time I saw her (about 25 years ago) in Victoria Infirmary. (Either that or she was in disguise!!!) Submitted by: Auld Soo-sider Llanfair, Wales 01/09/09 Email: Not Supplied FOA Geraldine Congleton your Dad Sanny and my Dad were good pals and often worked the gether we stayed in Nicholson St I remember being in your house both in Surry St and up all they stairs in Priesthill Submitted by: No telling ye Brighton, England 01/09/09 Email: Not Supplied The crisp factory (it was a shop) that sold all the greasy crumbs to the kids in a wee bag was in South Portland St just past the Synegog it had a bit of a high pavement outside it I remember it well for two reasons 1st when you ate them you had to run home for a drink of water as you were choking of thirst. 2nd later on it changed to a halal butchers and a wee old pal of my dads wee Danny McCann broke into it drunk and let all the chickens out they were running all over the place through the backs to Nicholson ST in the lane and in South Portland St and all us kids cats and dogs (even the cops) chasing them honest its true im just wondering what people passing by in Norfolk ST must have thought. Submitted by: No telling ye Brighton, England 01/09/09 Email: Not Supplied Geraldine, You were right Kelvin Crisp was on Soth Portland St. I use to live across the St. from it. Your brother was right it was only a penny. Submitted by: Karum Din California, USA 01/09/09 Email: Yes Alan Gerry Congalton was my uncle. Susan I remember your family from Surrey St too. Nice to hear from you. Submitted by: Geraldine Congalton Melbourne, Australia 01/09/09 Email: Anyone remember the Little family, lived at Ballater Street from 1965 to 1981 - Peter, Isabel, wee peter, audrey, wullie, janice, brian, wendy? Submitted by: Brian Southampton, England 01/09/09 Email: In reply to Alan Young of Adelaide I have emailed Gerri Congalton with the same question, I still have some photos of Gerry, James and Joe McConnell from the St John's school camp days. Frank Submitted by: Frank Ford Whyalla, Australia 01/09/09 Email: My 90 year old mother, Sarah McCue (Sadie McKnight) lived at 10 Hospital Street, Gorbals. She attended Notre Dame/DownHill Academy and served in the WRN in WW2. Her mother was also Sarah McKnight and father, John. They lived above the pawn shop. If any one recalls the McKnights or my mother - she would be thrilled to hear about it. She moved to Langside Rd. in Cathcart when married to Danny McCue - of Weir Street - and then to Toryglen before we came to California. As recently as yesterday my Mother was reminiscing about life in the Gorbals, at St. Aloysius and the Barrow - Rossi's ice cream shop and more. If you recall Sadie McCue - contact me at the above. Cheers, Daniel McCue Submitted by: Daniel McCue California, USA 01/09/09 Email:

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