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 Post subject: August 2009
PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 10:21 pm 
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Yes doris I have that picture of you and your sister at the copacabana in NEW York, Anna is also in the picture but I dont remember some of the other girls in the picture. You asked about Jim, he passed away a couple of years ago. I will give Anna and Ina your regards. Submitted by: Cathie Dunn USA 31/08/09 Email: Not Supplied HI HAS ANYONE GOT ANY INFORMATION ON THE FAMILY WHO LIVED IN EGLINTON STREET IN THE FIFTIES WHEN THE FIREPLACE FELL THROUGH KILLING FIVE KIDS. ANY INFO IS GRATEFULLY APPRECIATED. THANKS Submitted by: Tricia Glasgow, Scotland 31/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Can anyone remember the thunder storm we had around 1960? when A young girl was killed,---her name was Margaret mc Mannus, and she lived in Nicholson St.----She was with her pal Agnes Gillespie and both of them were running down Eglinton St, on that terrible night, my mum and me were looking out the window waching the rain bounce off the pavement, when we saw them running and screaming with coat's over their head's,--- we watched them disappear round Cumberland St,--- (my mum said) I hope they wee lassie's get hame ok?)---- The next morning we heard, the awful news (that one of the girls was hit by A chimney (struck by the lightning) in Nicholson St,-----I couldn't believe that we had just saw them, momment's before, running and laughing. Wee Blether. Submitted by: Wee Blether Glasgow, Scotland 31/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Does anyone remember the names of the Ships that where built on the Clyde and then sailed to the States, My Grandfather and Great Grandfather where in the Merchant Navy and i'd love to know which Ships they sailed on. Submitted by: Louise O'Reilly Glasgow, Scotland 31/08/09 Email: Hi Im looking for any information on my Great Grandfather Joseph Reilly, a Foundry worker then a ships carpenter, he lived at 3 Frances Street, Gorbals in 1906 that is the year his son was born also called Joseph Reilly though young Joseph was brought up by his Mothers Parents Joe and Bella McKenna so was known as Joe McKenna. Young Joe went on to Marry Margaret Jolliffe in September 1940 his address by then was 47, Warrick Street. Does anyone have any info on any of these people ive mentioned. Any piece of the jigsaw would help. Submitted by: Louise O'Reilly Glasgow, Scotland 31/08/09 Email: I have some good memories and some painful ones about living in the Gorbals. I remember standing outside the pub on a Saturday night asking the barman to get sixpence from my Mom for a packet of chips, She used to give it to me just to get rid of me. We lived across the street from the old graveyard on Caledonia road. That was my dinner on a Saturday night, When I tell my kids this story now, they look at me as if I am making it up Submitted by: Margaret Lindsay San Marcos, USA 31/08/09 Email: Not Supplied There were two cafes hells kitchen the other name escapes me but they were from italy it was across from the co-op peter Submitted by: Peter Diver Oshawa, Canada 30/08/09 Email: Does anyone remember Bruno's cafe at Eglington Toll my friends and I hung out there in the late 50's and that is where I met my husband we could never get a seat in Hells Kitchen and we decided to have our own hang out It was a great place Submitted by: Annie Not Supplied 30/08/09 Email: Not Supplied I remember the Kelvin Crisp Factory, I thought it was at the bottom of S Portland ST Submitted by: Ann Docherty Corunna Ont, Canada 29/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi nan cameron, did you get the photos of Thistle st I sent to you? Bye for now, norrie Submitted by: Norman McNamee Glasgow, Scotland 29/08/09 Email: FAO Caroline Murphy. I went with joyce for a while while living in hutchie e and what a fantastic family they were. I will never forget joyce's lovely laugh and lornas friendliness. The whole family were gorgeous and the days of having a pint in the dixons blazes, playing football on caley road and hanging out around crown street will live with me forever. Submitted by: Michael Miller Glasgow, Scotland 29/08/09 Email: fao. Agnes Burns.... hi agnes it is me wee jessie. I remember you, your dad, sister and your mum very well. You lived at Skipkapass at London road. I remember well the ucbs and remember fondly of the laughs we used to have. please let me know how things are going with you and yours. It was lovely to hear from you. Wee Jessie Submitted by: Jessie O'Neil Glasgow, Scotland 29/08/09 Email: Try to trace the Galt family. Rya Galt who maried Willie Newell and lived in Glasgow. So the connection would be the newells My grandfather was Robert Galt who was Ryas brother. they also had another brother Called David Galt and he married a young girl....someone White did anyone know Aunty Rya, Submitted by: Jan Ellison Cumbria, England 29/08/09 Email: Hi christine thanks for your ans on the cryans from 38 mcneil st are you related to jessie philbin? My mum remembers the name my mum jackie cryans worked in isa's cafe just at the corner of mcneil st before she started work in the co-operative bakers. Submitted by: Angela MacDonald Glasgow, Scotland 29/08/09 Email: Hello there lorna duff hear, I've just been telling my mum joyce about this page and how good it is 2 be able 2 look at the place were she grew up and 2 this day she still says south side people r the nice, best people you'll ever meet. Anyway my mum said she had checked the web page out for herself the night b4 and could'nt believe it she thought it was a brill page + someone had told an old pal who was asking how the family were things a think she'd forgot just as well it was only that she had been married 2 my dad haha. We're all loving the page n all the trips down memory lane lol fae young lorna xx Submitted by: Lorna Duff Glasgow, Scotland 29/08/09 Email: I have been looking at this site for years and thought i would come across some school friend Mary Doherty who married maxi biggam, monica friel, cathy clark and evvy smith we went to st lukes and bonnies. Submitted by: Grace McCluskey Glasgow, Scotland 28/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Does anyone remember jenny spencer lived pend sandyfaulds st was a great jiver barrowland in the fifties? Submitted by: Spencer Glasgow, Scotland 28/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Geraldine Remember your family from 75. I was born at 69 Surrey St. My name is Susan Heron, left Surrey St in 1964 I also remember the crisp shop and in answer to some elses question about Hells Kitchen i ran about there from 1959 best cafe in gorbals Submitted by: Susan Glasgow, Scotland 28/08/09 Email: Not Supplied F.A.O Geraldine Congalton are you by any chance related to Gerry Congalton,who used to coach the boys at St.Johns School at football in the 1950s with his pal James O'hare Submitted by: Alan Young Adelaide, Australia 27/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Sorry, the Kelvin Crisp factory was in South Portland Street. I phoned my wee brother Alex (he's just turned 60) I spoke to him last night and he reminded me it wasn't in Norfolk Street but more importantly he wanted to know where I got the thrupence. He only remembers getting a penny's worth of crumbs Submitted by: Geraldine Congalton Melbourne, Australia 27/08/09 Email: Not Supplied small world and getting smaller... I was cleaning out a lot of old stuff (did not know I was such a hoarder) when I came across a old necklace, which was a gift from Anna and Ina crukshanks and for years I thought it was real jade ha ha should have known better, who could afford it in those days when every penny was a prisoner. It must be at least 42 years old and still looks nice. Any hoo getting back ti the cruikshanks, jimmy what a great jiver he was we used to give it big licks me jimmy john heaton also fae the gorbals when we would go to the Scots club or the Irish in kearny. Anna n Ina they went back to Glasgow but we lost touch. noo wait a minute are you the cousin who also lived in kearny and was pregnant the first time I met you....a quiet lassie if I remember right...and were you with us the night we got all dressed up wi oor tiaras and long gloves and hired a limmo to go to new york to see Sam cooke the singer who his girlfriend shot the night after the show. never forget that one. here we are al dressed up to kill the waiter comes over ask us what we would like to drink, now this is a fancy place and that anna she asks for a beer the guy goes to pour it into a glass Anna she says nae bother jimmie all just drink it from the bottle and she sister Irene who was always like the woman on that BBC show you know the wan this is the lady of the house speaking she was mortified as Irene she was a bit of a toff and always knew and minded her manners (drove me bonkers) so there is Anna sluggin her beer when Sam cooke he comes over to our table, no wonder cause Anna n Ina were two smashers, dont remember the song we requested, wonder if any one still! has that picture of us all Scots from Kearny. Great night ...and were in C.A. are you at now. In fact was Rita Thompson wi us as I remember she was visiting from Glasgow and it was the same time Margaret Lawson was visiting at the same time ...noo there is great stories fae Kearny and we did have some great terrs , the baby showers were the best nae men unless it was to drive there wife home as a few of us used to get steaming last time I drove we all ended up on the front lawn of the house or was that in Manhatten bch wi the Blackhill crowd och never drank to much as it was a three day recovery for me heid hinging over the bed a bowl under ma chin, och for effs sake take a wee curer I still dont know to this day how some folks manage it .. no me didnae take efter ma auld da so ah became the designated driver. Oh you have brought so many memories am still laughing just thinking about them.....thanks for mentioning DAM tell them two sisters I was asking about them we all grew up in Kearny and is jimmy he still around Doris Submitted by: Doris McIntyre Slo, USA 25/08/09 Email: Not Supplied JOSEPH REILLY and AGNES MCKENNA. Hi i am looking for information on my great grandparents,Joe and Agnes never married but they had a son Joseph Reilly (my grandfather) he was brought up by his Mothers Parents and was known as Joe McKenna, he was born in Frances Street in the Gorbals in 1906. His Mother later Married John Mulligan and they had a son also called John, does anyone have information on what happened to Joe Reilly Snr. when my grandfather married he changed the name to O'Reilly. Submitted by: Louise O'Reilly Glasgow, Scotland 25/08/09 Email: Hi Pat, dont know when you last heard bout the fitzys but my auntie margaret has moved down to liverpool, alexs down there visitin just now, alexs doin well, was very ill last year and it was touch and go for a while but hes made of strong stuff!!! Violet and Thomas have both passed on over the past few years. Josie, Mary and Ann are all well, my mums a widow now and is doing really well. Uncle Steve still stays over the calton and is well. I never email but il give your address to my mum and let her fill you in. Do you keep in touch with your neice Frances if so can you tell her i said hi, ta Karen Submitted by: Karen L Glasgow, Scotland 25/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi, I'm looking for information on the Quinns/Marshalls who lived in Commerical Road, in the 1940/50's. My mum was Agnes Whitton Quinn her father was Joseph Quinn who was in the Cameronian Highlands. Submitted by: Wendy Blantford Newcastle under Lyme, England 25/08/09 Email: I remember the crisp factory and it was in Norfolk St. I used to get thrupence worth of "crumbs" on my way to St Johns Girls School in Tradeston around 1954-55. Loved those crumbs from the Kelving Crisp Factory. I was born at 75 Surrey St in 1947. Cheers! Gerri Submitted by: Geraldine Congalton (Gerri) Melbourne, Australia 25/08/09 Email: Been meaning to ask this for a long time like most of us brought up in the area maybe was just me but I used to be amazed at the different types of houses both growing up and later when serving my time and working all over the "soo side" from the converted dunnys to houses with inside bathrooms and even gardens going even further back the stables all over the place were traditional farm buildings built around with these tenements etc. nae green belt then, picture halls, schools, churches and all the buildings that went with them cemeteries and all the rest of community requirements and not just there but the whole of Glasgow was made up of areas all self did all this come about? looking at the old rolls all the properties were owned by individuals renting through factors who paid for and built them originally? and what if any building control authorised the hotch pot of construction let's face it the place was a bloody cess pool and trying to get things fixed was some job my old man put the electricity into our Sandyfaulds St singlend in the forties and it stayed that way until the building was demolished mind you there were some luxurys like the washhoose (beside the midden) where when it was your turn down you went early dawn stamped about to chase the rats and lit the fire under the boiler and bolted the wringer onto the sink Ach could go pick holes all day but we never did die a winter yet as ol' Matha McFlannell would have said, but I would appreciate any info as to where to find out more how it all came together I do know there was a mighty scattering when it came to demolishing as current owners were responsible for cost of..knew a few penniless dossers who inherited much property and a fistfull o' half crowns Submitted by: Original Anon Not Supplied 25/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Hello Christine, Margaret and Rita, For the first in a long while I browsed thru'this site. The Smith family of 147 Moffat appeared in the queries. Mrs Beattie Smith was a sister of my mother Mrs.Annie McGrory. The Smiths were already living one-up at 147 Moffat Street when the McGrorys arrived there, from Kinning Park, in 1926, to live in a single-end at the back close of 147. Id be about about 2 yrs old then. Billy Smith, born 1924 (now deceased) was the eldest. Billy was an accomplished/accordeonist. I think he received his first lessons at five years old from a Lady music teacher who lived around the corner in Hayfield St. The next in line was the eldest daughter, Maisie (deceased), followed by Margaret, Dorothy, Beatrice and lastly Dennis. Margaret is widowed, she has lived in Maryhill since being wed in 1955. Dorothy and husband stay near Denny, their kids have long flown the nest. Beatrice lives somewhere near Dorothy. The last I heard of Dennis he was living somewhere in Shawlands. As I was an only child, Billy and Maisie, being about the same age, were as my brother and sister. The other cousins went around with younger groups, therefore I really didn't know any of their pals. Dorothy and Beatrice attended dance classes, being taught by a young lady by the name of Isobel McInnes. Isobel is now Isobel McGrory, my other half!!!! Does that name, McInnes, ring a bell? It's amazing the little things that come to mind. Apart from the C0-op garage, St Mungo Halls, the Co-op bakery, the shan shop, the Green and the Sauny pon, Big Peter's chip shop etc etc etc, I had a surprise when Rita mentioned (her words) "the lovely grained doors, up 147". And now, the Doll.s house that sat on the coal bunker in the lobby of the Smiths. I was delighted, 'cos, I built about 50% of it!!! My father, Patrick, was a good handyman. He spent any spare time, (he was without work a lot during the thirties) making all sorts of toys for my many cousins. His favourite for a long time was forts and castles, and he progressed to Dolls' houses. He spent lots of time in the Library in McNeill St. reading up drawings and little plans. From about 10/11 yrs he let me help. As time moved on, his health became poor, and I did more of the work under his instruction. That particular Dolls house was his best and last. I spent ages cutting and making all the little furniture. By the time it was nearly finished, I was about 15, served my first year as an apprentice painter, so, I was a dab hand at papering and painting the wee rooms. It was all hinged. It could be folded up and all of it put in the base (which was really a wooden case). It could be packed away under the "Hole-in-Wa'" bed, as there wasn't much room to spare as well we all remamber. Another similarity: Billy went to St. Aloysious, Maisie to Notre Dame, and me, it was Holyrood Secondary!!! In fact, when I arrived with the very first intake, from St Francis, in the summer of 1936, the school was called Crosshill Secondary, then later it was renamed Holyrood. Memories, Memories. Anyway, Best wishes and good luck to all three of you A Golden Oldie Submitted by: Michael Not Supplied 24/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Thanks for telling all about Youtube and Coulters Candy by Robin Hall and Jimmy McGregor. Great to see, unfortunately I cannot hear it. For some reason I don't have sound. But that didn't stop me enjoying watching the boys. Keep the stories coming. Love this site. Submitted by: Not Supplied Glasgow, Scotland 24/08/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Rita Moffat that was wonderful meeting Nancy Vine think everyone remembered them because it was an unusual name bet Mary remembers them too. It will take a few cups of tea to catch up with all her news. Great that she is still living so near were she was brought up as she is a lot older than you ask her if she remembers a family called Doran that lived up No66 think it was 2up but not sure they moved to Nitshill. Can you remember if there was a Mrs. Henderson lived low down in Hayfield St. think she had a big dog. People used to talk to her at the window. FAO Margaret Burgdorf USA When I was first married we used to visit another young couple lived up the close facing Hayfield St. school think there was only one close there they lived on the ground floor next to an ice-cream shop think it was called The Rainbow. His name was Wullie Nimmo cant remember his wifes name remember what she looked like but not her name they were a very nice couple wondered if it was same family! that lived near you. Submitted by: Christina Philbin London, England 24/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Does anyone know of the Shannon family that was living in Gorbals. My mums name is Catherine Shannon. She had a sister called Elizabeth and brothers called James, John, Frank and Jeffie (All surnames were Shannon). My mum was born on 23 feb 1934... Allegedly on a bus in the area of Gorbals. Submitted by: Gary Shannon Chigwell, Essex 24/08/09 Email: Caroline murphy regarding the duff family - I am joyce duff's daughter. Submitted by: Lorna Duff Glasgow, Scotland 23/08/09 Email: Hi, my friend George aka O.J. O'Neill has asked me to post this for him. He would like to know if anyone out there remembers him. O.J. is now 83 years young and is still as sharp as a tack. He and his 6 brothers and 3 sisters were born in Rutherglen Road. He is the only one left now and still resides in mcNeil street in the Gorbals. Submitted by: Sandra Glasgow, Scotland 23/08/09 Email: to caroline murphy got to reprhase that joyce married my cousins wifes brother got it wrong sorry drinking to much tennants lager hope this helps you will try and find out more on the duff family Submitted by: JJ Poole, Dorset 23/08/09 Email: Not Supplied To caroline murphy i remember the duff family i used to hang round with john i left glasgow 16 years ago the last time i saw john was 1987 he was going to work in london. i used to see the dad quite a bit he was a postman the family moved from hutchie in 1982/83 to duke st just past the abbatoir. joyce married my cousins wife his name was norrie he came from royston not sure what happened to betty, eddie, marion or rhonda. the parents used to drink in dixon blazes which bacame the corner bar my auntie rose used to work in there she knew them well. hope this helps caroline i stayed in sandiefield rd flats if i think of anything else i will post it jj Submitted by: JJ Poole, Dorset 23/08/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO CHRISTINA PHILBIN.. thanks for your reply, your right of course george and lizzie lived in elmfoot steet for the rest of their lives, my family live through the other side of the pend in polmadie road. I remember norah well although she was a lot older than me... she was an adult when i was a child... i am similar in age to george and lizzies grandchildren dennis and laura who must both be in their mid fories by now. I remember george as a very formal looking man in a long woolen overcoat and fedora hat, with a pencil moustache. I must admit, that as a child he scared me slightly. I remember when they opened up the workshops in the tenements in wolsely street, we watched from our kitchen window across the backcourt, as the brought out cars from the thirties which had been stored in an old garage, must have been the early 70s and the garage had been locked for years. Funny you should mention eileen, its a branch of the family we have almost lost touch with and although i have heard the name i didnt associate it with george and Lizzie. Submitted by: Paul Haggerty Glasgow, Scotland 23/08/09 Email: To Rita Moffat. Hi there, nice to read your message. I am Nancy Samson's friend and you got it spot on about her being immaculate, even at her age her house is a palace. You were wondering about the old library in McNeil st, if it is still in use, it certainly is. It houses a nursery and an information centre, credit union and a place of relaxation where you can have a massage or reflexology to Gorbolites for the princely sum of £5. Submitted by: Sandra Dalziel Glasgow, Scotland 22/08/09 Email: Hi, karen L thanks for ur reply sorry not same mary crawford. I would like to contact either JOHN OR JAMES mckenna from gallowgate bobby mc Submitted by: Bobby Mc N.Ireland 22/08/09 Email: I've seen a few posts in the forums from a few years ago by a John Rowan, relative of the Verrecchia family who owned the Princess Cafe - John if your reading this or anyone else who many know... was there an 'Ella' Verrecchia. My great grandfather Giovanni (John) Bellonzi had a fish shop in the Gorbals then and his daughter, my gran 'Leontina' or 'Tina' was friends with an Ella Verrecchia... I'm wondering if given they were both restrauant owners that it may be the same person? Anyone who knows I would be very grateful to hear any information as my gran and Ella were best pals for years and after my grans passing my mum always tried to get in touch with her. If anyone know's of the Bellonzi's I would love to hear from you. Submitted by: Sharon Glasgow, Scotland 22/08/09 Email: Hi with regards to a message i came across last night about your relative william woodside dated 03/03/09.i am jackie dickson, i lived in the high flats in the gorbals with him and my son steven. i would like to ask you what you would like to know about him and who you are? kind regards jackie dickson. Submitted by: Jackie Not Supplied 22/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Anyone out there remember the connollys 40s/50s? 13 of us! I'm the eldest and went to olsf sch: charlotte st. would love to hear from school friends /france Submitted by: Mary Connolly Glasgow, Scotland 22/08/09 Email: Hi karen it was great to hear from cathy's daughter, my email address is below please write and let me know how the family are doing i think tam craig is talking about your uncle thomas he ran about that area with pete maley i dont know about the motorbike though and your right all the boys were called fitzy great hearing from you karen xx pat Submitted by: Pat Holland London, England 21/08/09 Email: Hi doris austin I think I remember you from kearny new jersey. You were friends of my cousin Anna Mcpherson and Ina McKay when you lived in Kearny. They came from the south side of Glasgow in Lawmoor street and went to john street school. I just found this web site and it brings back a lot of memories. I was born in the south side at Lawmoor street 358 but we moved to Househillmuir cres in the early forties. Submitted by: Cathie Dunn California, USA 20/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Iain Cleary saw your post to Billy M. Dont waste your time, the B.B. photos was a farce, the person wrote to me by e mail saying she could not find them, that was after telling everyone on this site she did have them, sorry your one of many who were disapointed. Jim Submitted by: Jim London, England 20/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Does anyone remember the Elliots from crown st cumberland st- violet, gilbert, mabel, jimmy, billy, cathy, sheila, jeanie, charlie, seymore. Submitted by: Hazel Gallacher Ontario, Canada 20/08/09 Email: Coming to Glasgow for a holiday in October and wondered if anyone remembers a childhood friend Jeanette Blair who lived at the top end of Thistle St 1940s to early 50s or anyone else who remembers me. I lived at 359 Thistle St above Cooks pub Submitted by: John Bonar Melbourne, Australia 20/08/09 Email: saw a few postings from people who lived around Hayfield st. My grandparents John and Ina Hunter lived in Hayfield St from 1940s-1960s. My grandfather was crippled in WW1 and used a walking stick to get around. They lived on the ground floor and always had their window open to chat to any neighbours passing by. Submitted by: John Bonar Melbourne, Australia 20/08/09 Email: My Papa Alfie Grant ran/owned a bar in Crown Street called Alfie's Bar. Does anyone out there remember the bar, have any memories of my Papa? Would love to hear from you! Submitted by: Gary Scott UK 19/08/09 Email: The hells kitchen was on eglinton st the right name for it was the southern cafe the big tall woman you mention was big agness a mrs mcknne also worked in it. the owner was big bill a ex copper it was well known for it jukebox and had the best record in glasgow it was also notorious in 60s the gang called the yyc that ran about it. Submitted by: Charles Screen Glasgow, Scotland 19/08/09 Email: Hi nan cameron, I have a few photos of Thistle st, not sure if any of them are what you want but I will email them to you. Let me know if you get them some folk dont bother. Bye for now, norrie Submitted by: Norman McNamee Glasgow, Scotland 18/08/09 Email: To Christina and Margaret from the USA who was friendly with Dorothy Smith. Christina I was checking past the postings to night when I noticed a relative of yours flitted to Myrtlehill Park. Guess what? yours truly was lucky to get one of those flats when they started pulling down Moffat St. Really nice flats -lovely tiled entrance and big living rooms. And you will never dream of a coincidence. Mrs Smith got one too. I heard that Dennis the younger son, (there was a much older brother) bought his mother a lovely new suite. I am sure she must have been so happy as she was such a house proud wee wummin. Any way... Mrs Smith died not long after that crossing over Aikenhead Road towards her new flat at Mytlehill Lane. Very sad. The Smith's were a spread oot family-Dennis being born when some of the rest rest of the family were in their teens and the older ones were married. I do just remember Dorothy and clearly remeber her decked out in a lovely new school outfit brand new blazer and all. I am sure Beatrice the one that I knew best did well at school too. I was forever getting rows for getting mucky, climbing dikes etc but the Smith girls never looked as though there was a hair out of place. Didn't seem right somehow standing in the middle of the back close and bandbox fresh And yes, they did seem so much better off than anyone else. Mr Smith was indeed a Parkie in Richmond Park but he did work in a big fancy hotel and get really big tips as well! Do you remember the lovely grained door-their nephew Michael McGrory did that and did one for his Mum as well. All hand grained as was the fashion of the day. An aunt of mine was once in Mrs Smith's house and thought it was lovely. Pledged polished to within a in of the furniture's life and beautiful pure white candlewick beadspreads. Another odd link I have to the Smith's-my Granny Annie Mullen delivered Dennis into the world. I remember she said that he would be the last-and he was. Love Rita Submitted by: Rita Moffat Glasgow, Scotland 18/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Fao Thomas Kelly Donnelly, Annie and Lizzie Dunn were my mum's cousins. Sadly Annie, Alex, Lizzie and John have all passed away. I last saw Lizzie and John's son Bill at my wedding 17 years ago, they lived out near the Campsies. I didn't really know the Downie girls but I think a couple of them have lived in Spain for a long time. I will ask my Mum some more details. Her name is Phyllis Melvin and she lived in Granton Street with her sisters Peggy, Betty and Brida. Submitted by: Alison Melton Mowbray, England 18/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Iain Cleary, yeh remember you a bit, ginger hair? Sorry turns out that the story of having photos was a load of old crap, Agnes did not send them, I was a bit shook up as I wanted the kids to see me 50 years ago!! well we live an learn anyway you take care Iain, nice hearing fae you Submitted by: Billy Malcolm Glasgow, Scotland 18/08/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Christina Philbin/Rita Moffat,--- Enjoyed your wee story about the duster coats, I had A royal blue one, my sister-in-law, made it for me it had A sticky-up colar/two wee tier's/ and two big pocket's, the only thing was?--- it was shorter at the back than it was at the front, but I didn't care I wore it anyway (with my wee white gloves). I had A sticky-oot under-skirt too my Mammy used to starch it and it stuck oot more than it should??? Do you remember the Gingham skirts) all my pals had one and I wanted one ,so after saving all my pocket money and some help from Mammy n'Daddy) I went along to London Rd, to the famous, Rita's shop, but they were sold out, I tried A few other shops, but no luck. I wanted A Lilac one just like my pal Cathie, with big bold check. Then I saw one in the window of A wee corner shop, only thing was It had (wee tiny check, and was the wrong colour (pink n'white) with big patch pocket's, I took IT anyway. When I got home and tried it on with my sticky-oot underskirt and looked in the mirror? (I was definitely The bee's Knees.)----- pS YOU FORGOT TO MENTION the poppet beads, and the wee white plastic daisy's n' plastic sun-glasses? (or is that going too far?) Wee Blether. Submitted by: Wee Blether Scotland 18/08/09 Email: Not Supplied I wonder if anyone remembers A cafe in Eglinton St, or maybe it was Bridge St?) called Hell's Kitchen, it was more or less oposite Bridge St Subway, it used to belt out all the latest pop stuff from the 50's and 60's. --- Me and my pal always wanted to go in, but we were only about 12 at the time, this would have been around 1959, and the place was full of teenager's/teddy-boys)---So one Friday night we braved it and went in, the big tall woman that served behind the counter, saw us but said nothing, so we ventured upstairs.---The place was packed with nowhere to sit so we just stood in A wee corner trying not to be noticed, we went back down stair's and ordered A hot orange juice) cause that's what everyone else had, we were just beginning to blend in /relax/ and enjoy the music, when my dad happened to walk in to buy fags and spotted us---then pointing to the door with his thum and that look that say's (get out) we left---- just as well or we would have choked to death with the smoke. Submitted by: Wee Blether Scotland 18/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi, I'm trying to trace my great uncle, Peter, Colin Blair McIntyre who was in Glasgow in the 1920s & 30s. He was arrested for claiming squatter's rights & campaigning about homelessness. We lost touch when my grandfather died in Merseyside in 1929. I can't find any trace anywhere and would love to know what happened to him. Thanks Submitted by: Jeanette McIntyre London, Middlesex 18/08/09 Email: FAO Patricia Barr. Do you know when and/or why your Uncle Peter moved to Chester? And does the name Janet Pope (Netta - born and grew up in Caledonia Road) mean anything to you? I ask because Janet was my natural mother (I was Alastair Pope before adoption) and she too moved to Chester (Hoole Road; probably in the late 30's/early 40's I should think). I wonder if there might be a connection. Janet also seems to have had no further contact with her family. Do get in touch, even if only to rule out this possibility. Good luck with your own search. Regards, Keith/Alastair. Submitted by: Keith Newman Not Supplied 18/08/09 Email: Angela MacDonald I remember a family called Cryans lived low down up my mother in laws close No38 but I had moved away from my single end before they came. Dont think Mrs Cryans went out much remember her sitting at the window talking to the neighbours Jack was a tall slim man walked very straight and always looked as if he came out of a band box. They had 3daughters remember the names Ester and Jaqueline wish I could help more maybe Rita remembers them from her days in the restaurant at the corner. WEE BLETHER. I remember the ragman but also remember you could take your rags to the rag store they weighed them cottons seperate from the woolensand get 2/- or if you had a big enough bundle maybe 4/- think it was in Commercial Road other side of Twomax building there might even have been another one round the corner in Rutherglen Road. Submitted by: Christina Philbin London, England 17/08/09 Email: Not Supplied F.A.O Barfly The pub in question Bandorin was situated in Mathieson Street between Cumberland Street and Rutherglen Road. Hope this is helpful. Submitted by: Anna East Kilbride, Scotland 17/08/09 Email: Not Supplied To Christina Philbin. I had quite an emotional day yesterday, (Sunday 16th Aug). Went for one of my occaisional car trips down Memory Lane....Came of Ballater Street into McNeil St- Pig and Whistle still doing a roaring trade I noted. Straight up to the old libary building- unsure if it is still being used as it is looking a bit worse for wear. Came back down McNeil into Hayfield St when I spotted a well kent face from way, way back. It was one of my Grans old neighbours Nancy Sampson(nee Nancy Vine) from 66 McNeil St standing on her wee veranda in Hayfield St. Thrilled too bits to see her-unmistakeable she hadn't changed a great deal except that her hair was silver. I jumped out of the car and had an "all our yesterdys gab" about absent friends. My Grannie and my 12 Aunties and Uncles, (all now dead) knew her Mother and of course Nancy herself very well as they lived next door to one another. Nancy told me she was 85 and looks strong for another decade at least! A very hard working and clean woman - I think Nancy had 13 or 14 of a family and she could teach the young ones a thing or two about parenting. Her steps and stairs of weans were kept immaculately clean and they all seemed happy and looked after each other. Made a promise to myself to dig out the old family photos and have a cup of tea with Nancy soon. As her links with my family go back to 1910 or so. Nearly a hundred years!! We have a lot of catching up to do - I am so looking forward to what must be one of the few surviving links with the Moffat's. Love from Rita. Submitted by: Rita Moffat Glasgow, Scotland 17/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Fir the attention of G5. I am the youngest of the Boyds, from Cumberland Street, Iain Graham was Ski, Dek was Derek Boyce, You seem to know everyone from round that area so would I have known you? Margaret McGhee passed away a number of years ago sadly Margorie McDade now lives in Florida U.S.A We are still in touch, you just were so spot on with everyone who was familiar to me I feel I must have known you, or someone in my family must have. Submitted by: Morag Glasgow, Scotland 16/08/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Eddie Alness/Jim London, I tiled Larry's and Kay's kitchen and repaired tiles in there b/room in their Helensburgh home late 80s, found out he was in a recce reg. while I had been in a armoured reg. regards Bill Submitted by: Bill Mac Glasgow, Scotland 16/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi, trying to find anyone's memories about the Borthwick family from Mathieson Street (1950s to 1963). Also my granny Lizzie (nee Potts, then Borthwick, lastly Denning) Lawmoor Street and then Castlemilk. thanks Submitted by: Laurie Glasgow, Scotland 16/08/09 Email: Not Supplied For attention of Thomas Kelly Donnelly and Auld Biddy. The Dunns / Grangers were related (I think) to my granny, Lizzie Denning (married to George) - who lived in Lawmoor St and moved to Castlemilk (early 1960s?). Any of these names sound familiar? Submitted by: LB Glasgow, Scotland 16/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Does anyone remember the Duff family, they consisted of Rhonda, Joyce, Betty, Marion, John and Eddie, they lived in the notorious Hutchie-E block,I would love to know what happened to them and as to how they are all getting on as we used to live across the road from them and the last time I saw John was in 1983 up at Firpark Terrace, I'd love for them to get in touch. Submitted by: Caroline Murphy Glasgow, Scotland 16/08/09 Email: Not Supplied My GreatGrandfather lived at 41 Adelphi street in 1873 he was German his name was Oscar Motz he also lived at east lyon street he was a hide and skin merchant i am just starting to look at my family tree i find it very interesting. There must be people out there related to me i don't know. Submitted by: June Glasgow, Scotland 16/08/09 Email: Does anyone remember and know any details about the ice cream man who used to sit at the Albert Bridge in the 50s and before? I have a picture taken with him when I was a child and he also sold ice cream to my father when he was at school. Submitted by: Catherine Glasgow, Scotland 15/08/09 Email: Does anyone remember a Robert Macfarlane born around 1920. He may have died in his twentys. Submitted by: Jackie Aberdeen, Scotland 15/08/09 Email: I lived at 201 Thistle St, went to St Luke's/St Bonaventure's, was curious to see if anyone rememers me. Submitted by: Mary Millerick USA 15/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Rita, You have described Mrs.Smith to a T as I remember her didnt know she had relations up the same close, the girls were always very well turned out. Did their brother play an accordian he was always smiling. I remember the duster coats mine was navy blue too but I never wore white high heels cant remember why you were certainly up to the minute with your umbrella etc. Submitted by: Christina Philbin London, England 14/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi there, I'm trying to trace an old friend from the Gorbals, who I lost touch with back in the early 1980's. His name was Thomas Harley (Tommy) and he had a number of older brothers and a sister called Rosemary. Tommy would be 45 years old by now. Does anyone remember the Harley family and what became of wee Tommy? I'd love to get in touch with him again. Thanks. Submitted by: Cindy Chelmsford, England 14/08/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO: Billy Malcolm. Hi Billy just wondering if you got those photos at the Boys Brigade, I was in the 50th for two years with the mackies, elliots, you were older than me but I remember you, my mate was Iain Wright who went to Australia, if you can get me a copy it would be appreciated cheers Iain Submitted by: Iain Cleary Glasgow, Scotland 14/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Lived oxford lane, my mum and some of the neighbours would send me to the pawn shop on a friday to get stuff out for the weekend, they never let me take it back on the monday to get the money ha ha, there was an explosion next to the pawn which closed it down. Submitted by: Brian Martin Glasgow, Scotland 14/08/09 Email: Does anyone remember the McKay family from Florence St,there were 13 of them. My dad Davie was the youngest, the most famous one was Sammy aka Dandy Submitted by: Eandra Dalziel nee McKay Glasgow, Scotland 14/08/09 Email: This has been an absolutely wonderful week, some great wee stories, Doris thank you for getting back on here, as usual your letter warms the heart lets have some more please, did you read James the Jannies article, it had me in stitches for days, those were marvelous stories about the single end, I have been repeating them to everyone, James we must hear more of those, they are original and typical of days gone bye. Hope to hear from my other favourite Ten Q, Till next time Father Peter Devlin. Submitted by: Father Peter Devlin Stirling, Scotland 13/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Does anyone remember the pawnshop in hospital st or the jewish bakers across from the sawmills at the bottom of hospital st.near the clyde our family were the hayes,s, mcshanes,and ryans,and my old granny.flora hayes all in the one house. at 29 hospital st. Submitted by: Robin Hayes Manchester, Lancashire 13/08/09 Email: I would like to know if anyone new the SMITH family from 68 Lawmoor Street there was Mary Emma and there brother Emmett I know the girls moved to Conn. USA in the seventies, would like to here from them. Submitted by: Thomas kelly Donnelly New Gorbals Glasgow, Scotland 13/08/09 Email: I'm trying to find any information about my great uncle, Peter Colin Blair McIntyre. My family lost touch with him when my grandfather , John Campbell McIntyre, died in 1929. Peter was invloved in claiming squatter's rights and other political activities according to family history. I would appreciate any help. Thank you Jeanette McIntyre Submitted by:Jeanette McIntyre Middlesex, London 13/08/09 Email: For a wee bit of nostalgia go on to Youtube and put in Coulters Candy by Robin Hall and Jimmy McGregor. Good little video. Submitted by: Plunker Leeds, England 12/08/09 Email: Not Supplied I worked in galloways butchers factory in copland rd back in the 70s. a few of the boys were bimbo,billy champion,peter cheyney and the 2 mcgees to see them contact your forum.ah the best lads Submitted by: wee tam Not Supplied 12/08/09 Email: Not Supplied To Joe Toehill Yes Joe, I remember Clynder, when my mother died leaving seven kids, some of us went to the home for a holiday, when I was fourteen I helped there and worked there for a summer, joined in the coronation sports, won a couple of medals for running, dont have them now, it's a long story. Take care. Jean Submitted by: Jean Church Hill TN, USA 12/08/09 Email: Born 13 carlton pl gorbals would love to hear fom the carrolls or masons,and went to st andrews school across stockwell bridge my pal at school was cathie moan she had a brother john,would luv to hear from her.and the pawn in coburg st was owned by john chalmers and i should,ve been a partner.ah wis never oot o it Submitted by: Rita Mcaughlin (campbell) Melbourne, Austrailia 12/08/09 Email: To angela macdonald of glasgow if you at past postings 06 07 08 you will come across the cryans,hope this is helpfull best wishes bob kidd. Submitted by: Bob Kidd Bristol, UK 11/08/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO THE JANNIE, I enjoy reading you stories, there is always some part of it that gives me a laugh. Cheers AGNES Submitted by: Agnes Glasgow 11/08/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO CHRISTINA PHILBIN. Thank you for your message about HW MADDEN&MAC QUARRIE. That was a mouthfull written on the notice board eh. Regards Agnes Submitted by: Agnes Glasgow, Scotland 11/08/09 Email: FAO, Jessie O'Neill, I too in the sixties worked in the U.C.B.S. Uncles Cousins Brothers and sisters Ha Ha Ha do you remember that ? if, you are the Jessie I'm thinking of then you will probably remember me, my Dad ( step Dad ) George, and my sister, would be nice to hear if you are the Jessie I remember. AMB Submitted by: Agnes Burns (AMB) Lake district, England 11/08/09 Email: Christina Philbin Help! Posting last couple of days that mentioned the Cryans family. Now Esther Cryans rings a bell. Ding ding-but nothing else is happening. I hate it when that happens, the brain just can't quite get it. Maybe if you knew which close Esther lived up the light might go on. Maddening-this will torment me for days. Sometimes the memories come flooding back-sometimes not......Now if she wore a particularly memorable outfit I just know I would remember. Cheers Rita Submitted by: Rita Moffat Glasgow, Scotland 11/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Paul I remember George Haggerty of Wolseley Street during the war when my father was in the army I was evacuated to Dumfries and my mother went to stay with her brother at 139 Wolseley St.George and Lizzie stayed up the next close they had a daughter called Norah I think they had a single end Lizzie had a sister called Norah who lived along at Crown St.and Cumberland St.we were up at some parties up in her house but cant remember exactly where it was.Norah was a waitress in the Marlborough up at shawlands and I think when it was a big function Lizzie and my mother used to go and get a few hours work.I dont remember George ever working cant remember if he had a health problem I think he was in the army but only for a few weeks so he must have had some problem Norah had a lot of worts on the back of her hands and had them treated at the royal I think and think they burned her and she had to go to a hospital outside of Glasgow my cousin used to go and see her at the we! ekend.They had another little girl years later when Norah was quite big think she was called Eileen I think George was great company always had a tale to tell.They did not go to Castlemilk they went to a house at the top of Elmfoot Steet facing the pend and the spare ground left from when the landmine came down my uncle went to Myrtle Park my husband used to go up on the roof were they hung their washing and you could see some of Hampden Park. Submitted by: Christina Philbin London, England 11/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi, thanks very much for all the replies,Pat Holland my mum is Cathy Pat and she was asking for you there, i remember meeting you in the tavern when I was a wee girl and a lot of my uncle alexs stories have you in them. Anne Hannon, yes its the same family, my mum was the last one born in Hallside St in 1956, she was very touched by what you wrote about my granny Katie. I never met her but my mum tells me how hard it was then. Tam Craig, Do you mean my uncle steve whos about 65 now or my granda who would be in his 90s now, my mum canny remember my granda havin a motorbike and they were both fitzy as was a few of my uncles. Bobby McKenna, must be a different Mary Crawford cos my granny was a gorbals wummin and was married to Alex Lennie, thanks again and it was great to hear back !! Submitted by: Karen L Glasgow, Scotland 11/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Regarding the Smith Family from Moffat Street. I went to St. Francis with Dorothy Smith and Beatrice Smith. We, Dorothy and I, were very, very good friends and I was in awe of them. They had everything that I did not have. A lovely doll's house in their lobby sitting on top of the coal bin. Also went to tap dancing class with them. It was a ride in the subway and now I cannot remember what part of the city in was in, but we had to take the car to Bridge Street and get the subway from there. We remained friends until the qualifying exams when Dorothy went to Notre Dame (she was very smart) and I went to Holyrood. Those Smith girls had the best of the best in clothes and hair ribbons. I think their Dad was a parkie at the Ducksie in Richmond Park. He was a very, very quiet man. Mrs. Smithe reminded me of the Queen Mother now that I think about it. At the time she was the Queen (The Queen Mother I mean) . Lost touch with them all. Dorothy used to like boys that ! lived at the top of Moffat Street right around the corner from Rutherglen Road. Their name was Nimmo.... Submitted by: Margaret Burgdorf (McGettigan) Westfield NJ, USA 11/08/09 Email: Not Supplied F.A.O. Norrie MacNamee do you possibly have a photo of 211 Thistle St. when it collapsed on 30/7/64 along with 209 . they started going in the middle and eventually dissappeared into the dunny, my mother,brother sister and sister-in-law barely got out with their lives. thanks Nan Cameron. Submitted by: Nan Cameron Glasgow, Scotland 11/08/09 Email: F.A.O. of Liz Rutherford, have tried to e-mail you a few times but it keeps getting rejected still hoping for that photograph of Camden St. Mrs Woods' class.Thank you Nanxx Submitted by: Nan Cameron Glasgow, Scotland 11/08/09 Email: Looking for anyone who lived near 13 thistle street around 1942/43 Submitted by: Jackie McLaughlan Aberdeen, Scotland 10/08/09 Email: Hi, Does anyone remember a John McArthur born July 1937, 185 florence street? He was my father, sadly passed away Nov 06. i have few details. As far as i know his mother died shortly after giving birth and his father didnt stick around for long. brought up by his granparents menzie, not sure if that was on florence street. I am having real difficulties in tracing relatives and childhood friends. My dad was very quiet about his childhood and i would love to know if anyone new him or has any info/pictures. as far as i know he had no brothers and sisters he spoke of. Many thanks for reading this. i hope someone can help. Chris. Submitted by: Chris McArthur Rochdale, England 10/08/09 Email: For attention of Thomas Kelly Donnelly - Hi Thomas, I'm not sure if this is coincidental, but, I knew a Mr & Mrs Downie (Alex and Annie) who had twin girls (Beth and Sally). The twins would be near my age now (60). They lived in the next close to me and my family in Tormusk Road, Castlemilk. This would have been around 1958 - 1970'ish. Not sure where they lived before or where they are now. They also had a younger girl, Geraldine who was my wee sisters best pal! Hope this helps! Cheers and good luck from Auld Biddy x Submitted by: Auld Biddy West Sussex, England 10/08/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO G5 Thanks for the info G5. I'm not sure it might have been. You could buy a bottle of ginger, bunches of sticks. And I think my grandma also bought gammon there. --Mike Submitted by: Mike Not Supplied 10/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Found a posting (2005) from j.c.b. regarding hallside st. Could you let me know if you still post on gorbals live thank A.H. Submitted by: Anne Hannon London, England 09/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Re-Agnes 29/7 HW Madden and Macquarrie 83 Carlton Place I remember going there with my mother to pay the rent they had a frame on the wall with this saying. ITS NO WHIT YE HAE THE DAY THAT MAITTERS ITS WHIT YE DAE WI WIT YE HAE THE DAY THAT MAITTERS. Submitted by: Christina Philbin London, England 09/08/09 Email: Not Supplied I read gorbals live to see if any replies to my own story and just noticed your story karen , i think i know your grannie mary crawford, she lived motherwell her husband was my uncle johnny, your dad may be called john after him? Submitted by: Bobby McKenna Lurgan, N.Ireland 09/08/09 Email: Hi jack parker, email me and I will send you a photo of Buchan st school Bye for now, norrie Submitted by: Norman McNamee Glasgow, Scotland 09/08/09 Email: Hi chistina philban, the pawn shop was on the corner of Oxford st and Coburg st I have a photo of it. Bye for now, norrie Submitted by: Norman McNamee Glasgow, Scotland 09/08/09 Email: Hi Tommy, yes there was a distillary in that area, Adelphi Distillary it was called. It was still there in the late 50 early 60s Bye for now, norrie Submitted by: Norman McNamee Glasgow, Scotland 09/08/09 Email: To Christina Philbin. Hi Christina-yes I remember the Smiths well, they did indeed stay up 147 Moffat St and their window was one up right and you would have been able to see their house from the Fosters. Mrs Smith kept the stairs immaculate -nay stinting the pipe clay there!Very much a wee lady body. I would pass her door and there she would be out polishing said door, sprucing up the brasses and looking like she stepped out of the proverbial bandbox herself. The daughters too were all particularly well turned out neat and tidy. I remember a Beatrice Smith? Dennis Smith was the youngest son-again delivered by my Granny Annie Moffat. The family were decent folk who took a pride in their family. and the place they lived in. Some grafters the women then to keep everything tickety boo without any of the modern conveniences. Michael McGrory who ued to write into this site is Mrs Smith's nephew-his mother was another lovely lady who stayed up the same close. On my favourite subject clothes.....Do you remembr the duster coats, circa 1958-59? I had a dark navy blue one-LOVED THAT WEE COAT. Very full A line shape, full swing back. Thought ah wi the bees knees didn't ah? Big sticky oot dress underneathe the coat, wi big sticky oot stiffened net underskirt underneath. White gloves and THE BIGGEST pair of white high heels that were ever seen in the whole of the Gorbals. Nearly forgot the big long navy and white spotted walking umbrella! Ah honey fae the dunny or whit? Lots of love-keep the postings comming, I look forward to them. Rita Submitted by: Rita Moffat Glasgow, Scotland 08/08/09 Email: Not Supplied KAREN L, hello, wee Fitsy was one of my mates, always running about in his jeans and his motorbike, he used to run around the top end cumberland st and Eglinton street, there was a crowd of us in those days, have not heard of him for years, but great little likeable guy. Big Tam Craig Submitted by: Tam Craig Glasgow, Scotland 08/08/09 Email: Not Supplied HELLO KAREN L. I was born in hallside st we grew up their, their was a big family of fitzsimons,i know the mother name was wee katie i know that she lost one of her sons his name was james, is this the same family james went around with my brother eddie who passed away in 2000? They were good pals hope this is the same family wee katie was a nice person she was always rushing about i think life was quite hard as we were all in the same boat in those days let me know if its the same family. Submitted by: Anne Hannon London, England 07/08/09 Email: Not Supplied This is reply to Phyllis who was asking about Mary McFadyen from Mathieson St who has a brother Thomas, I know the family and if she would like to give me her last name - maiden name - I can pass on her inquiry. Submitted by: Rosemary Madden Ontario, Canada 07/08/09 Email: I am looking for Martin Hamilton who was born around late 1930's. Think he'll be about 72 now. In the early 70's he was friends with my dad John McCarthy and they worked together at the bottleworks in Shettleston. My dad died many years ago and Martin was my godfather. I don't know much about him only that he lived somewhere in the Gorbals area, possibly high rise flats. My mum says he was a lovely man, he use to bring us (all 6 of us) big bags of sweets every Friday. I would very much like to find him. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Much obliged. Submitted by: Marsha Tickell (nee McCarthy) Dunoon, Scotland 07/08/09 Email: FAO: karen i remember your granny and grandad i was a good friend of the family. I dont know how many are still living but please tell them im asking for them. Who is your mum is it cathy? big pat Submitted by: Pat Holland London, England 07/08/09 Email: Hi im looking for any relations to jack and martha cryans they lived in mcneil st near the pig and wistle bar they had three daughters, ester, betty and jaqueline. Any info appreciated angela Submitted by: Angela MacDonald Glasgow, Scotland 07/08/09 Email: Hi Doris, enjoyed your patter, only you could get away with it, nice to see you on here again. Thanks for the laughs, all the best your friend Melvin Submitted by: Melvin Bernstein Glasgow, Scotland 07/08/09 Email: Not Supplied To JIM, seems just like yesterday when I was watching the one o'clock gang, Charlie and Larry have passed away, but I thought they were fantastic, I liked it when Charlie was dressed like a school kid with his banana in his hand, I bet a lot people have forgotten about this one, see ya Submitted by: Iain Cleary Glasgow, Scotland 07/08/09 Email: Not Supplied 147 Lawmoor Street. Around the 1930- 40's. Does anyone remember the Docherty family who lived there? Submitted by: J Davidsomn Vancouver, Canada 07/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi folks, was born and brought up in the Oatlands from 1966 to 1975, when we moved from polmadie road to to toryglen... although i came back down for school to john bosco in wolsely street. wonder if anyone remembers my mum and dad jimmy and bella haggerty. my dad ran his own demolition business and i remember a quite a few people round about worked with him. he had two brothers billy and Tam. I remember he drank in the spalsh and the spur, he was always in the bookies. we stayed next to the old church near the BOC. along the road and across from milfords... the shop downstairs was the new penny, although we called it by its old name... the Cameo..although we wrongly pronounced it the cameyo (ryhmed with hame)...before living in polmadie we lived in Toryglen street. my dads lived in wolsley street. his friends who I remember were called Jimmy Peebles, Wullie Findley, Peter Adams. My brothers were James, Arthur and Thomas and my sisters Betty, Tricia and Mary. they went to various schools in the area from john bosco, wee bonnies, big bonnies, holyrood and i think even the grange for a while. just wondered if anyone remembers any of the family and especially my parents, it would be great to see any photos from the oatlands especially any with my family in... Submitted by: Paul Glasgow, Scotland 07/08/09 Email: Hi how r we aw doin,father peter,wee blether,ten quid(hope ur keepin well),,melvin,auld malkie,agnes,dam,etc n aw oan the gorbals site,luvved the auld songs menshened,brote bak sum memories,anywie heresa couple a stories oot a book av goat,ther stoaters,1904 a juvenile offender wis sent tae a reformatory,fer 5 yrs fer nokkin 6 scoans fae a shoap in eglinton st,n heres the wan that says it aw aboot oor folk,1927 wullie n maggie,wer each fined 3 guineas,fer usin their singe end flat,as an unlicensed dance hall,wen the polis goat ther,40 peeple wer trippin the light fantastic,in the single end,n nearly as many,quein up,tae get in,2 other peeple wer fined 2quid each,fer hivvin a jazz band band playin in ther bed recess,NOO THATS THE GORBLS YA DANCER,GON YERSEL. the jannie Submitted by: James Fletcher Glasgow, Scotland 06/08/09 Email: Hi, love this site, wonderin if any body remembers my grannies and grandas, mums side, Stevie and Katie Fitzsimons, they had 14 wanes!!!!! and my dads side Alex Lennie and Mary Crawford my granny ta, karen Submitted by: Karen L Glasgow, Scotland 06/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Can you confirm that there was a distillery in inverkip street in the gorbals in 1940-45? Submitted by: Tommy Campbell Kilmarnock, Scotland 06/08/09 Email: Fao: rae. hi i remember rae's chip well. As I remember it it was on the same side of eglinton street as the post office on eglinton street. If you were walking from the junction of cumberland street downtowards raes you would pass. a newspaper shop then ian fair car showroom, then a shop that sold toys, then a pub, then eglinton lane. then a grocer shop, i dont know the ones until you come to the corner of peebles street where there was a small car showroom on the corner and then after peebles street there was a few shops and then raes, and i think some distance after raes was the PO. i use to love gettinf chicken suppers in raes if i was lucky enough to get one. if i remember right when you walked in the counter was on the right hand side, I remember on cold nights putting my arms up alongside the cookers and heated windows. Submitted by: Not Supplied Dublin, Ireland 05/08/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO: Cristina Philbin. There WAS a pawn shop in Coburg St. Can't remember the exact number, but remember being friends with a girl called francis-may who stayed a couple of floors above the shop. This was before the War. I think the exact location wasn't demolished until about 1970'ish. Submitted by: Agnes Glasgow, Scotland 05/08/09 Email: Not Supplied I'm 15-years old, and I love reading the snippets. My mum + dad, and grandparents all originally come from the Gorbals/Govanhill/Castlemilk area's. I read with great interest a snippet from a lady who mentioned the Pawn shop in Coburg Street. According to my grandad, there was indeed a Pawn shop situated at No.6 as his dad + grandad were born + bred there. Which means my great, great grandad lived above the Pawn shop for nearly 40-years!!! That's the only information I can obtain from my grandad. Hope it helps. Submitted by: Veronica Epsom. Surrey, England 05/08/09 Email: Not Supplied I was born with my twin brother john, 25/11/1945 i also have older bro. called james..please reply Submitted by: Bobby McKenna Craigavon, N.Irelend 05/08/09 Email: Jessie kenny thought i had put my e-mail adress if you want to get in touch love anne x Submitted by: annehannon (mcknight) London, England 05/08/09 Email: FAO auld soo-sider I remember the choir well ther was tony jackson who had the worst stutter ever he played accordian and was a fantastic singer also alec graham who was on carol levis discoveries the forties xfactor my brother peter played the guitar a few years later charlie tully bought the moy bar now he was a star alas the choir are all doing a gig in heaven Submitted by: Eddie Alness 05/08/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO: jim london, just a wee story about larry marshall I worked in the tropicana restaurant in the cadora building where larry had his wedding reception then when he and his wife kay rose were celebrating thier 25th anniversary in the macdonald hotel at eastwood toll i reminded them that it was me that prepared thier meal alas charlie is no more the last i heard about larry he worked for the king james hotel in edinburgh as entertainer for the tourists jimmy nairns son is the chef nick nairn Submitted by: Eddie Alness 05/08/09 Email: Not Supplied I am looking for Martin Hamilton who was born around late 1930's. In the early 70's he was friends with my dad John McCarthy and they worked together at the bottleworks in Shettleston. My dad died many years ago and Martin was my godfather. I don't know much about him only that he lived somewhere in the Gorbals area, possibly high rise flats. I would very much like to find him. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Much obliged. Submitted by: Martha Tickell (nee McCarthy) Dunoon, Scotland 05/08/09 Email: Does anybody know or went to a childrens home for underprivleged kids based at Clynder on the gareloch opposite rhu/helensburgh. I went there late forties early fifties. I think it was organised from a place at gorbals cross. I recall the first time I went I was a bit frightened but when we were all waiting for the bus to come lo and behold I spotted my pal from the next close! John young. We stuck together the duration of the holiday. Submitted by: Joe Toehill Bradford, Yorkshire 05/08/09 Email: Not Supplied I dont know you Willie, but there was a girl I knew in my class called Evelyn Paton or branson. I believe she was a friend of a Jean Valis from Ballater st. Any way aw ra best Jack Submitted by: Jack Parker Emporia, USA 05/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Rita When you lived in Moffat St. Facing the Co-op gates did you know a family called Smith lived one up I think there were 3 girls and a brother who had something wrong with his legs I went to school with Margaret you could see her windows from Marys house in Mc Neil St. I went to a dance in the Plaza (wore another of Maggies dresses a pink grograin effect) my boss said he would send a car to pick me up and a girl from Govanhill. I was all ready and this Rolls Royce with the chauffeur arrived all the weans gathered round saying to the man is it a wedding mister? expecting a scramble. At the time I never saw anything wrong with were I lived but now I think about it wonder what the chauffeur thought. The girl we picked up in Govanhill came from a red sandstone building one step up I suppose. Years later when I left to get married and had my first wean I still kept in touch with the girls from my office and went to see them now and again. This time I was going to see them but first of all stopped at the restaurant at Gorbals cross where my mother-in-law worked, she said Pat (another worker) is selling a pawn ticket for a watch its in a pawn in Coburg St. I never knew there was a pawn there think thats where I went for my Co-p divvy and used to go to modern method to get shoes repaired. It was run by a jewish family all brothers they had a sister called Cecelia whom I was friendly with anyway my daughters Granny said to her you are going to your uncle Johns to get your Mammy a watch I got the watch went to see the girls and my old boss came out of his office and said to my daughter have you been shopping? She promptly replied yes we went to my Uncle Johns to get my Mammy a new watch he said oh that was nice being a man of the world I suppose he knew what she meant. Have enjoyed all the talk and comments about the songs looking at it on paper looks as if everybody sung the same songs. Submitted by: Christina Philbin London, England 04/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Can anyone recall the song we used to sing at matinees in the Paragon, on a Saturday afternoon, before the picture started. I think it went like this: From far and near we gather here for the picture show. What a delight all merry and bright, what do we want to know: Is everybody happy "Yes"(everyone screamed this out loud) do we ever worry "No" (same again with the screaming) to the Odean we have come and now we are all together we are going to have some fun. Then I think we repeated it over again. The words were up on the screen and we followed the "bouncing ball." Tell me if I am imagining this or not!!!. I think there was a lady who was up in front of the screen, playing the piano helping us sing along with the tune. Submitted by: Margaret Burgdorf (McGettigan) USA 03/08/09 Email: Not Supplied Talking about celebrities visiting the soo-side (Frankie Vaughan), does anyone remember Stanley Baxter doing one of his sketches in Cumberland St Arcade, also Bill Tennant giving out prizes at Bonnies prizegiving and one year Jimmy Johnstone (Celtic) gave out the prizes. I am sure Frank Bruno also put in an appearance. Does anyone else remember other celebrities visiting, other than the Queen, when she came to open QE Square? But right enough who needs celebrities when the soo-side was/still is full of stars!! What characters do you remember best? My dad used to tell me of this guy who wore a three piece suit/bowler hat and went around telling workmen they were digging the wrong part of the road and take them away to another street and tell them to dig that up, it was all a big hoax, but it would have my dad and his pals in hysterics for days. He told me of the guys Archie MacDonald, Peter Crawford and others who would stand outside the Moy Bar pub (Florence St) and ! others and harmonise until the wee small hours. (Were you part of that choir?) They sang for hours and sometimes they would sing in the backs. The Mourn sisters would go to the house of those who died and when one would say to the other, "I don't think I knew him/her" the other would say "just say they look just like themselves". The funny stories would have us giggling for hours. I personally remember James Spencer, the capers he got up to had us all falling about. I hope wherever he is he is happy. Submitted by: Auld Soo-sider Wales 02/08/09 Email: Not Supplied I wonder if anyone remember's when the ragman came to the street's with his wee horse n' cart, blowing his wee brass trumpet and all the kid's would run to the house for rag's in exchange for --- A baloon, A wee flag, or A plastic windmill)--- I always wanted A windmill, but never seemed to get one, it was always A baloon that either burst, or blew away, or A wee stupid flag that I didn't want. Then I discovered to be promoted to the windmill status, you had to give WOOLEN'S) for some reason WOOL was worth more? so I ran up to the house and grabbed all the wool stuff I could find, including my daddy's good jumper,---( you know the one that only got worn at Xmas and new-year) anyway I handed it triumphantly to the ragman, and got my wee plastic windmill that soon fell apart. Of course I didn't need to worry too much about the missing jumper, because Xmas was A while away (cant remember the out-come) Wee Blether. Submitted by: Wee Blether Not Supplied 02/08/09 Email: Not Supplied I am currently researching the McDonald line of my family who lived in Coburg Lane in the Gorbals in the early 1800's. I am unable to go back further than James McDonald, 1799 - 1866 & who was born in the Gorbals, he married Susannah Robertson, 1801 - 1865 of Johnston. They married in Paisley Abbey on 17 Jan 1824, and the family is shown on the census record for 1841 as being in the Gorbals. There 3 male children Donald McDonald, James Robertson McDonald, and Andrew McDonald moved the Tranmere in Birkenhead in the mid 1800's. If anyone has any information I would be very grateful. I also may have some info to share in my research if that helps. Many Thanks Duncan Submitted by: Duncan Clark London, England 02/08/09 Email: Do any of you remember Raes fish and chip shop in Eglinton St in the 60's, she was my gran (Rachel Hargen nee McDermott) any info would be much appreciated. Submitted by: Rae Glasgow, Scotland 01/08/09 Email: I was born in the OLD Gorbals AND LEFT IN 1973. I'VE BEEN BACK AND FORTH THROUGH THE YEARS AND JUST CAME BACK AFTER A TWO WEEK STAY. IT IS LOOKING GREAT THEY HAVE JUST TO FINISH OFF ONE MORE BUILDING BEING REFURBISHED. THE PEOPLE ARE ALL VERY HELPFUL AND VERY TALKATIVE. THE KIDS ARE CHARACTERS, GREAT PERSONALITIES. I ALWAYS SAY YOU KNOW WHEN A KID HAS SCOTTISH PARENTS. HOPE THIS DOES NOT OFFEND ANYONE. Submitted by: Margaret Ontario, Canada 01/08/09 Email: Researching for my dad, My dad was born 1949 lived in Naeburn Road his name is Stuart Campbell, parents Andrew & Sarah Campbell nee (Solanski/Shulanski) brother to Andrew(deceased), Malcolm, Maime (deceased), Robert, Eric. His mother's parent Wolfe and Yetta owned a fur shop in Eglington road and another shop in Naeburn. My dad also attended Aldephi School if anybody has any information regarding this would be fantastic and make his day. Submitted by: Emma Lincoln, England 01/08/09 Email: Hi, the posting that the site may be coming to a remember site tharther than an old Gorbals Site, surely when people of a younger generation post someting about their families and get a reply from us oldies about the old is pure gold, I know this for a fact, just ask Shona McDonald her dad was a champion as a boy and she probably did not know it, but now she she is aware, it is the people that made the place so great. Frank Submitted by: Frank Ford Whyala, Australia 01/08/09 Email:

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