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Another of my fond memories is of one of the neighbours, Mrs Anderson who enjoyed a wee refreshment. (ok well maybe more than a wee one!) and liked to have parties during which her windows were flung up full and everyone could hear the attendees giving it laldy. Mrs. A's party piece was "I know a millionaire". Her rendition went like this. I know a millionaire - AGH! He's burdened down with care - AGH! A load is on his mind - AGH! The AGH was at the end of every line and always sung even louder than the the rest of the words, and it sounded like a grunt. I couldn't tell you why she sang like this as she certainly didn't talk with a loud AGH at the end of her sentences. Regardless, as a kid I loved to hear her give it big licks. Didn't matter who sang that song later over the years, I always associated it with being Mrs A's song. Mrs A sounded like a total hardcase when she sang and yet when talking, you couldn't meet a softer spoken soul. She probably never knew just how many folks she entertained with her! unique version of this song. Cheers, Pat. Submitted by: Pat Mooney Not Supplied 31/07/09 Email: Not Supplied I am trying to find if anyone remembers the Dunns from 62 Lawmoor St there was Lizzie & Annie Lizzie married John Dick had a son William Annie married Alex Downey they had twins for got there names also Jim Grangier live with Mr. Mrs Dunn, would like to here from them. Thomas Kelly Donnelly Submitted by: Thomas Kelly Donnelly Glasgow, Scotland 31/07/09 Email: Can anyone tell me if there was a family called Macfarlanes unsure of area. They had a son (possibly an only child) who died around 20 in the early 1940s. Submitted by: Jackie McLaughlan Aberdeen, Scotland 31/07/09 Email: I have an Oatlands School class photo. I would guess about 1948. Miss Glass's class. Would be happy to email to anyone if interested. Submitted by: Jim Paterson Leeds, England 31/07/09 Email: FAO: William Wilson, When I was home a few years ago, my cousin gave me a pictorial book "The Gorbals An Illustrated History" by Eric Eunson, you'll find a picure of Buchan St. School in there, also lots of picures of the Gorbals, It's a treasure to me, you may find it on line or in the library....Enjoy Anne Submitted by: Anne Grimes (Donovan) Whitby, Canada 31/07/09 Email: Not Supplied Does anyone remember the One O Clock Gang, with Larry Marshall and Charlie Sims, I loved them and was once on the program, had a day off school with my two mates, luck had it we got interviewed in the audience by Larry himself I was the talk of the Gorbals the next day, A Television Star! I was totally embarassed at school. I just wonder what ever happened to them both? Jim Submitted by: Jim London, England 31/07/09 Email: Not Supplied Hello to anyone living now in the partick area of glasgow my name is peter coyle born in nicholson street glasgow on the 15-7-53 trying to trace my mother elizabeth coyle 85 and sister kathleen coyle 55 they are today both alive and living near byres rd area partick. my sister is known to drink in the lismore bar all information appreciated and confidentiality respected i just need to be re-united with my mother. regards peter coyle. Submitted by: Peter Coyle Berkshire, England 31/07/09 Email: Does anyone remember the O'Donell famiy that lived at 148 nicholson street, 40/60s, they moved to menzies road, balornock. The brothers were pat, brian and johny. Sisters were moira, sara and I can't remember the third. The mums name was mary. We used to gossip outside their ground floor window. I would love to get in touch again. Owen Dougan. Submitted by: Owen Dougan Glasgow, Scotland 31/07/09 Email: Joe Toehill here from lawmoor st. I've been laughing to myself about what we used to get up to as kids in the gorbals. i remember once when five of us were wandering about gorbals x , when we came across a bookshop, and in the window was a magazine, health and efficency remember? We were all giggling at the nude woman on the cover, so we all chipped in for the shilling needed to buy it, but who was going in. we decided on billy jackson he was the biggest;.anyway we ran up a close to look at the pages, after we tore out a picture each before i went hame i stuffed the picture in my wee green corduroy jacket pocket. when i arrived home i threw the jacket over the chair arm and went out to play. about a hour later the window went up it was me dad, joe he shouted will you come up a minute? when i arrived he had the picture in his hand, whits this? i still blush thinking about it. by the way do you remember sandshoe wullie he used to hang about the back courts between lawmoor st and commercial rd cheerio Submitted by: Joe Toehill Bradford, Yorkshire 31/07/09 Email: Not Supplied Just posted yesterday but keep remembering things. Blowing through a blade of grass, blowing a dandelion to tell the time, buttercup under the chin to see if you like butter, making a daisy chain, sticky willies, tin can with string through holes punched in them and walking on them, making slides in winter, swapping scraps remember the angels? Scrambles at weddings, christening piece, whip and peerie and using coloured chalk on the peerie, filling a tin can full of water and balancing it against someones door, chapping the door and running away. We didn't need telly we made our own entertainment.. A couple of rhymes;come oot,come oot whereever you are the games a bogy the mans in the lobey. And. Wan two three a leery haud ma whip tae a spin ma peery oh a canny spin ma peery wull ye spin it fur me. I'm rambling on a bit so I'll finish for now. Great site. LOL xx Submitted by: Cathie Blackpool, England 30/07/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Everyone, great site. Does anyone remember Mary McFadyen who lived in Mathieson St in the early sixties? She had a brother Thomas and they both attended St Bonaventures Sec. Submitted by: Phyllis Scotland 30/07/09 Email: Not Supplied Hello all. wish I could get a photo of Buchan st school in the early fifties, I could mention a thousand names but will only ask you good folks if any of you lived near the Clyde { Carlton Place}. I sure miss all the friends I had, Cathoilic or Protestant - made no difference. We were the best. Please please let me know if any one went to Buchan st between 1950-- 1954? Thanks Jackis Parker Submitted by: Jack Parker Kansas, USA 30/07/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Michael Smith. I lived in 79 Florence St 1950-1958. There was a dairy through the wall from us owned by Mrs Elliot. This might be the shop you are thinking about? Submitted by: G53 Glasgow, Scotland 30/07/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO: Joan in the usa- Hi again Joan, I think the shop you are referring to was owned by a lady called Mary who lived in Johnny Christie's house at 135, hospital st. The packet of 5 cigarettes you talk of would, I think, be woodbine, albeit, the shopkeepers sold singles from different brands. This brings back the memories of the celebrated 'Pasha'. A Turkish cigarette which replaced an original in a packet. They smelled like old socks and if someone lit one up in the cinema, there was no escape from the stench. A word to the lady who inquired about Harry Margolis- Harry is alive and well and runs an entertainment agency. He and his big band still play at a venue in Glasgow on Saturday lunchtimes. Talking about music, who remembers the Sunday morning 'Back Court Singers?' Submitted by: Leslie Connell Hamilton, Scotland 30/07/09 Email: Not Supplied I wonder if anyone can help me, ive put a few forms on this website regarding my dad ronnie dewar or soapy, want to know if anyone remembers him or has any stories about him he died when i was about 7 at cumberland street just at st francis primary school got killed by a car. If someone could help me that would be great thanks nicola dewar Submitted by: Nicola Dewar Glasgow, Scotland 29/07/09 Email: Not Supplied My Mum & DAd lived in 128 Naburn st, William & Nancy Kerr in 1946 till 1948. I still have there old Rent book. There rent for the month, may 1946 till june 1946 was twenty shillings and 5 pence,(£1 5 pence) a month, there factor was HW MADDEN& MACQUARRIE 83 CALTON PLACE GLASGOW. And if you were in rent arrears you would get 48 hours notice, then you were oot on your bum. OH the good old days eh. Agnes. Submitted by: Agnes Not Supplied 29/07/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi williiam wilson, check your mail box for the photos you are looking for, let me know if I have sent the correct ones. Bye for now, norrie Submitted by: Norman McNamee Glasgow, Scotland 29/07/09 Email: Hi, does anyone remember the family who lived in eglinton street who all died when the father turned on the gas? probably the early fifties. I remember when we played rounders and skipping ropes in Salisbury street the women used to join in and we played tig, hide and seek, cricket where we drew the stumps on the wall, and I think a game called cigarettes where we knew the name of every brand of ciggies. In those days you could play out till it got dark without parents worrying about you. I lived In the top flat and passing all the outside toilets on the way up was scary in case the bogyman was hiding. In my class at abbotsford there was zena coutts, Joyce Mitchell, June penman, ivor chitterer, two agnesses called agnes a and agnes b I think their name was brown and a lad called alistair macalistair. I left there to go to strathbungo school after the qually exam and left school at 15. Good memories. Submitted by: Cathie Blackpool, England 29/07/09 Email: Not Submitted Hi Jessie Kenny Oneill i also was born in 1946 i lived in Florence st 1958 till 1964 i went to St Bonaventures as well whats the chances we were in the same class. Submitted by: Rosemary Hannah Shillingford Toronto, Canada 29/07/09 Email: Not Submitted Hello jessie its been a long time, often wondered were you were hope your good and the family i was surprised to see your name on the message. hope to hear from you soon take care love anne x Submitted by: Anne Hannon (McKnight) London, England 29/07/09 Email: Not Submitted Well bless you father ha you thought ah wis gonnie say fur ah hiv sinned. ah hivnae been on page as no feeling sorry fur maself but hiv hid a rotten year. Both of ma big sisters Irene n Kathleen died within a year of each other so noo am the last o ma faimly kinda lousy feeling ,so noo it is jist me n artie oh well life goes oan right..... hid tae laff at the wee story aboot the lice, we called them loosies and ma da used to say its that Bertha and her side of the family must breed them, ah know thia might sound aful but we used to crack them suckers and then get that stinking lethain oan the heid and it was oily and smelled talk aboot feeling claty wi that crap running doon yir neck. But it did work for while ti the next breakoot....och am clawing ma heid jist thinkng aboot them....Hey T.Q lets get back if yir feelin up to it need a laugh right noo oh n before ah forget still looking to hear fae onywan fae Oregan St who knew the Blacks n Weirs jewish side o the faimly see Melvin yir no alone. Ma son because his last name wis Steen, he used ti nick intae the synigog (ah know spelling is nasty and ah think ah still hive the wee hat he got all the surfers used to laugh when dafty would tie it oan ti his heid "hey dude you aint jewish" ah but bro extra protection in case of the big fishies must take efter his maw being me. uch so every wan be nice to each other wir a lang time deed - we are the people dam Submitted by: Doris McIntyre Slo, USA 29/07/09 Email: Not Submitted I am looking for infomation regarding Elizabeth (Betty) Ferris, from Aberdeen, aged approx 18 and working in a munitions factory, 13 Thistle Street in the year 1942-1943 She had a child to Robert MacFarlane. She returned to Aberdeen soon after the baby was born. Does anyone have any recollection of Robert and what happened to him from that time onwards? Any help would much appreciated. Submitted by: Jackie McLaughlan Aberdeen, Scotland 29/07/09 Email: Hi ev1 i don't remember much about my time in the gorbals only i felt safe and happy, i used 2 sit on the step of the pup and wait for my granda, my familys name on my mums side is cameron my grannys maiden name i think was farley. my granny had 6 children the eldest was robert who died as a baby their names are peter, rose, janet, annie and mary. my grannys name was rose my granda's name robert i would love to hear from anybody who knew them or still sees them. take care every body. roselyn Submitted by: Roselyn Tierney Cuttell Essex, England 28/07/09 Email: Looking for information on the children homoepathic hospital glasgow (1960-1970) and what reason a child would spend a year in the hospital? Submitted by: Traci Scotland 28/07/09 Email: FAO Leslie; I remember a store a few doors down from the corner where my sister, who was older than me bought cigarettes. During the war they would only sell you five at a time, so she would send me in to try and get five more. I was a little girl at the time, so they would just shoo me out. Submitted by: Joan USA 28/07/09 Email: Not Supplied I Lived At Florence st. & Lawmoor St. During The 50/60s Born In 1946, i had to move all the time because of the re development of the gorbals. I Went to St Francis And St. bonaventures. Would Like to her from anyone that remembers me from those times, i also wored in the UCBS In the 60s. Have really enjoyed reading everyones memeos on gorbals live. Submitted by: Jessie Kenny/O'Neill Glasgow, Scotland 28/07/09 Email: Not Supplied Does anyone remember elizabeth ferries who lived at 13 thistle street in the early 1940s aged around 18. She had a baby boy to robert macfarlane in 1943. What happened to robert. Can anyone help? Thank you Submitted by: Jackie McLaughlan Aberdeen, Scotland 28/07/09 Email: I was born in Orchard Street, Oatlands but spent most of young life at No 3 Ballater Street, Gorbals Cross. The pub below us was called McKellars, I used to wash his black Jaguar car, there were 3 pubs in the cross, one being Doyles Bar. My dad drunk in the Hampden Bar, also the Seaforth and the Citizens Bar. The Gorbals was full of charaters, the pubs used to close at 9.30 but no one seem to go home, all the men, mostly Irish, seem to stand talking for hours, you would get the occassional fight (with fists) as a young boy I used to hang out the window which was in the cross and watch it all, great memories, I wonder were all my pals are these days, Pat McHugh, Gerald Wray, Pat Ferry and many more, we had some great games of football in the high backyard. At 68 I'm still fit, it must have been all that running up and down those tenament stairs. I went to St Johns (Portugal St and Holyrood) thats all for now, great site. Jack McDonough Submitted by: Jack McDonough Burnley, England 28/07/09 Email: FAO BILLY MALCOM I would love to send you photos, but you would have to send me your e-mail address Billy, I would not pass it on to anyone, you are the first person to remember my Dad. Regards Agnes. Submitted by: Agnes Glasgow, Scotland 28/07/09 Email: Ohya! Ohya! Heed in ma Ma's lap on a newspaper in front of the range. Bone comb scraping through my nut. Nits trapped and mowdies cracked. Nae wonder ah'm a baldie! Plunker Submitted by: Plunker Leeds, England 28/07/09 Email: Not Supplied OLD TIMER, I think most people who write in now are enquiring about their families and friends, this will always happen until as you say we the old yins are all gone but I hope for another few years meself, I dont write in a lot but continue to read at least once every fortnight, I think the lack of sparkle at the moment is because there was too much bickering about gangs and Irish being the culprits. Thankfully, its died a death now and I AM SURE THE GOOD PEOPLE WHO USED TO LIVE IN THE GORBALS WILL BE BACK ON LINE WITH THEIR STORIES. I like reading stories from Agnes, Ten Q, Pat Mooney, Billy Malcom, Melvin, Wee Blether, No Tellin ye, Auld Malkie, Amelia, Jim the Jannie, Doris Mc Intyre, Chris Philibin, these people are original funny and good hearted and genuine Gorbals folk lets hope we all hear more from you soon, your all sadly missed as wee blether is getting frustrated! she misses you too! All the best. Submitted by: Father Peter Devlin Stirling, Scotland 28/07/09 Email: Not Supplied Wee blether; I remember Frankie Vaughn it was the late sixties around 67/68 but he only done it for publicity as it was all staged he spent a bit more time in Easterhouse and all the guys did was take the pee out of him. I seen him live at the Alhambra singing Hello Dolly he was rough heard better singers in the Clelland bar. Your doing a good job keep the memories flowin. Submitted by: Iain Cleary Glasgow, Scotland 27/07/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Wee Blether. I was at St John's baby school in 1961 when Frankie Vaughn visited. I couldn't understand the fuss, as I'd never heard of him! He then played at the bingo in the Palace in Gorbals St when I was about 14. My mother put a headscarf on me and took me. Submitted by: Rose Doyle Donegal, Ireland 27/07/09 Email: CATHERINE LAWRENCE; I knew big Tam Welsh, he is a very old friend but havent seen him since 1970, we used to run about Thistle street, drinking, me him the dummy, and bingo from kidson street. Submitted by: Auld Malkie Glasgow, Scotland 27/07/09 Email: Not Supplied Does anyone remember Frankie Vaughn paying A visit to the Gorbals about 1961, I think he went to Easterhouse to speak to the local teenager's about carrying knife's and going around in gang's? he then came to the Gorbal's and visited local school's and clubs, he got A lot of press in local paper's and TV. One of the places he went to was St John's infants School in Portugal St. I remember seeing him there and thinking, how small he was? I think Roy Roger's and his horse Trigger also visited the Gorbal's in the 50's does anyone remember this?. Wee Blether. Submitted by: WeeBlether UK 26/07/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi all great site was born in 17 Dunmore St does anyone have any pics of Buchan St Primary School Thanks. Submitted by: william wilson Blackpool, UK 26/07/09 Email: Just opened the web site off WWW.OLD GLASGOW PUBS. Its a must. With me working for Tennnents Brewery for 32 year also brings back memories. Thanks K.L.F .Alex Submitted by: Alex Allum Cumbernauld, Scotland 26/07/09 Email: I lived at 95 Florence street from the mid 50's to early 60's. (Dad: Robert Smith, Mum: Annie Smith. Brothers Robert, John, Sisters: Anne Marie and Maureen) I am wondering if anyone remembers the name of a shop that was on the same side of the street as where we lived. I used to go there often for a 'bunch of sticks' for my grandmum. Submitted by: Michael Smith Edmonton, Canada 26/07/09 Email: Hi, does anyone remember ma wee friend Tommy (Thomas)Harley. He had a sister Rosemary and older brothers. They came from The Gorbals area. If anyone knows them please contact me. Thank you Submitted by: Cindy London, England 26/07/09 Email: Hello everyone. I havn't posted for ages. Wee Blether, you've opened up a can of worms me thinks!! If you search via Google, you'll find 2 or 3 Glasgow forums which feature the Gorbals. I agree we need more contributors, but what can the young one's talk about? High rise flats or the damp Hutchie E blocks or trendy pubs. Anecdotes will get shorter as people like us disappear. Take care! Submitted by: Old Timer Glasgow, Scotland 24/07/09 Email: Not Supplied This is a long shot however, hope someone can help. My father Patrick Kavangh was one of four sons and came from Florence St. In the early forties he had a relationship with a lady who worked in the flour mill somewhere in and around the gorbals. The outcome of that relationship was a baby boy. To my knowledge my father did not maintain much if any contact with his son. We were never allowed to discuss this issue as there was of course the shame element in those days. My scant knowledge was obtained mainly by eavesdropping as a child however before his death my father and mother confirmed that my sisters and I did have a half brother but didnt know anything of his life. I have wondered since my childhood of the whereabouts of this boy who I think would have been born in the mid forties I would be extremley grateful if anyone could give me any information. I come home frequently unfortunately all the family members who knew the detail of this issue are no longer with us which is why I am hoping that this post could give me some info, as I said at the onset I know its a long shot still, many thanks for taking time to read my post. Trisha Kavangh Submitted by: Patricia Kavangh-Hall Doncaster, England 24/07/09 Email: I'm only 50 something and lived in the Gorbals since 1966. Wee Blether is correct in stating the messages are shorter etc. But at the end of the day, not many of the older folk have access to the Internet hence an eventual shortage of nostalgic postings. Submitted by: Mgt Thompson Glasgow, Scotland 24/07/09 Email: Not Supplied I lived at 33 Salisbury street from 1948 to 1955. My name is Cathie Ferguson. In our close was the rennicks, wee annie, mrs mangan, mrs leggat, the bennets and auld dan who was a carter. I went to abbotsford school and I remember mrs mcfarlane my teacher and Charles dorman who taught the violin. My cousin lived across the road and was called ann mcandrew. I remember margaret sulliven, hugh Scotland the curlies the friels and many others. Mary pirries the sweet shop and the chip shop in cavendish street the dairy and the newsagents at the bottom of the street with David maxwell across from it and teachers pub. It was a great smooth street for roller skates and bogies. When the sweeties came off the ration we had a ball spent our pennies on them and went to the cinerama club on a Saturday morning. I was also in the brownies and guides at chalmers church. The best days of my life. Anyone out there remember me. Cathie Ferguson and I was born in 1939. Submitted by: Cathie Blackpool, England 24/07/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Agnes; I was in the 57th Brigade in Cumberland street but I knew your Dad from the various parades we done, would love to see photos Billy Submitted by: Billy Malcom Glasgow, Scotland 23/07/09 Email: Not Supplied I've read EVERY anecdote during the previous year [took me weeks] and to answer Wee Blether's question, then yes I personally think most subjects have been aired on the Forum. Problem is, one has to be over 55 to pensionable age to really remember the Gorbals as it was. Today's generation wouldn't know much of the history of the Gorbals as it's virtually unrecognisable and houses a smaller population. I was born in Caledonia Rd in 1942 and attended Camden St school. It's nice to read about old landmarks. I hope the Forum continues to stay healthy. Submitted by: Kenny Rothesay, Scotland 23/07/09 Email: Not Supplied KLF, I was interested that you mentioned your Dad was 87 and born and bred in Coburg Street. I wonder if he knew, my Mother, Molly, who lived there, she would have been around your Dad's age. We lived next door to the pub...the name escapes might have been McKellars. Good health to your Dad from an ex-Coburg Street resident. Submitted by: Cathie England 23/07/09 Email: Amelie, Thank you so much for clearing up the mystery of the Bridge Street subway. I now know that it definately was moved and it's not my memory playing tricks. I used to live above the EE's, then latterly Coburg Street. After you response to my posting, I do now clearly recollect a walk from the subway home to No.25 Eglinton Street. I was in Glasgow several years ago with a friend who totally convinced me that I was imagining things. Nice to know the memory banks are still functioning reasonably well. Thanks again Amelia, you're a toff! Submitted by: Cathie England 23/07/09 Email: WAS BORN 25/11/1945 WITH JOHN MY TWIN , WHEN BORN I WAS CALLED PATRICK MY FATHER WAS JAMES , MOTHER MARY . PLEASE REPLY SOMEONE....GOD BLESS Submitted by: Bobby McKenna Lurgan, N. Ireland 22/07/09 Email: Does anyone remember Bertie & Jeannie (nee Carroll) Smith from Hospital St? I know they had a couple of sons, but I can't remember their names. Bertie was my grandfather James' brother. Submitted by: May Sydney, Australia 22/07/09 Email: In reply to Wee Blether - Yes, I think the anecdotes are getting shorter and scarcer!! But after 7 long years, I reckon just about every subject on the old Gorbals has been debated on this forum. It'll need new contributors for fresh input, but one would have to be at least 45 years old to remember the Gorbals the way it once was. It appears the forum is fast becoming a Lost Relatives Website! Submitted by: Jake Glasgow, Scotland 22/07/09 Email:Not Supplied To Calley McFarlane I am the cousin of Angus McFarlane, I contacted Angus and let him know of your message. Angus was delighted and obviously would like to get in touch Hope to hear from you soon. Submitted by: S Rigmond Glasgow, Scotland 22/07/09 Email: Not Supplied Hello Francis Gallacher and Joan in the USA - First to Joan: The shop at the corner of hospital St. and Cumberland St. was a general store owned by Johnny Christie. His sister Mary also worked there. They, Plus their brother Sandy were all roughly about 4 feet high. One of my fondest memories is about Sandy, my favourite, who used to get drunk and Johnny would have him lifted by the 'Polis'. I still have this vivid memory of two burly policemen escorting a suspended, handcuffed Sandy to the station with the little man's feet kicking from 12 inches from the pavement as they marched him up Hospital St. Hi Francis: I don't remember the people you mention but I certainly knew a lovely Gallacher family from approx. where you lived. The father, a really nice man, was a policeman and his police number was 49, which we kids thought great as it related to the comic character PC49. The children names were Frank, James and Eileen.The family's favourite song was 'Oh how we danced on the night we were wed.' Warmest Regards, Leslie Connell Submitted by: Leslie Connell Hamilton, Scotland 22/07/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO wee blether. I cant rememeber the foot clinic but I remember the bakery well, you could get 6 jam tarts for a threepenny piece. I remember as you went towards eglinton street before you came to the licensed grocer there was a close, i remember a family called orr lived there and before that if I can remember right there was a motoring school called the highland school of motoring. We lived on the corner of Cumberland Street and Abbotsford Place and some of the families i remember from late sixties were, Colls, Ian Graham(Ski-Dek)corner across from licensed grocer, Dunlops, next close after church, Boyd, Reillys, Macnamaras, then Rogers, McGees, Harkins, in Abbotsford Place McConalogues,. 48 Cumberland Street, McDaids, Leonards, McLeods they were from highland, there was wee jewish man lived there also. Does anyone remember in Abborsford Place Gorpak cash and carry and in close before that there was a guy called Harry Margolis. Then further on down geneens hotel. ! Submitted by: G5 Dublin, Ireland 22/07/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO. Ian Hutton. I used to visit my friend who lived in 3 Abbotsford Pl and I remember you and your brother Ian Hutton and I also there was 3 and 3a, you lived in the left as you came in the close and there was also a guy called ricki de rosa lived up your stairs. on the right hand stairs lived the McFaddens, they had twins. Do you remember playing football on Sunday after the mally about late seventies. Submitted by: G5 Dublin, Ireland 22/07/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi folks, I have been trying to trace any family on this site for 6yrs I thought of giving up but had one last shot and I have found family and we have been in touch so thank you. Submitted by: Maureen Roberts Stoke on Trent, England 21/07/09 Email: Can any one help im trying to trace relatives of my gran she was born florence nightingale gallagher but was quickly adopted as her mother returned to ireland an never came back her name was changed to florence alexander!! she stayed in the gorbals was born in 1919 and was friends with william and jeanie mcglynn i think she stayed in oatlans road !! she later married an became cuthill i think her adopted mother came originally from paisley Submitted by: Sam Glasgow, Lanarkshire 20/07/09 Email: Is there any body that knows an Alex and Margret Mc Farlane who lived in Naburn Street in 1948,daughter Margaret Mc Farlane married a chap called Charlie Margaret ,John Mc Farlane and Dorothy and Angus Mc Farlane, I believe Margret and Charlie lives by the football stadium I am the daughter of Angus Mc Farlane who is now a grand dad to a little girl last known address was Myrtle street I think,Glasgow wish to get in touch with any of the following above, if any one knows could you leave a message here please or if you know them ask them to get in touch please. Submitted by: Cally Mc Farlane Coventry, England 20/07/09 Email: Not Supplied My father is 87-years old and was born and bred in Coburg Street, Laurieston. He's now in a sheltered home, and my daughter visits him with her laptop. He enjoys hearing about old pubs and landmarks via this Forum. He still rants on about all the pubs he was a rascal in, and loves nothing more than to look and hear about old Gorbals pubs from the excellent - WWW. OLD GLASGOW PUBS website. This is his only link with his past. So to any ex-Gorbals persons out there with nostalgic memories of bygone Gorbals pubs, visit this website. You'll be surprised what you see! Submitted by: K.L.F. Glasgow, Scotland 19/07/09 Email: Not Supplied Does anyone remember the welsh from 156 florence st. There was tommy andra joseph betty cathie senga and tricia we moved on st. patricks day 1950 to carnwadric my brothers went back to see their pals dan eadie,jonny walker james muirhead mick gallagher i do not remember names of the rest we all went to st.lukes school if you remember us give me an email. thanks cathie Submitted by: Catherine Lawrence Birmingham, England 19/07/09 Email: I am told the gorbals as I knew it is no longer recognizable. How sad and yet how necessary. True we had lots of good times, my heart melts wondering where all ma wee pals are now, All things must pass, at least material things...but memories....never!. May whatever you all believe in look after you. Jack Submitted by: J Parker Kansas, USA 19/07/09 Email: Not Supplied Trying to find out about my family who came from gorbals mathieson st my dad was john and mum was agnes meechan had brothers john hughie james sisters betty mary nancy thank you/ thomas Submitted by: Thomas Meechan Bristol, England 18/07/09 Email: Has anyone noticed, or is it just me,--- - The Anecdotes are becoming lesser and lesser, --- has everyone lost interest? OR WHAT?. iF YOU LOOK BACK OVER THE YEARS, YOU WILL SEE THAT THE NOTICES WERE MUCH LONGER. Maybe everything that had to be said about the Gorbals, has already been said, and people are struggling to find something new? --- anyway here's my tuppence-worth)and i'll try to keep it short n' sweet,--- Maybe someone has already mentioned this, on A previous post? but can anyone remember A group of about four girl's who hung about Cumberland St,who dressed in pink, I think they called themselves, The Pink Lady's and hung about Pima's Cafe? they wore pink coate's, that hung over their shoulder's, and wore those bright luminace pink socks,hair high up in A Beehive, and smoking A fag I thought they looked so cool, but I don't know who they were?---Help--- Wee Blether. Submitted by: Wee blether Scotland 17/07/09 Email: Not Submitted Hi Joe, the rutherfords lived in our close. I remember laddie being in the newspaper because he killed all the rats,everyone was so proud of him. The O'Brians you were talking about did they live next to Jimmy Waddells shop.I met a couple at a party here, and his name was George Obrian and thats where he lived, his wife's name is Betty o conner, she lived up Murphy's the fruit shop close.So you fancied Ella, she was a good pal, I used to stay in her house every week-end,she was the only one with a record player, with her being an only one she got all the new things that came out. Cathy Kennedy Submitted by: Cathy Kennedy Toronto, Canada 17/07/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Cathie of England I don't think your brain is detiorating if I can recall Bridge St underground was moved as it was just a bit down from Herbertson St. and before you came to the EE's picture house and now it is nearer Norfolk St. You walked right from the pavement into it, now it is a good bit in from the pavement. Try and find out for you as I see a lady who stayed in Herbertson St and still lives in the area. Amelia Submitted by: Amelia McKinlay Glasgow, Scotland 16/07/09 Email: Hello my name is peter coyle born 15-7-53 in nicholson st glasgow trying to locate my mother elizabeth coyle and sister kathleen coyle who currently live byres rd- dumbarton road area of glasgow kathleen drinks in lismore pub any information would be apreciated my mother is about 85 and sister 55 regards. Peter Submitted by: Peter Coyle Edinburgh, Scotland 16/07/09 Email: A request to older visitors esp with connection to Port Glasgow and shipyards throughout Britain..My Grandad Jack McShane circ; 1885 born Port Glasgow died approx 1975 Dublin..Any stories or recollections of this wonderful man who had one of the hardest jobs known to man - riviter in Shipyards...Scotland,Barrow and Ireland..esp Harland & Wolfe -Belfast Submitted by: Gary Manchester, England 16/07/09 Email: Mags graham (cox) mags are you ok did you get my e-mail? Hope to hear from you soon love anne x Submitted by: Anne Hannon London 15/07/09 Email: annehannon(mcknight) I lived for ten years in 24 Nicholson st, actually it was just a wee lane close to Carlton Place. I attended Buchan st primary, and have many fond memories of the teachers and wee pals( some not all good). I have lived in Loa angeles for 22 years, then moved to the mid west. Glasgow will always stay in my heart, especially the gorbals. I would love to find a school photo from 1951--1954. If any of you good people remember me it would gladden my heart. I know gorbals folk are the smartest in the world, they always seem to hide it( it was called showing off,how sad) My education was usually "hell slap it intae ye".Ah ,feel the love. Anyway take care of yourselves. I will always be thanking God that I was born in Scotland. Jack (Parker) Nicol Submitted by: Jack Nicol Kansas, USA 15/07/09 Email: Re: the old gorbals baths, who remembers the hot tiled wall behind the diving board in the swimming pool? Submitted by: Owen Dougan Glasgow, Scotland 15/07/09 Email: FAO BILLY MALCOM. Hello Billy, I was reading your message about being in the Boys Brigade, Was it in Abbotsford Church? My Dad was an BB Officer in Abby Church from 1948 till the 1960s. His name was William Kerr. I have a few photos of the boys taken in the 50s & 60s in the drill hall. Do you remember my dad or any other of the officers. I still have my Dad's BB Bible Inside it say's LIEUT WILLIAM KERR,50TH GLASGOW COY.ABBOTSFORD CHALMERS, 1954.Were you in the same BB as my Dad? I would love to hear from you if you were, and maybe I might even have your photo. Regards Agnes. Submitted by: Agnes Glasgow, Scotland 15/07/09 Email: Hello to leslie connell my name frances gallagher i lived at 122 hospital st i was born the same year as you and brought up in the same st do you remember jackie murphey he lived on the landing above me also the brothers charlie and peter mc corry who lived just across the st lots of happy memories. Submitted by: Frances Gallager Birmingham, England 15/07/09 Email: FAO: Was the shop at the corner of Hospital & Cumberland St. a newsagent? I lived at 133 Hospital St, and before that at 113 [a hellhole] Anyone remember a laundry at the corner of Hospital & Cleland St? I think it was called Sunlight, or something like that. Take care Submitted by: Joan USA 15/07/09 Email: Not Submitted Thank you to sadie gibson for telling me about peter mc corry its nice to know how old friends are you did not mention his brother charlie i hope he is well thankyou once again. Submitted by: FRANCES GALLAGER BIRMANGHAM, ENGLAND 15/07/09 Email: Any Taggarts out there that had a grandmother with a maiden name of Annie Martin. They spent a few years in the gorbals and Parkhead,dunning street being the most talked about. Would love to hear from anyone who knows of them. Submitted by: Tommy Taggart Sebastopol, USA 15/07/09 Email: Does anyone remember Dr Berkley's surgery in Norfolk Street. It was always mobbed and he always arrived late. You could spend 2-3 hours waiting in there. He eventually moved to the Gorbals Health Centre and his son took over the practice. Submitted by: Jim McQueen Glasgow, Scotland 15/07/09 Email: Looking for an old friend, Ina Cruikshank who lived in Lawmoor St, when she married, she lived in the Peat Rd area in Pollok and the last I heard, she moved to Stewarton,Ayrshire. If anyone has any information I would be grateful if they would e mail me. Thanks in advance, Andy Clarke (aka. Smith). Submitted by: Andy Clarke Scarborough On., Canada 15/07/09 Email: Hello Everyone, I was brought up at 135, Hospital street, born 1943, lived up the same close as "johnny" who owned the shop at the corner of Hospital St. and Cumberland St. opposite the Dunvegan Bar, where as kids we used to take people's empty beer bottles for the refunds. I was also a milk boy fof Ayrshire Farmers, Who had their bottling plant next to the Mosque. The milkman I worked for was Johnny O'Connor. I went to Camden St. School- Hope this brings some happy memories. Submitted by: Leslie Connell Hamilton, Glasgow 15/07/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO JMACD Yeah the Gorbals baths are still open and the Steamie!! Hey where have you been all your life, its 2009!! Never mind if you did go to the Gorbals baths I am sure you must have good memories, do you remember your Ma pushin the pram to the steamie full of washing? going for my weekly bath on a Sat, then nipping over to the Palace was a great day out, of course a wee kiss doon the dunney was the last on the agenda. Submitted by: Alan Sangster Peterborough, England 14/07/09 Email: Not Supplied Hullo Billy Malcom, I really liked your post, I had the same story to tell, yes the Gorbals folk were great, I would look back with pride at my youth definately I remember even the old guys coming out the pub always gaves us wanes tupence or thrupence on their way home, those were the greatest days of my life, like you I am proud to have been born in the Gorbals, Big Tam Craig Submitted by: Tam Craig Glasgow, Scotland 14/07/09 Email: Not Supplied Anyone remember my wee pal Tommy Kimmet who was killed at bridge st subway station? Also, anybody remember wee Annie who used to work at the George cinema at the ticket desk, she always let me in for nothing! Early 60s. Submitted by: PJ Cawley Glasgow, Scotland 13/07/09 Email: Many thanks to sam murphey i did try google detroit white pages for jackie murphey but there was no e mail address thanks once again if anyone else has any info please contact me Submitted by: Frances Gallager Birmingham, England 13/07/09 Email: I actually lived in Gorbals Street, went to Gorbals Primary School and Strathbungo Senior Secondary. In 1964 went to live in the west end due to bldg being demolihsed for the new court building. Submitted by: Kate Glasgow, Scotland 13/07/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi folks Its been over a year since I last sent in a message , Patsy King you must remember me I took you to the school leavers dance in 1960 at Adelphi School. A lot has happened since then have you still got your red hair and in curls haha , Well I was a proud wee soldier on Friday the 10th July I was marching on the parade with my old Regiment the Royal Scots Greys ( Now the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards ) We Marched from Holland st to George Square then into the Glasgow City Chambers to be presented with my Veterns Medal from the Lord Provost . I got good photo's taken in the square with my army pals and inside the chambers. There must have been a few Glesca pals on here saw the regimental parade. Anyway I went to work for Tennents Brewery in Duke St for 32 years after my 8 years in the army also 10 years in the T.Army. Got early retirement 2 years ago at 59 so life is just fine. Brian Donavan I was talking to Billy Dunne who stayed in Oxford Lane yesterday up here in Cumbernauld. Me and Billy have been pals from primary school and Adelphi . Now Nicholson St when I was born it was Warwick st. Do you remember Ina Martins wee shop across from the Dodds close who used to have his window sills painted red, white and blue. I had 5 sisters Freda, Anne, Helna, Miriam and Isobel My dear young brother John who died in the Victoria Infirmary 10 years ago. A bug got into his blood and was gone 3 days after a simple op. Speak to Jimmy Mason from Nicholson St and they are another 3 people I went to school with stay up here in Cumbernauld also. Will get back later with more off my life since leaving the good old Gorbols. I have lots off photos on my website just send me a message to my e/mail address and will send. Hope you are all in good health take care. Alec Submitted by: Alex Alum Cumbernauld, Scotland 12/07/09 Email: FAO JmacD. Sorry, but the Gorbals St. baths have gone, so you'll have to buy a new-fangled shower, like the rest of us. But no hot chocolate or strong soup afterwards lol. Submitted by: Rose Doyle Donegal, Ireland 12/07/09 Email: The Glasgow Fair was another special time of the year. My Dad worked hard all year until the Fair came round and that was when he got his well earned holidays from work. We used to go to the Glasgow Green when the shows were there, that was always a great day out, and we would have a day here and there to the seaside (As it was known) this was our "Holidays" and I remember the weather was always sunny on our days away. Does anyone remember the pokey hat man who sold ice cream at the Glasgow Green Gates? Submitted by: Patsy North Lanarkshire, Scotland 12/07/09 Email: Not Supplied After reading various letters sent in about old songs, it made me think about my entire life in the Gorbals. As youngsters how fortunate we were to have good people teaching us decent things in life. As a young man I went with my family to Church every Sunday morning in Cumberland Street, I also went to the Life Boys then the Boys Brigade where you learned discipline, faith and comradship, we played football, judo, boxing, we were always occupied. I never gave it too much thought before but the Adults who taught us and were always there for us had great patience and dedication as they were all unpaid volunteers, we were a close knit community and everyone was so helpful, this upbringing has stood by me all through my adult life, I am so proud to have been part of the Gorbals, yes we were poor, some of us very poor but our hearts were big and we got on with life. I brought my children up exactly the same and I know where it all comes from, the Gorbals, my kids are adults now and when I look at them, they have done so well in life and their children are so well mannered. I owe these thoughts that have made me realise a lot of things to those articles about old songs, got me thinking again. Billy Submitted by: Billy Malcom Glasgow, Scotland 12/07/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Albert, every thing you remember of Crown st has been demolished. There are tenements in Bridge St Coburg St Norfolk St Gorbals St and Ballater St. The Granite City Bar is still there but renamed The Brazen Head, Carlton Place is more or less intact, The Bedford cinema is now a pop concert hall. Florence st school and the clinic are still there. St Francis Church, still standing. Two max Building still being used. I dare say I have missed a few old buildings there were industrial premises but you are in for a treat when you visit. Gorbals has been transformed, I doubt you will recognise much. If I have missed anything, please excuse me, I only worked in Gorbals for 12 years and that is where my interest and little knowledge comes from. Bye for now, Enjoy the trip down memory lane. Bye for now, Norrie Submitted by: Norman McNamee Rutherglen, Scotland 12/07/09 Email: Hi J.MacD, that building was pulled down years ago, late 60s??? There is not a lot of what you remember of Gorbals from your time. Bye for now, Norrie Submitted by: Norman McNamee Rutherglen, Scotland 12/07/09 Email: Betty and Brian.. thanks! I was beginning to wonder. I lived at 25 Portugal st. It was the best of times..and the worst of times, but I'll never forget my roots. Some of the stories I read here are a wee bit too good to be true. But that's life. Submitted by: Fiona USA 11/07/09 Email: Not Supplied Ref R murphy, Anne Grimes. I have enjoyed this forum for years but this is my first input Ref Sammy Brown its true what R murphy said he was a good player on the starchy and dont forget the music he played in the Mally and that was a hot spot. Ref Archie I remember well he was funny way back in the old days so nothing changes it was great to read what you both said about Sammy. Submitted by: John Easton Welwyn, England 11/07/09 Email: F.A.O of Catherine Tran Australia the moment I saw your post the name rang a bell I phoned my sister who immediately said there was an Arthur Tran and I think there were about 7 of them. Did they live up the close between the Star Bar and Burt's dairy. I can see andys ginger hair but can't see any faces cheers Nan Submitted by: Nan Cameron Glasgow, Scotland 11/07/09 Email: Is my memory playing tricks on me, or has the entrance to Bridge Street subway been moved over the years? I used to get off and walk down to 25 Eglinton Street, then to Coburg Street when we moved, on my way back from school in Hillhead. On a recent visit to Glasgow, I was quite startled to see it almost on a corner...I seem to remember having a short walk to get home. I'd put money on it that the entrance has been moved, but maybe the brain has gone into decline. Submitted by: Cathie England 11/07/09 Email: Oh naw it is her again! Re the posting about working in the UCBS Bakery in the 1960's I was one such a worker... Well if you could call it that. Fair doos it was an early start-6am if I remember correctly. Worked you hard too. Got these lines for the different shops and you filled up these boards with the order-these were then distributed far and wide from McNeill St bakery from the garage in Moffat St. I live three stairs up in 147 Moffat St my wee single end was facing the gatehouse. Oh the joy! Paris buns/abernethy biscuits/french cakes/apple turnovers/chelsea buns/custards buns/teabread/ Lovely hot bridie's sausage rolls/pies. Lot of co-operative shops then-lots of buns, cakes sausage rolls sold. And lots found their way intae ma mooth!Just as well I only lasted 6 months or so... Cheers Rita Submitted by: Rita Moffat Glasgow, UK 10/07/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Albert Marston the only landmark is the Greek Thompson church at Cathcart Road/Crown St. and Caledonia Rd still stands. Going down Crown Street towards the town you'll still see the "Twomax" building it has been made into Social Services and housing and you'll be able to see the back end of Florence St. clinic down of Ballater St. Up at your end it is all derelict where Dixon Blazes was near enough up to Aitkenhead Rd. They are now building the motorway from Kinston St and it is coming accross it I think. Caledonia Graveyard still stands so you will be able to recognise it, and the "Rose Garden" facing the Twomax building is still there. Remember it as the auld graveyard were we used to do the jumps over the gravestones. I wasn't very good at it always scuffed my legs trying to do them. The shop at the corner of Cumberland St."Old grain store" and Gorbals still there but it is no more a grain store. And the Granite City pub is still there but it is called the! Brazen Head.if you can remember it and also the railway club that was built were the swings used to be maybe that was before your time. The people are still as friendly hope you enjoy your visit. Amelia Submitted by: Amelia McKinlay Glasgow, UK 10/07/09 Email: FAO FIONA, HI FIONA, OUR FAMILY CAME FROM 358 MATHIESON STREET, THEN DOWN NEAR THE CLYDE AT WADDELL COURT, MANY, MANY HAPPY MEMORIES, AS WELL AS SOME SAD. Submitted by: STEPHEN MULLAN Glasgow, UK 10/07/09 Email: CSMULLAN@AOL.COM FAO John McD from Birmingham The swimming baths building in Gorbals St. has gone years ago and flats built in their place. The swimming baths in Calder Street in the Govanhill area still stands but it is not used. Their is still debates going on to open it again but they would have to gut it out as it has been lying for some time empty. Their was a big crusade it was on the telly and the media to get it kept open but the "Powers that be" closed it. Another part of Glasgow going down the drain. Someone sitting in the City Chambers making rules and not for the better, they couldn't run a menage if you know what I mean. Submitted by: Amelia McKinlay Glasgow, UK 10/07/09 Email: FAO, Albert Marston, re., Crown Street, you would'nt recognise it, its changed so much. Owen Dougan. Submitted by: Owen Dougan Glasgow, UK 10/07/09 Email: FAO. J MacD. Gorbals baths are long gone. Thats where they built multi story flats, which they are now pulling down. Owen Dougan. Submitted by: Owen Dougan Glasgow, UK 10/07/09 Email: Hi Gorbalites this is nothing to do with the Gorbals but it is from a "Gorbals Lass" did you know that on the 7th Aug 2009 at 34mins 56secs past 12 the time and date will read 12-34-56-07-08-09 as Michael Caines favourite quote he keeps saying "not a lot of people know that"!!!! so thats a wee bit of information for you all maybe you could have a debate about over a pint or a cup of tea if you have nothing else to talk about. Amelia x Submitted by: Amelia McKinlay Glasgow, UK 09/07/09 Email: Best memories of Hogmanay and music? Spending the whole day of New Year's Eve cleaning, scrubbing, cooking and singing my heart out the "number" I would sing at the "Bells"..... AND The Kiss Who would give the best New Year Kiss? Oh, the memories of those kisses.... I would give anything to recapture some of those very magic moments! Submitted by: Auld Biddy No Supplied 09/07/09 Email: Not Supplied My name is Rosemary Hannah born in the Gorbals went to Saint Lukes school then St Bonaventures born in 1946 I sure would like to here from someone I knew. Submitted by: Rosemary Hannah Toronto, Canada 09/07/09 Email: Anyone out there from 8 to 14 Gilmour St opposite Oatlands Primary school late 50's. I remember popping along to the Rosebank corner shop for bread & milk. All the neighbours were ever so friendly. Submitted by: Billy Fisher Glasgow, UK 08/07/09 Email: Hi my name is Ray Harris and I am trying to contact an old Army pal his family name is Murphy and he comes from Parkhead Gorbals he was always called Jock and he served with me in the Far East Malaya and Borneo in the early sixtys with the 2nd Royal Green Jackets. His school nickname was Inky any information will be greatly appreciated Many Thanks Submitted by: Ray Harris Rosyth, UK 07/07/09 Email: This is a pure shot in the dark here, but does anyone perhaps remember William and Elizabeth Risebro from around the gorbals? They were my grandparents and I never got to meet my wee gran and I really want to find out things :) thanks x Submitted by: Sarah Glasgow, UK 07/07/09 Email: Not Supplied I am looking for any relatives of the late John Strachan born 16th Feb 1936 in Scotland poss brought up in Gorbals by Aunties poss name Munro any info please contact me by e-mail. Submitted by: Shirley Fisher Strachan Carlisle, UK 07/07/09 Email: Does anyone remember wee Alec Mulholland from Camden St my mum was born Lawmoor St her name Alice Brady she came from a big family my dad had one sister her name was Lizzie. Submitted by: Allison Caplan nee Mulholland Manchester, UK 06/07/09 Email: Hi Cathy Kennedy its Joe Toehill its great that you remember me and likewise. Its funny you mentioned Ella Watson she was my fantasy girlfriend when I was young! Some people say its wrong to look back, but I have so many happy memories of Lawmoor St so its nice to reminisce. You will know the Rutherfords who lived close by, also Billy Smith, the baldies, and O'Briens. Do you remember a family called owens, they had a dog called laddie who gained fame by getting its photo in the daily record for being the champion ratcatcher of glasgow? You will know of Benny the boatman who had the horrible job of pulling drowned individuals out of the clyde and canals but also saving lots of lifes. I have a book about his life written by his son. Hope to hear from you soon bye. Submitted by: Joe Toehill Bradford, UK 06/07/09 Email: Not Supplied Christina-welcome back home once again. I bet there were quite a few that missed your postings, your wonderful memories and your wit. No I don't remember the hawker you mentioned ......Remember Mrs McLean though("sparra" McLean's mammy)She used to wrap her bundles for sale at the barras in a big bedspeard type thingie doo and carried this on her back. Made of stong stuff the women then! I do remenber the Smith's-Mum and daughter who sold some really nice stuff at the Brigait. The daughter was a real beauty and won the Miss Scotland title around 1966? I got my first leather coat there-thought I was quite a toff-wel worth trimming the message list for. Must have been chips, all of that week even to pay for a second hand leather coat! Always loved the the big nights oot when you wore a long dress, big hair and false eyelashes to die for. Took me an hour and a half to french comb the hair-and do the whole works on the face. Remember great Xmas dances at the plaza(brown bread date sandwiches!!) and of course the Malborough at Shawlands and St Mungo Halls in Moffat St for the dressie up affairs at the many weddings. Couldnie be seen twice with the same frock so it took a bit of doing. Still existing on very little money required frugality, perseverance, optimism and imagination..... Cheers for now. Rita PS Having a great Gorbals sense of humour helped too.... Submitted by: Rita Moffat Glasgow, UK 06/07/09 Email: Not Supplied Aplogies for asking a silly a question but to answer a heated debate with ex- Gorbals work colleagues, is the building which housed the Baths/Swimming pool in Gorbals Street still intact, and if yes, is it used for anything? Submitted by: J MacD Birmingham, England 06/07/09 Email: Not Supplied Does anyone remember the Tran's family from Thistle Street? Submitted by: Catherine Tran Australia 06/07/09 Email: Not Supplied I was brought up at the Dixon Blazes end of Crown Street and left for London way back in 1974. Sad to say, I havn't managed to visit the Gorbals since 1977. Hoping for a visit this August and after reading through hundreds of anecdotes, is Crown Street recognisable? And is there any notable landmarks still standing? Submitted by: Albert Marston London, England 05/07/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Amelia, You are right about Pema Pama and Rosa but I don't think it was the Marigold Cafe, The dairy next to it was Clark's I used to go to it for my Granny during school holidays. thenit was the lane, the chemist Mcindoes, Brown's (it was a tiny newsagent and tobacconists, then it used to be a fishmonger and the last shop was Templetons, I was at a wedding in the hall above McIndoes. Reid's the baker was on the other side next to the lane and then Mason had two shops one did toys and had a xmas club every year, then it was Teachers pub where I took my Grandad's empty bottles so that I could get the money for the Palace. Tell all the family I was asking for them TTFN Alice(Gray). Submitted by: Alice Gray Glasgow, Scotland 05/07/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Iain Hutton - Remember you from Florence St went about with Alan Marshall, Alex Schofield (shorty) Cowboy and Neil I was also friends with Pamela Who stayed up the same close as you in the front door house I am still staying in Glasgow hope you remember me Sandra S. Submitted by: Sandra Glasgow, Scotland 04/07/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO: Amelia Mc Kinlay I think we are still talking about the same cafe Amelia no matter what it's called. Maybe it depended on who was boss at the time in the shop, or where you lived? we just knew it as Pima's cafe or the Marigold. Anyway to answer your question, I lived and was born in Eglinton St in 1947, and left in 1967, when sadly our beutiful building was condemed to death, for no logical reason. APPARENTLY some insignificant- spotty faced, little person, with sticky up hair,? told us that the -- ( Big important Kingston Bridge was to run right through our humble abode--- so we had to move. So after our area was demolished, along with Wellcroft Pl the all important kingston Bridge stands where it is today, --- ( and so do we)???. Wee Blether. Submitted by: Wee Blether Ayrshire, Scotland 04/07/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO G5, you are dead right with your info of shops and places in Cumberland St, do you remember the foot clinic opposite the Renick church, it had A wee wall at the entrance and A path with A deep slope, we used to laugh at the people trying to struggle down the slope with their foot in A big stookie. The bakers you mentioned next to the orange halls was called (Little miss Muffets, they got all their stuff from Johnstone's bakery in Wellcroft Pl. Wee Blether. Submitted by: Wee Blether Ayrshire, Scotland 04/07/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi cathy, no sorry no relation to me. Submitted by: Libby Cameron Cumnock, Scotland 04/07/09 Email: Not Supplied So for all you party animals of days of old, I thought I would open that tin of worms a wee bit wider and reminisce about some more old songs I remember hearing from my childhood and onwards. I told every little star, Your cheating heart, Money is the root of all evil, It’s now or never, Lipstick on your collar, Forever and ever, 16 tons, Big John, big bad John, Underneath the Arches, Slow boat to China, Won’t you come home Bill Bailey, You’ll never know just how much I love you, Silver threads and golden needles, Wild side of life, Catch a falling star, Hand me down my walking cane, Sailor, Sad Movies, I love you because, Mammy, Magic Moments, When they begin the beguine, Once I had a secret love, I’ll take you home again Kathleen, I’ll be with you in apple blossom time, My Mother’s eyes, The party’s over, Who’s sorry now?, My home in Innesfree, Blackboard of my heart, Let me go lover, Jealous Heart, I once had a dear old Mother, One day at a time, Tower of Strengt! h.. And how could any of us ever forget this classic? “Ten guitars” I’m sure some of you good folks out there will recall at least a few of these. All the best, Pat Submitted by: Pat Mooney Not Supplied 04/07/09 Email: Not Supplied For everyone on this site - Happy Summer and let's hope we all escape "swine flu" - let's face it, we are all hardy Gorbals Kids, so, we should beat it! Good luck and love to one and all........ Submitted by: Auld Biddy Not Supplied 03/07/09 Email: Not Supplied Pat Mooney. Someone says you opened a can of worms, too true. howabout my auld Glesga favourites usually song in the pubs or back hame with a carry oot. "The wild side of life" Danny Boy, Cheating Heart, Magic Moments by Perry Como, My favourite "Secret Love" by Doris Day,and Dean Martins "Little old wine drinkin me", we played the accoridan, the spoons, and sang a load of auld army songs it was nae bother a few screwtaps a bottle of LD and you were made for a party in the hoose, we had some fantastic singers in those days, Susan Boyle types , Good on ye Pat for the memories Auld Malkie Submitted by: Auld Malkie Glasgow, Scotland 03/07/09 Email: Not Supplied I am searching for my family. They lived in the Gorbals in 1943. At 74 Warwick St Street. My name was Eileen Born 01.10.43 My Mother was June Marie (Maria) Russell. My father Robert Miller (Millar) Gardner. I have two sisters Jean 26 Jan. 1935 and Dorothy 17 Aug. 1935 and a brother Robert Miller ?Russell/Gardner born 14 Jan 1938. My mother re married and I have two half sisters Kathleen Mc Gettigan 1949 and Annette Mc Gettigan 1948. I was adopted by the Anderson family in Dec. 1943. I would be most grateful if any of these people or their relatives or neighbours who lived near them and knew them could please make contact with me. Warmest regards Hanna Submitted by: Hanna Victoria, Australia 03/07/09 Email: There was a party every weekend at my Grannies Nelly Forsyth, my Dad played the piano and my uncle Tam Forsyth on guitar, I also remember Charlie Gilganon, (the spelling may be wrong) he was a singer with a girl, whom I cant remember and a bass player by the name of Joe, they used to get me to sing, Last Train to San Fernando every Saturday night. LOVED THOSE PARTIES!!! Submitted by: Peter Thomson Eyemouth, Scotland 03/07/09 Email: Still trying to find betty bowden who stayed with her aunt and went to adelphi if anyone knows her please let me know thanks. janet Submitted by: Janet Paisley, Scotland 03/07/09 Email: Not Supplied After reading about the parties and sing alongs, my husband, sons & daughters in-law,sister & her family and my mother, all sat at the weekend watching some videos of parties and sing songs we took over the years while back home on holidays. One was filmed in 1987. The picture wasn't the best and my husband's shoulder was killing him holding up this big camera but to watch it now it was worth it. There's one particular bit where a big group of us are sitting on the floor joining hands and singing "we'll have this moment to remember". My God it's making me greet again. So many in that circle have gone so yes we'll remember those moments, but they won't come back again. Submitted by: May Sydney, Australiabr> 03/07/09 Email: Not Supplied Does anyone remember the King family from 89 Gorbals Street. My brother John and I went to Buchan St. Primary School and then Adelphi Terrace Secondary. Patsy. Submitted by: Patsy North Lanarkshire, Scotland 02/07/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO: Fiona i was born in 1944 at no 12 portugal st moved to 103 crown st in 1949 then during "the clearences" moved to haghill do i qualify!! betty Submitted by: Betty Buckie, Scotland 02/07/09 Email: FAO Fiona, I actually LIVED in Oxford lane in the 50's. Submitted by: Brian Donovan Ontario, Canada 01/07/09 Email: The Gorbals was a magical time at New Year. My mother used to clean the house from top to bottom, including the windows (even during a blizzard), whilst the steak pie was in the oven. We all had to wear new clothes and/or underwear, have a bath and had my father was not allowed to have a drop until the bells which we all had to stand up for. The tv would have old Scottish songs on for hours and parties would go on for days. We, as kids, were allowed ginger wine and would all have to sing a song. Going out first footing and having some great nights. Everybody had a smile of their faces for days and wished every body a happy new year until the end of January. What are your favourite New Year memories and funny stories and with whom? This will make great reading. Submitted by: Auld Soosider Llanfair 01/07/09 Email: Not Supplied

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