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 Post subject: June 2009
PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 10:20 pm 
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So for all you party animals of days of old, I thought I would open that tin of worms a wee bit wider and reminisce about some more old songs I remember hearing from my childhood and onwards. I told every little star, Your cheating heart, Money is the root of all evil, It’s now or never, Lipstick on your collar, Forever and ever, 16 tons, Big John, big bad John, Underneath the Arches, Slow boat to China, Won’t you come home Bill Bailey, You’ll never know just how much I love you, Silver threads and golden needles, Wild side of life, Catch a falling star, Hand me down my walking cane, Sailor, Mammy, Sad Movies, I love you because, Magic Moments, Distant Drums, Kelly, Once I had a secret love, I’ll take you home again Kathleen, I’ll be with you in apple blossom time, When they begin the beguine, My Mother’s eyes, The party’s over, Who’s sorry now, Two kinds of teardrops, My home in Innesfree, Blackboard of my heart, Moon River, Let me go lover, Jealous Heart, I once had! a dear old Mother, The anniversary waltz with you, Oh Carol, Tower of Strength. And how could any of us ever forget this classic? “Ten guitars” lol I’m sure some of you good folks out there will recall at least a few of these golden oldies. All the best! Pat Submitted by: Pat Mooney Not Supplied 29/06/09 Email: Not Supplied To Amelia et al Fair took me back the mention of Galls in your last posting. As I have said before a lot of my memories are related to clothes-my longest lasting love affair. The said Galls has a strong memory that nearly broke my heart! I bought a peach coloured Banlon jumper one Saturday morning for a big night oot. The thing was I had to scrimp big time on the weeks messages to buy this wee jumper. This was about 1966 and money was pretty scarce. Anyhow, there I was heid full of giant rollers ironing the wee peach jumper and dreaming of the great music and the great night I was going to have. Sizzle, sizzle-yes you guessed it burnt the wee peach jumper. I never did buy another peach anything from there on in. Felt it was an unlucky colour somehow... And the night oot was no great shakes either...... Rita Submitted by: Rita Moffat Glasgow, Scotland 29/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Pat Mooney, someone says you have opened up a can of worms, to true! My Glesga classics " Wild side of Life", and "Little old wine drinking me" by Dean Martin, Danny boy, Cheating heart, Magic moments by Perry Como, and one of my favourites was "Secret Love" by Doris Day. I used to sing all the old army tunes as well. I used to sing a lot. play the spoons, I love the auld accordian, on a Friday night back to the hoose with the lot from the pub, a big Carry out and drink into the wee small hours, memories of great times in the Gorbals. God bless ye Pat. Auld Malkie. Submitted by: Auld Malkie Glasgow, Scotland 29/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Rita, Second attempt wrote a big posting to you this afternoon and must have been too long it just disappeared off the screen so will make this a bit smaller. I did smile at your posting, I didnt go to brigate and I never went to the barrows for anything to wear. All I went to the barras for was welks and mussels and Rossis ice cream first a macallum then a plate of hot peas then a carton of ice cream to take home. I saw in the Record a couple of months ago that the brigate has closed another piece of our history gone for people who had 3 or 4 weans it was their only means of dressing them. I did do all the other things though pawn tickets off the lorry and "Caley" cheques which went to "What Every Woman Wants" in Argyle st. I did get my first long evening dress from Maggie Cairney who lived facing you she was a hawker went to all the big houses in Newton Mearns do you remember them? they stayed one up no.53 she had two sons one my age Sammy and an older one think he was cal! led Jimmy. It cost me more to have the dress cleaned in a posh dry cleaners in Sauchiehall St. Pullards of Perth it had a sequined bolero and they wre the only ones who would clean it. I am going to finish off now in case it disappeares again. Submitted by: Christina Philbin London, England 29/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Records of Apprentices who served on HMS Empress 10/02/1915 to 10/03/1919 Clyde Industrial Training Ship-my father was a 'band boy'plus seaman. Submitted by: Gordon MacKissack Albury, Australia 29/06/09 Email: Anybody around from the old U.C.B.S AT mc Neil St Glasgow, region of 1960? Submitted by: Gordon MacKissack Albury, Australia 29/06/09 Email: Anybody around from the old U.C.B.S AT mc Neil St Glasgow, region of 1960? Submitted by: Colin H Stewart Derby, USA 28/06/09 Email: Christina/Michael McGrory/Ronnie Meldrum/ All this talk of the great Glasgow tradition of the sing song-usually carried oot whilst under the influence of copious amounts of bevy brings back memories. And yes it was a cardinal sin to steal someones song. Punishiable by the death penalty or at least a smack on the mouth. Remember in those days there was no tele, this was home grown entertainment at its best and worst. Your song was yours and definitely naebody elses. The Moffat family were very talented singers and entertainers from harmonising "Why did you make me care-why did you dye your hair" to the Egyptian dual sand dancing act with salt on the floor to the "old rugged cross" done with pious looks heavenward. Recitations were "owned" by individuals and formed part of their repitoire. "Three Craws sat apon a wa" was my uncle Allan's piece as was the "Charge of the Light Brigrade" Many a good belly laugh was had with that one, which of course included all of the actions. Other songs like "silver threads among the gold" and "auld Scotch mither mine", My yiddisha Mama still bring a tear or ten to my eye. One song more than any other makes me weep and that was the one my grandfather used to sing. It was generally known this was in memory of his daughter May who emigrated to Melbourne Australia-the lines "and ma heart is sae foo ah good greet when ah think o the freens that are faur faur awa" Brings tears tae a glass eye. And yes he did talk like that so nae moaning right! Take care everyone. Rita Submitted by: Rita Moffat Glasgow, Scotland 28/06/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO: Agnes I also get a lump in my throat to thinking back on old songs and family members who sang them. Don’t remember the wally dug song you mentioned. I do remember though that my Granny had two big wally dugs ornaments, one on each side of the grate. Cheers! Pat FAO Auld Biddy I remember well the songs you mentioned. I remember the “Drifters” singing them along with some of their others like “This magic moment” and “Save the last dance for me” Many a party we enjoyed while giving these songs laldy. I also remember some of those songs getting belted out on the top of the bus on the way to a party. Cheers! Pat FAO Old Timer Aye those certainly were the days with all the parties and singing. Your story about coming out the pub and an extra half dozen joining on made me laugh out loud but that was so true and just a fact of life back then. I also remember the Jim Reeves songs as well. I get quite a laugh when I think back to some of the characters and the songs they sang and how good they thought they were, some even done all the actions as well just for good measure. Mind you it was all good fun and great memories that’s for sure. Cheers! Pat Submitted by: Pat Mooney Not Supplied 25/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Wee Blether; Your spot on the cafe was the Marigold, I remember they put the marigold stamp on all their bottles, seems like you had the same experience as me!! We used to collect bottles in those days, it was quite profitable, especially the beeries, but some pubs would not take them from you as we were too young so we used to say our Da sent us! All the best Melvin. Submitted by: Melvin Bernstein Glasgow, Scotland 25/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi joe toehill, i lived at 133 lawmoor st. next close to danny o neil. I remember you from the street, you might remember my brother eddie kennedy. I was a pal of ella watson. I was in Tenerife last year and bumped into mary young, I had'nt seen her since i left castlemilk in 1966, the youngs lived below us in hoddam ave. I was laughing when you mentioned marshals bike shop and jimmy waddle, I have a lot of great memories from that street. cathy kennedy...... Submitted by: Cathy Kennedy Toronto, Canada 25/06/09 Email: Libby Cameron, are you Tam Campbell's cousin from Ardencraig Rd.....cathy kennedy. Submitted by: Cathy Kennedy Toronto, Canada 25/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Are there any visitors who actually LIVED in the Gorbals? No-one from Gorbals st. or Norfolk st.? I've seen 2 from Portugal st. 1 from Surrey, and I from Dunmore. Submitted by: Fiona USA 24/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Sandra, sorry to hear about Cathie how awful for your Mum, awful for all of you. Are Margaret and Tommy still around? was trying to think of Tommys wifes name was she May Mc Cabe from Sandyfaulds st.or Cumberland st? or is my memory getting mixed up. I have been away visiting freinds for a while and it has taken me a couple of months to get into a routine again catching up with all the interesting postings I must answer Rita Moffat next and several others. Does your Mum know where Tilly went to? So many things I would like to ask her. Does she remember an English lesson when Miss Gilmartin said "vanity vanity"all the class are looking at our exercise books for vanity vanity then she says "vanity vanity Mary Foster" your Mum was fixing her hair (a page boy style) Miss Gilmartin always wore cardigans with pockets and always had her packet of woodbine sticking out of the pocket. I took commercial French and shorthand your mother opted for domestic she told me how to iron a tablecloth correctly I have never forgotten it at that time most people had oilchoths on their table for which you could get some lovely patterns. We also had a music teacher Miss Mc Kerlin who would say "Open your mouth and let it flow out" not so much what she said the way she said it we all used to mimick her. Well Mary what do you remember about our teachers? Hope to hear from you soon. Submitted by: Christina Philbin London, England 24/06/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO: Wee Blether Gizzi was their name the reason I know is I worked with their niece and that was her maiden name. I am trying to find out the name of the hall. did you stay in that area for long we moved on 1960/61 and went to Castlemilk. Still in touch with a few people who lived in the Gorbals and now they stay in and around wellcroft place, see them nearly every weekend. Amelia Submitted by: Amelia McKinlay Glasgow, Scotland 24/06/09 Email: FAO: Auld Biddy I remember Billy Shankland and his sisters Margaret, Maria and Patsy. Patsy was a "witness" at my wedding. They came from Benthall Street. Submitted by: Jim McQueen Glasgow, Scotland 24/06/09 Email: FAO: Iain Cleary, thanks for the info on Anna Rogers. Owen Dougan Submitted by: Owen Dougan Glasgow, Scotland 24/06/09 Email: Re the laundry, or bagwash, in Cumberland Street. My mother kept lodgers, and every day, after school, you'd see me heading up the road with a pillowcase full of dirty washing, slung over my shoulder, like a coalman. For some reason, I was terrified of the poor old woman who ran it. Mason's sold the best cold ham, and broken biscuits. Submitted by: Rose Doyle Donegal, Ireland 24/06/09 Email: FAO Pat Mooney. Aye Pat, you've opened a tin of worms regarding songs & parties!! Those were the days eh? I remember coming out of a pub in West Campbell Street [City Rendevous bar] about 1966, and by the time we'd arrived back at Old Rutherglen Rd, half our cargo was drunk, and an extra half dozen hangers-on had joined us!! But thats the way it was back then. Jim Reeves was another favourite with the wanabee singers. Submitted by: Old Timer Glasgow, Scotland 23/06/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Sandra, Brighton I have tried to acknowledge your post 3 times with no success. So I'll try again. Your post was spot on and I totally agree with you. Cheers! Pat Submitted by: Pat Mooney Not supplied 23/06/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Iain hutton alright Iain I dont put the name as the last time someone was sending in posts using it, so I stopped putting it in as your new to this site youll find out to let you know who I am. I was getting you a ticket for the box in Ibrox so I hope no one else was getting you one as well or you'll still be clueless lol anyway your not far from me have you got another pub? as i will come through and get drunk lol let me know how your doing (AJ) Submitted by: No Telling ye Brighton, England 23/06/09 Email: Not Supplied My father john strachan born 16th feb 1936 lived in gorbals poss with aunties does any one knowthem looking for his family. Submitted by: Shirley Strachan Carlisle, Cumbria 23/06/09 Email: Anyone know jim & Cathie Donachie who emigrated to Perth Australia 1965. I lost touch when they moved possibly back to Scotland or England. They had one son named Stephen. Submitted by: J Bonar Melbourne, Australia 23/06/09 Email: To shona of glasgow thank you for replying, it was 1959-1960 after we dropped the delivery off we used to get the box of crisps i could not tell you the owner as we never met him, sorry all the best in your search best regards. bob Submitted by: Bob Kidd Bristol, UK 23/06/09 Email: Not Supplied I LEFT A MESSAGE A FEW WEEKS AGO RE: Arthur Sweeney, I think I may have got the address wrong, so ignore address and if anyone remembers Arthur Sweeney I would love to hear from them. Submitted by: Big Mac Airdrie, Lanarkshire 23/06/09 Email: Not Supplied To the fella who says his wife told him about the run on the rag mans cart its true as god my uncle was one so he came our house to see my ma and we got run up and down the st free we would say thats our uncle and all the weans thought it was fab ha ha anne and to the person who says they had parties in a two bedroom flat that was big time, try it in a single end with 9 weans and yer aunties and uncles all trying sing xxxxxxxx Submitted by: Anne Brannan St Catharines, Ontario 21/06/09 Email: Ann hannon [mc knight] sorry ann deleted your email address by mistake please get in touch again mags Submitted by: Margaret Cox (Graham) Glasgow, scotland 20/06/09 Email: Anyone remember Scourgies shop in Roseberry Street? sold everything just like Arkwrights, also the Splash and Molls Mire pubs..Nothing left now. Remember Johnny Bonar..great left foot, what a football player.. Submitted by: Alan McLaren Johnstone, scotland 20/06/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO: Amelia Mc Kinley, the cafe in Cumberland St that you remember as Gizzi's is the same cafe that I remember as? The Marigold)-- there were three sister's just as you said, but I could only remember Pima, and we just called it Pima's cafe, I remember taking back the empty ginger bottles, and one of the older sister's who was quite grumpy, would shout from A wee window at the back of the shop? IT'S NO OOR'S, then you had to point to the stamp on the label that said ( Marigold) and instead of giving you the Tuppence, she would throw you A couple of caramels. There was also A son of one of the sister's his name was Hassen Daeken.----Wish I could remember the name of the Baker's that held wedding's it was uo A flight of stair's and opposite Reid's the baker's. Wee Blether. Submitted by: Wee Blether Glasgow, scotland 19/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Owen Dougan, I knew Anna Rodgers she went out with Jim Magerson from Egliton lane when she was 17/18 I believe they got married, I worked with Jim as a painter and decorator for 3 years. Submitted by: Iain Cleary Glasgow, scotland 19/06/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Agnes Neilson, Sydney, Australia. Glad to hear I reminded you of your Dad's party piece. The Gooseberry tree is a lovely song. Don't know where it actually originated. Something at the back of my brain is saying it came from the Jewish community, but I could be totally wrong on that. Will try to check it out and post if I find anything on it. All the best! Pat FAO Old Timer Isn't it great to think back on all the parties and old songs? I also remember Love me with all your heart and Crying in the Chapple. Great memories and I can almost still hear somebody at the party shouting "wait a wee minute, one singer, one song" Everyone seemed to associate a certain person with a certain song and if anyone else tried to sing one of these songs during their absence, God help them because they got told "that's Uncle Jimmy's song you're singing so it is". Still brings a smile to my face when I think back on it. Will post some more songs later and see if it brings back any more memories. Cheers! Pat Submitted by: Pat Mooney Not Supplied 19/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Anyone know of the Cryans of Sandyfaulds Road /St or Cumberland St? Submitted by: Patrick Cyrans Essex, England 19/06/09 Email: Hi to all members of both the glendinning and moore members of the family Glasgow and world wide. Submitted by: Glendinning Glasgow, Scotland 18/06/09 Email: Reading the stories about the parties, and the songs of old brought a lot of memories back to me. My Dad always sang "When I grow too old to dream" to all the Grandchildren, and he done all the actions to. Another song he sang was "The wee wally dug" no matter where we were, everybody asked him "gonny sing the wee wally dug" These memories bring a lump to my throat, and a tear to my eye. Agnes. Submitted by: Agnes Glasgow, Scotland 18/06/09 Email: Hi Christina Philbin I haven't seen any postings from you either....Your memories of McNeill st fair cheered me up may a time-come on back you are missed. Sandra sorry to hear about your Aunt Cathy-I was brought up in 66 McNeill St and remember Cathy and Helen Foster. Christina knows the stories better than me- I think my Grannie Annie Moffat delivered Cathy into the world as she was the local unofficial midwife. The story goes that a member of the Foster family did not like meeting my Grannie in their close because she always smelt of Dettol and that usualy meant another wean born into the family! Ask your mum if she remembers any of the Moffats from 66-there was plenty of them! Cheers Rita Submitted by: Rita Moffat Glasgow, Scotland 18/06/09 Email: Not Supplied I used to live in the Gorbals in the 50s/early sixtes, lived in around Naeburn street left for Aussie but did not work out over there, I have travelled all over since and just come accross this site, wonder if there is still any old friends out there that remember me and my family we used to have greyhound dogs, Bobby Submitted by: Bobby Bonnar Islington, London 18/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Yip really sad to hear about the Colliseum was a great picture house, the first Cinerama in Glasgow, we used to do our thing when it was queued to the limit, with our takings, then it was straight round to Mollies for chips. Submitted by: Peter Thomson Eyemouth, Scotland 18/06/09 Email: I would dearly love some information on my mums family, we know so little. Mums name was Mary Mcdonald or WOOD and was know as myra. her mother was jean McDonald and we think she married a man named Wood. My grandmother drowned in the clyde in the early stages of world war 2, the railings had been removed for the war effort and she tripped and fell in. (That is the story as we know it. We think my great granddad was a Tailor. if anyone has any info we would all be really pleased to hear from you. many thanks. Diane. contact on Submitted by: Diane Kelly Upper Hut, New Zealand 18/06/09 Email: To the person who asked me a question saying he met me, how would I know mate? if you dont tell me yer name? Daft question eh. but have noticed that a lot of people here are anonymous, why, how can you find old friends if they are disguising themselves for whatever reasons, seems a lot people that rite in good stories sign off with there name, have a good day all Iain Submitted by: Iain Hutton Portsmouth, England 18/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Although only 61 'ish, I remember parties when there was "one singer, one song"..... who remembers the Tamla Motown parties, Under the Boardwalk, Saturday Night at the Movies and so on? Used to have some great nights, spinning that old bottle! I remember some great guys from that era! 1966'ish - names of Shankland, Donachy (anyone any recall)? Submitted by: Auld Biddy Not Supplied 17/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Re: Pema's cafe. we lived at cumberland st and abbotsford pl corner and I remember Pemas cafe, well in fact I have often thought to myself was it really called Pemas or am I not remembering corectly but as soon as I saw the name on the post I knew instantly. I remember that when you walked in on the right was a glass counter where you paid and I also remember you could walk further in and there was tables and a hatch at the end of this room where the food was served from and to the left of this hatch was a one armed bandit if I can remember correctly, I was always trying to het two cherries and a bar tyo win. I also remember the other shops mentioned. if I rememember right Pemas was beside the dairy as was said and then as you moved towards abbotsford place there was then a lane. after the lane I think the chemist, Mcindoes dairy which used to do lovely tunnocks steak pies. I think then the entrance to the function room upstairs (Which later on became the talbot centre I think for people with drink problems) there was then a paper shop I think called Browns, then a laundry, I think the man was polish and then at the corner was a shop caled Galbraiths or templeteons or something I cant quite rememeber. Then abbotsford place and then on the next corner was an Indian garmet factory I think which was on the ground floor and basement. across the other corner from that was Taylor Reeson Laboratories which was also in a basement and then a close and then alexander arbuckle also on the ground flor and basement. then a lane then the orange hall, then the bakery. and then up at the coner of cumber land street and eglinton street the licenced grocers, I think called Bullochs. Anyone recognise these? Submitted by: G5 Ireland 17/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi, Ann Docherty, regarding the Dochertys, the old man worked in Teachers next door as a barman for awhile, Jim joined the navy, the girls I remember but cannot remember their names, Masons had two counters one on each side of the shop, nice people used to go there a lot, the cafe was italian I believe was it called Izas, Im not sure, but I remember as a youngster going there with a load of ginger bottles they were worth a penny each, but they would not take them from me, because they had a stamp on all their bottles!Nice talking to you Ann, Melvin. Submitted by: Melvin Glasgow, Scotland 17/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Just been to las vegas for the NAFCS convention 91 people from the gorbals not an angry word said in amongst 2000 people of all nationalities who says the people of the gorbals dont know how to conduct themselves we are the salt of the earth Submitted by: Gorbals Bhoy Not Supplied 17/06/09 Email: Not Supplied JOHN BONNAR just to let you know mate jim mccusker, cuskie passed away 14 years ago 16 7 94 massive heart attack cheers mate Submitted by: John Gorbals, Glasgow 17/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi there just heard about this site from a friend i was born in moffat st 1949 wemt to hayfield primary and remember every xmas santa came out of mclintocks sweet factory and threw sweeties into the playground anyone out there from that area it would be great to hear from you. Submitted by:Jean Innes (nee jamieson?) Fort William, Scotland 16/06/09 Email: Hi everyone, I have just discovered your site and I'm enjoying reading your fond memories. I grew up just off McNeil St and also loved to go along with mum on a Friday night to dirty maggie's and get fish and chips before going home and watch TV. My mum was divorced when I was young and it was hard but the experiences I had were still wonderful and has made me the person I am today. The people were friendly and we didn't realise we were poor. My grandfather and mum's younger brother lived with us. I went to Adelphi Terrace around 1961 to 1965. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me, I was very quiet, mum was unhappy and I didn't get the attention I would have had if her marriage had succeeded but we all had our problems. I didn't bloom until I left school, went back to college and then university. I teach in a local university and have a good husband. Took me a while to catch up, but I did and as I said, partly it was because of the people around me growing up, good and bad expe! riences. Submitted by: Isabella (Poland, Cains) Corfield Stockton on Tees, England 16/06/09 Email: FAO: Ann in Canada the cafe that you were talking about was Gizzis there were 3 sisters Pema, Pama and Rosie or Rosa it was next to Hazeldeans dairy and then further along going towards Abbotsford Place there was also McIndoes the dairy who sold the milk from the big silver urns and also a chemist. Above those shops was a hall that held weddings or dances in it cannot remember its name but will find out. Knew the Mason shops some of the boys had red hair if I can recall. Amelia Submitted by:Amelia McKinlay Glasgow, Scotland 15/06/09 Email: FAO: Ray I remember the furniture shop that you were talking about it was painted red next to the cafe. I think it was called Getlins but I will find out from my brother There was also a chip shop I think it was called the Broadway might be wrond as the old brain is getting addled with old age and also the wee shop that sold the clothes round in hospital st was a shop called Christies wee used to buy my dads tobacco from it. There was also a shop called the beehive on Cumberland St and then Galls was at the corner of Cumberland St. and Crown St. Amelia Submitted by:Amelia McKinlay Glasgow, Scotland 15/06/09 Email: F.A.O BOB KIDD, hi there, thank you very much for the info on the crisp factory. if you dont mind me asking what year did you deliver to them and do you know if it was an italian who owned it? sorry i can't explain my interest in it but its important to a member of my family, thanks again shona Submitted by: Shona Glasgow, Scotland 15/06/09 Email: Yes, I'm being biased, but great to read about anecdotes relating to the Laurieston area of the old Gorbals. I didn't reside in Laurieston until I was 15 [1967] in Oxford Street. But I have fond memories of working in the Co-op, Morrison St, and using the old subway from Bridge St to Ibrox for football. Left Laurieston in 1973 due to compulsary purchase!! I moved to Manchester in 1977 but still visit my brother in Pollock. Submitted by: Colin O'Hara Manchester, England 15/06/09 Email: FAO Pat Mooney: Yes Pat, spot on with songs + parties. That's what our parents did for entertainment. My late father would come home with friends from the Broomielaw where he worked on the Glasgow-Belfast ferry's, we lived in Bridge St, Laurieston [3 up], and the two songs I can still hear today is : Love Me With All Your Heart by Karl Denver, & Crying In The Chapple by Elvis Presley. Hard to imagine anyone holding a party in a tiny 2 bedroom tenement flat with an outside toilet, but thats what they did back in the early 60's! Cheers! Submitted by: Old Timer Glasgow, Scotland 15/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Re songs sung at parties years ago. My dads party piece was the song The Gooseberry Tree, I have never heard it sung anywhere else, never knew from where it originated. Thank you to Pat Mooney for reminding me, my dad John Cuddihy died 1990. Submitted by: Agnes Neilson Sydney, Australia 15/06/09 Email: I didn't come from the Gorbals although I stayed in "Hutchinson Town" for a couple of years after I got married. My wife was brought up ion the Gorbals her name is May Roberts and her dad was the local coal man for a while (with horse and cart). She tells me that there used to be a horse and cart came round the streets and charged the kids a penny for a hurl. Can anyone confirm this? Submitted by: Jim Mcqueen Glasgow, Scotland 15/06/09 Email: Hi, Christina Philbin. Hope all is well, have not seen any postings lately. My mum is now back in her own home and adjusting slowly without Linda. Unfortunately her sister Cathie (Foster) died very suddenly two weeks ago and this has shaken us all totally. Hope to hear from you soon Christina....Love Sandra Submitted by: Sandra East Kilbride, Glasgow 14/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Melvin I knew the Docherty family who lived up Masons (wee grocer shop). I also knew Graham's who lived up the same close. Do you remember Pema's cafe, I don't know if Iam spelling the name right, her sisters name was Pama. The cafe was accross the St from Masons shop. Submitted by: Ann Docherty Canada 13/06/09 Email: Not Supplied I am looking for anyone who may have remembered my late mum and her two brothers Alec and Peter. Their parents were called Peter,and Bridget Mc Ginty, Grandmothers maiden name was Daly, not sure of the spelling. They stayed in Cavendish street, or lane.My mum was about three years old when her mum died she did not remember very much about her except she may have had dark long hair, she remembered being taken to the chapel St Francis and seeing the candles burning, perhaps she may have been a little older than three. When she was younger a lady called Jenny looked after her so that my grandfather could go out to work. When she was older she worked in a printers called Millar and Lang in Glasgow,when her father died in 1947-1948 , she got married to my father in St Constantines church in Govan. they stayed in Langlands Road. She sometimes spoke about a friend called Phylis Mc Neeney, who may have been the best maid at her wedding.My Uncle Peter, m oved to Chester, my mu! m. never heard from him again, my Uncle Alec got married to Bella Bradley, who I think was from the Gorbals, she had two sisters called Jeanie, and Mary, There may have been some brothers in the family. My Grandmother had a sister called Agnes, she married a Jewish man named Segal.I think she had a son, name unknown, this was a long time ago, do not know anything about my Grandfathers family . I only knew my Uncle Alec, and Auntie Bella, they had three daughters, Janette, Maryanne, and Sandra, if you are out there somewhere, hullo from your cousin Patricia Anne, Aunty Alice,s daughter.Ihave a sister Mary who stays in Witney outside Oxfordshire she was born in 1950 and I was born in 1951 my mum lost her first baby he was stillborn and he would have been named Peter had he lived. I would much appreciate any information or stories anyone can give me on my Mothers family history, thankyou again I am so proud to say that my wee mum came from the GOOD OLD GORBALS/// ! Submitted by: Patricia Barr Kilbirnie, Ayrshire 13/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Does anyone remember a furniture shop at the corner of cumberland st.and cumberland lane opposite carrols the bookie.and a drapers shop on the corner of cumberland st. and hospital st.I CAN REMEMBER the shops does anyone know the owners names.also does anyone have any info on young willie mc millan whos dad owned gorbals metals in gorbals st.these shops were all there from the mid 1950s. Submitted by: Ray Glasgow, Scotland 13/06/09 Email: Not Supplied fao: Joe Toehill, did you know a girl by the name of Anna Rodgers who lived in lawmoor street back in the 40/50s, she would be about 13/14 years old around 1949. her parents were lithuanian. Submitted by: Owen Dougan Glasgow, Scotland 13/06/09 Email: Hello Joe. Did you know Billy & Jim Grainger who lived up Coharen close Jimmy Brady he lived in the ground floor I think same address as you also Murhpy fruit store at Rutherglen rd McPherson store on Ballater st and Bells dairy. Thomas K Donnelly 62 Lawmoor st. Submitted by: Thomas Kelly Donnelly Gorbals, Glasgow 13/06/09 Email: Here's A wee silly joke tae cheer ye up---It's Sunday morning and wee Charlie's late for chapel, hurrying to get out the door, grabbing A big bit of dumpling from the table and sticking it up his jumper to keep warm,--- he runs as fast as he can all the way to the chapel , the priest has finished the cermon and announces in A loud voice---( And remember children God is everywhere)--- wee Charlie say's--- Ah hope he's no up ma jumper eetin ma dumlin)?---Wee Blether. Submitted by: Wee Blether Scotland 12/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Have great childhood memories of all the old songs that were sung at the family parties held at the New Year. Here's some I remember. "Leave the rest of the world behind" "You always hurt the one you love" "I know a millionaire" "I'll keep on changing partners" "The Gooseberry tree" "You made me love you" "The Rock and Roll Waltz" "We all make mistakes" "Paper Roses" "Don't forget me little darling" "If I had my life to live over" "Birth of the blues" "Frankie and Johnny were lovers" "You're free to go darling" "When I grow too old to dream" and "We'll meet again". As kids we loved these parties and the songs. Think some of you folks may recall a few of them. Cheers! Pat Submitted by: Pat Mooney Not Supplied 12/06/09 Email: Not Supplied I lived at 115 lawmoor st in between rutherglen rd/ballater st.had a happy childhood there. so many characters lived about us. does anybody remember danny and eddie o'neil who ran a sheebeen also sammy and donald pedin, wullie telfer judy cohen a little jewish man who sold secondhand furniture. also a westindian man mr marshall who opened a deralict shop to hire out old bicycles at 2/6 a day he lost half his bikes in a week!. best pals were joey reagan, john young, john thom, billy jackson ,eddie lyon, andy baldie. By the way i lived there from 1941 until 1958 then moved to 19 scarrel drive castlemilk. Submitted by: Joe Toehill Bradford, Yorkshire 12/06/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO: Jean, the song, "twelve and tanner a bottle" can be found on the Wyle Fyfe album, "I belong to Glasgow". Submitted by: Owen Dougan Glasgow, Scotland 12/06/09 Email: F.A.O. Jean U.S.A. I remember twelve and a tanner a bottle, it was the first record we got for our new record player and we got it second hand in a wee shop in Crown St. down near the Crownie picture house. It was either Harry Lauder or Will Fyfe who sang it. On the reverse side was the unforgettable It's Clinking to be Linking. The words are as follows Twelve and tanner a bottle, That's what they're askin' the day. Twelve and a tanner a bottle, man it takes aw the pleasure away, Before you can huv a wee drappie, you have to spend aw that you,ve got, Ach! how can a fella be happy, when happiness costs such a lot. cheers Nan Submitted by: Nan Cameron Glasgow, Scotland 12/06/09 Email: FAO Owen: Thanks for that Glesga Wean site. Does anyone remember " twelve and a tanner a bottle?" Submitted by:Joan USA 11/06/09 Email: Not Supplied This is my first anecdote to the forum via my daughter's laptop!! Been reading through hundreds of messages, took me hours, but it's been amazing to read about people I knew from the best district on Earth simply known as Oatlands. John Bonnar : Is Cuskie also Harry McCusker? Many moons ago I ran around with Dom McComiskey, John-Jo Taylor, Chic Croft, all from Oatlands. I attended Bonnies but left prematurely in 1970!! It saddens me to see the Oatlands I knew all but disappeared. Submitted by: Willie Munro Cumbernauld, Scotland 11/06/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO: TEN QUID I received a E mail from your brother John concerning my grandfather James Boyle. I believe he was your uncle. He stated that you may know more and perhaps even might have a photo. My mother Agnes was one of his eight daughters. Thanks for your time George Duncan Submitted by: George Duncan Glasgow, Scotland 11/06/09 Email: GEORGE.DUNCAN@SKY.COM I was born in 23 Mathieson St 1933 Went To St Francis School then Holyrood Worked in LindsayMaid as a machinist Moved to Drumchapel 1954 Worked in Singers Clydebank 1954- 1961 Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Submitted by: Molly D"Agostino (Nee Igoe) Gold Coast, Australia 11/06/09 Email: Dear shona of glasgow the name of the crisp factory was beatties used to deliver char to them the rear entrance was down the lane across from the clock bar in bedford street. regards bob Submitted by: BOB KIDD Bristol, UK 11/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi everyone although I never lived in the gorbals both my parents were brought up there, and my dear Gran, Violet McCafferty lived there all her life, only recently departing to be with her God. My father believes their first home was 5 Lawmour St, where they took in lodgers he also remembers my Gran's family had a shoe factory, her maiden name was McGhee, does anyone have any information on the shoe factory. Submitted by: Helen Davis Kilbirnie, Scotland 11/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Tam, lost your email, this is mine. Look forward to hearing from you danny. Submitted by: Danny Broadley Glasgow, Scotland 10/06/09 Email: What a sad sight I seen today. The Colloseum building in Eglington st raised to the ground, after a fire last week. I first remember it as the Picture hall my Mum & Dad took me to in the 50s when we lived in bedford street. Then when my kids were growing up we took them there on a Saturday afternoon. As the years past and it closed as a picture hall I spent many years in there playing bingo, not with a lot of luck I must say, but I met a lot of good people there, I felt sad today when I seen it. Any old pals from the bingo out there. AGNES. Submitted by: Agnes Glasgow, Scotland 10/06/09 Email: Many thanks for trying to help me find the pub my mum grew up in (the new era bar) a photo of a pub outing to dumfries in 1951 is now on old glasgow pubs, although it doesnt show the pub and it was after my grandpa kelly had a stroke, so he was no longer landlord but it was lovely to know someone remembered it, thanks again and best wishes to everyone my mums heart did belong to glasgow Submitted by: Libby Cameron Cummnock, Scotland 10/06/09Y Email: FAO: Ann Docherty I remember albert he stayed straight across from me (I lived at 51) always smartly dressed and one nice guy I also wondered if Melvin knew him but couldnt remember his last name and would anyone remember the two brothers names who used to go around some nights playing their guitars and singing up the lanes and in the backs till the police moved them on they were brilliant they used to do a lot of the everley bros. Submitted by: no tellin ye Brighton, England 10/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Ann, thank you for contacting me, I knew an Abert Green and I also knew a family of Dochertys (big family) but I am sure they lived next to Teachers pub in Cumberland street, I went to Abbotsford place school between 1955-61. Melvin Submitted by: Melvin Glasgow, Scotland 10/06/09 Email: Not Supplied log on to, and enjoy a great poem, "glesga wean" Submitted by: Owen Dougan Glasgow, scotland 10/06/09 Email: RE: FRANCES GALLAGER, there is a Jackie Murphey listed in Utica Michigan? Google Detroit white pages and insert name. Hope this helps Submitted by: Sam Murphy Windsor, Ontario 09/06/09 Email: Not Supplied I'm 63 years old, and lived in Gorbals since 1954. I see that old chesnut has resurfaced. Gang talk. Cumbie talk. Bragging talk. Those who ran around in the Cumbie gangs were thugs. To say they never bullied their own is rubbish. Give whoever is still alive NO oxygen. This forum should be reserved for the people who were honest, hard working, and proud to be born & bred in Gorbals. Not those who were running around in cowardly gangs. Submitted by: James Feeney Gorbals, Glasgow 09/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Pat Mooney I agree with your comments, some people never grow up, as a kid I used to go to the pictures and whatever was on the kids would imitate the hero when we all came out, whether it was Superman or Tarzan or whatever, but we grow out of it, the would be gangsters appear to stay like that forever, kids dressed as adults, some even pensioners with mentalites of kids, Pat your my hero for standing up to these people. Sandra Submitted by: Sandra Brighton, England 09/06/09 Email: Not Supplied MANY THANKS TO THE TWO PEOPLE WHO KINDLY SENT MESSAGES REGARDING THE ORR FAMILY. I WILL TRY TO FOLLOW THIS INFORMATION. THANKS ONCE AGAIN. B.JORDAN Submitted by: B.JORDAN CHELMSFORD, ENGLAND 09/06/09 Email: FAO. Thomas Donnelly haven't seen you on here for a long time hope you are well. I don't think they will make the Colloseum into a music hall, all the famous buildings in Glasgow are slowly getting demolished, sheme on the people who are doing this. The Bedford is a venue for bands and groups now it is called the Carling. They are digging this place up everywhere for the new road that wil be running through God onlys knows. digging up McKinlay St. and over to the gushet at Cathcart Road and then it is going over where Dixons Blazes was and comes out at the old Glencairn club in the Glasgow Rd. (Rutherglen) but you have lately seen the changes when you come over from the States. Amelia Submitted by: Amelie McKinlay Glasgow, Scotland 09/06/09 Email: Re old street songs - I remember 'Murder Murder Polis 3 stairs up, the man in the middle door hut me with a cup, my nose is aw blood, my heid's aw cut, murder murder polis, 3 stairs up'. I also remember the singing we used to do on the bus to/from school at the Grange (when Bonny's was getting renovated). We are the Gorbals girls, we wear our hair in curls, we wear our dungerees above our knees, we wear our father's shirts, we were our brothers ties and when we want a boy we simply wink an eye! Just for the record, I never wore dungarees in my life and my brother would never had let me borrow his tie (if he had have had one)!! Anybody remember Mr Leahy from St Francis school? Fr Campion? The Office Bar (at Eglington St) which I believed was an office until I went there! Sorry to hear Scobie died, he was such a lovely guy as well as Patricia McGuigan. Re Cumbie, most of the guys in these gangs joined them so they would not be picked on and were probably as scared as the ones who were not in them. Luckily most of them went on to grow up, have families and live really normal decent lives and no doubt have some, if not lots of, regrets. Hopefully they went on to teach their kids what not to get involved in and perhaps that is why there is not too much nonsense from the now. Of course, the Gorbals has changed, it has to to keep up with life as it is now. We were not allowed calculators at school - now the young ones have blackberries (when I was wee, you picked these down at the rose gardens!). Love live the Gorbals, the people in and out of it and regardless of your memories just be glad you are still able to recall them before we all lose our marbles - incidently I remember playing marbles in Florence St!!! Cheerio Submitted by: Auld Soo Sider Llanfair, Wales 09/06/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Charlie A perfect response from you to the poster who is too much of a coward to put his name. Good for you Charlie, for taking your power back. Don’t let them ever upset you again. Always remember what goes round comes round, they’ll get theirs in the end. FAO Father Peter Devine No apology necessary for being outspoken. Glad someone on here expressed how they felt about it. I’m sure your post meant a lot to Charlie (also Andy) and a lot of other people. That post was just nasty and mean spirited. Thank you for taking the time to address it. I have read some of your posts and enjoyed them. Good luck with your leg problem and please keep us updated. FAO Webmaster Pleased you removed the offensive post to Charlie and hope you can take measures where possible to block this person. Submitted by: Pat Mooney Not Supplied 09/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Lived in Granton street Oatlins 1970s used to hang around with Cuskie and Willy Trimble anyone about? Submitted by:John Bonnar London, England 09/06/09 Email: Hi Melvin, My Granny lived at 76 Cumberland St next to Reid's Bakerey.I played with alot of kids from,Abbotford place, Salsbury St, and Nicholson St.Do you know Albert Green,He lived in the first close in Abbotford Pl up from Cumberland St on the right hand side Submitted by: Ann Docherty Corunna, Canada 09/06/09 Email: Anybody remember a Mary Boyle of 132 South Portland St late 30s early 40s? Submitted by: Not Supplied Not Supplied 09/06/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO: F Gallagher, i lived at105 hospital st and was brought up with peter mcorey and he his doing well lives in cambuslang spoke to his wife rose only two wks ago. sadie gibson Submitted by: Not Supplied Not Supplied 09/06/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO big Iain Hutton how you doing iain last I saw you was a couple of years ago up in B&Q in the darnly have you moved to england? Submitted by:no tellin ye Brighton, England 09/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Andy Hannah....pretty sure we went to Camden St. Along with Robert Reid George Cruden etc. Evelynn Rennie Jeanette Savage etc. have early school photo of class if you want to get in touch. Don't be confused by this email address name have lived in Aust. since 64. Last saw you when we were 12 years old. Wish you well.... Submitted by: The Mova Wee Place, Australia 09/06/09 Email: My hobby is reading about old Glasgow pubs, especially the Gorbals & Southside of Glasgow. I've visited the excellent Old Glasgow & Mitchell Library Websites, and ONE pub appears to have been wiped off the Map without trace!! It's the Bundoran Bar in the Gorbals. I can find no evidence of it's existence. There must be someone out there from the old Gorbals who remembers it. Any info is much appreciated! Submitted by: Bar-Fly Glasgow, G51 08/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi, for t.a.o. Robert Kelly, 30/05/09, note the spelling Robert, Centre St., and if you look up Carnoustie St for your secondary then that might get you through. good hunting Submitted by: George Glasgow, Scotland 08/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Does any one know of a Mary Evaline Nicol from naburn st in the gorbals? Submitted by: J Parker Kansas, USA 08/06/09 Email: Not Supplied I'm looking for catherine lafferty from moncur street in the early 60s. she worked in templetons i think. let me know if anybody remembers her thanks Submitted by: Catherine Hall Edinburgh, UK 08/06/09 Email: Someone has sent in a form saying they are me this appears to be the case, my name is Devlin not Devine. The imposter is childish and uncaring and not so smart. Father Peter Devlin. Submitted by: Father Peter Devlin Stirling, Scotland 08/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Not sure if you got my message I just wanted to finish it off by saying what a wonderful site it is and I thoroughly enjoy reading all the messages. Although I was born and bred in Govan, I am very proud to say that my wee mum, came from the good old GORBALS!!! Submitted by: Patricia Barr Kilbirnie, Scotland 08/06/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Charlie - Don't answer the comments to feet sore from running. He thrives on gang talk, so don't take the bait pal. You questioned the last time and you were right to. Terry Submitted by: Terry Fraser Not Supplied 06/06/09 Email: Not Supplied I am also known as Babs. I lived at 122 hospital street until 1959 I then moved to england with my parents. On the landing above me lived Nellie and her son Jackie Murphey, I later found out they moved to Detroit in America.Also across the street lived Peter and Charlie McCorrey does anyone know them or heard anything about them over the years. I would love to know as I have lots of happy memories of all of them. Submitted by: FRANCES GALLAGER Glasgow, Scotland 06/06/09 Email: Hi myra miller, I have just emailed you a photo of a Gorbals lamplighter. I hope its what you want. Bye for now, norrie Submitted by: Norman Mcnamee Rutherglen, Scotland 06/06/09 Email: fao. ken horn, I remember a man named horn,he was married to gretta patterson, they had a little daughter and lived with his inlaws accross the street from me {nicholson street} in the 1940/50s. Submitted by: Owen Dougan Glasgow, Scotland 06/06/09 Email: Further to recent replies about old Gorbals pubs, try the excellent website - Old Glasgow - many nostalgic pub photo's old + new, plus priceless information. If the powers that be, Close the Glaswegian Bar in Bridge St, the Gorbals loses yet another famous licensened landmark Submitted by: Johnny Coyle Gorbals, Glasgow 06/06/09 Email: FAO Betty Jordan. I grew up in the early 50's in Govanhill Street, and vividly remember a family of the name Orr from No.63, my daughter who lives nearby is positive a woman called Anne Orr still lives at that exact address. Sorry I can't be of more help. Submitted by: Not Supplied Glasgow, Scotland 06/06/09 Email: Not Supplied To B.Jordan: Regarding the Orr family from 63 Govanhill St, Glasgow G.42 - I moved to Govanhill St from Crown St, Gorbals in 1968, and remember running around with an Ellis Orr from the same building. Lost touch with her about 1976'ish. Submitted by: Mgt H. Kilmarnock, Scotland 06/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Oh how I wish I could go back for just one day to the streets of early sorrows,,,and joys of gorbals. The winters seemed short, but the light nights,,,especially during the summer holidays. ..I used yo tell my ma how I hated school.But I never understood her when she told me that she wished she was back in school,,now I get it ,.Every time I used to moan she would say Oh no first thing in a Monday morning..I'll bet all of us would love to go back,poor as we were. Anyway May you all be well and keep optimism in your gorbals hearts. Submitted by: J Parker Emporia, USA 06/06/09 Email: Not Supplied MY NAME IS FRANCES GALLAGHER ALSO KNOWN AS BABS I LIVED AT 122 HOSPITAL STREET UNTIL ABOUT 1959 I MOVED TO ENGLAND WITH MY PARENTS ON THE LANDING ABOVE US LIVED NELLIE AND HER SON JACKIE MURPHEY SOME YEARS LATER I WENT BACK TO FIND THEM BUT WAS TOLD THEY HAD MOVED TO DETROIT AMERICA Nellie was a tailoress and had lovely red hair if you met her you would rember her also across the STREET LIVED PETER And charlie Mc CORREY I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW IF ANYONE KNEW THEM OR KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT THEM I TRULEY MISS MY HOME TOWN AND THINK ABOUT IT OFTEN LOVE TO THE PEOPLE OF THE OLD GORBALS Submitted by: FRANCES GALLAGER BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND 06/06/09 Email: Not Supplied I looked through a book I have called "The Gorbals, An Illustrated History" by Eric Eunson, to see if there were any pics of lamplighters but couldn't find any, sorry. I can thoroughly recommend this bbok to anyone looking for old Gorbals photos. It covers a wide range of subjects and periods. It's published by Richard Stenlake Publishing if anyone is interested Submitted by: Tricia Glasgow, Scotland 05/06/09 Email: Not Supplied To the person who would not submit his name, firstly I was not going to reply to you, I have no more to say, just want to enjoy conversation with the good decent people on here, I have to much character to be bothered with you Submitted by: Charlie Not Supplied 05/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Very sad news the "COLISEUN CINEMA" was destroyed by fire so bad it will be pulled down. The coliseum was open 1905 as a music hall in 1928 it became a movie hall showing the first talkie in 1929 one of the great movies was showing in 1939 "GONE WITH THE WIND", I am sure many people have some great memories sitting up in the GODS watching some great old movie. I am sure it will be sadly missed by all I sincerely hope that they will build a brand NEW MUSIC HALL in it place and rename it"THE COLISEUM . Yours sincerely Thomas Kelly Donnelly Submitted by: THOMAS KELLY DONNELLY GORBALS, GLASGOW 05/06/09 Email: WEECHEEKYMAN@MSN.COM Does anyone remember my dad, John Horn from the Gorbals born in the twenties. He had sisters, May and Bette and brother Billy who married Isa Devine from the bookies Submitted by: Ken Horn Victoria BC, Canada 05/06/09 Email: Some time ago browsing through this great site a letter from Billy McCubbin who emigrated to Canada in the late fifties or sixties was asking if anyone remembered them the answer yes did you have a sisiter called heather and eileen? hope to read more about you Submitted by: A Ramsay Glasgow, Scotland 04/06/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Tony Coyle, sorry I can't help you Tony, the name Coyle rings a bell but thats it, I hope you find what your looking for,good luck in your search AMB Submitted by: Agnes Burns Not Supplied 03/06/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Doris Mc Intyre. Liked your wee song Doris, wish I knew the tune? Here are some wee songs we used to sing while playing ball or skipping ropes/// Bobbie Shaftoe went to sea, silver buckles on his knee, he'll come back and marry me, bonny Bobbie Shaftoe???Saloamy Saloamy, you should see Saloamy, hands up there ,skirts up there, you should see Saloamy??? I had A little Monkey, it's name was Jumbo Jim,I put im in the bath tub tae see if he could swim, he swallowed all the water, he ate all the soap, he died last night with A bubble in his throat.??? There are loads of wee rhymes too, but I don't want to spoil you with too much nostalgia.Wee Blether. Submitted by: Wee Blether Scotland 03/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Does anyone from the gorbals have any photos of dad was a lamplighter and i have tried in vain to find one but no luck would be much appreciated if anyone can help. Submitted by: Myra Miller Glasgow, Scotland 03/06/09 Email: Doing family research. Anyone have same people in their family history? My great great grandfather lived in Florence Street and died in 1935. His death was registered by his daughter Mary Craig of Thistle Street(Craig is her married name). Does this ring a bell with anyone..obviously I'm assuming Mary Craig is also dead now, but hoping someone recognises the name and address from their own family records? Submitted by: Tricia Glasgow, Scotland 03/06/09 Email: Not Supplied I am trying to trace my Great Grandfather James Skillen's Family. James married his first Isabella Robinsom in 1878. James came from Ireland & he & Isabella had 3 sons (William, James (he died at a month old)& James their daughter was called Mary Robinson. Isabella died in 1893. They stayed at 360 Mathieson Street. In 1896 James married my Great Grandmother Belinda Ferguson they had 2 sons (Andrew & John) & 3 daughters (Hannah, Belinda & Catherine). If anyone knows anything about James & his family it would be most appreciated, Thanks Liz Submitted by: Liz Mowat Glasgow, Scotland 03/06/09 Email: JOHN MUIR.....Lived in Gorbals in the 1940's.....may have been in the Navy and based in Kent for a while! Any information please contact me. Submitted by: HELEN BEEBY PLYMOUTH, ENGLAND 03/06/09 Email: we talk of slang i have a couple next door to me and they still say its in the press or lobbie and ers for arse haha bye anne thats how i talk who cares Submitted by: anne brannan st catharines, ontario 03/06/09 Email: anneoneill.44 FAO NOT Supplied; Where you one of the names mentioned? My brother was Jim Malcom, yes there were some good players, I played for the school and for Crosswoods remember them? No player of today could play on that spare ground at Cavendish street, when you look back I cant believe I did either. You must have lived in Egliton street because all the names you mentioned came from there, Yes I remember those days like yesterday, it was a mix line up boys from Abbey, Bonnies, Holyrood, Adelphi, Bogie, but we all got on okay. Do you remember Mamees the sweet shop, two sisters served in there, you got your penny whoppers! ha ha nice to hear from you Billy. Submitted by: Billy Malcom Easterhouse, Glasgow 02/06/09 Email: Not Supplied Hello to Tony Coyle, I knew Coyles from the soo-side and it maybe I knew your family, my sister died in Nicholson street in 1953 thro TB, I really admire your strength, you are a real credit you have went through a lot bless you. I am getting on now but if theres anything you would like me to tell you I would only be too happy to share the memories but first lets establish if we were talking about the same family, as there were a lot of Coyles, Owen Coyle is one of the many Coyle families from the gorbals he is the football manager of Burnley. my hat goes of to you Tony Auld Malkie Submitted by: Auld Malkie Glasgow 02/06/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Andy Hannah Your story was another sad reminder of the senseless violence inflicted on innocent people. Glad you survived it. Think it was great that you posted to share your story with other victims. Many years ago a pal of mine (also a victim) told me it helped him to write about what happened to him. Hope that's the same for you. Sorry you moved to England, that's Glasgow's loss, but hope you have had a good life since. All the best to you and yours. Pat Submitted by: Pat Mooney Not Supplied 02/06/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Billy; Those were all familiar. After over fifty years in the U.S. I still say " look at the time, it's eleven 'clock, and no a wain in the house washed." Submitted by: Joan USA 01/06/09 Email: Not Supplied f.a.o agnes. read that you hid a total knee replacement, am oan the waitin list,(4yrs noo)fur ma rite knee,am hoppin mad wae aw this waitin,see if it wis ma haun,a could go tae the 2nd haun shoap,a mean it widnae cost you an erm or a leg widdit?,gled tae know your yer bak oan yer feet,ma consultant is mr leitch,at the western,hope hes no a cowboy,you keep laffin agnes,its good fer the soul,is yer other knee awrite?,altho ma rite knee is shattered,ma left wis awrite????,no its nackered anawe,so a mite kneed tae get the 2 dun in awanner,well a wis legless fer yrs,so that shudnae be a problem,may your god be with you agnes,take care.the jannie x. Submitted by: jim the jannie Glasgow, Scotland 01/06/09 Email: Hi Margret, good to get a reply. Steve he was in California now am not sure when but it had to be in the early eighties .Any how him and all the surfers used to hit Beverly hills and Hollywood plus all the hang outs at the beach. my son said man that Steve his patter is great , and he can get all the burds. Oh and your two uncles his dad and his brother he got us great transportation on any train we decided to take . your aunt margret , her and Ivan were at a party we had in the West end and I was kidding her on , och dont tell me that is your son , he is your laud , we had a good laugh and my daughter Doris, she also stayed with her at one time. Oh and George he was a nice person to know. In fact Margret said watch him Doris or he will be trying to get into your knickers and she said it in front of him. We had a good laugh talk about great personality they two were a pair. And margret she took no crap from no one. When I heard about Ivan it was total shock he was a nice young man then Margret it just throws you for a loop . But I will tell you lassie great people in my opinion no fancy airs or graces and just did what it took for to get on with life. so if you can relate to me about young Stev! e no matter were he is we would be thankful to you. Again to all the folks fae Glasgow enjoy your selfs we only come this way once or so they tell me . Melvin happy belated birthday did you eat any Gefulta fish and rye bread with a big fat kosher pickle love them suckas (grin) Hey T.Q how is the never going to be printed book ? and dont you get peturbed when you think you have a good letter and the Spider of a webmaister disnae print it . Get it web spider oh well tried ma best .We are the people . JIM JANNIE MANNIE THAT USED TO BE ONE OF MY SNIDE REMARKS AAAAAAND MAY YOUR GOD BLESS YOU WHEN WAN O THEM CHRISTIANS GOT UP MA DUKE OF MONTROSE (nose)DAM Submitted by: Doris McIntyre Slo, USA 01/06/09 Email: Not Supplied LOOKING FOR INFORMATION REGARDING HUGH ORR OR HIS FAMILY, RESIDENTS OF 63 GOVANHILL STREET GLASGOW DURING WW11 Submitted by: B. JORDAN CHELMSFORD, ENGLAND 01/06/09 Email:

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