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 Post subject: May 2009
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Some good old Glega expressions, booby-trap, pan loaf, hauf an a hauf, swizzles, hoate peas n vinegar, four eyes, dongerees, put yer sanies oon, midden, fitba, ld, vp, The Lowbie, hey ma gies a piece nbutter nsugar doon, dae ye want yer hole, ya bampot, snake belt, I am sure theres at least wan you dont know Billy Submitted by: Billy Malcolm Glasgow 30/05/09 Email: Not Supplied I need to say what awonderful site this is. the gorbals was my life..It would be so easy to talk of mozart, alexander Fleming ..Lister Pasteur, or Logie Baird...Scotland has given it"s fair share of geniuses. I however am a simple man..The gorbals will always be special to me. There are so many things in my memory,that to talk to yiu good people would only diminish it. Remember we are all Jock Thampsons bairns Submitted by: J Parker Emporia, USA 30/05/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Charlie Just read your latest post. How awful for you dealing with scars on your face and the emotional aftermath as well. Anyone who isn't touched by your story simply has no heart. You're a brave and courageous man to have survived all of that, you're A REAL MAN and an inspiration to others. Stay strong and positive. All the very best to you. Cheers! Pat Submitted by: Pat Mooney Not Supplied 30/05/09 Email: Not Supplied After looking at site discovered we may have some relations posting. My great grandfather was Patrick McMenemy. My father is James McMenemy(born 1938 in gorbals) second of three sons of Thomas McMenemy who died aged 36/7 husband of Mary Lauder. The boys lost all contact of the mcmenemys after Thomas' death. Any information would be gratefully recieved.k Submitted by: C. McMenemy Stirling, Scotland 30/05/09 Email: I dont know you Melvin, but you have the right to free speech, at least in America, we have a constitution. Most of my friends at Buchanan street were Jewish. And I must let everyone know,I am not of the Jewish Faith myself,but the Jewish People are to be credited for some of the best in all that we have today in the arts ,literature etc. Kafka. Heine. einstein. Mendelsonn, Saul Bellow, Freud and so on .Dont be put off by irritating messages My best friend in gorbals primary was Ronnie Winestone,a real good kid. Take care of yourself Mel,Hope everything turns out for the best. Jack Submitted by: J Nicol LA, USA 30/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Is my memory so bad that i do not remember my primary school or secondery school i went to center st primary then crookston st secondary but can,t find them on friends reunited there must be someone who can shed light on this for me by the way love gorbals storys lived in eglinton st until 1950,s. Submitted by: Robert Kelly Malton, North Yorkshire 30/05/09 Email: helenkerr1@btinternet .com My first job when I left school was at Templetons at the corner of Cumberland st and Abbotsford Pl, I met a girl not long after that and we went out courting and to this day we are still together, I remember one Friday night I took her out to the Palace, after that to the chip shop a couple of doors away, it was there I was confronted by a group of boys around the same age as myself, they jostled me whilst I was waiting and tried to be funny with my girlfriend, I accepted that but did not like it or the pen knife that was pushed into my gut for absolutely no reason, my life was saved by a taxi driver who rushed me to the Victoria Infirmary, I was like the other reader scared to leave my house after that, the Police questioned me and I gave a description but nowt happened, but I found out his name much later, he was a member of the YYCumbie. I can never justify this lads actions what joy did he get out of sending someone to near death. I hated the Gorbals for that bein! g young I blamed everyone, but I know better now there were a lot of good people there to, I never had much of a life after that, at 20 I moved to England. This is just to share my feelings with the other reader who also suffered at the hands of the YYCumbie. Yours Andy. Submitted by: Andy Hannah Portsmouth, England 30/05/09 Email: Not Supplied 10quid, I used to live in a village inbetween Didcot and wantage called East Hendred. I left the Gorbals in 1984 aged 18.It was like walking into a fairytale. Thatched cottages i nannied there. My oldest daughter still lives there. Keep the posts coming and may u keep in great health X Submitted by: Francie Connolly Herts, England 30/05/09 Email: love this site, it has been good company over the past months since I had a Total Knee Replacement, thank you to all the good laughs you have given me with the great stories, and all the good information I have found out from you all. I only have one thing that I can say gets me really angry, and that is all the talk about the cumbie, and the people who think its big to write about being in this gang, and the things they got up to. I was born and brought up in the gorbals by a Mum And Dad who were good people, and I never seen any bad fights between gangs, but I know it happened.I would imagine most of the old gang members are Grandparents now, I wonder what stories there children & Granchildren were told as they were growing up. The cumbie and other gangs should leave the past in the past where it belongs,we don't want to still be hearing about them in another 10 years, they have NOTHING to be proud of. Agnes. Submitted by: Agnes Glasgow 29/05/09 Email: I'd like to find any members of the HARDIE family - Grace was one of 3 girls, worked as a window dresser, I think; born late 40s; mum died. Grace moved away in '68 (london initally). If anyone can give more info, please post - thanks! Submitted by: A Southern England 29/05/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO rose Slang word for Webmaster How about " SPIDERMAN " or "SPIDERWOMAN" cheers chris Submitted by: Chris Wilson BC, Canada 29/05/09 Email: Not Supplied I would like to say a big Thank you to everyone who sent their comments in, I appreciated that it makes you proud to come from the Gorbals, thank you all of you, I am sorry if some of my comments were not clear but I sincerely meant no offence to anyone. I had a nice birthday, my two daughters and my son took me out for a meal, my wife passed away 3 years ago, this is the first time we had all been together since then, so a marvelous night indeed, Take care Melvin Submitted by: Melvin Bernstein Eastwood, Glasgow 29/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Yes tony coyle and Pat Gryffe was a nightmare. The guy who ran it when I lrft in 1957 was a Mr Perry and his wife,and yeah the staff were no better. I have never fotgotten his treatment of me,and find it hard to forget but can forgive aw ra best J nicol Submitted by: J Nicol Los Angeles, USA 29/05/09 Email: Not Supplied To the person with No Name aged 44 from Wolseley St. - Well I'm a bit older than you by 10 years. Lived there till I was 8 in Wolseley St, then moved westwards to Centre St. I also attended Adelphi Sec from 1967-70. Gorbals was a great place then. Good people, good chippies, good transport system, but moved out to Paisley when I got married in 1975. I wouldn't recognise Wolseley St area these days!! And I believe Adelphi Sec is no more!! Good luck from an ex-Wolseley St and Adelphi boy!! Submitted by: William Boyd Paisley, Scotland 29/05/09 Email: Not Supplied To Doris McIntyre,RE: Steve Fielding/Margaret Lawson. How long ago was Steve in California? He is my cousin and Margaret Lawson was my mums sister. Submitted by: Margaret Surrey, Canada 29/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Whit's the slang fur webmaster? lol Submitted by: Rose Doyle Donegal, Ireland 29/05/09 Email: FAO Melvin Bernstein Absolutely despicable that you would receive threatening messages from someone on here. No matter what your views or opinions on here have been, you are entitled to them. No, we should not allow this type of person to do this to us. If I were you I would be turning the messages over to the police. See how brave the BULLIES are then. Sorry this happened to you, I enjoy reading your posts, so don't let these idiots wear you down. Oh and a Very Happy 60th birthday to you. Cheers! Pat Submitted by: Pat Mooney Not Supplied 28/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Tony Coyle what a beautiful part of the world you live in Reading I worked there in 1962 at Didcot for the atomic energy and if I had my choice to live anywhere else but Australia the place I would pick would surely be Reading a beautiful area and I hope that it is still the same but then everything changes but I do hope all for the better perfection is very hard to be improved on 10 quid Submitted by: 10 quid oz 28/05/09 Email: Not Supplied I've heard that someone put an ad. in the Daily Record about a year ago, trying to locate my Auntie CATHIE and Uncle EDDIE LYON who emigrated to NZ. If by chance they visit this board, I'd love them to contact me. Submitted by: Cathie Watford, UK 28/05/09 Email: hi everyone, im new to this site, as im a glaswegian now living in england, i find this site quite amusing, all you seem to do is bicker with eachother, is it because you are all much older than me, (im 44)is that what happens when old age kicks in, omg!!!! is there any one out there who is my age & remembers living in oatlands & went to wolsley street school, then to adelphi, please write in , it would be nice to hear from some young ones!!!!!!!!!!!!! Submitted by: Not Supplied Not Supplied 28/05/09 Email: Not Supplied To not interested, if you read my letter on the 4/4/09, you will get hopefully your explanation, I believe you are more than just interested, who are you? What happened to me as a young innocent lad was a scar for the rest of my life, and your saying did I provoke it, hey no one deserves what I got and my crime was to ride up and down Cumberland street, I was pulled off from my Lambretta and beaten senselessly and chibbed, in those days facial stitches were not carried out too good, I hope that satisfies your interest, it happened along time ago but can you imagine how I felt when someone on this site a few months ago was boasting about the Cumbie, that made me ill inside because he was one of them. I have a quiet peaceful life now, but all during my late teenage and early adult life I was afraid to leave my house, I wanted a girl friend just like any other healthy boy but because of my face I did not have the courage to talk to anyone. I was a normal young lad riding! my Lambretta which I was proud of, but that also took a beating that day, I just dont understand why people 40 years on still talk about the Cumbie as a special part of the Gorbals, they were a lot of youngsters like me who hated gangs and lived in fear of them. Charlie Submitted by: Charlie Glasgow 28/05/09 Email: Not Supplied I spend a lot of my time in the Library, its a great place to meet your auld croonies as well plus as I havent got a computer its great for me to get on to the Gorbals site which is dear to me, I am an auld windbag , love talkin all the time to anyone or anybody. I seen this truly great poem written by a Scot called Tom Leonard and I think you would all like it; this is thi six a clock news thi man said, n thi reason a talk wia BBC accent is coz yi widny wahnt mi ti talk aboot thi trooth wia voice lik wanna yoo scruff yi widny thingk it waz troo. Jist wonna yoo scruff tokn thirza right way ti spell ana right way tok it, this is me tokn yir right way a spellin, this is ma trooth yooz doant no thi trooth yirsellz cawz yi canny talk right, this is the six a clock nyooz, belt up! Hope you all liked it. I thought it was great. Auld Malki Submitted by: Auld malki Shawlands, Glasgow 28/05/09 Email: Not Supplied F.A.O.TAE AW THE GREETIN FACED PEEPLE. THE WEBMASTER HAS RESPONED WAE GEEZABREK,THE PERFECT ANSWER,LET THE PEEPLE LAFF AND ENJOY LIFE.LIVE AND LET LIVE.X the jannie.MAY YOUR GOD BE WITH YOU. Submitted by: jim the jannie Glasgow, Scotland 28/05/09 Email: FAO Interested Just to clarify something for you, I stated I had witnessed a lot of violence not that I was ever on the receiving end of it. You also asked were these thugs provoked to do what they did? Nobody in their right mind would have provoked them and even if they had, would that justify them stabbing, or taking a razor to someone's face? I think not! They did what they did because they could. You asked why would they pick on someone, that there has to be some reason? Well it could be any reason they liked, maybe you were too good looking, maybe you had something they didn't have, maybe you refused to go out with one of them or hang around with them, maybe you didn't pay back their money lending scheme on time, maybe you refused to hand over your pay packet to them, or maybe like Charlie you had a scooter and went to Maryhill to be with other lads with scooters. Or maybe it was just because they felt like it. Geting the picture? Read the recent post from Melvin! Bernstein. For voicing his opinions on here, he got threats made against him. This is supposed to be a community site and yet the BULLYING continues! You also said I never tell what's behind the story of what they did to me, that's because they are not my stories to tell. There are a few people (or their partners) on here who write in here on a regular basis and for whatever reason they have chosen not to write about the past. I respect that and am not about to tell their stories and upset them. The last thing I want to do is rub salt into old wounds. They don't deserve that. They were victims before, they won't be again through anything I write. Perhaps you can't relate to the stuff above but I would ask of you, please do not try to justify why people were attacked, there is no valid reason for it, and as I said before, let's stop victimizing the victims all over again by speculating that they may have provoked these thugs and therefore somehow deserved these attacks. To a! nswer your other question no, I was not in a gang fight. I can't speak for Charlie as I don't know the man, but it sounds like the only gang fight he was in was when the cumbie gang set about him while he was on his own and left him scarred for life. As to how I knew them, most people knew them in the gorbals or knew of them. Submitted by: Pat Mooney Not Supplied 28/05/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO 10 Quid. I was reading about your health problems, and how you cope with it all.At one time you and I had a few arguments on this site about one thing or another, but now I would like to wish you all the very best and hope you enjoy many many more years writing on this site. Good luck to you .Agnes. Submitted by: Agnes Glasgow 27/05/09 Email: Not Supplied F.A.O 10 QUID,thanx mr Q fer keepin oan riting yev been thru a lot,wie yer illness,s yet ye keep cumin bak wie a response,yer a wee sojer,sum a the wurds a use ur the wurds a speak a,tae peeple who tak affence tae them,n say ther,fae the gorbals,glasgow,scotland,wit aboot,burns,lauder,n rab c,they use they wurds,n al tell u this boy,aint fer chukkin it,so u keep oan ritin mr Q,aluv tae read yer posts,LANG MAY UR LUM REEK,the jannie x,may your god be with you. Submitted by: jim the jannie Glasgow, Scotland 27/05/09 Email: Hi john from kansas sorry dont have any photos and the only teacher that i realy remember was mrs reed. Submitted by: Janet Paisley, Scotland 27/05/09 Email: Not Supplied I was just sitting with my tea, when the words to this wee song popped into my head, and I wonder if any one else remembers it. Alillitl girlll came palacing balllyi, she felllel and bulllumped her hellllad and blllllamed the faullllt on me honest that is a real song and it was Bubbles Riley that I learned it from. One of my grandaughters Phoenix she is the only one out of six that can sing it. Hi Jannie old Malkie wee Blether melvin and father Devlin and all you nice people that enjoy this page no matter what we are the people DAM Submitted by: Doris McIntyre Slo, USA 27/05/09 Email: Not Supplied F.A.O melvin. sorry to hear that ur gettin threatenin posts,from thos type of people,on our site,our site is for peeple to pass on oor experinses,aboot livin n gettin brot up in the gorbals,its good tae no the webmaster his ther e-mail addresses that mite stoap thame,ye c a always put ma e-mail address oan ma posts,so enybody want tae get a bit personal kin gimme ther e-mail,n we kin konverse aff site,av no goat ur e-mail address,bit if ye want tae pass it oan tae me via the webmaster al be gled tae konverse wae ye n any language,ye c it is the decent peeple like us that kin share the happy times, happy 60th birthday, young yin,hiv a nice day x may your god be with you,the jannie. Submitted by: jim the jannie Glasgow, Scotland 27/05/09 Email: Catherine.i remember toners/from oregon st.who went to ardencraig road/is it the same family. Submitted by: Billy Glasgow 27/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Interesting to read recent replies about Clyde FC. Don't forget that after leaving Shawfield in 1986, they shared at Firhill - home of Partick Th. & also played at Hamilton. Clyde were usually associated with the Gorbals/Oatlands residents, although the majority of their support came from the Bridgeton area during the 40's & 50's. Unfortunately their long term future is in doubt again. Submitted by: Old Timer Glasgow 27/05/09 Email: Not Supplied HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELVIN - IT'S GREAT TO BE 60!!! Submitted by: Auld Biddy West Sussex 27/05/09 Email: Not Supplied I got married in 1966 (aged 16) and moved into Hayfield Street, to a single end. the first January we stayed there was the great storms and we lost half of our ceiling. We basically lived in the bed recess for some months before we we re-housed. During our time there we come home one night to find our front door open and items all over the floor. we thought we had been burgled but no a drunk neighbour had fallen through the door. my wife got such a fright she went into labour and my first son was born that night Submitted by: JimmyMac Glasgow, Scotland 27/05/09 Email: Thank you everyone for your support recently, this forum is for decent people who like to relate to each other about the old days in the Gorbals and I have recieved e-mails from world wide areas in the last two weeks from people even in the U S A its great to meet new friends and talk about about old times. SADLY there is always one or two who spoil the forum. I have been getting threatening messages from certain individuals (and the webmaster has been made aware of this). I do not know why but feel they should be banned from using our Gorbals forum, I am 60 years old this week probably most of us are in this age group, do we allow this type of person to do this to us? I hope the web master will consider action. Once again thanks to everyone who kindly sent in comments of support. Melvin. This has been noted by the webmaster and the said person(s) will be banned from the site Submitted by: Melvin Bernstein Glasgow 26/05/09 Email: Not Supplied THIS IS A NOTE FOR AULD MALKIE - Hello Auld Malkie! I have just read your last post and must say that I totally agree with your points! I am Glasgwegian born and bred and when I speak it is with a very, very strong accent! However, when I write, it is formal and correct, just as we were taught in school! Heaven forbid should some of our old teachers check out any of the posts professing to be "the auld gorbals talk". Personally, I find it hard to read, and must miss some good jokes as I tend to "skip over" the posts written in the "auld tongue". Authenticity is one thing, writing is another! Submitted by: Auld Biddy Littlehampton, West Sussex 26/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Father Peter Devlin hello there, please don't think I'm being grumpy I never run away from an argument but sometimes I shoot myself in the foot that I do know but I do have cause to be grumpy at times having had many spinal Ops, cancer 5 times, quadruple heart bypass and a stroke that left me partially blind and not being able to play any kind of sport "indoor or outdoor" would make anybody grumpy, but I don't believe in feeling sorry for myself just a dour Scotsman as much as I don't believe in taking one day at a time I am 70 and I wonder how fit I will be when I'm 80. Enjoy writing and whenever somebody gives me the opportunity to right a piece such as yourself saying I am grumpy I can assure you I will respond. Jim the jannie I wrote like that years ago but owing to blindmess I have to speak to my computer so I can only speak and it prints in proper English. I enjoyed the challenge of writing like the Jannie and I do miss it. 10 quid Submitted by: 10 Quid OZ 26/05/09 Email: Not Supplied HAVE JUST FOUND THIS SITE. My name was Anne McNally had a brother Peter . We live in Morrison st. but went to St Johns then on to Holyrood. We lived there about 1950-58. Peter was pally with the Rennie boys from west st he also went to wilson's jive club. Anyone remember ? Submitted by: Anne Tonner Glasgow 26/05/09 Email: What a lovely anecdote from Fiona in the USA. Spoken like a true Gorbals girl. Aw ra best tae ye hen!! Submitted by: Old Timer Glasgow 26/05/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO John. Clyde moved from Shawfield during 1943 as the bombs were dropping then went back in 1946, the "bully wee" beat Aberdeen in the cup final then and Tommy Ring scored 1-0. After that they played at Shawfield for twenty years, moved to Cambuslang for one season, then back to Shawfield when they left due to lack of money in 1986, they were absolutely brazen headed but came back wen they beat Celtic in the cup that gave them a cash flow, I am a Celtic man myself and gutted Rangers won the league but always had a soft spot for Clyde, dae you support them, my uncle Colin supported them fur years known as Mac he was their only true supporter,he was always up the Clyde, I have some Clyde programs if you want them during the 1950s 60s 70s, they are worth something but you can half them just buy me a pint in the Brazen head ho ho or a Cuppp of tea will do Johnny the Boy ho ho some Boy I am in my late 50s ho ho when I used to sing Mac the knife I got that name, my twent! y odd guards call me A BAMPOT behind my back so i pay them the minium wage ho ho Big TC JB Submitted by: TCJB Polmadie 26/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Just found this web site, really good its just unreal who ever thought of the idea, Gorbals people talking from the past! Any of my old mates out there from Abbotsford Place? Submitted by: Iain Hutton Southend 26/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Looking for info about Arthur Sweeney who lived in Old Rutherglen Road about 1946-1947 would love to know if anyone remembers him Submitted by: Big Mac Airdrie, Scotland 26/05/09 Email: I was brought up in the Gorbals in Glasgow in the 50's and 60's. There was a man in our tenement, 20 Thistle Street, called Leo Pinder who worked at the Glasgow Institute for the Blind, translating text into braille, I think. Leo had a 'club foot' and had lost an eye. Apparently he had had an accident whilst working on the trapeze in Saigon, so the story went in our tenement. He died in the late 50's I think. As far as I can remember he would only ever be seen leaving for work and returning in the evening to his wife in their small tenement flat. I can only ever remember seeing him in his bizarre get up, well, to us kids anyway, of long coat, Homburg hat and carrying his brief case - an exotic and alien item to the tearaways in the Gorbals. We horrible kids used to name call this very quiet, private old guy. In the warren like life of the slums there was something of a collective outlook on life, mainly for survival reasons. So if you kept to yourself then the kids might give you a hard time. Of course from this perspective I regret taking the rise out of Leo. He would just sail by us in his own dignified way. I was about ten years old when Leo died. I was away being 'looked after' when he died but when I returned I heard about the surprisingly large turn out for his funeral and something about a piece in the newspaper about his life. Does anybody know anymore about Leo? Submitted by: Danny Burnett London, UK 26/05/09 Email: FAO Jim from Fife. Dismayed that you found a visit to the Gorbals after an absence of 21-years a disappointment. True, the area is fast changing once again, but perhaps if you had posted an anecdote requesting some minor info on the Gorbals, you could have arrived a bit wiser. Most regulars on the Forum would have told you the Brazen Head is not an ordinary pub. It's a holstery to keep clear off! Good luck for any future visits. Submitted by: Old Timer Glasgow 26/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Someone wanted information on a Garng Gad paper it can be found under Glasgow Guides or just type in paper on Garn Gad you will find it hope this helps any one out there got any info on Margret Lawsons son Steve Fielding my son would like to contact him they were good buddies when he Steve was in California thank you DAM Submitted by: Doris McIntyre Slo, USA 25/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Clyde football club Hi john, here is the information you are looking for. Bye for now, norrie Again in Scotland, Clyde F.C. moved from Shawfield Stadium (near Rutherglen in the south east of Glasgow) to the new town of Cumbernauld in 1994. They had been evicted from Shawfield in 1986. By 1990, Clyde secured an agreement to build a home of their own in the Cumbernauld, which due to shifting population patterns was by now one of the larger settlements in Scotland without senior football. They were homeless from 1986 until Broadwood Stadium was built in Cumbernauld in 1994 Submitted by: Norman McNamee Rutherglen , Scotland 25/05/09 Email: FAO BILLY BHOY The accident happened roundabout November or December the kids were Alfred Blacker, Ricky Shannon, Rosemary Toland. I was married to the only one that survied the accident, John Darby who tragically died suddenly on the 25.3.2006 Submitted by: M Darby Glasgow 24/05/09 Email: Not Supplied To the guy from the states" who was asking about "gryffe bridge of weir" i remember it, yes is it was a hell hole. if you were there in 1962 you might remember mr malloch, mr herbert, mr gilmour, the only decent man was mr robertson. yes it was very strict and a hard place for youngsters. i would not blame glasgow, in fact glasgow corperation were one of the best as far as i know. you might have the same sort of history as me. i was taken from the gorbals to "castlemilk house" i loved it. then to "dunclutha" in dunoon, i used to stay at week-ends at the holy loch, with "nurse fox" if anyone knows her, dunnon was "a paradise" then fostered to a "phyco woman in milton" i went to st augustines milton, then back into care aged 12, gryffe was all there was for boys of that sort of age. although it was hard, sometimes i look back and miss the order and dicipline, strange thing? i am tony coyle i went to st philians in housten? many thanks for your time. anthony "tony" coyle. Submitted by: Tony Coyle Reading, England 24/05/09 Email: Attn of auld malkie, or hi, i saw each of your postings on the gorbals site. i don't normaly do this but i am trying to find a bit about my history. i see were from nicholson street 1948, as were we, and my older sister helen coyle, passed on due to gastro enteritis, aged 3 months, 1949. my aunt uncle, all passed in their early 20s from tb. i an my siblings were mixed race kids, our mother is elizabeth coyle now 84. as kids, i and 3 siblings were taken into care by the police, our mother neglected us. i am not bothered about any of that, but would be interested, and am trying to find any info on my g/parents, i wondered if auld malkie knew my gran helen, and grandfather, thomas "john" coyle, or even my irish g/ggrandparents, eliza and frances coyle from cookstown, at that time the republic. i beleived they also lived in the area or calton. i ended that part of my life serving in the royal scots, 1971/3, we had a few boys back then, all from the gorbals. many thanks for your time. anthony "tony" coyle. Submitted by: Tony Coyle Reading, England 24/05/09 Email: FAO Norrie McNamee, thankyou for your reply, I remember the library very well, it seemed to be the right place to hang out in the winter as it was nice and warm, shame that I can't find any pics of Oxford Lane, some of my happiest childhood memories were in those tenements, Regards Brian. Submitted by: Brian Donovan Cambridge, Ontario Canada 24/05/09 Email: FAO J Nicol, La, USA I recall visiting a family member in the Bridge of Weir home, also when she was placed in Lennox Castle. I don't know what happened to the staff of those places but as far as I'm concerned hanging them would have been too good. They treated the patients with absolute contempt and sheer cruelty. Every gift we bought was gone by the next week. Our family member kept telling us the nurses and staff was stealing them and the staff dismissed her as talking rubbish. I believe with every ounce of my being she was absolutely right! Every week we visited she either had black eyes, broken limbs or bruises everywhere and we were always told she fell out the bed or she had gotten into a fight with someone. The patients were such poor souls and I often wonder what became of them. Happy to report our family member is now in her own place with 24 hour care. However she goes holidays, to the theatre, to the pub and anywhere else she feels like going. The Government can't cover enough as far as I'm concerned if this is supposed to be compensation for her suffering. Just wish her parents had lived to see her today, she is doing so well, bless her cotton socks! Pat Submitted by: Pat Mooney Not Supplied 24/05/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Brad: I remember well the pet shop on R/glen road. It was run by Mrs McCrimmond. She used to have a gift shop first and we all joined the Xmas club to get presents but after her husband passed she changed it to the pet store. She did at one time have ONE monkey in the store. Next time your in the pub have one for me. The shop was 2 or 3 doors along from the Penguin store. Cheers Chris Submitted by: Chris Wilson BC, Canada 24/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Jim - It was sad to read your negative story about returning to the Gorbals after 21-years. But I think that's the scenario all over the country. Everywhere is changing, and changing fast!! As for the Brazen Head pub, that's a den to avoid. A slur to the Gorbals landscape. You picked the wrong pub at the wrong time. I hope your next visit is enjoyable to the Gorbals. Submitted by: Wee Mac Gorbals 23/05/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO: Charlie Nice to see you posting in here again. I can understand the shock you got as a victim of senseless violence when reading posts in here about gangs and some of them boasting about all the damage they did to their victims. I posted about this same thing a few months ago. Anyway Charlie I don't doubt you will always remember the names of all the cowards, so will I. Nor will I ever forget the despicable things they did to innocent people. I can only imagine how the attack on you affected your family as well, it must have been awful for all of you. Some of the families of these thugs frequent this site, I wonder how many of them know about the carnage their Dad’s or Uncles caused. They probably don't know the half of the twisted and cruel deeds inflicted on some of the folks and maybe that’s just as well! I think your post was something that many of the decent folks of the gorbals could relate to and like me they could feel your pain. It was really courageous ! of you to write about it. Nobody deserved what happened to you and I’m glad you’re a survivor. I hope the rest of life has been kind to you and I wish you the very best life has to offer. Cheers! Pat Submitted by: Pat Mooney Not Supplied 23/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Does anyone remember dirty maggies book shop I think it was in rutherglen rd and eddie mitchell from Gilmour St? Submitted by: Agnes Ramsay Not Supplied 23/05/09 Email: Not Supplied In reference to the person who went back to glasgow last wkend & said he was in the brazen head (16 5 09), i was also there the same day as i am from glasgow but live in england now (20 yrs)i thought the banter was brill, i realise now how mush i miss glasgow & im so proud to be scottish, i had a fantastic time , every one made me feel welcome, i cant wait to visit again. Submitted by: Not Supplied Not Supplied 22/05/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Cavendish St. footballers. Tony and Joe McFadden from Eglinton St are my cousins. Sadly, Joe died in 1983 in Leeds. A wall fell on him at work. Tony is living here next door to me. He lost the power in his arms and legs at Xmas, but is slowly recovering. He often talks about the old football games. Does anyone remember John Joe Doyle, my brother, from Abbotsford Place? Submitted by: Rose Doyle Donegal, Ireland 22/05/09 Email: Hope the people oan the site, who hiv an issue wae ma posts red sir alex fergusons story in saturdys paper, notice the sign he wis lookin at, n the quotes of parliamo glesga, and how he hinted at peepls,VALUES,MORALS,PRINCIPALS,ETHICS,CULTURE,ETHICS,OPINIONS,ETC,thats how i wis brote up,respect peepls views, bit sum peeple who hiv responded tae ma posts (n u no who yeez ur) shud hiv a fink aboot that, aahh, thats better, noo sir alex meshined, aboot jumpin dykes, dis anybody remember,THE BOXY,the bak eh abbotsford place, ah fink it wis johnstons bakery roof, the 1st der, wis tae dreep it, next wan wis tae jump aff it, oan tae the grun, jist missin a row a railins, n see the sper grun at cavendish street, between num 56 n wee snowball mc sporrans close, see at the tap a fink ther wis threed factory, the waw at the sper grun side wis aboot 5ft bit the urther side wis aboot a 20ft drap, remember wee malky mc sporran jumpin the waw tae get the baw fergettin aboot the drap oan the other side, ouch! dis any body remember the 2 bildins am referrin tae? awrabest, seeyeezawthemorra, the jannie x, may your god be with you. Submitted by: Jim the Jannie Glasgow, Scotland 22/05/09 Email: FAO J TOEHILL, you say you stayed in the gorbals from 1941 till 1958,i was wondering if you can remember the name of the crisp factory that stood on south portland street, i've been trying for ages to find out but nobody seems to know. my dad was brought up in the gorbals, james macdonald, he played alot of football. shona Submitted by: Shona Glasgow, Scotland 22/05/09 Email: thanx fer the kisses charlie, n fer offerin tae b ma pal, thats me goat 2 pals noo,the mirror n u, any chance a signed fota, a ye, aye its good to feel important, fer yrs a felt unimportant, bit noo av bilt up ma self esteem, a feel like a wee bhoy again, its grate am gon tae skool noo, am studin, rocket siens, syckology, as a said n ma prevous posts ma 2 skools wur, kerd, n, dinner,long b4,ur time,the dark ages,wur,tuff,bit a wis happy, maest a the time, wae the freedom, oot tae midnite playin, wan man hunt, fitba etc,nae fear, noo many lite yrs oan, fings hiv changed, nae kerds, nae fitba, aw the big peeple, still tellin me wits rite, n, wits rang, aye that'll b shinin brite, ah dae wit a dae, n if yeez hiv problems wae that, its ur problem, luv n kisses, the jannie, hiv a nice weak end all,c ya. Submitted by: Jim the Jannie Glasgow, Scotland 22/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi janet from Paisley. Did you happen to be in Mr Mcaskills class. I've been hoping to get a copy of a school photo. I remember almost all the names in my class. be well Jack Submitted by: J Parker Emporia, USA 22/05/09 Email: Not Supplied You are right about the "Glesga" slang! I was born and lived in the Gorbals for years in Dunmore ST, and the other people who lived there never spoke like that. They were educated in the excellent Glasgow school system. We weren't toffs, we just spoke properly with that great Glasgow accent. I'm sorry, in all my years living in the Gorbals, I seldom heard this slang. We spoke the way we type our posts in this forum. No offence meant to the posters who use this slang, but that's my memory and my take on the subject. Thank-you. Submitted by: Fiona USA 22/05/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Jim regarding my grandfather Patrick James Boyle. Yes i remember you and i contacted the Boyles from Kings Park but there was a little confusion,it was not the Patrick Boyle he was thinking of. I must appologise as i am not a Gorbals man and never have been so my geography of the area past and present is none existant, my only contact with Glasgow is an uncle and aunt i found a couple of years ago that we didnt know of but i do intend to visit soon and follow the footsteps of my ancestors. All i know is my grandad Patrick Boyle died at 10 1/2 Eglinton Lane in 1946 as i have the death cert with the information on but as to the exact location of Eglinton Lane i just do not know. My grandad married Mary Ann Kilkie in 1935 at st Francis's but as the 1935 Marriage records are not public yet i cant gain any more info. I would just like to thank everyone for the kind help that they are giving me on this site and putting up with me continuously posting the same old notes and going over old news, so as you may have gathered i am a very determined person and not willing to give up on my search. Jim yes i would love it if you can put me intouch with anyone that might remember them but this was a long time ago and i am sure as hell i must have Boyle relatives in Glasgow. Please mail me any help you may be able to give me or forward a phone number to the e mail posted and we can have a chat, all the best to you Gorbals people, you are the salt of the earth....Tommy Boyle Submitted by: Tommy Boyle Leicestershire, England 22/05/09 Email: Charlie and Pat sorry to hear you are afraid of some gangsters but you have left us all in awes wondering what they did to you! you never tell what's behind The story how you knew them what they did to you and you say one rights on this site who in the heavens name is the spineless thug did it happen in Glasgow? Where you in gang fight? Did you do anything to provoke them? Just thought I would ask I am interested to know why people would pick on you there must have been some reason surely! Interested Submitted by: Interested Saughton, England 22/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Brad Please settle a pub debate can anyone remember a shop in rutherglen road oatlands early sixties that sold chimpanzees? now before in this site you could make a joke about your question and says something like that was right across the road from the Glasgow green monkey bars now you have to be careful as somebody may take offence I hope you don't take offence to this I'm just trying to make a point and I am sorry I don't know the answer or shop all the best to you Brad 10 quid Submitted by: 10 quid Oz 22/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Melvin you sure are the most insulting person on the site. Jim the Jannie was told to stop writing the way he does and you have gone for ten quid as well i like both of their writings! Janney I like to decipher you writing and ten quid I really enjoy your stories so keep on trucking wee Betty Submitted by: Wee Betty Glasgow, Scotland 22/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Tam Craig please if you are to be so kind can U give me the date on this site where I was so upsetting to Melvin as most of the things I send never get print I am interested to read my own mail thank you 10 quid Submitted by: 10 quid Oz 22/05/09 Email: Not Supplied J Patterson Johnny Patterson who came from Camden Street and had a friend or cousin by the name of Peter Lamont and be around 70 years of age now if so you may remember me from lawmoor Street my name was James Boyle "boylie" Jimmy Boyle or just "jimmy Boyle"if you are give me a tinkle on this site Jimmy Submitted by: Jimmy Oz 22/05/09 Email: Not Supplied I was brought up in the gorbals and the sayin was children should be seen and not heard we had manners please and thankyou its changed days jim the jannie was probly brought up that way to the guy is havin a laugh his patter is good give him a break he is not abusive chill out let him write whatever way he wants keep it cummin jim there are folk who enjoy your postings dont read if your offended the guy is cool lol Submitted by: Not Supplied Not Supplied 22/05/09 Email: Not Supplied J Patterson; I totally agree with your findings, the Gorbals is no longer thats a cert. I am sure you found some nice places on your visit well I hope you did. enjoy your stay my friend. Big Tam. Submitted by: Tam Craig Glasgow, Scotland 22/05/09 Email: Not Supplied In reply for John. Clyde FC vacated Shawfield Stadium 1985-86. I moved to London 1981 and travelled up regular. But once they left Hamilton, I gave up watching them in 1991-92. I still follow their results on TV. My family were originally from Gilmour St and Orchard St and we were all Bully Wee fans. We moved to Toryglen about 1960. I can still remember the taste of those hot pies inside the ground. So sad when the club lost it's identity. I'll never forget winning the Cup in 1958. My father took me to that game, and I can remember walking down Cathcart Rd to Caledonia Rd alongside thousands of Clyde fans singing and dancing! God, those were fantastic boyhood memories! Submitted by: Bully wee billy London, England 22/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Thanks to all the replies on the site and invitations for a cupp of tea or a pint. I have had to give up the bevy at the moment as i am running a security company in Glesga with twenty guys under me so i've got to keep a clear head! But Tam C and Melvin...I am sure we will be able to meet up soon and talk about the good old Gorbals days. As i am working not far from Mel's house. Hopefully see you both soon...johnny boy Submitted by: Johnny Boy Glasgow, scotland 21/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi billy malcolm and h young i played fiba at the spare ground in cavindish st.tae with big fred young jim malcolm brian irvine the mackies con lynch colom mcwilliams tony joe mcfadden davy craig the campbells big dunky pivot barney alec robertson budgie awe great players we played every night memories then roon tae annas chippie up tae mckecnies for hot rolls. Submitted by: Not Supplied Not Supplied 20/05/09 Email: Not Supplied I really have to laugh at the supposedly glega slang thats JJ has wrote, its more gibberish none of my cronies spoke with a twang like that, it gives you a headache trying to disifer it, I mean there was expressions and always will be, but school teachers and parents never taught us that language in the Gorbals, but I give you this your authentic, anyone else talk or write like that? it would be interesting to hear positive views, all the best Malkie Submitted by: Auld Malkie Glasgow, Scotland 20/05/09 Email: Not Supplied I lived at 115 lawmoor st from 1941 to 1958 had happy times in the street we climbed middens, played cowboys and indians after we had been to the bees picture house we used sit on the step of jimmy waddels newsagent shop late at night while a lass called agnes paul frightened us to death with ghost stories. there was a man called davy wellman who used to be brilliant at crossing a football for us to head into goal, the goal was between the gaslamp and wall. my boyhood mates from the street were billy smith, arthur tennant, billy jackson, joey regan, john young, jim cooper junior sweeney etc. happy days i could go on forever. Submitted by: J Toehill Bradford, Yorkshire 20/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Tommy Boyle, I spoke to you once before your were looking for your grandfather, I gave you details of Boyles from Kings Park. I see you mentioned Egliton Lane, I lived in Cumberland street the first close which was also the corner of Egliton st, Egliton lane was seconds walk, there was only one close and about eight familys living there, did you grandfather live there, if he did I know people who lived up that close and you can contact them easy. Let me know, hope I can help. Jim Nan Cameron; sorry to take so long to reply but I am not often on here, my dad was Mick Hall he worked for Lizzie Bailey in the bookies, I was born in 247 Thistle street, Terry and Billy Johnson, Obagies, lived above us, my mother had ten of us seven girls and three boys, we were on the ground floor, we were the only ones with an inside toilet!! My brother worked for Frank in the greengrocer next door, I was about seven when we moved to Cumberland street, hope to hear from you, Jim Submitted by: Jim London, England 20/05/09 Email: Not Supplied I lived in Eglinton Street from 1957 to 1981. The Star Bar was my favourite watering hole when I turned 18 [1965]. I often went to the Plaza Ballroom. I worked for many years in the Kingston area, so for me the Laurieston/Kingston districts were the Gorbals that I knew and liked. I hardly ever go near Gorbals now as everything has changed and all my friends/relatives have moved away. But I did spend 25 years contented years there! Submitted by: John MacDonald Glasgow, Scotland 19/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Hello all. I am researching my Scottish ancestors and hope someone can help. My father's name was William Brodie Phillips, mother's name Sarah, he was born In Calton Glasgow in Gibson Street in 1927. Possibly in the Gallowgate area. Sarah was a charwoman. Submitted by: Pauline Philips Nottingham, England 19/05/09 Email: FAO: HD. Abbotsford Pl, surgery had about six doctors---Dr Gladstone Robertson, Dr Anderson, Dr Kerr,---Norman/Mac Indoe/ and Dr Charles who was Gladstone Robertson's son. The caretaker was A lady called Betty, in the waiting room there were about four row's of dark brown wooden chair's and chairs all around the side's and up on the wall there was six coloured buzzer's for each doctor (I remember it well)------When I was about three yrs old I was run over by A Johnstone's bakery van, from Wellcroft Pl. This happened at the corner of Cumberland St and Abbotsford Pl---someone ran into the surgery and it was Dr Robertson who picked me up, and carried me into his room, I was then taken to the Victoria Infirmary, where I stayed for about three weeks---luckily I had no serious injury's only A ripped ear) two black eyes, and A big tyre mark that went over my wee belly (God love me ?)---Wee Blether. Submitted by: Wee Blether Ayrshire, scotland 19/05/09 Email: Not Supplied can anybody tell me the year clyde football team left shawfield dog stadium? Submitted by: John Glasgow, scotland 19/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi jack from kansas i went to buchan steet school in the 50s and remember it well take care from janet. Submitted by: Janet Paisley, scotland 19/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Ten Q. Give Melvin a break, I see you have made serious comments about him, yes it may be none of my business but I dont like to see people unhappy over silly things, lets get on, of course having a debate is fine and getting to a conclusion is better, much better than being unfriendly. Hope your keeping well us all gorbals men must keep on smiling. Big Tam. Submitted by: Tam Craig Glasgow, scotland 19/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Melvin: I enjoy your memories of the old Gorbals as I also resided in the Abbotsford Place area, so please don't give up on the forum regarding the unreadable parliamo Glasgow anecdotes. Submitted by: Jim Leeds, England 19/05/09 Email: Just an observation from an old Glaswegian; I don't think Melvin intended to criticize Ten Quid or anyone else. I lived in Hospital St. for eighteen years before coming to the U.S. and often I have a hard time translating some of the Gorbals Anecdotes into English. Submitted by: Joan USA 19/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Father Devlin, It is nice to hear from you again. A year or so ago, you offered to look into the whereabouts of the Maddens who used to live in the Gorbals in 1951. In particular I am seeking Kathleen Bernadette Madden. After your offer, I never heard from you again. I hope that was not due to your accident. In any event, I am glad that you are back on line and wish you a speedy and complete recovery. Submitted by: Susan LA, USA 19/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Please settle a pub debate can anyone remember a shop in rutherglen road oatlands early sixties that sold chimpanzees? Submitted by: Brad Glasgow, Scotland 19/05/09 Email: Not Supplied I remember two John Daly's. One was nicknamed Planet and the other was a pal of Tam McDuff. I lived in Wolseley Street where Roya Ankara the boxer lived, and ran about with both John Daly's, Second thoughts one might have been a Jim Daly. Was it you who kissed the lassie from Polmadie Road the day she had her front teeth taken out? Submitted by: Norrie Ross Glasgow, Scotland 18/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Anyone remember the Toners from oregon st from ? till about 1957 big family Submitted by: Catherine Strathaven, South Lanarkshire 18/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Looking for any info on brian and belinda carruthers anne and agnes mcgregor Submitted by: Martin Knight Fareham, England 18/05/09 Email: FAO. Pat Mooney, I would like to thank you kindly for replying to me through this colum your letter was very warming. My experience was sad, its something that lives with you forever, I was absolutely shocked to see one of the cowards writing in here as I will always remember there names, and sadly he was still talking about gangs. Did you come from the gorbals yourself, I live in Hospital street and also Kidson Street. I enjoy reading most of the comments on here most of us are getting on now but one thing is certain the gorbals spirit is still high. Thanks again, Charlie. Submitted by: Charlie Glasgow, Scotland 17/05/09 Email: Not Supplied I recently saw an anecdote on this forum directing contributors who ask about pubs to logon to - Glasgow Old - I logged on and indeed it was informative and included many old photo's of pubs/streets etc, but one enquiry caught my eye. The webmaster was looking for info on an old Gorbals pub named : The Bundoran Bar. Correct me if I'm wrong but this pub was situated in Mathieson. I remember it when I was a liitle girl as my father sometimes helped out behind the bar. But maybe I'm wrong as I left Mathieson Street in 1959 aged 11. Submitted by: V.S London, England 17/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Just had to send my tuppence worth in and some memories too. What about the old dinner hall in (I think) Oregon street where we all went for free dinners during the summer holidays in the 50's.I remember a' the weans fae the Gorbals and the Oatlands lining up wether they were entitled or not. The food was no bad. On a Saturday we used to go to the matinee at the Paragon. You went in wae a coat and came oot wae a waistcoat. Those were the days. I remember Goin tae the Wolseley Hall on a Sunday. They gave you an icing bun then on Tuesdays it wis the Mission Hall on the corner of Logan st/Wolseley st for the tinny of hot peas. I'm familiar with many of the story tellers on this site and I will share more memories later. Cheers Submitted by: Chris Wilson B C, Canada 17/05/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO: Karin Kilna, if your dad Stanley was the younger brothers, Pat and Joe who lived in Warwick St/Nicholoson St., 1940/60, I knew the family well. they lived across the street from me. Submitted by: Owen Dougan Glasgow, Scotland 16/05/09 Email: Hi Brian I have had a good look through all my photos, never seen a photo of Oxford lane, its still there as is the library but no houses on it now. Sorry I cant help. Bye for now, norrie Submitted by: Norman McNamee Glasgow, Scotland 16/05/09 Email: Is there anyone who went to the childrens homes like Auldhouse in Thornliebank or Gryffe in Bridge of Weir, would love to know whatever happened to the cruel people who ran these places. Life was a misery for most of those kids.. Its hard to believe that Scotland would treat her children in such a manner... Anyway bless all of you folks from the gorbals, you were the best. s Submitted by: J Nicol LA, USA 16/05/09 Email: Not Supplied I'm looking for a friend that i went to school with her name is betty bowden she was born on the 24 april 1951 and went to adelphi can any none help thanks Submitted by: Janet Dunbar (Clark) Not Supplied 16/05/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO: No tellin you; Thanks a million for making me laugh, at least someone has got a sense of humour, none of this bickering and melo drama, thats what I want to hear, funny light hearted fun, well done pal you made my day. theres a few odd balls around here for instance we had one writing in slang for years until he got told off, now the same person is doing it again under a different name, they must think us Gorbals boys are daft, I wish you a good day and thank you for your great sense of humour Melvin. Submitted by: Melvin Bernstein Glasgow, Scotland 16/05/09 Email: Not Supplied I finally paid a weekend visit to Gorbals after an absence of 21-years. I lived in Camden St during the 60's and saw the start of the demolition street by street. I didn't recognise the New Gorbals, the modern dwellings were an eyesore, and the local people were unfriendly. Also had the misfortune to enter the Brazen Head last Saturday morning during a live televised Old Firm match and the language and sectarianism was disgusting! Found it disappointing that this is the image of the New Modern Gorbals. Older ex-residents should come and take a look for themselves and you'll quickly lose any nostalgic views. I doubt if I'll be back as I met or knew anyone from the past. The Gorbals from the 50's - 60's is clearly a bygone era compared to 2009. Submitted by: Mr J Paterson Fife, Scotland 16/05/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO: Peter Riggs There are no tenements left in gorbals except for down at Norfork St and i dont even know if that came under Gorbals AS i think it always seems a wee lonely part and the only others i can think of is on Balleter St as for the pub they are mostly all gone The piggy The Glaswegian Sharkeys Riverside Laureston Sue Wester a think thats it. The family you speak of with the tradgedy that was there is none of that family left [rip] read Jamie Mcguigan post. as for Jim the JANNIE thanks Jim ur patters brill love ur post they cheer me up what a laugh u r keep thum cummin on yea go BIG JIM GEES A LAUGH Submitted by: Big Jim Not Supplied 16/05/09 Email: Not Supplied hi, jim the jannie. I Did'nt explain righr how I knew you I used to live across the road from you in the maisonettes, My mum still lives in the same house my Dad passed away as well, glad to hear you have lovely grandchildren, Billy and I two daughters Claire , Stacey, son Barrie but no grandchildren yet. Our Lorraine has 3 boys, Our John has 3 kids as well, I stay in Toryglen, Lorraine stays in one of the new houses in Queen Elizabeth gardens Gorbals very posh!!did you know that Scobie died? Submitted by: Margaret (Kavanagh) Fullerton Glasgow, Scotland 15/05/09 Email: Jimmy the Janitor please do not be so offended my dear friend, I do not know anyone personally on this site you included, but I treat everyone as a friend and expressions are taken out of the context of knowing someone basically by the manner in which they write in, I thought it was friendly, but in future I will not be using your name, there was no need to be sarcastic and send me kisses, I am not in need of a friend but if you are thats fine. It seems some people just dont grow up I mean what are you out to prove with writin from the dark ages, is it to make you look important, stand out, if so its you who needs the kisses, ha ha, lol Wee Charlie fae Toryglen. Submitted by: Charlie McMurray Glasgow, Scotland 15/05/09 Email: Not Supplied I lived in Oxford Lane in the 50s, I have never seen a photo of this lane ever anyyone got any pics of it? Submitted by: Brian Donovan Cambridge, Canada 15/05/09 Email: Hi I lived in Elmfoot Stree with my family since i was born 1942 till i left in1960 wondered if anyone remembers any of my family, my mother was kate and dad john a had 5 sisters. Submitted by: John Daly Irvine, Ayrshire 15/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Vic Bryce,I knew you and your brother Jim when you lived in Crown St.You were probably 3or 4yrs younger than me but your brother Jim and my brother were good friends.We lived across the back from you in Thistle St. I remember playing football with Jim in the back yard and also at the rec grounds in govanhill. Some names you may recall were the Taylors, Campbells and Gourlays. Hope you and your family are well. John Bonar Submitted by: J Bonar Melbourne, Austrailia 15/05/09 Email: Hi Janet of Paisley. I remember going to the George pictures and getting candy apples under the bridge. I loved Dennistoun Palais on a Saturday afternoon. Remember the DJ? I think his name was Dean Jeffries and all us silly wee lassies used to stand at the stage and hold our hands up for him to sign the back of Submitted by: May Sydney, Austrailia 15/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Greetings J Boy, I see your active on the site again, your stories make me chuckle, are you still visiting the Brazen head now theres a place, well at least your back JB hope the missus is keepin well and send my regards mac your mate Tam Craig Submitted by: Tam Craig Tollcross, Glasgow 14/05/09 Email: Not Supplied F.A.O. CHARLIE MC MURRAY.jist tae make ye aware charlie, ah dont no ye, n u sertinly dont no me,bcause ye widnae hiv rote, that response, am a frend a BILL Ws,n av no hid a drink fer 4yrs, n sertinly never drank jars, unless they wer demi jars,full a whisky,funny u seem tae rite the wie a dae,anywie charly bhoy,lets hiv a bit craic,ye remembr,stix n stones,they did brek ma bones,bit c caus am an alkie,the names a goat cauld,hurt me mair,bit am gettin better noo a day at a time,ma brothers stil call me THE BIG JUMP THE DYKE,(if ye dont no wit that means,ma e-mail oan the post, wers urs?)so we kin aw hiv a laff thats wit av always dun,bit yer tryin tae make oot u no me,n if youv nae pals,al be yer pal,n we kin hiv a laff,tae ma frends o bill w,av no slipped,c yous aroon. the jannie,may ur god b with you,x Submitted by: jim the jannie Glasgow, Scotland 14/05/09 Email: FAO Charlie McMurray, my dad was from Inverness and moved to the Gorbals early 50s, Himself and his brother,his name John Dignan. Also Fao Father Peter Devlin I knew a Peter Devlin from the Gorbals. Ann Submitted by: Ann Manchester 14/05/09 Email: FAO No telling ye Thanks for the great story. Had a right good laugh at it. Could close my eyes and just picture it and you! Och, the innocence of weans, it does your heart good so it does. All the best. Pat Submitted by: Pat Mooney Not Supplied 14/05/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Melvin well Melvin just think if they had Jim the jannie sending the codes during the war the germans would have been clueless Submitted by: No telling ye Brighton 14/05/09 Email: Not Supplied I Lived in Elmfoot Street from Birth 1942 till 1960 was wondering if anyone remembered my family,mother was Kate dad was John Submitted by: John Daly Oatlands, Glasgow 14/05/09 Email: Not Supplied F.A.O. Doris thanks for the mention,did you get the class photos of st bonnies in the fifties i sent via your niece a while ago.hope you and tq keep up the stories Submitted by: jack (ben) duffy Basingstoke, Hants 14/05/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO T Reid (Canada) Are you Anthony Reid who was an alter boy in St. John? My family stayed up 27 Salisbury then moved to a room and Kitchen up Georges dairy close where the McGuires lived. Mrs Bradley had the other shop and then there was Chrisses the fruit shop at the top of the road. My brothers name is Pat Welsh. Annie Burrell was a pal of mine and also May O'Brien (fathers nickname was Father O' Brien) May passed away a few years ago she would be 74 if she were living. Remember Wullie Grat I think he stayed up top flat and then there was George Hughes over in 23 "Boots" was his nickname.Wullie Robertson and his sister Margaret stayed up your close he pallied about with my brother always wore big crepe soled shoes. Do you have connections who stay in East Kilbride ? Submitted by: AmeliaMcKinlay nee Welsh Glasgow, Scotland 14/05/09 Email: Hi vicky, email me and I will send you photos of Lawmoor st. Bye for now, norrie Submitted by: Norman McNamee Glasgow, Scotland 14/05/09 Email: Lived at 14 Salisbury st from 1939 to 1960 remember wullie grant at 16, mick mc guire next to georges dairy and remember the birrels and the grant sister who lived across the street. Submitted by: T Reid Hamilton, Canada 14/05/09 Email: Not Supplied ROSE DOYLE, Very interesting the pubs ye mentioned, I ken most of them, I was born in Inverness but moved to the Gorbals in 1948, I ken whit ye say about someone sending you a mail that wis impersenating Jim the Janie, me thinks he did send it because its his style of writin, but I think he must have had a few jars knowin him heh heh, not to worry its a guid letter, my maw came from Donegal, Mary Strain, ye might have heard of the family. bye for now Charlie Submitted by: Charlie McMurray Glasgow, Scotland 14/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Repost for newcomers to the site. I am looking for info or anyone who remembers my grandad. He was Patrick James Boyle born in Glasgow in 1908, served in the Pioneers in ww2 so i believe, and married Mary Ann Kilkie in 1935, died at 10 1/2 Eglinton Lane in 1946. Another address i have for them is 132 South Portland St around 1939-40. Patrick may have originally been from Thornleighbank, Mary Kilkie (my Gran} Lived at 4 Roukenburn Street in 1933 before they were married. If anybody is related to a Boyle family please ask about Patrick as all record of him has vanished...he was my grandad and i know nothing of him or even a burial plot. Please if anyone can help in anyway i will be so grateful. Submitted by: Tommy Boyle Leicestershire, England 13/05/09 FAO Charlie - No doubt, you’ll never hear a word of apology from any of the cumbie for what they did to you, because they don’t have it in them. I’m sorry that happened to you and that you still have the marks on your face to this day. All that just for having a scooter and keeping company with other enthusiasts from Maryhill! I would love to think that those bampots got some mental help because they really need it, but somehow I doubt it. Unfortunately Charlie you’re one of the many that have a reminder of the violence when they look in the mirror every day. Others might not have scars staring back at them but have suffered a terrible tole emotionally. People on here make comments about people moaning about the past, when you can’t change it, well comments like this are no consolation to victims and only victimizes them all over again. Of course the ones making these comments probably didn’t suffer from the cumbie’s dirty deeds, thanks to either their families, free! ns or their own connections with the cumbie mob. So as long as they were all right, to hell with everyone else! It would be really interesting to actually find out just how many people in total were victims. Anyway Charlie glad you still loved the gorbals and have fond memories as well. All the best to you and thanks for sharing your story. This site is supposed to be about memories of the gorbals and all the people who have them. Don’t be put off or let anyone dictate to you about what you can or can’t write about. Your memories are your memories and if someone doesn't like your story they don't have to read it! Pat Submitted by: Pat Mooney Not Supplied 13/05/09 Email: Not Supplied To M. can't criticise Ten Quid or Jim The Jannie for the way they write that is just being arrogant. We all get great pleasure from them and even Colin Macfarlane has been criticised about his fine book...The Real Gorbals Story. My suggestion to all of you that find time to criticise the various writers on this site is write a book yourself and then we'll see how good you are! The Gorbals poeple are all over the world and proud of who they are...they do not need anyone to criticise how they write. Lang may oor lums reek! johnny boy devlin Submitted by: Johnny Boy Devlin Glasgow, Scotland 13/05/09 Email: Not Supplied R hayes from 29 Hospital St the southside to Ten Quid. I like the old Glasgow slang it reminds you where you come from, a past that cant be brought back, and to see it in print, its like working out a puzzle, it comes back to you bit by bit and brings back the memories with it, good and bad. Your a true Gorbals lad you carry on sending. Submitted by: Robin Hayes Manchester, Lancashire 13/05/09 Email: A warm "Hello" to everyone, I have not wrote in for awhile, but still enjoy reading the wonderful messages you send in with a lot of interest. To those of you who know me, I have had to go into Hospital my left leg as you know was removed after a car accident in Argyle street has been causing me a lot of pain, its probably my own fault, I never seem to be able to rest I am known as Father Long John Silver here in Stirling! Its good to read all the news and banter I really enjoy letters sent in from Doris, she is a funny person, Wee blether, Nan Cameron, and Ten Quid who seems to be getting a wee bit grumpy recently, lighten up and lets hear more old tales from the Gorbals, anyways it nice to be using the computer again, Bless you all Father Peter Devlin. Submitted by: Father Peter Devlin Stirling, Scotland 13/05/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO David W - Diamond's dancing academy, what an elegant name, we ran about there 1947/48, if old Joe saw you slow foxtrotting wrong he'd cut in and dance with you, very embarassing for a sixteen year old boy, glad I graduated---is that correct ??---and moved on to Barrowland, anybody know when Diamond's closed?? Submitted by: Charley Broon Winnipeg, Canada 13/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Anyone come from salisbury street, do you remember the mc cafferty's at 14 and the mcguire's who live next to georges dairy there was also the grants and birrels and sutherlands. There was david maxwell the movers under the railway and the sawmill at the corner of cumberland st and salisbury st. Submitted by: Tony Hamilton, Canada 13/05/09 Email: Not Supplied I wish we all could get along a little better. I lived in los angeles during the riots and it was horrendeous. We are all good people. Let ten quid talk his stories and jim the jannie talk his. Theres a bigger world out there that is fascinating and actually quite scary. All I can say say is there is an existential horror today about life. Nietzsche had it right Even if we are bound to be mortal enemies, lets at least remember when we were friends for a while......So all you gorbals folk, may god bless you all and take care of you, for you are the salt of the earth ....J parker Submitted by: J Parker Emporia, USA 13/05/09 Email: Not Supplied With so many anecdotes mentioning dear old Oatlands and Bonnie's school, thought I'd say Hello to anyone that remembers me. Submitted by: Chic Croft Glasgow, Scotland 12/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Can anyone remember the name of the crisps factory and who owned it, it sat on south portland street in the 1940s? Hi to agnes herrity, i'm still looking for that info, nobody seems to know. Shona Submitted by: Shona Glasgow, Scotland 11/05/09 Email: My family came from the gorbals my dads name was Stanley Kilna and my mums name was Helen Connor. My papa used to sell papers on the corner of Norfolk St next to the Glaswegian Pub does anyone remember them? Submitted by: KAREN KILNA Glasgow, Scotland 11/05/09 Email: F.A.O margaret fullerton, how the devil r you? good to hear from ye margaret, hope u n ur famly r well. THE VENNY, wit a gang hut that wis,loads a laffs,n loads a secrets? well margaret, linda n i hiv 6 granweans noo, oor vicky 30, hiz 4 bhoyz fae 13yrs doon tae 4yrs, n oor barry 28, hiv a wee bhoy 4, n a wee lassie 14mths auld. Thats linda n i 34yrs merrit noo (wit a sentence fir her) my ma n da hiv passed over. Billys in paisley styin, n still dain his caretaker, oor robert still styin n brigtin, linda n i r styin in knightswood noo, am retired thru ill health, bit lindas still keepin me, shes a senior housin officer wie thistle up in toryglen. anywie margaret drap me a wee note, n let us know how u n billy n yer famlys r keepin. ma e-mails at the bottum, a the post as always nice hearin fae ye, may ur god b with u (james) THE JANNIE X Submitted by: Jim the Jannie Glasgow, Scotland 11/05/09 Email: The explosion at the starch work in Surrey St. I believe killed about fifteen people. It happened the morning after the longest air raid to date. Evarybody thought it was an unexploded bomb, but it was a fault in the boiler house. I am seventy nine. Submitted by: NICKY McKENZIE Erskine, Scotland 11/05/09 Email: FAO Ten Q. Hello and subsequent to my previous letter, I note that you sent several letters to this site and they were not printed the Web masters clearly says at the top of the page contact him and he will help you, sorry as I said I am not in that position, I have enclosed my e mail for you if you wish to write to me personally thats fine. You clearly state "If someone does not like a letter, do not bother with it, ignore it and move on" thats your advice to others, but you have not taken that advise yourself, so how can you expect others, please air your grievances via my email so not to disturb the readers of this site. My sincere best wishes to you, as I said I always enjoyed reading your letters my post on the 8/5. was sent on the same day you wrote in in, amazing stuff, hope you get the picture thank you Melvin. Submitted by: Melvin Bernstein Glasgow, Scotland 11/05/09 Email: I lived in Thistle St for several years in the late 60's/early 70's. Was intrigued to read a recent posting which mentioned the surname Kenney. I knew a family of that name from the bottom of Hospital St. Their daughter was killed in tragic circumstances in the late 70's. [RIP]. I enjoyed my 8-years in Thistle St, and remember having my first pint of beer in the Govanhill Bar also in Thistle St. Would this pub still be there? Are there any tenements actually still standing in Thistle St? Hope one day I can come for a visit and look for myself. Great message board for ex-Gorbals residents. Submitted by: Peter Riggs Manchester, Lancs 11/05/09 Email: Not Supplied I'm looking for a lady who lived in moncur street in 1961. i think it was number 82. her name is catherine lafferty who i think was born in 1941. Submitted by: Cathrine Edinburgh, Scotland 09/05/09 Email: Blimey!! I really have to laugh at some contrbutors claiming the moral ground by declaring themselves null & void on the forum due to 'bickering'. Could it be that new and exciting enquiries or stories are boring you? Every forum needs fresh 'input' or they become clogged up with the same old anecdotes from the same old tired people. Try reading alternative Glasgow websites which contain a free message board - they eventually die a death after 3 or 4 years. I for one welcome new contributors even if they DO cause controversey. Long Live the Gorbals! Old and New! Submitted by: Old Timer Glasgow, Scotland 09/05/09 Email: Not Supplied I dont understand what all the whining is about. I thought all we gorbals folk were one. Can't we tell each other stories of how it was when we were young in the tenements. You know you are all good people, so lets have some memories of how wonderful it was to be young, running about in our berries, the bum hanging out of our trousers, or are we too sophisticated to admit it... we were the salt of the earth. Submitted by: J Parker Emporia, USA 09/05/09 Email: Not Supplied If I could back in time I would. the greatest people in the world are the folks from the gorbals. Most of my life has been spent in America,, It is a wonderful country yet I know there is a lot of anti amercanism in my home again, If you could understand how poor some people are here you would change your mind. I would give all I have to go back for just a wee while. I wish all of you nothing but the best. No matter what you believe May god bless you all Submitted by: Jack Parker Wichita Kansas, USA 09/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Does anyone remember going to the george pictures on saturday afternoon, walking under the bridge to buy toffee apples and hot nut before, or going to the denison paly on saturday afternoons? Submitted by: Janet Paisley, Scotland 09/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Anybody remember Miss Feeney an absolute stalwart with St. John's in Portugal the 50s helping and looking after the needy everywhere organising school holiday camps etc. A real champion Lady Submitted by: Frank Ford Whyalla, Australia 09/05/09 Email: FrankFordWHY@GMAIL.COM To Jamie McGuigan - I was saddened to read Frankie Kenny had passed away. I knew him slightly at Bonnie's. His family came from Hospital Street. I'm sure my brother once worked with him in the Nederlands about 1992. Submitted by: Bootsy Glasgow,Scotland 09/05/09 Email: Not Supplied To Auld Soo Sider - I also remember Miss Daley the music teacher at Bonnie's. Her dog died of distemper and she struggled to get over it. I left Bonnie's in 1972 when we were temporarily up in Grange School, Langside. Submitted by: Bootsy Glasgow,Scotland 09/05/09 Email: Not Supplied To Jamie McGuigan - Don't forget that 1971 Bonnie's football team included Wullie Espie the goalie, Kenny Donnelly, and Jamesy Philbinn. Submitted by: Bootsy Glasgow, Scotland 09/05/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO David W Florida The diamonds has been mentioned a way back not a lot though. My big sister went there she used to work in Grants Standfast whiskey bond in Warwick (Nicholson) St. got married out of there. she's a great dancer. Submitted by: AmeliaMcKinlay nee Welsh Glasgow, Scotland 08/05/09 Email: F.A.O no tellin ye, magic, av got an image in ma heid, wie u runnin aboot croon st, wie that noseband oan, ta fer the laff, the jannie. Submitted by: Jim the Jannie Glasgow, Scotland 08/05/09 Email: In response to Brian Hastie, my name is James McGuigan. I think I was one of your top team in 1971, along with Frank Kenney (RIP), Colin Bryson, Tony Healy, Wee Smiddy (John Smith) to name a few. I left Bonnies in 1974/1975. I also have an older brother Stephen, who was a Bonnies' boy also, a year above me. My younger sister Patricia, unfortunately passed away recently. Hope all is OK with your family. Am sure you have been living in 'happy retirement' now. Hopefully anyone who recognises me from this team is living a good life and with good health. I left Glasgow over 30 years ago (the Souside), my parents are still there (John and Margaret). I am now married with 3 sons living in Kent. Feel free to contact me if you recognise me and want to get in touch. Us Bonnies' boys had a reputation for behaving badly, but teachers behaving badly was something else.... hahaha! Submitted by: James McGuigan West Wickham, Kent 08/05/09 Email: FAO: Vicky, Surrey. Book "Gorbals". Lovely Book, "Glasgow's People" by Oscar Marzaroli (Award Photographer) ISBN No. 1851585923 try Amazon or Abebooks. Cheers Bill Submitted by: Bill Shields Perth, Australia 08/05/09 Email: To Jim the Jannie; You mention that we are all entitled to our own opinions, well may I ask why you have questioned mine. Live an let live. What I said and pointed out was simple, people who used to make me laugh, or enjoy their stories are no longer on the site, an example, Ten Q, he hardly writes in now, my question was polite Why? It does not mention your name, although it does refer to slang being used as I find it difficult to read and do not see the point. However if the large population of friends are no longer writing in, yes I do feel theres no point in writing until I find out why at least twenty or so people who continually write in here have stopped. Maybe my wording was not the best but that was my message, certainly not a threat as you imply, I love this site but I also love to read all my friends stories, hope you understand, but do not get upset, try to air your views as I did, you take care, Melvin Submitted by: Melvin Bernstein Glasgow, Scotland 08/05/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO: alice buckley (lyons) hello alice your a hard wee lassie to find. i live in the north east as well so i think we live close to each other it would to good to catch up and have a blether, get in touch on gorbals site. cheers ann Submitted by: Ann Davies (Kerr) England 08/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi agnes, sorry havent been on site lately but i gave it a miss for a while with all the bickering. I love the site but cant be bothered with all that moaning, i notice a few of the regular users have done the same. hope you and yours are keeping ok. i was up in glasgow a couple of weeks ago for my cousins wedding it was fabulous, pipes, kilts, the whole scottish thing it was great just to hear the glasgow patter again you cant beat it. so keep safe agnes....ann Submitted by: Ann Davies (Kerr) England 08/05/09 Email: Not Supplied I remember living in 351 crown st above the bakers that sold the rolls in 1953 I was about seven at the time and we had a grassy back (we thought we were snobs) and I was always building bogies so one day one of the neighbours threw out a smallboy (wee wardrobe) and I saw it had a bevelled door and thought that i could make a good shield like lancelots from it so I got a saw and sawed it in half with it going to a point at the bottom of it then painted it and it looked like the real thing straight out of a film so I made a wooden sword to go with it and stuck it in my snake belt after that i got the pole off the sweeping brush and a wool cone likly nicked out of tomax and stuck the pole through it and that was my lance im telling you I didnt half look the part at this time my Ma was pregnant and was having the birth at home so the house was full of medical boxes so I was prowling through the boxes and I found these doctors masks and they just fitted me I could fit them! over my mouth and hook them on my ears so I had my mask, sword, shield, and lance and went out to play it was a cracking day and crown st was full of shoppers I was running up and down crown st and everybody was looking at me and pointing even from across the street and people passing I could see them looking out the side of their eyes (pure admiration) as I said before I didnt half look the part years later when I was about 13 14 I was embarrassed for weeks when I found out what a sanitary towel was I will never live it down sanny Submitted by: No telling ye Brighton, England 08/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Melvin Bernstien you seem to have a short memory when you and your mob tried to humiliate people's wrightings and stories mine in particular. I think you are the Webmaster, I wrote up poems 3 times and they never got printed on the site read in the right context it was funny according to the people I have sent to. I enjoyed writing in the Gorbals I wrote True stories and tried to give funny endings. When people contacted me by e-mail asking me why I wasn't writing I said they are going the same way as the daily record insulting people and not telling any stories of the Gorbals past there is no Gorbals like the old Gorbals but then there are some people who don't like to hear the truth or admit that they lived in such a slum especially the ground floor houses with overflowing toilets and ashes dumped in a back close. I said that this would happen and I also said if you don't like people stories just don't read them. Pass them by and let them go on their way what gets me is I have had a few stories and and you were concerned in them and not one of them was printed and I suppose this one won't be either 10 quid Submitted by: 10 Quid Oz 08/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Linda Duffy its your cousin Angela here. How are you? I hope you are well. Sorry to here about your mum. Do you have an email address if you do but you dont want to put it on this site, you if you scroll down the page you find a note dated the 21/4/09 there you will find my email address. I have been in touch with uncle Kenny he has gave me some info on my dad your uncle Jim but would like some more, so anything that you could tell me would be great. Hope to here from you soon Angela Submitted by: Angela Thompson Eyemouth, Scottish Borders 07/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Mr sandman I meant mc sorleys and the quo vadis when i said never again I always drink in the laurieston, glaswegian, kiloran, brazen, pig n whistle the tavern the star all the way up to pollockshaws and never a problem it must be the women!! Submitted by: Not Supplied Not Supplied 07/05/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Sandra, Brighton. Thanks for your post. I'd love any info you have on those pubs, also The Seaforth. Submitted by: Rose Doyle Donegal, Ireland 07/05/09 Email: I agree with M.Bernstein that misuse of the English language is confusing, although I don't know if this is the reason several well known contributors have stopped posting. Thing is: If anyone used parliamo Glasgow on a CV or Form it would be deemed unreadable or unsuitable. Correct me if I'm wrong! Submitted by: Old Timer Glasgow, Scotland 07/05/09 Email: Not Supplied To Rosemary...sorry but i am not that johnny boy but i do hope you find him! To Owen..thanks for that as The Real Gorbals Story book talks about the belt but it was written about a time before it was banned in schools...but at least i won the bet! To old Billy...tell the truth and shame the devil! johnny boy devlin Submitted by: Johnny Boy Devlin Glasgow, Scotland 07/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Re does anyone know Miss Daley, music teacher at Bonnies'? I do - all she did was play hymns, especially 'Out of the Depths' I still remember the words of that hymn even now. Other music teachers taught their pupils to play instruments!! I do not think any of the teachers had it easy in that school, infact I think they all deserve a medal for surviving the likes of me and my peers. Re bus accident in the soo-side, it was Ricky Shannon who died as well as the other two children, Ricky did survive to make it to the hospital. Miss Daley played hymns for the whole lesson when he died and the same for Paul Foley of the Oatlands when he died too. I think she thought it would cheer us up!! I remember going to the George cinema in Crown St after my visit to Lennox's sweet shop, no worrying about additives in your sweets then, they were toxic by today's standards. It is nice to see so many old familiar names and mentions of street names - good luck and good health to ever! yone of you and your families - regardless of where you are now! Submitted by: Auld soo sider Llanfair, Wales 07/05/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Vicky: Just realized that it was you and not Tom who requested pictorial info. Submitted by: Joan Fletcher USA 07/05/09 Email: FOUND SMALL GOLD ROUND MEMORY BOX CELTIC CROSS ON FRONT NAME INSIDE HANNA CAIRNS - ANY IDEAS? Submitted by: Gordon Glasgow, Scotland 07/05/09 Email: FAO AFG- Thanks for reminding me about the Seaforth. And of course the Glen was The Glenbervie. Any more? Submitted by: Rose Doyle Donegal, Ireland 06/05/09 Email: Someone pretending to be Jim the Jannie has replied to a posting of mine on 5th May. How cowardly. Submitted by: Rose Doyle Donegal, Ireland 06/05/09 Email: I left the Gorbals in 1972 and moved to Castlemilk, Croftfoot Quad, lived there till 1993 when I moved into Croftfoot Road, and I am still here, and I love it, Castlemilk is a great place to live and has a lot of great people. Agnes. Submitted by: Agnes Glasgow, Scotland 06/05/09 Email: FAO m bernstien you are the one that keeps going on about people on this site writing in slang what is wrong with that? you say you are well educated cant you read it and that is why you are getting upset. if you dont like it dont read it. Submitted by: John Glasgow, Scotland 06/05/09 Email: Not Supplied F.A.O: the person who posted 05/05/09 tae rose doyle using ma non de plume, c the next time wen ur 2 feart tae use ur ain name gonna add ma e-mail address!!! ahll apologise tae ye rose a never, n, neverwid, mislead anybody aboot the gorbals, check ma previous posts a ma e-mail is oan everywan. F.A.O: MELVIN am also educated, born in nicholson st, moved tae cavendish st, never mind yer color or religion, they 2 words hiv caused every WAR that wis ever started, since time began, ye likely ur mer clever than me, n better educated, c some times a hid tae dog skool cause ma maw wis no well, n somedy hidtae get ma das dinner oan, or ma wid get a slap fae ma auld man, or else a wis no well, n missed sum education, bit al say this ye dont hiv tae be a skool dux tae sher yer memories oan this site. also ye cudnae hiv been brot readin the sunday, ie the broons, n oor wullie, yel c the words weans, CHILDREN, OUR WILLIAM, MOTHER BROWN, GRANDFATHER BROWN, SMALL JAMES WILLIAMS WEE MOUSE, ECK ALEXANDER, CMON THAT GUY WHO ROTE THE STORIES WIS EDUCATED, he wis a fine story teller of his day n a hid nae problem understaunin his print. Loosen up melvin we are ordinary folk from the gorbals maest us hid nuttin but each other, wit mair could emdy ask fer, evrywan ae us is entitled tae an opinion, jist like u, so dont frettin the site n rite that ye mite no rite again, ye could possibly help sumdy, find sumdy or rekindle a memry, drap yer PRIDE, n keep ritin, wish ye well the jannie. Submitted by: Jim the Jannie Glasgow, Scotland 06/05/09 Email: Hi Angela Thompson - I am your cousin Lynda. Uncle Hughies eldest daughter my mum auntie Anna passed away 6 years ago. I would be happy to help you with any information about the family. Submitted by: Lynda Duffy (nee Warren) London, England 06/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Rose Doyle, very interesting and very good, I checked in my gorbals diaries and your spot on, some of those pubs went years ago before my time, but you got them all correct, if you need confirmation I can send you mail on each individual pub, cheerio Sandrast to every one no matter were you all are in this great world just remember":we are the people" DAM Submitted by: Sandra Brighton, England 06/05/09 Email: Not Supplied uch, see you oor Melvin, no matter were we go there is always some kind of mac farlang lang (slang) and why is it that people always remember the not so good stuff about people and cannie wait ti slag that person or people ah mean ah used to have to listen to things about ma wee brother n sister but it did not stop me from loving them no matter what people had to say and they paid for all their wrong choices in their road through this life time . So melvin ah goaat a new hearing aid wan o them kind behinde the ear ,which ah dont like so it bothered my ear and gave me a wee rash, so I needed a band aid and the only kind I had was for kids so being me I stuck this blue n yellar wan in . Right next thing I hear is wow Doris are you up to all the latest fads what I reply well I see you have one of the new phones in your ear oh aye right pure magic just call me anytime it looked like it was one of them ear phones because of the way the bliddy band aid was in my ear. Noo Melvin my educated friend di yi understaun all this. wish ah hid a better education bet ah wid hiv been the furst woman president as i do consider myself pretty smart maybe not on a lot of things but on how to make money (which ah jist love) and be kinda set for life plus my family as well. again education is very important and I keep on to my family about it but alas they have never listened to me and do their own thing. So again melvin my friend you keep up the good work and help others who need you. All the best to every one no matter were you all are in this great world just remember":we are the people" DAM Submitted by: Doris McIntyre Slo, USA 06/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Sorry I dont remember you brian, but good health to you anyway. I lived down the lane at Nicholson street near the Clyde. I have lived in America most of my life, but the gorbals will never leave me, bless all of you Jack Parker Submitted by: Jack Parker Wichita Kansas, USA 06/05/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Big Mac (Dorset) They have put up 6 big columns on the r/h side of Devon St. looking from Pollokshaws rd.on McKinlay st right across to Eglington St. Then they have started on the spare ground accross from Abbotsford school we called it the "piggy wiggy" right over to Cathcart Rd. then across to the other side of Cathcart Rd and it is coming out round about where the Glencairn was in Glasgow Rd going towards the Oatlands. It's supposed to be joining up where the Kingston bridge was left just hanging in space down at Cook st. Maybe if you go into the Mitchell library you might see something about it, but as I've said on this site before Cathcart Rd has now two bends in it where it was always a straight rd. They found a "hidden Village" in McKinlay St. when they were digging it up for the motorway and the archealogists were there but they have covered it up now. Hope this helps you. So your wee house isnae there anymore. I came from down the road from you Salisbury and when we were young if you came from McKinlay St. you were a "toff". Amelia Submitted by: Amelia McKinlay (nee Welsh) Glasgow, Scotland 06/05/09 Email: I'm wondering how many old "Gorbalonians " out there remember the "Diamonds " dance hall on Gorbals St. I'm quite surprised, that over the years I have never seen a mention of this wonderful establishment. I used to dance there in the late 40's and early 50' young'uns out there, ask your parents. Submitted by: David W Fort Lauderdale, Florida 06/05/09 Email: Robert from Glasgow. My grandfather James Smith had a brother Robert (Bertie) and a brother John. They all worked as carters. They also had a sister Louisa (Louie). Bertie was married to Jeannie Carroll and they lived in Hospital St I think. Are you related? If so, please email me. Submitted by: May Sydney, Australia 06/05/09 Email: FOA Vicky, Surrey, England. There is a book titled The Gorbals, An Illustrated History by Eric Eunson. It's published by Richard Stenlake Publishing, Ayrshire. The ISBN number is 1872074685. It has tons of photo's of the Gorbals including one of Lawmoor St. I think it would revive a lot of memories for your granma. Pat Submitted by: Pat Mooney Not Supplied 06/05/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Billy- Your dad would have drunk in The Glaswegian, The Laurieston, The Mally Arms, The Rendevous and The Star Bar to name a few. Perhaps also The Castle. Submitted by: Rose Doyle Donegal, Ireland 05/05/09 Email: Thanks Barfly for publicising website regarding links to old Gorbals pubs. Logged on to find many interesting stories, photo's, and memories. WWW.OLDGLASGOWPUBS.CO.UK Submitted by: Bill Gorbals, Glasgow 05/05/09 Email: Not Supplied In reply to G.Miller, I also remember dozens of pupils walking down Polmadie Road to attend St. Bonaventure's secondary school. I came from Polmadie Street and attended St. Bonaventure's 66-69. I remember so much dereliction in Polmadie and Oatlands. There was no direct bus route from Govanhill or Polmadie, so everyone had to walk it down Calder Street, turning left down Polmadie Rd. A long walk during cold and dark winters days. Submitted by: Dave McP Glasgow, scotland 05/05/09 Email: FAO Tom: The best pictorial I have seen is " The Gorbals"- An Illustrated History, published by Stenlake Publishing. Submitted by: Joan Fletcher USA 05/05/09 Email: FAO: Johnny Boy, are you our nephew? You see there was only one JB in the Gorbals and we have not seen him for years. We just want to know how he is Thank you. Rosemary Submitted by: Rosemary Thomson Glasgow, Scotland 05/05/09 Email: Not Supplied I had to laugh at the recent postings from ex-Glaswegians living down South visiting Glasgow pubs and being refused service! When I return to Glasgow - Gorbals for a visit, I never fail to receive a very warm welcome from friendly staff in the Glaswegian Bar, Bridge Street, Laurieston. Local Gorbals staff. You can't beat anyone from the Gorbals, or it's pubs! Submitted by: Mr Sandman Woking, Surrey 05/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Can anyone help find details of my family, i have recently started to build my family tree and and i am finding difficult to get information on the Sinclair family from Oatlands, i believe that they were bricklayers who had a business in South Wellington Street and lived in Dyres Lane in the late 1800 hundreds. Submitted by: Les Sinclair Glasgow, Scotland 05/05/09 Email: Ach away ye go Rosie Doyle. A followed yer trail of Gorbals pubs and fur the life o' mi, a canny find sum a thay pubs yer old man mentioned. A think yer awe mixed up. Submitted by: Jim the Jannie Glasgow, Scotland 05/05/09 Email: Not Supplied fao Johny boy. the tawse was banned from state schools in 1986. from private schools in 1998. Submitted by: Owen Dougan Glasgow, Scotland 05/05/09 Email: Re pubs from Gorbals Cross to Cumberland St, You missed The Seaforth. Which was opposite The Citizens bar Submitted by: AFG London, England 05/05/09 Email: Not Supplied I have been writing and reading on this web site for a few years and thoroughly enjoyed it, I have met three school mates and it was all thanks to this Gorbals site. However I have recently noticed that a lot of the old faces do not write in anymore, is this because they are fed up with the recent Irish bickering or is it some sort of conspiracy, I say this because recently I complained about a letter not being in English and very difficult to understand, so the webmaster posted saying this did not matter people can write in another language known as slang, I think most of the people on here are educated and like me find it annoying and difficult to comprehend, we are here to enjoy make friends thats how I view it, but if it means losing ones friends then I will find no point in writing in, it will be sad for me, but if you cannot raise a point of view whats the point? I was born in Abbotsford place it was tough in those days especially as I was tanned and Jewish, but! the Gorbals people for me will never be replaced they were the best. So can we be allowed to have our point of view back before we start to lose everyone? Glaswegians were always allowed to make points without being told off.Many Thanks Melvin Submitted by: Melvin Bernstein Glasgow, Scotland 05/05/09 Email: Not Supplied Anyone else leave gorbals to get a house in castlemilk at the time it was great we had a five apartment on barlia dr then glenacre. O'Neill was the name luv anne Submitted by: Anne Brannan St.Catharines, Ontario 05/05/09 Email:

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