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 Post subject: April 2009
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I was brought up in the Gorbals during the 50's and remember there were various schools at just about every street corner. Can anyone list what's left now? With a dwindling population and smaller families, there can only be a handful of schools in operation. Submitted by: Anonymous Helensburgh, Scotland 05/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Killed in 2nd World War on ss maritima 1942 his farther was Michael married Rose Harkin/ thanks Jim McLaughlin Submitted by: John McLaughlin Paisley, Scotland 04/04/09 Email: In reply to recent messages regarding old Gorbals pubs, there's a website called which has nostalgic information and photographs of many Glasgow pubs, including several links, photo's, stories, & info on dozens of long gone but not forgotten Gorbals pubs. Submitted by: Bar Fly Glasgow, Scotland 04/04/09 Email: Not Supplied I have a book that has I think all the old names of streets in the Gorbals,if anyone wishes to know the original name of the street they lived in just e-mail me and I will get back to you. for example-crown Street-used to be Academy court. Rose st, then Florance st, used to be called ADAMS ST. caledonia Road, used to be ALBERT TERRACE up to number394- and 396-398 were called ALBERT VIEW. Agnes. Submitted by: Agnes Herrity Glasgow, Scotland 04/04/09 Email: Just caught this site a few weeks back, I used to live in Hospital street in the 1950-78 since lived up in snob land now, went to Adelphi Terrace , would like to know if anyone went there between 64-67 . I used to work in the Citizens actually played in there as well as an actor on four occasions, I had an old Lambretta LD, scuting up and down Cumberland street, I used to go around Maryhill with the fleet as they were the only ones that done anything with scooters, but aas it happens the boys from the cumbie found out unfortunately I still have the marks in my face to this day.Still loved the gorbals and will never forget my time there. Charlie Submitted by: Charlie Glasgow, Scotland 04/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Long before I retired and moved to Largs from the infamous Hutchie E blocks, I regularly used a cafe on Monday nights in Bridge Street for a lovely meal. This was between 1980 to 1984. The cafe was on the same side as Brigge St underground going towards the city-centre. I'd imagine its no longer there. I often wonder what happened to the proprietor and his lovely waitresses. Submitted by: Tom Largs, Scotland 04/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Does anyone know the Title Names of any Pictorial books regarding the Gorbals? My granma was originally from Lawmoor Street, and I'd like to surprise her on her forthcoming birthday with a nostalgic book about the Area she often talks about. Submitted by: Vicky Surrey, England 03/04/09 Email: Not Supplied I don't know if this anecdote is suitable for publication, but who still remembers visiting the Doctor's Surgery at Abbotsford Place? I had to take my 5 kids there for one reason or another!! We all lived nearby in Surrey Street till about 1966 when our tenement was declared unsafe. My, how times change. Submitted by: H.D. Glasgow, Scotland 02/04/09 Email: Not Supplied My son James McGilligan [now living down under] played football for St. Bonaventures Secondary School around 1968 to 1970. Anyone out there remember him? Submitted by: Mrs F. McGilligan Glasgow, Scotland 02/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Always interesting to read the names of old Gorbals pubs when someone lists them. As a boy in the early 60's my late father used to boast of doing a pub crawl all the way from Start of Bridge Street to Eglinton Toll near the Larkfield Bus Depot. I can remember the - So'wester? Office bar, Gordons, & Maxwell bars. But there must have been many more, particularly on the Railway side of Eglinton Street. And what a busy main road that was during the 60's!! Is there anyone from old Laurieston out there able to add to my 4 pubs? Submitted by: Billy East Kilbride, Scotland 02/04/09 Email: Not Supplied I read with interest there's some type of ring-road or motorway being planned for the Gorbals. As an ex-resident of McKinlay Street [1971-78], I'd like to know where exactly this road is going through? Submitted by: Big Mac Dorset, England 02/04/09 Email: Not Supplied To Karum Din. I've emailed you,but maybe I screwed it up. Does any one remember Buchan Street Primary, The Palace picture house, the Geggies on Eglinton Street? I remember walking down the street arms around each other, pals for life. Yes, we were certainly poor, but jeez what happy memories can come even from a terrible environment, to paraphrase Dostoevsky. Karum take care buddy, bless all you " gorbalites" Submitted by: Jack Parker Kansas, USA 01/04/09 Email: Just stumbled onto this Forum by default. Magnificent anecdotes from such a diversity of people. But spare a thought for dozens of us who resided in Govanhill, and attended the old St. Bonaventure's secondary school. Loads of us would trample down Polmadie Rd en-route to school in all weathers. Remember Vics Bakery and getting an illegal ride on the bin wagons heading up to Polmadie incinerator. Knew so many pals from the Oatlands and Gorbals, despite the dereliction all around us. Left Bonnies in 1971 and never saw the place again. That's life I suppose. Even Govanhill eventually changed!! Submitted by: George Miller London, England 01/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Johnny Boy; Hello there, Go up the Barras and you will get that Mc Farlane book for only one pound, theres loads and loads so you will get one easy peasy, I thought it was lacking myself but there you go, Billy. Submitted by: Billy Malcom Glasgow, Scotland 01/04/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO sandra/brighton Ditto. Three years ago I went up to glasgow and the same thing happened I met my brother in law and\his workmate in the centre of glasgow on a friday when they finished work and we went for a few pints we started in the crystal palace (midland st) and had three pints then we crossed over to McSorleys my brother in law got the first then when I got up and went to the bar after about 5 mins I got served there was only another 4 people in the pub as it was only abou 4-30 and I was dying with the flu I asked for three pints and she barred me when my brother in law and his mate asked the reason she said I was drunk they told her i was ill (they've not been back since) but we walked out anyway the following week in the quo vadis I went to see them and their mates as I do every time im up and the staff knew me, but this was a sat night and they had 4 young staff working when I went to the bar they just stood huddled in a corner talking after a wee while when I thought they had finished I asked for a round and the girl that came over to serve me she was about 18 and pregnant said I was barred. When my company heard this they all got up and started complaining she said I swore at her and was abusive as luck would have it one of the company was standing behind me to give me a hand with the drinks so wittnessed this and called her a lier and she nearly had a heart attack when she realised who I was with as they have all been drinking there for years. Again I walked out in disgust, the next day my brother in law asked me to go back to the pub as the manageress had it on video and caught the girl on the whole episode I think Im a smart dresser and a very polite and pleasant person and more so with woman, so I cant explain this I have drank all my years and never had one problem is it just in glasgow? as in england your served with a smile from both young and old (any way I saved some money not getting those rounds lol) we laugh about! it now and I get kidded about it, but it really hurted my feelings at the time as I just couldnt get my head round it never again! Submitted by: Not supplied Not supplied 23/04/09 Email: Not supplied We were yapping about all the pubs from Gorbals X to Cumberland St. My man reckons he can name them all. Should be good for a discussion. Here goes, McKellar's, Citizen,St. John's, Glenbervie, Granite. Then across the road, Mearns, Benny's, Doyle's, Princess, McPartlands. Submitted by: Rose Doyle Falcarragh Co. Donegal, Ireland 23/04/09 Email: Does anyone know jean cullen wilson has a sister called martha wilson her son was killed buy her partner his name was joe docherty i think her son was named john and he would have been very young i think it was in the papers. I am trying to find it but cant could you plz help my email is thank you Submitted by: Claire Wilson Selkirk, Scotland 23/04/09 Email: FAO: May sydney australia there was two pens in sandyfaulds st, the pen between sandyfaulds and moffat st was where the coal men stabled there horses. My pals uncle was charlie he had a club foot he looked after the horses we always went into see him when we came through the pen thats were the coal men stabled there clydesdale horses and parked there kerts the other pen was at the top of sandyfaulds st. I lived across the street the scrap and bricket men stabled there horses there the horses were smaller ones i worked for a coal man called tommy heron collecting the coal money people got on tick. Submitted by: Bobby D Sarnia, Canada 23/04/09 Email: FAO: Margaret Brown/Welwyn. So sorry about your husband Sammy, he was a very nice guy used to play with him in the spare ground in Nicholson street. He was a good footballer could have made it as a professional if he had put his head to it, just like i think it was his stepbrother or cousin? Billy Vandermotten. Anyway Margaret so sorry, glad to hear Johnny Eastons well bye for now. Take care Submitted by: R.Murphy Glasgow, Scotland 22/04/09 Email: Not supplied I've been on this site and had a read through and its brilliant, I'm 55 and was born in Mathieson Street, I'm the oldest of 6 and my Da was Ronnie Cairney as far as I no his brother John run the Granite City Bar, there was a load of them Dan, George, Dougie, Patsy, Chrissie we left and went to Castlemilk Scarril Drive but we didnt last long and ended up back in the tenements in Bridgeton, We left Mathieson street when I was seven My Ma was Betty Mcdonald if anyone remembers them I would be happy to hear some stories, unfortunately they are both dead they were in there early sixties but I would be interested in any memories thanks a lot Liz Submitted by: Liz Glasgow, Scotland 22/04/09 Email: Not supplied Just read Colin Macfarlane's The Real Gorbals it he goes on about getting the belt...a leather tawse - at schoool..i have got a pub argumnet about this going on...what year was the belt actually outlawed? and who banned it?..was it another regulation from Europe? Submitted by: Johnny Boy Glasgow, UK 22/04/09 Email: Not supplied Hi Sandra, Angela here I can understand why you dont want to put your email on here as it does say you put your email on here at your own risk. Any way how are you keeping? I hope you are well. Do you have any family? are you working in Glasgow? I try and get up as often as work allows but that is usually about twice a year, as I have alot to keep me going at home. Between going out with friends, housework and studying. Look forward to hearing from you, take care all the best Angela Submitted by: Angela Thompson Eyemouth, Scottish Borders 21/04/09 Email: May, Sydney Australia, you mentioned your great grandfather was James Smith did he have a brother Robert, what was his occupation. Cheers Robert Submitted by: Robert Glasgow, Scotland 21/04/09 Email: Not supplied Hi Angela. I'm 49 (an even bigger ouch!!). Married for 27 years and have one son who's 12. I work in Glasgow city centre in financial services and have done since I left school. I live in the southside of Glasgow.Sandra Submitted by: Sandra Smith Glasgow, Scotland 21/04/09 Email: Not supplied Hi Anne Niehus - myself, Angela Thompson and Lynda Duffy are your cousins. I'm Billy's daughter. David got in touch with my Mum & Dad when he was in Scotland (they live in Middlesex). I'll e-mail you. Sandra Submitted by: Sandra Glasgow, Scotland 21/04/09 Email: Not supplied When i used to drink in glesga i used to feel pretty safe. I went up to glesga last week to a pub at georges cross well i never, the youngsters had no manners at all and the staff would serve whoever they recognised first well. At least the old Waterloo bar never had that problem, we welcomed strangers. Sandra Submitted by: Sandra Brighton, England 21/04/09 Email: Not Supplied To R murphy, Re Sam Easton. Sam died 12 years ago from Cancer, he was a wonderful husband and father to our 4 children. He was always a Gorbals boy at heart and would be pleased to be remembered as such. John Easton is alive and well and lives locally. Submitted by: Margaret Brown Welwyn Garden City, England 21/04/09 Email: Not Supplied HI WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF ANYONE REMEMBERS THE McCAFFERTY FAMILY FROM OREGON STREET ROUGHLY ABOUT THE 1940S TILL EARLY 50S? Submitted by: Linda Not Supplied 19/04/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Tom Philbin are you Thomas Philbin from Waddell Court my father. FAO Kim mc Laren Houston Renfrewshire If you are my fathers cousin what relation are you to me? FAO Christina Philbin am I related to you Please reply Submitted by: N Philbin Not Supplied 19/04/09 Email: Not Supplied I am looking for relatives of the late Joyce Rita Lamont born 27/11/1927 daughter of the late Pauline and Alexander Lamont originally from Dundee Scotland. Pauline and Alexander migrated to Australia before having children. They had two other children Fay Lamont and Robert Lamont (Deceased. I have a highland dancer and would like to form some connection with Scotland. Submitted by: Kerry Benton Mt Barker, South Australia 19/04/09 Email: FAO: Sandra Smith and Angela Thompson. My name is Anne, I live in Australia and im pretty sure your both my cousins. I've recently found my Uncle Kenny in England, I am his older brother Tommys daughter, sadly my dad had passed, but im in contact with my uncle. Would love to hear from you both. Submitted by: Anne Niehus Corowa, Australia 17/04/09 Email: Does anyone remember the Robertson girls who used to live in Silver Fir Court - Jackie, Fiona, Pauline and Donna? Submitted by: Chris USA 17/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi,jim & linda fletcher(jimthe jannie),so glad I found this site. jim told my mum about this ,she worked with your mum susie at the natical college, shes told us some stories of what they got up too, you must miss her she sounded like some character! oh my the venny, we used to listen to the top twenty charts on a sunday night on the old wooden wireless, oh the memories Submitted by: Margaret Fullerton Glasgow, Scotland 17/04/09 Email: Not Supplied I seem to remember tram cars going along Rutherglen Road from Shawfield gates towards Gorbals. These were taken over in the ealy fifties??? by the 101 trolley bus (the silent Death) who left from beside the Jenny's burn. Re dixons Blazes. at the corner of Crown Street at Dixons Blazes there was the Unique Glazing Company. My dad John Ross, who lived in Wolseley Street, had a painters shop/store on the other side of Crown Street, and when he retired. Jack Seenan the undertaker took it over. Lastly I'm sure Frank McLintock from Arsenal and Elmfoot Street fame played with Rosebery Juniors. Submitted by: Norrie Ross Bellshill, Glasgow 17/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Sandra thanks for the information i have had an email from uncle kenny giving me info on my dad and i have found out about my half sister and my step brother and sister. What about you do you have any family? I have two daughters aged 22&16. Im coming up for 47ouch hahaha need to go to bed as i have work in the morning on early shift start at 6am take care all the best Angela Submitted by: Angela Thompson Eyemouth, Scottish Borders 16/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Angela - don't really want to post my e-mail address on the site but if you want to leave yours I'll get in touch. I'm not in contact with Uncle Kenny. Sandra Submitted by: Sandra Smith Scotland 16/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Had to laugh at ten quid about his bit about me in Harlem aye it was a trip! any hoo the noo just want to say to all the fine people that dont think I ever got back to on this page.....Jack Duffy,nancy shanklin, charley elliott maggie margret lawson her niece and so many others. TQ he sent me a wee poem and I told him put it in the gorbals page I in my opinion thought it was good if the germs didnae kill yi the weight o them wool bathing suits could get yi drooned but what did we care life we thought was good did not need a lot to be happy. to the person who was asking about Helen Boyde fae Snowden st I knew the whole family and Peggy and oor Kathleen they were pals till Kathleen she left to go to usa. So tell her Doris sends her regards and Artie as well. I never really knew any one fae the old houses on Snowden St oh except for Billy Harrigon he used to nip us when we were feart of him he was kinda slow but fly as a fox I think me n Artie had to gie him a shove when we got a wee bit older like twelve he used to pick on oor Bertha. And ma maw would say noo dont be angry at Billy he is a wee bit saft in the heid ..... one more thing does any one know if dodgie gatons is still around he was from Florence st I think blonde curly herr used to hang oot wi him n a few others when we were still at bonnies. So again every one stay healthy happy, oh does any one know if John McCue ever wrote his story bet it would be a real good one and hope full he tells the real story in his opinion. All the best Doris made me laugh, but I see that there is another unhappy camper who does not like that we keep in touch through the gorbals page, I mean come on that is how we find each other wi oor stories n names we mention cannie jist say HEY ANY ONE KNOW ME without a tale. Noticed a few comments on Roseberry park I hope that we are not talking aboot the ducksie were we used to swim och among all the ca ca Mexican word for hmmmn bowel movements and whatever cannie print you know what. But it was good old days with nothing. Submitted by: Doris McIntyre Slo, USA 16/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Christina I hope all is well with you as I haven't seen a posting from you for a few days. Anyways I'll just prattle on in the hope that you will see my meanderings and maybe give you a wee smile. We were on the subject of clothes and how we can sometimes relate to our past by special outfits/items of clothing. I have always loved clothes and up and till a few years ago could never afford to buy what I would really like to wear-I've now well made up for that and can hardly get into my bedroom for wardrobes full of clothes, most of which ah cannie fit intae but that is yet another story. I was never to proud to go to the brigait or the barras and get a second hand bargain, wash and press it carefully. I lied through my eye teeth that the much admired garment was purchased from an upmarket shop in town!! Then There was always the odd bargain that dropped off the back of a lorry and intae my wardrobe. Wheesht don't tell anyone....... And then the practice of buying the odd pawn ticket wasn't to be sneered at. That could get you you a suit or coat that you couldn't possibly have afforded to buy. There was though a special thrill too that you got when buying something you definitely couldn't afford from say the likes of Goldbergs. I remember a cracker of a biege tweed suit with a red fox fur collar,(ye widnae get away with dead animal hinging fae your neck these days!)Bought that suit on a charge account-went starving and couldnie pay any bills for weeks to pay for it after the 3 month period for payment came arround. But it wiz worth every missed dinner and the stress of hiding the cost from my husband. Felt like a toff every single time I wore it and the fur collar was taken off and put on at least three coats thereafter.The provi check was a bit easier to budget for-loved gawn doon tae Reeta's in the Gallowgate and trying on all the latest style. Worked there for a year or so back in the late 60's. hid tae gie it up as I spent all my wages on clothes. Topless dresses were all the rage one year and of course Rita's had its own version... bright red with a wee front panel that you could have on or off- this fastened on to the neck of the dress to save the blushes. One particular coat that comes to my mind whenever I think about Reeta's the shop and Reeta herself. I sold dozens and dozens of this particular coat which made me very, very popular with the owner. It was a dark chocolate swing back and foam backed affair with a boat neck, fake leopard skin collar. Suited any age, any size. There must be a few wummen out there that made best friends with this coat??? Could we maybe get a belated friends reunited chain organised? That's it for now, Christina. Love Rita Submitted by: Rita Moffat Glasgow, Scotland 16/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi does anyone out there remember the turnbulls of 32 portugal street? I lived at number 32 and went to st johns just across the street some of the teachers names were mr mcginley, miss wallace and miss murphy. Some of my neighbours were the smiths, mathers and the thomsons. Submitted by: Jackie Turnbull Chapelhall, Scotland 16/04/09 Email: FAO: KIM i remember that it was michelle little who was knocked down but she went to st lukes primary her brother william was in my class she had 2 older sisters janice and audrey and 2 older brothers william and peter. We lived just above the underpass at waddell crt just facing where the littles lived then a few years later mrs little had a wee baby girl named wendy. Submitted by: Rosetta Connolly Glasgow, Scotland 16/04/09 Email: To all the scots living abroad if you havent heard of Susan Boyle go on youtube and put her name in its had over 12,000,000 hits and its not even a week she's been on Britains Got Talent, you'll be amazed and proud she might even be related to you tq lol Submitted by: No Telling ye Brighton, England 16/04/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Mgt from Westfield, USA. Yes, I also remember the character from the Pend nicknamed 'Rubberneck' by all the kids. Adults knew him by that name also. So Mgt, for heaven's sake it was only a nickname! Submitted by: J.J Glasgow, Scotland 15/04/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO: K Warren - hi this is Sadie Gibson my sister sandra died 5yrs ago. Tell helen was asking for her. Hope she is doing well, great to remember all the old times we had. Sadie Submitted by: Sadie Gibson Not Supplied 15/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Anyone remember the McKay family who lived at 125 Thistle St from 1925 til they knocked it down? My mum and her sisters were all born there. My grandad's 2nd homes were the Blarney Stone, & the HorseShoe Bar. I miss them all so much. They had such a hard life but a sense of humour to die for! Submitted by: Elaine LA, USA 15/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Lynda - Angela here nice to here from you on this site. Its been along time since I last saw you, I cant actually remember how old i was I think I was about 5 years old I hope you and your mum and dad are well. Hope to hear from you soon. Take care Angela Submitted by: Angela Thompson Eyemouth, Scottish Borders 14/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Sandra - Angela here I would love to keep in touch with you I have some memories of you and of times at your mum & dads house. Do you have an Email address? if not do you still keep in touch with uncle Kenny? if so can you ask him to send me your address in his Email to me as I will be sending him one soon. Hope to here from you soon take care Angela. Submitted by: Angela Thompson Eyemouth, Scottish Borders 14/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Have started to trace my family tree, my father William Sinclair lived in Elmfoot Street with my Mother Margaret Sinclair nee Tainsh from 1932 they had two children Joseph and Harry who died at 7 months old. My father was born in Rutherglen road, i hope that anyone who knew them could help me with my family tree. Submitted by: Les Sinclair Glasgow, Scotland 14/04/09 Email: Hi - looking for a Norma Johnstone, daughter of David and Marion Johnstone, nee Dobie. Norma married Robert Hamilton Stewart and had a daughter Angela in 1970. Anyone got any ideas please pass on my e-mail. Thanks, Eva. PS - re my last post on the murder of Agnes Young in 1929 - wrong place at the wrong time. Will be 80 years on 1st July this year so will be visiting 48 Gallowgate which is now McKinnon Bar but does anyone know by any previous names it was called. Thanks, Eva Submitted by: Eva Gardiner Sauchie, Scotland 14/04/09 Email: Hi Angela (Thompson), Kenny Warren may have a lot more answers than me. As far a I can remember your Dad lived in London for nearly 40 years and that's where he passed away. He married Lynne. She had 2 children from a previous relationship (Anne & Robert) and her and Jim had a daughter Evelyn. I don't have any contact with them. Our cousin Lynda Duffy might also know more about them. Hope it helps. Submitted by: Sandra Smith Glasgow, Scotland 14/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi,Jim from London, you didn't give a surname so i'm sorry to say I can't place a Jim. Actually the Roberts' stayed across the road and round the corner in 6 Caledonia Rd they had a big sister called Julia, so we had Pretty Woman in the Gorbals before the Yanks cheers Nan Submitted by: Nan Cameron Glasgow, Scotland 14/04/09 Email: Hi Doris aye when you travelled through Harlem the gangs thru there weapons away screaming its a Gorbals lassi hide!! That was one hell of a long time U must have only been a wee lassi when you went there and done well for yourself. I done some work for the Glasgow Museum and enjoyed it Jay Teale (age 13) Doctor David Walker will contact you on this site with information you want you didn't leave an e-mail address or your address for him to send you the information for the school project got plenty of stories to tell, spiders, sharks, snakes and Dolphin just out of "hospitable" caught pneumonia never had the "oldmonia" 10 quid Submitted by: 10 Quid Oz 14/04/09 Email: Not Supplied DOES ANY ONE REMEMBER THE LEE FAMILY FROM THE GORBALS FROM 1940s to late 60s? Submitted by: James Patterson London, England 12/04/09 Email: HI. DOES ANYONE REMEBER A DAVID STEVENSON? HE HAD BLONDE HAIR AND LIVED WITH HIS BROTHER AND MOTHER IN THE GORBALS. ACROSS FROM THE BALL ROOM DACING? Submitted by: Eileen Duffy Northern Ireland 10/04/09 Email: Hi Val you were asking about the 'lane' that ran from Sandyfaulds St. through to Moffat St. It was actually a PEN and it was cobblestoned where the beautiful Clydesdale horses went through. I lived in Rutherglen Road between Sandyfaulds and Moffat Sts. and often ran through the pen when we were playing. I also went to Oatlands School when I was 11 in 1947. My teacher was Mr. Scott. When were you there? Submitted by: Jean Fairie Melbourne, Australia 10/04/09 Email: FAO SANDRA GIBSON just thought i would let you know that helen lives in cumbernauld and i told her that you were asking for she remembers you and tina black i was a school mate of rob black we went to buchan st. school together Submitted by: K Warren Yorkshire 10/04/09 Email: Not Supplied I was born 1955 89 Gorbals street Gorbals Cross. would like to hear from anyone who new the family, my mother was Cissie and my father was George Submitted by: George Greig Manchester, England 09/04/09 Email: Hi folks, born and bred in the Oatlands, left about 1985, great memories of a good place to grow up in and of lots of great people. Went to Wee Bonnies and then Holyrood would be good to hear from anyone who remembers the old place. Submitted by: Davy R Blantyre, Scotland 09/04/09 Email: Not Supplied William Easdon your dad is my cousin. Submitted by: James Neill Darlington, Durham 09/04/09 Email: I lived at 69 surrey st 1959-63 please get in touch if you know me? Submitted by: James Neill Darlington, Durham 09/04/09 Email: Hi Val, yes I remember a man all we kids ccalled Rubberneck back in the 50's. How cruel we were. He had a very long neck and as you say he was very tall. I lived in Caledonia Rd (#269 & 275) and was just round the corner from Sandifaulds St. I remember the pen and believe my great grandfather (James Smith) used to stable his horses there at one time. Submitted by: May Sydney, Australia 09/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Billy Espie, Roseberry Park was closed in the 90s, contaminated ground they said. There was talk of Glasgow Tigers using it for Speedway but at that time it was being used for Schools Football best park in Glasgow some folk said. It lay derilict for years and now that Oatlands is being regenerated, the M74 motorway has caused it to be flattened, Rosberry no more. Bye for now, norrie Submitted by: Norrie McNamee Glasgow, Scotland 09/04/09 Email: Re post from Billie Espie, if you go into google and type Roseberry Junior Football Park it will give you info. Shawfield Juniors played there, I played there in the late 50s for Holyrood School also worked on the dressing rooms in the early 60s when it was taken over by the Glasgow Corporation Submitted by: Frank Ford Whyalla Stuart, Australia 09/04/09 Email: Hi love this site, it is full of history, does anybody remember the Traynor family,they lived in lawmoor street,my granda was called paddy,gran-mary,they had 7 kids,george,james,tommy,eddie,margret,mary,betty,granda was a bookies runner. the boys where infamous for fighting amongst themselves on a friday night. my mums family where called Donnelly they came from abbotsford place, shug,tim,patsy,cathy,ellen,mary,phyllis. my gran died young and my granda brought them up himself. my gran used to take in irish lodgers, any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks i am so proud to have gorbals blood flowing through my veins, i have heard so many stories about my mums life in the gorbals as a child, it makes me so proud of my ancestors. cheers lorraine Submitted by: Lorraine Hamilton (nee Traynor) Glasgow, Scotland 08/04/09 Email: FAO ANGELA THOMSON. WELL ANGELA I HOPE THAT YOU WILL KEEP IN TOUCH A LOT OF PEOPLE WOULD PROBABLY LIKE TO MEET YOU YOU WERE ONLY ABOUT TWO YEARS OLD WHEN I LAST SEEN YOU (JUST SOME,INFORMATION) YOU HAVE QUITE A NUMBER OF COUSINS SCATTERED ALL OVER THE COUNTRY I LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU. Submitted by: Kenny Warren Yorkshire 08/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Val, from Surrey, England. Yes, there was a lane that joined Sandyfaulds Street and Moffat Street and, yes, there was a stable in the middle of the lane (Pend). The man who took care of the stable was named Charlie and not rubberneck. There were many, many children who grew up around the stable and never once did I, as a child who lived on Sandyfaulds Street with our kitchen window that looked into the stable, ever hear Charlie called this offensive name. Submitted by: Margaret Burgdorf (McGettigan) Westfield NJ, USA 08/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Info on the tragedy that happened at hayfield st, there was three children killed that day by the bus, alfred blacker age 5, what a TRAGEDY!!! ricki shannon, the wee girl tollan, they will always be remembered. alfred was my cousin, god bless them. Submitted by: Margaret Fullerton Glasgow, Scotland 08/04/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Sahib, When I left Lizzy in 1981, Ann's Fry was the best. Was back last year, and it's still the best ha ha. Submitted by: Rose Doyle Donegal, Ireland 08/04/09 Email: Sad to hear Owenie McElwee had passed away. He and my brother Billy were best pals.Hope they meet up there. Submitted by: Jim Paterson Leeds, England 08/04/09 Email: To big mad Hastie..were you the teacher at Bonnies who was a real character? Also to the fellas that were asking about Gorbals Cross pubs and the's all in Colin Macfarlane's excellent book... The Real Gorbals Story. Submitted by: Johnny Boy Glasgow, Scotland 08/04/09 Email: Not Supplied BOB KIDD The Flannagans stayed in Peebles street there were Twins Jack and Les, both knew Donnie, my brother Hadgy, and Joe both knew you we lived at the top end of Cumberland street. Did you remember John Clark? I do remember you, and Donnie, as I said I was never away from their house in the 60s be nice to find Donnie. regards Jim Submitted by: Jim London, England 08/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Angela, I saw Kenny told you about your Dad. If you want to keep in touch let me know. Hope you are well. Sandra Submitted by: Sandra Smith Glasgow, Scotland 08/04/09 Email: Not Supplied For Stewart Davidson. 77 Main Street, Gorbals in 1885 until 1912 was occupied either part or whole by my great grandfather Dr James Cameron, who was a Dentist. Are you related to the Cameron's as I am trying to trace any decendents of Dr James - see earlier notice. Submitted by: Heather Northumberland, England 08/04/09 Email: Hi there. My name is David and I would like to help with the enquiry from Jay Teal regarding Dixon's Blazes and Alexander Street (Row). Ten Quid brought this to me attention. I work with Glasgow Museums on the M74 Project and I have a lot of information about the Lower English Buildings and Dixon's Blazes as well as Alexander Row. Much of this information has been given to me by people like Ten Quid who generously took the time to tell me about their past. So, Jay, if you would like some information then drop me an email ( or come to Scotland Street School Museum and ask for me at the reception desk (your MUST bring a parent or guardian with you) and we will see how we can help you with your project. You can also visit the website of the dig at ... iron-works Also if there is anyone else out there who can help with my project and who has information about Dixon's Blazes then do not hesitate to get in touch. Thank you. Submitted by: David Walker Glasgow, Scotland 08/04/09 Email: To R.Murphy: Archie Ianelli is my uncle I don't think he would give you information if it wasn't true about Sammy, we are hoping to go back home in Sept. this year, my uncle Archie is the funniest man alive, he has been over for visits with us, our "kids" absolutely adore him, also all the family at home. Best regards Anne Submitted by: Anne Grimes (Expat) Ontario, Canada 08/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Billie Espie - Roseberry Park was used by Shawfield Jr Submitted by: 10 Quid Oz 08/04/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Jack 01/04/09 re pubs. there was two pubs facing the picture halls 1 at Cook st. the other at Wallace st. called Southern bar hope this helps....... Submitted by: Bill Toronto, Canada 08/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Ten Quid, thanks for the reply to my post, what a way to live if your name was Boyle and i expect it still goes on. It must have been awful to find what you hoped would be the love of your life then find it was your cousin or someone. I think they have the same problem down here in England with the name Smith ha ha. Submitted by: Tommy Boyle Leicestershire, England 08/04/09 Email: Hi ALBERT, this is yer big cousin here, well well who wud av thot u cud read n type (only jokin) how the devil ar u? hope u n wee betty r keepin well. Drap me a line, ma e mail is the bottum a this post, n gonna geis ur e mail eh gonna? wer r u drinkin noo? the gleswegian,let me no wen yer gonna b in, in al by anither drink, am 4yrs sober noo, bit like visitin the auld shoaps, thers no many pubs left n the sooside noo, a herd the pig n whistle shut doon, or rather the polis shut it, seems the boyz r drinkin in wee alexs shoap, the riverside tavern. hiv ye herd fae oor robert? katch ye albert. jim the jannie (james fletcher). Submitted by: Jim the Jannie Glasgow, Scotland 07/04/09 Email: To Sandra Smith nee Warren - Angela here I have so many questions just dont know where to start. Was my dad Jim still living in Glasgow when he passed away? Did he ever remarry and have any more children? did he ever mention me? I have so many more questions going round in my head. I would be grateful if you can answer these questions from what you know, if you dont have the answers dont worry. Angela Submitted by: Angela Thompson Eyemouth, Scottish Borders 07/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi James Neil I am sorry I dont remember you but one of my brothers will. I will tell Freddy and James to get on the site. Andy Pender is also on and I do recall that name. One or both my brothers will get back to you James. Alice Submitted by: Alice Buckley (Lyons) Billingham, England 07/04/09 Email: Not Supplied HI ANGELA - I AM YOUR COUSIN LYNDA, UNCLE JIMS NIECE HUGHIES DAUGHTER. SORRY ABOUT YOUR DAD HE PASSED AWAY 26TH FEB 2009 Submitted by: Lynda London, England 07/04/09 Email: Not Supplied HI ALL - DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THE RAILWAY CLUB IN POLOCKSHAWS ROAD WERE YOU WENT ON A SATURDAY AFTERNOON TO THE DANCING IN THE 1960's? IT WAS AT THE CORNER OF CAVENDISH ST CHURCH ACROSS THE ROAD ANN Submitted by: Ann Ferguson (Nee McDonagh) Glasgow, Scotland 07/04/09 Email: Not Supplied To the person from Dublin who e:mailed to ask about Owen McElwee senior passing away. Owen McElwee Senior Passed away in the Glasgow Victoria Infirmary on 23rd March 2009 at 7:20am his family where with him. Anyone wishing to know more about my father should contact me @ God bless Owen Og Submitted by: Owen McElwee Jnr Glasgow, Scotland 07/04/09 Email: I always enjoyed visiting this site to read other people's reminiscences of the old Gorbals. I was brought up at Thistle St in the late 50s, early 60s, surrounded by brothers, sisters and uncles and aunties who all lived within s short walk from us. However, I have to say that recently this site seems to have become taken over by serial posters who apparantly use it as their personal chat room. This used to be a invaluable site for lost contacts and interesting stories from interesting people! Submitted by: Dom Boyle Glasgow, Scotland 07/04/09 Email: I was born december 1962 in duke street hospital. Grew up in Ballater street. Went to Hayfield nursery and then St Francis Primary School. My cousins were the McAleavy's and the Philbins. If you were at school with me or my cousins then send me an email. We stayed Ballater street, Mcneil Street. Philbins stayed in waldock court, i think....I had a friend in primary school that didnt take the underpass and was knocked down crossing the main road. Can someone tell me her name. I think it was michelle! Submitted by: Kim McLaren Houston, Renfrewshire 07/04/09 Email: Not Supplied I lived at top of crown street opposite the dixon blazes site with my elder brother and parents,there was a second hand shop called jacks, and i went to camden street school still remember my so called auntie up the next close chucking me jeelie pieces out the window, great times hard for familys in these days but always happy loved hanging out the wjndae with my da at night watching them falling oot the pub i think it was the hi hi pub just down the road, never forget the memories.Thank for all your time the bryce family. Submitted by: Vic Bryce Northampton, England 06/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Nan Cameron; I was born in 247 Thistle street, my Dad worked for big Lizzie Bailie, we lived in the first flat on the right side of the close, I used to be friends with the Johnsons, Terry and Billy, and maggie, the Obagies, the roberts lived accross the road from us, Frank had the green grocers next door and on the other side was the bookies, Big Mick was my Da do you remember us, we eventually moved to Cumberland street Jim Submitted by: Jim London, England 06/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Note From Webmaster If an anecdote is deemed to be inoffensive it will be published regardless of the language used, spelling or grammar as we do not have the time to correct this. In future, we will not publish any submissions commenting on the way other users express themselves on the site. 03/04/09 Hi everyone. l'm searching for any living relatives of my mother Jean Lawson, mother Christina Knox Beveridge born 1919 died 1940, my mothers farther was Ian drylie lawson 1916 1950 mum has a sister edithe, they lived in kirkcaldy scotland. Any information would be great. thankyou jane Submitted by: Jane Kneebone Sunshine Coast, Austrailia 06/04/09 Email: To Kenny Warren my mums name is Anne im sorry to here about my dad if i knew about this site earlier i would have posted a note. I would like to keep in touch i have kept a note of your EMAIL and i will send you one soon. Peter Thomson only stays about 10 mins away from me here in Eyemouth. All the best Angela Submitted by: Angela Thompson Eyemouth, Scottish Borders 05/04/09 Email: Not Supplied To Sandra Smith yes i am Angela Submitted by: Angela Thompson Eyemouth, Scottish Borders 06/04/09 Email: Not Supplied To Sandra Gibson im not one of your friends but i am Helen Warrens niece (Angela) Submitted by: Angela Thompson Eyemouth, Scottish Borders 06/04/09 Email: Not Supplied I was born in Surrey St in 1943 lived there until houses were knocked down went to St Johns then to Holyrood my cousin went to St Francis then to Holyrood. Knew the Mooneys, Ferries, Rankins Colberts, Neils and lots more also the boys who played football in the spare ground. Submitted by: Gorbals born and bred Glasgow, Scotland 05/04/09 Email: Not Supplied I need some info on Rosebery Park football ground situated in Oatlands. Did any club ever play there on a competitive level, and when was it demolished, and what stands on that exact location? Submitted by: Billie Espie Rutherglen, Glasgow 05/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi everyone. I'm doing a project on Dixon's Blazes, and can any 'old timer' tell me what and where were the Lower English buildings? Also, according to my information what exactly stood in Alexander St in Dixons Blazes estate? Housing? Submitted by: Jay Teale (age 13) Knightswood, Glasgow 05/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Researching my family history and trying to find what kind of property was at 77 Main Street, Gorbals in 1880/90s. Could possibly have been a bar or similar. Submitted by: Stewart Davidson Thirsk, North Yorkshire, England 05/04/09 Email: Not Supplied 21:57 06/04/2009 I am gordon fullertons sister inlaw, i will tell him marie bilsland wants to get in touch. Marie i have nice wedding pictures of you, so glad I found this page, is Jim Feeney the one that stayed up caley road flats? My husband is Billy. Submitted by: Margaret Fullerton (Kavanagh) Toryglen, Scotland 04/04/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO: Margaret Welwyn are you talking about Johnny Easton and cousin Sammy Brown? Archie Ianelli told me that Sammy had Passed away is it true? Submitted by: R. Murphy Glasgow, Scotland 04/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Trying to find any information on my great grandfather Neil Sinclair a bricklayer who lived in Dyres Lane Gorbals, his father my great great grandfather Neil Sinclair was also a bricklayer and also lived in Dyres Lane. I beleive they had a business in South Wellington Street Gorbals. Submitted by: Leslie Sinclair Glasgow, Scotland 04/04/09 Email: I'm originally from Caledonia Rd [52-67], & enjoy reading every anecdote, but most of my family were born or bred elsewhere. I know there is a similar Forum related to life in the old Bridgeton, but does anyone know of any other websites similar to our own Gorbals? Submitted by: Anonymous Glasgow, Scotland 04/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Yes Sahib Patel, I remember using your family's Indian takeaway shop in the Cumberland Arcade during the late 70's & early 80's before I was rehoused due to those infamous damp flats!! Lovely food indeed. Submitted by: Tam Boyle Glasgow, Scotland 04/04/09 Email: I've asked in the past but surely someone must remember my Gran's (Jeanie Hastie) shop at 494 Rutherglen Road? It would have been around the 40's or 50's and sold sweets, amongst other things. Submitted by: Terri Glasgow, Scotland 04/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi caroline, photo has been emailed to you. Enjoy Bye for now, norrie Submitted by: Norman Mcnamee Glasgow, Scotland 04/04/09 Email: F.A.O: Shona im so sorry to hear about your Dad Jamie and Ian, i used to watch them playing every weekend Jamie was a terrific wee player. Take Care Submitted by: Alan Young Adelaide, Austrailia 03/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Have found a relation called Agnes Young who died in Glasgow in 1929, by a shooting in the head. Does anyone have any knowledge of this - I'm sure it will have made a newspaper but don't know where to look. Any thoughts? Eva Submitted by: Eva Gardiner Sauchie, Scotland 03/04/09 Email: Can anyone out there remember a narrow lane with a stable which ran between Sandiefaulds St and Moffat St ? I used to cut through this pen on my way to Oatlands primary in Gilmour St. The man who worked at the Stables was very very tall and was nicknamed Rubberneck. Submitted by: Val surrey, England 03/04/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO sahid patel. I remember a patel from the 60s till around 1972. He wore a turban and had a moustache. I was a regular on the no27 at the time and if this was your dad all i can say is that he was a lovely, friendly guy who always had a smile on his face. Hope this helps Submitted by: Mick M Glasgow, Scotland 03/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi sandra nice to see that you r ok, saw ur mum at jims funeral. Submitted by: kenny Yorkshire, Scotland 03/04/09 Email: Not Supplied HI JIM FROM LONDON THE LAST TIME I SAW DONNY WAS BACK IN THE SEVENTIES WHILE WORKING WITH BR THE NAME JACK FLANAGAN RINGS A BELL. I DONT OWN A MOTOR BIKE I THINK YOU SAW ME ON ONE HELPING TO DELIVER THE LIST OF RUNNERS TO THE BOOKIES FOR THE PRINTERS IN PEEBLES STREET WE ALL USED TO GO TOTTIE HIKING FOR MAKINLAYS POTATOES AT THE FAR END OF PEEBLES STREET AND KILBARCHAN STREET, IF YOU LEAVE YOUR SECOND NAME MIGHT REMEMBER YOU REGARDS. BOB KIDD Submitted by: BOB KIDD BRISTOL, UK 03/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Tommy Boyle believe me when a guy went with a girl from the Gorbals and more than likely both names where Boyle as there really where lots of them, much investigation had to go on in case you committed a bit of nonsense with a kissing cousin 10 quid Submitted by: 10 quid OZ 03/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Searching for the Clelland family from Hutchesentown in Glasgow. My dad called James watson and his brothers and sisters were John, Owen, Nicol, Isabella, Mary, Mathew Brown and Alexander Garden. If anyone knows a clelland please could you e-mail me at I would love to know which school my dad attended and if he has any relations still living in Glasgow. Submitted by: Jayne Clelland Lincoln, Lincolnshire 03/04/09 Email: Hi everyone I have never lived in the gorbals but love reading your stories. I was born in Coatbridge but emigrated to Australia at the age of 11 in 1967. Keep up the good work. Sandra Submitted by: Sandra Mason Newcastle, Austrailia 03/04/09 Email: My father was from Gorbal district. He drove the No.27 bus from Shawfield. We lived at 13 Gorbals St. All 14 of us in singles-end. Hello to everyone who remembers us Submitted by: Sahid Patel Pollokshaws, Glasgow 02/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Still haven't heard from anyone who knew the camerons of 211 Thistle St. Before we stayed there we lived at 247 Thistle St. I remember from 247 the Quinns, Dochertys the Johnstones who had big Lizzie Baillie the bookie for an auntie and their other auntie Peggy Borland was my mother's best friend. Also up 247 were the Dyers, Cunninghams ,Murphys, Dixons, the Tinneys the Healys and the Mc Manamons. The names I remember from 211 are the Ferrys the McMenemys, Taylors, Gillies, bradleys,H affron, Hughes. That's all I remember for now if anyone would like to get in touch i'd be pleased to hear from you Cheers. Nan Cameron Submitted by: Nan Cameron Glasgow, Scotland 02/04/09 Email: BOB KIDD; You brought memories, the MacAskills were close friends, they originally came from Stornoway, I knew all the family, I was always up in the house in Egliton street, I think I know you as Donnie was friends with my brother, he used to work round in Peebles street, I think you knew Jack Flannigan as well, did you have a motorbike? I never saw much off them when they moved. Jim Submitted by: Jim London 02/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Hello Every One please keep T.Q . going with your ???? and banters. because I know he loves it and keeps his mind busy writing back with his opinion. He is really one tough human being, and honest by telling us in one of his stories how he loved to fight.... And some of us we cannie but help love him for all his stories and information.....And I for one hope he gets to finish his book that he is never going to write. just one of T.Q his sayings....We all know I think of his tough battle with the cancer, but what a man, and his Glasweigin sense of humour, which I know a lot of you do not get the gist of it. But T.Q you still have a lot of your own stories still to tell., so keep them coming and would love to start reading of how you and your wife lived in Aussie land, must have been tough, just the same as a lot of us. i hope that you have them tucked away some were. Might even make a good topic to read what a lot of us oldies but still goldies funny memories when we left Scotland Strangers in a vast land. It was so big New York, through Harlem, never saw so many people of all colours and then through the Lincoln Tunnel, over the Hudson River to Kearny New Jersey Oct 1959 ready to take on the World just thought I would share that. DAM Submitted by: Doris McIntyre SLO, USA 02/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Does anyone remember my mother, JOAN JACKSON, born 1932 in Mathieson Street? She may also have lived in Salisbury Street and Victoria Street? She was evacuated in the war, and returned to Glasgow at sixteen to discover that her mother, EMMA PHELPS (born 1899) had died in 1945. Any memories of either of these would be greatly appreciated by my mother, now in her seventies. Thank you, and the site is brilliant. Submitted by: Kristine Underdown London, England 02/04/09 Email: Whats all this about best meat pies or fish with chips? Best Biryani and Bombay Curry was my fathers takeaway in Cumberland Arcade early 80's. Vindaloo is now your national British dish! Submitted by: Sahib Patel Pollokshields, Glasgow 01/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Whilst on the subject of Gorbals pubs, I can remember sitting with my late father [sipping lemonade], in a bar in Eglinton Street perhaps opposite the two Picture Halls. Just can't remember the name! I'm sure it had little wooden dividers with seating for 4 in each space!! Submitted by: Jack Bishopton, Scotland 01/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Wonder if anyone remembers anyone from 69 Surrey Street Just came across this and I have enjoyed reading the stories. Remember some of the people mentioned, especially the Neils Submitted by: Gorbals Oldie Glasgow, Scotland 01/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Is there any of my league winning side of St. Bonaventure's team of 1970-71. I gave you all a chance to make your name in junior football. C'mon! Lets be hearing from you! Submitted by: Big Mad Hastie Eastwood Toll, Renfrewshire 01/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Has anyone got any relatives still alive who would remember maggie barclay, she was born in 1917 and lived at 175 caledonia road. she would love to hear from you. she's now 91. She had a sister nellie, and brothers norman and robert. Submitted by: S. Butcher Wolverhampton, England 01/04/09 Email: FAO scottish borders. I had a friend helen warren stayed in nicolson st we went to adelphi school with annie alum, tina black, emma cocolough, we are all now 60s if this is my old pal give her my best. sadie gibson Submitted by: Not Supplied Not Supplied 01/04/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO: sanny yes sandra was a great sister always laughing nothing bothered her she is sadly missed thanks for your memories of her .sadie Submitted by: Not Supplied Not Supplied 01/04/09 Email: Not Supplied Re: rita moffat, hi were u a pal of my mum tessy martin, i helped that polish chap in his lock up with his cars. Submitted by: Brian Martin Not Supplied 01/04/09 Email: Re: jeanie, the devils tree, my nams david kesson i was born in the gorbals in 1970, went to blackfriars primary, left when i was 8, and moved to toryglen,i still have family who live in the gorbals, i also lived in the oatlands, from 93 to 97, then moved back to toryglen, just to say i know of the devils tree it gave me the willies, hahahahahahaaaa Submitted by: DK Gorbals, Glasgow 01/04/09 Email: Not Supplied I attended St. Bonaventures before it was demolished in 1971. Anyone remember an eccentric music teacher by the name of Miss Daley? Submitted by: Will Gilroy Not Supplied 01/04/09 Email: Not Supplied

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