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 Post subject: March 2009
PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 10:20 pm 
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Lived at 277 Crown Street from around 1952-55; as far as I know my dad John Cairney was a bus driver at the time. My grandfather owned what I believe was called the Rainbow Cafe & ice-cream shop (on Crown Street between Cumberland Street and Hutcheson Boys School); his name was Sebastiano Pacini but I seem to remember him being called 'Ricky'. All I remember from those days is the raspberry macallums in cute curly coloured dishes; and getting the belt on my very first day at St Luke's! I'd love to hear from anyone who might have known my dad or granpa; or who has any information about the cafe. Submitted by: Loretta Cairney Glasgow, Scotland 31/03/09 Email: I don't often reply but I came from Braehead Street in the 60's and I also remember Vic's bakery in Polmadie Rd near Rutherglen Rd. And it wisnae just the pies that tasted good! Dear Old Oatlands. Gone but Never Forgotten. R.I.P. Submitted by: Bootsy Glasgow, Scotland 31/03/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO : Alby Marshall. How are you ya big drunken Gorbals B-nose? Glad to read you're alive, kicking, and still drinking in the Glaswegian bar. Aye. Many good times we had in Crown Street or Bridge Street. Look after yerself, and don't be shy to leave a message on the website. Submitted by: Sam McFadden Renfrew, Scotland 31/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Re Mary MCGowan clyde valley stompers talking to my sister in glasgow she was telling me Mary lives on Crookston Rd Glasgow Mary and my brother sang together for Betty MCLennen dance school on Lawmoor st they sang (THe crooked Ba BIe )his name is James Spencer hope this helps Submitted by: Maureen McGowan Glasgow, Scotland 31/03/09 Email: Hi Norrie, Debbie here I sent you an email if you received it ok, you can give me an email bk please thanks Submitted by: Debbie Cambuslang 31/03/09 Email: Re:Owen McElwee passing away, Could someone confirm if this is owen whc lived in Basil Spence Flats and then next to St Francis and who drove a taxi. Sorry to hear this. Submitted by: Not Supplied Dublin, Ireland 31/03/09 Email: Not Supplied To Jean Fairie. Sorry but don't remember any Cairns Bakery, but can remember a good dairy that also sold hot/cold pies opposite St. Francis Chapel in Cumberland St during early 60's. I still think Vic's Bakery in Polmadie Rd, Oatlands, took a bit of a beating! Submitted by: Billy East Kilbride, Scotland 31/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Gorbals boy: rakt middens,climbt drainpipes,goat hudgies oan the bak eh lorries,played pitch n toss,played gories ringy aimy n stanky,played in puddles,etched ma name in the taur oan the pavement,played chases, wan man hunt, chap door run fast, kiss kick or torture,kick the can. bilt dens wae old doors,bilt a dooket fer tae flee the doos,played fitba n the street,jumpt dykes,climbt n ran across brokin gless cementit oan waws,drept oota 3 storey windies,jumpt affa the boxy roof et johnsons bakers(cop yer wack fer the wee bit a latin (et))dun amilk run wae scottih farmers,went messages fer everybody oan the street,dun a bagwash run ,n apaper run,helpt tony the stik man tae chop up bits a wid n sell thame roon the hooses fruppence a bunch,helpt ma das uncle james dunlop wae the coal hoarses best brasst up n the sooside,played moashie,went tae skool wellies nae soaks, nae drawers,holes in ma vest(naw it wis a string wan)baw under the erm snotters trippin mae,played ootside ! tae aboot wan in the moarnin,ma auld man tot me how tae bild the fire, paper, stix n coal,kennel it up,take oot the ashes,heat up the big heavy iron oan the gas ring,n press ma troosers n ma shirt,take peece n jam tae skool,AYE MUNDY WIS A BIZZY DAY, jim the jannie. Submitted by: Jim the Jannie Glasgow, Scotland 31/03/09 Email: FAO - Albert Marshall. Crivens ma boab! Is that really you Alfie aka Alby? I ran about with you in the Govanhill area 1972-74, and sometimes we'd wander into Laurieston after walking back from Ibrox. I used to see you drinking in the Devon St Orange Halls, and then in the Glaswegian Bar. Hope life's been good to ye! Drove through the Gorbals last year, and it looked so different from the early 70's. Good luck big man! Submitted by: Big Norrie Paisley, Scotland 31/03/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO: Henry Young did you live in Cavendish st and if so is your brother called William Does anyone remember the Morrisons of Crown st I am also interested in the Adelphi Reunion Thanx again for a great site Submitted by: Isabella Henriques Rotherham, England 31/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Norrie, looking for picture or info on the new era bar rutherglen road belive it was on the corner of gorbals st think somewhere near dixon blazes, my mums name was cathie kelly, her brother dick and sister ann, her mum was also cathie and her father was tommy,they left after my granpa had a stroke and came back to cumnock Submitted by: Libby Cumnock, Scotland 31/03/09 Email: To Val Yes I do remember the laundrette and the big Polish man-always cheery. Put some gie strong chemicals intae the bagwash as they called it then. Bleached colours very pale and sheets and towels never lasted long as the washing soda(?) rotted the fabric. Was a godsend though in the days without a washing machine for stained clothing!! Submitted by: Rita Moffat Glasgow, Scotland 31/03/09 Email: Not Supplied I have been sitting here reading all your posts and can remember ppl and places your on about then think is that person i know,.my memories not to good, but i stopped reading wen i thought i was getting to all the gang and trouble part of the forum so no doubt i missed post that may been good for me to see, i remember bennys bar and one across rd wee derry trainor had it next citizen theatre i used to drink in there on my way home from ibrox as i lived in crown st didnt know it was celtic bar till i went in sober one day benny bar used to have piono at back lounge. As for catholics not getting work most ppl we met wer irish catholics and were never out work for long i loved growing up in gorbals full great ppl always get a laugh. just sorry that im no good at remembering ppl or could help few ppl out with stories. i still live in gorbals and drink in glaswegian as my father did. Submitted by: Albert Marshall Glasgow, UK 31/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Life is funny if it wasn’t so sore! thinking back many years ago when I was only a kid and a member of the Boy Scouts one of my past times after scout Meetings was to catch Hudgies my favourite one was the L.M.S railway truck that travelled along here there and everywhere the L.M.S truck was slow making it easy for kids of eight or nine to catch and hang onto its low back tray with its 2inch square steel sides just right for a brave Cub Scout like me to grasp onto. my cub cap like everything else was a bit too big hiding my beady eyes as I ran helter-skelter after the truck when it came to a very sudden halt at the then Crown Street and Cumberland Street intersection and I also came to a sudden halt as my head crashed into the rear end of the side rail on the three Wheeler giving me a lump the size of a tennis ball and a black-eye to match! as I pulled my Cap Over the lump and staggered on my way passed the trucks cabin determined not to cry, the driver took it upon him! self to leap out and give me another lump on the tailbone of my backside! The funny side was for the people watching this little boy rubbing his forehead with his right hand and the fingers of his left hand pressing right up his rectum to console his tailbone it felt so bad as if the men in the illegal two up schools in the back yards had used me as the pennies HEADS OR TAILS Life is funny if it wasn’t so sore! ten quid Submitted by: Ten Quid Oz 31/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Hello, can any one help. I have been trying to trace my husband's family history and would like to know if there are any decendants, who will be able to fill in gaps in our knowledge. Dr James Cameron a dentist practicing in Main Street, Gorbals from 1870 until his death in 1912. He had seven children from his first marriage, three of which I know had family and I would like to trace members of these families. They are: James Cameron married Christina Mcruer and they had one child name Ethel (1895). Charles Cameron married Susan Wood and had two children, Susan (1890) and Veronica(1898). Donald married Helen Knight Dick and had a son, James (1897) and his 2nd wife Elizabeth Taylor and had a daughter Helen (1900). Christina M Cameron married Thomas Hogg Wilson, but I do not know if she had any children before she died in 1907. We would love to hear from anyone who might have information on the family. Thanks, Heather Submitted by: Heather Johnson Northumberland, England 31/03/09 Email: FAO: AT - SCOTTISH BORDERS. BILLY AND JENNY, NOW LIVE IN LONDON, YOUR AUNTIE HELEN LIVES IN CUMBERNAULD, YOUR UNCLE HUGHIE STILL LIVES IN GLASGOW. IF YOU'RE WHO I THINK YOU R YOU WERE YOUNGER THAN 6 WHEN I LAST SEEN YOU. Submitted by: K Warren Yorkshire 31/03/09 Email: Hi Billy from East Kilbride. I lived in Rutherglen Road as well between Moffat and Sandyfaulds St and we thought the best pie and peas with vinegar was the ones we got from Cairns bakery in Rutherglen Road up from Hamilton's Dairy Did you know that bakery or dairy? Submitted by: Jean Fairie Melbourne, Australia 31/03/09 Email: Tell a good story and nobody wants to know whoever tells it gets abuse if they tell the tale like it really was but mention a pub and everybody wants to get their two pennies worth does it not say something about the Gorbals people I will have a half wee Betty Submitted by: Wee Betty South China 31/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Sorry AT - just remembered -is it Angela? Submitted by: Sandra Smith (nee Warren) Glasgow, Scotland 30/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi AT, saw your note of 26/3/09. Are you Anne? I'm sure we're cousins - I'm Billy Warren's eldest daughter. I came to stay with you and your Mum a couple of times before you moved away? One of my memories of staying at yours was you didn't have a TV - funny what you remember!! Happy to try and answer any questions you have. Submitted by: Sandra Smith (nee Warren) Glasgow, Scotland 30/03/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO: RITA JUST THINKING YOU MIGHT KNOW AN OLD FLAME OF MINE CAME FROM NEAR YOU. HER NAME WAS ANN CORBERT JUST WONDERING . THANKS Submitted by: Jim Morristown, USA 30/03/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Christina printed out your posting gave it to Bert he said that the shop with the ribbons was called Toffs there was a Toffs in Cumberland St. owned by Jewish people. The Southside is getting disrupted with the new motorway that will be running through it. Cathcart Rd. coming in from the town just by were Dixon Blazes was has now bends in the road right up to Aitkenhead Rd. amazing what engineers can think of. The new motorway is starting where the Kingston bridge near Cook St. and it is going up Eglington St. someway and they have built hugh pillars on Devon St/McKinlay St. When they were digging up the grounds at Devon St./McKinlay St they came accross old ruins don't know if it had been a village years ago but architects came from all over to see it but it was covered up. Don't know who was to blame for covering it. Amelia x Submitted by: Amelia McKinlay (nee Welsh) Glasgow, Scotland 30/03/09 Email: F.A.O MELVIN, jim the jannie here, i apologise to you personally melvin fer upsettin u,ah didnae mean tae upset anybody oan this site. rite here we go, ah wis broat up readin the sunday post,the broons,n,oor wullie,wen a wis awee boy, a wis always told by the big peeple, ah wis here tae be seen, n no herd, as u speak fer most peeple oan this site, ahll, let u n thame no, that am no feart anymair, as fer the queen, a luv that wummin, espeshly oan bits apaper,w ae the numbers 5,10,20,50 n,100 pouds oan thame, queens english melvin, ma famly fought against gettin that language introduced. rob roy mc gregor, ma famly made the arras fer his clan, (fletchers) if ye go oan tae u tube type in paliamo glesga by stanley baxter he kin explain it better than a kin. ye see melvin a kin laff at masel. a dont take ma life too seriously, if ma language wis inappropriate am quite sure THE WEBMASTER widnae huv published it. fer 50yrs melvin ah dukt n dived, wantin peeple tae like me, ye see am a an alcoholic in recovery (4yrs a day at a time) i dont mind disclosin this but i respect everybody elses anonimity, ah left adelphi skool at 14yrs auld in 1969, wae nuffin nae qualifications at aw (ma spellin is ma best subjekt) since then in the last 4yrs i have graduated at james watt college in greenock. COSCA counselling skills, no quite a bit aboot karl marx, carl rogers, johari etc. aw dun in the queens english a keep that loked away n a talk the wie a rite, ma choice, if ma posts upset u n urs, pleeze skip thame, n reed yer ain ur choice. really lookin forward tae yer reply melvin, thanx, may god be with you, jim the jannie (james fletcher) Submitted by: Jim the Jannie Glasgow, Scotland 30/03/09 Email: Hi all i found this site by mistake and what a mistake its fantastic, i wonder if anyone knows anything about my grandad john docherty and his wife mary they lived at 64 gorbals st right on gorbals cross they had 3 girls mary ellen and margaret i beleive my gran died giving birth to margaret in about 1920/21, ellen was my mum and she married charles mc naught we lived at either 157 or 257 nicholson st for a short time and reading the stories and tales about the gorbals reminded me just how much fun we used to have there, there was a lady that lived in abbotford place i think her name was miss or mrs grey she took a lot of kids to her house were she would let us do things like sewing, reading, play games. she helped a lot of families in the gorbals also in the summer time she helped give a lot of kids holidays i remember going to stay with a family in weemsbay for a week if thats how you spell it and a group of us going to rothsey i think it was called a residential ! school the girls were on the street level and to get to the boys end you had to climb up the steep pathway i wonder how many of you gorbalites can remember this? now back to the family searching my mums sister mary married bobby bouge and they lived at 54 gorbals st for many years, my aunt margaret i dont know much about her as she moved to london she had 1 daughter named margaret last i heard about her she was living in the isle of dogs in london i would be very grateful if anyone has any of these memories in the gorbals or any memories of my family kind regards to all helen Submitted by: Helen Merseyside, England 30/03/09 Email: Would anyone happen to know the name of the crisp factory and the name of the person who owned it,it sat on the corner of south portland street? shona Submitted by: Shona Glasgow, Scotland 30/03/09 Email: F.A.O ALAN YOUNG OF ADELAIDE, jamie macdonald is my dad and ian is his brother, my uncle sadly both of them have past away. My dad died 25/07/2005 and ian died 22/07/2007. Submitted by: Shona Glasgow, Scotland 30/03/09 Email: FAO (AT) In the scottish borders what is your mothers first name.I am sorry to have to tell you jim passed away a few weeks ago let me know if you want to stay in contact? Submitted by: Kenny Warren Yorkshire 30/03/09 Email: FAO Val who asked about the laundrette on Lawmoor Street. My mum, Greta Bradley worked in the laundrette which was right next door to our close on 291 Lawmoor Street. Stan is the name of the Polish guy that owned it. I remember vividly going in there when I was a wee lassie and smelling the bleach. It was in big bottles with straw wrapped around them. I hated that smell. My Auntie Bridget Kinnear worked there as well. I remember Stan being a big guy, but then everyone was big to me at that time. We left Lawmoor Street in 1959 and went to live in Corby. Submitted by: Margaret Bradley Sacramento, USA 30/03/09 Email: ah lived at 2 Snowden st wan o the Austin family we wur lowdoon an oor wee room windae looked right doon the cuddy brae ower the watter o the Clyde ti the Glesga green. Oh an mister Bernstien , it disnae maiter whit we decide ti print and if ye cannie read it then you didnea speak like a gorbolite all in good faith ur ye wan o them toffs that talked like ye hif jowries in yir mooth. I am sure it is done just for a laugh and a lot of us did talk like that, I dont know why it is a problem for you I thought that you had a better sense of humor than that. So dont bother geing me any mere o yur delightful kisses and lighten up. so have a great week DAM Submitted by: Doris McIntyre Slo, USA 30/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Looking recently at an old map of the Southside, and I noticed Gorbals & Oatlands had a total of 15 schools in the early 50's. Now that was a lot of kids to teach!!! Talk about a shrinking population. Submitted by: Old Timer Glasgow, Scotland 30/03/09 Email: Not Supplied F.A.O. Jim the Jannie, don't you dare change the way you write honey, i for one enjoy reading your stuff the way it is written. Melvin doesn't speak for me, i speak for me, so Melvin honey awanbileyerheid! Submitted by: LilJo Glasgow, Scotland 30/03/09 Email: Not Supplied RIP Owen McElwee another true gentleman of the gorbals. Submitted by: Not Supplied Not Supplied 30/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Looking for any knowledge of Mary Crawford born 1815 aprox in Pollockshaws? married William Leckie 1839 and went to Wellington NZ on Bengal Merchant died as result of birth complications 22nd May 1841 Petone Wellington NZ her death notice said she was late of Pollokshaws, would appreciate any help as I am her great great great Granddaughter. Submitted by: Barbara Dobson Lumsden, New Zealand 27/03/09 Email: I came from Rutherglen Road, Oatlands, and my favourite schoolboy memory was when returning home from Adelphi Secondary, stopping off at Vics Bakery in Polmadie Road for a pie & peas. Best home made pies in all of the Southside! Submitted by: Billy East Kilbride, Scotland 26/03/09 Email: Hi just found your site love it.lived in the Gorbals.from 1949 on. like to ask Ten Quid bid he live in 2 Snowden St I lived in 3 Snowdon St with my sisters do i Know you? have been reading your comments. Submitted by: John Cunningham Aberdeen, Scotland 26/03/09 Email: I was brought up at 257 Lawmoor St in the 50's. I remember the local Laundrette which was run by a large jovial Polish man. My friends son told me he's sure the same Man opened smaller premises in Calder St, Govanhill during the 60's. Just wondered if anyone remembers the Lawmoor Street Laundrette or indeed, the Polish man? Submitted by: Val Surrey, England 26/03/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO; Jim the Jannie; I am sure I speak on behalf of most folk on this site when I ask you, what language is that you write? Its untranslateable. We stamped this out before, please Jim nice clear English so we can all understand your letters and perhaps even enjoy them. Do not be afraid to write the Queens English we Scots invented it! Melvin Bernstein Submitted by: Melvin Bernstein Glasgow, Scotland 26/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Dear Bob Kidd, im not sure if we had any family who lived were you asked, my grandads name was Alexzandra Biggam he was married to Elizabeth they had nine children Alek,Archy,Jackie David who is my dad, Mary, ina, Betty, geenie, Isobell, we moved in the seventies. I will ask family if they know anything and let you know. Thank you Liz Biggam Submitted by: Liz Biggam Aylesbury, England 26/03/09 Email: Reply to the post from Alan Young Adelaide12/03/09, great post Jamie McDonald stayed in Bridge st. Dennis Gunn played for St. Bonaventures, Wardy with St. John's and myself also, the sprare ground was a great place as was the Colly Brae, I've been in Whyalla since 1966. thanks Frank Ford Submitted by: Frank Ford Whyalla Stuart, Australia 26/03/09 Email: Hello all - can anybody tell me a good recipe for tottie scones and if it's true that they taste better fried in pigs fat Margaret? Submitted by: Margaret Glasgow, Scotland 26/03/09 Email: Not Supplied A note to the following people Owen Dougan, Lynda Duffy, Annie Martin, George Porgey and Pappy Doc you all mentioned the Warren Family from Nicholson st(162). I am one of their nieces my dad was called James he has another two brothers that i have been told about one is called Kenny and the other William/Billy who married a woman called Jenny and they lived in Cumbernauld they had two or three children not to sure as i last saw them when i was about six years old. Would like some more information if possible but dont worry if there is none. Im just curious about my past Submitted by: AT Scottish Borders 26/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Joe McLean: 42 years is a long time to be away. You should go home, just to see the changes for yourself. Some are good, some are bad, some are in the process of getting done, nothing stays the same. What happened to you growing up was sad, but you are not a kid anymore and this is another life time. Go home for a visit, you will be glad you did. The area may have changed, but the Glasgow folk will welcome you home again. M Submitted by: Marion Canada 26/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Can anyone tell me where i can get pictures of around Eglinton Lane around the mid 40s and South Portland St around the late 30s please. I have tried several sites but cant find anything. Submitted by: Tommy Boyle Leicestershire, England 25/03/09 Email: Margaret Smith Hudson, i was pals with a jeana smith from thistle street who had a sister margaret you were the older of the and jeana went to adelphi together. I met her a few months ago in the gorbals it was great seeing her again hope you are well i also remember a ian hudson from hospital street any relation. Remember going up to ypur house often your ma and da were nice people take care myra Submitted by: Myra Glasgow, Lanarkshire 25/03/09 Email: Does anybody remember my mum and dad jean & terry hart or edward hart has 2 names would have 3 (i think) kids at the time helen,ann-marie,edward. Edward and ann-marie are twins if that helps. Submitted by: John Hart Irvine, Scotland 25/03/09 Email: F.A.O Jim the Jannie. You wouldn't happen to know what became Of Joe Gallagher or his family? I went to school with his son Danny, nice big fella. If I remember right he was our school team goalie. Cheers, Gerry Submitted by: Gerry U.S.A 25/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Hello Lorraine I remember the Traynorsfrom Lawmoor st, I was a friend of Eddies. Submitted by: Robert Brierley Brisbane, Australia 25/03/09 Email: FAO: Billy Bhoy, I can remember the tragic bus accident that you speak about,only im sure it was young Ricky Shannon,he was in my class at St Lukes primary school, im pretty sure he came to st lukes when I was in my last year at primary seven. I can remember a big spread in one of the newspapers at the time although I cant remember where he came from before comming to st lukes, and I think he had an older brother called tam. Hope this helps, cheers the noo, stevie Submitted by: Stephen Mullan Falkirk, Scotland 25/03/09 Email: Hi im looking for my dads family the mclaffertys there is a margaret, david and thomas. David and margaret should be in ther late 50's by now and my dad thomas should be around 46 cheers. Submitted by: kayleigh ann mclafferty St Andrews, Fife 25/03/09 Email: I remember Benny's Bar. It was as you say at Gorbals Cross on the side nearest to the Clyde and on the opposite side from the Ballater St end (the Oxford St side). Hard to describe as Gorbals Cross was more like a circle with the toilet and I think a crock in the middle. Submitted by: Norrie Ross Not supplied 24/03/09 Email: Not Supplied How refreshing to read about Joseph Hughes and his bravery 63 years ago which won him a medal. And why? Well, he was a Gorbals man, born and bred. Let's hear more about Gorbals men or woman who deserve a mention, not the bigots or morons. Submitted by: Jay Glasgow, Scotland 24/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Christina Thanks for your answer to my last posting...As usual with your wonderful memory for detail you stimulated thoughts of the wee Jewish ladies shop. One of them was extra kind and used to give me the more expensive ribbon I invariably chose for the same price as the cheaper quality ones. Or maybe she was just fed up with me swithering, chopping and changing my mind about the colour pattern and the endless question of " if I take x amount of inches of this one how much does that come to ?" I think I drove her nuts constantly counting my pennies to see if it met the cost of what I would have realy, realy liked. Carrying on with the theme of "all our yesterdays" via clothes. I had three aunties, (Nancy, Peggie and Nettie) who did not have any weans of their own so I think I was a wee bit better off than most for clothes, at least when I was little and cute. Prezzie's kinda faded away a bit when I got older and went through various phases of uncuteness eg Beatnik,bohemian etc etc. Anyway!back to clothes.. loved my wee dress stewart kilt, red blazer edged with white petersham ribbon and a snazy royal blue shoulder bag. This was the outfit I wore when I went down to London on the Flying Scotsman to visit my Auntie Nettie and see the Coronation. Next outfit that sticks out in my mind was a black long skirt, black polo necked jumper and a rehearsed "ye cannie tell me a thing" look on my face. You know the kind of look that comes with being fourteen and a convinced I know it all already attitude!The outfit was hidden in my schoolbag and I swapped my John Street Secondary School Gym slip, ! school tie and blouse up the last close by the diary at the bottom of McNeil Street. I would then hobble as fast as I could in a long tight skirt all the way over James Bridge into Tullis Street and into school to be met with the scathing look of teachers. This was in my last few months of school but was still considered very daring for a fiteen year old. And ah tell ye whit- Britney Speirs could have learnt a thing or two from me! Then another landmark............ the time my mother won a sweepstake and bought her first new outfit for donkeys years. Pride of this was an emerald green, poddle wool sack dress from C&A's with a big bow at the bum -just couldnie sit doon in comfort. But that added to the scowling look of a fifteen year old, so it kinda fitted. I digress again, I just had to "borrow" said sack dress for a BIG important occaision. Ach I'm blethering too much I'll save the rest of the story till next time........... Take care Christina, love from Rita. Submitted by: Rita Moffat Glasgow, Scotland 24/03/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Norrie, The Thomson school of dancing, was in Cumberland St. facing the Renick church, and next to Cumberland Lane. Wee Blether. Submitted by: Wee Blether Scotland 24/03/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO MR S GOLDMAN nice to know that you tell your children about the Gorbals and to keep the memory alive. The old Gorbals is long gone, but never forgotten, we only have to think back to that time and it comes alive again. Yes they demolished our old buildings, but they can never demolish our memory's and yes we were poor but we never knew we were poor, because we were all the same, all our houses were identical, so we had nothing to compare, as long as we were fed, watered, and loved then we were happy. Then in the early 60s things began to change, get better??? We were told by those in authority that we were all going to be rehoused, live in A clean healthy enviornment, have space, A bathroom and above all A better life. Well that's were it all went so wrong. We went to areas we didn't know, had to make new friend's the kids had to go to A new school, there were no shops, or pubs, life was A shambles, basicaly we were betrayed). But we stuck it out! because we had no choice, they tore down our old buildings, shops and schools, and with it went the heart, the sole, and the spirit of our old Gorbals. So Mr S Goldman, keep showing your children photo's and pictures of our old friend, because it's the only way to keep it alive. The children who live there now, will never know that old place, because they are different kids living in A different time, another planet??? Gorbals Old Lassie. Submitted by: Gorbals Old Lassie Glasgow, Scotland 24/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Looking for friends donald and helen macaskill formely stayed mannering road pollokshaws, donald used to stay eglinton street. regards bob kidd Submitted by: bob kidd Bristol, England 24/03/09 Email: Not Supplied To tim malloy, yes there was a bar called bennys bar at the cross. Submitted by: Not Supplied Not Supplied 24/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Can anyone please explain to me how a small area like the Gorbals had and still has so many Boyle families living in it yet none claim to be related to each other! I am working on my family tree and although the name is so common in the Gorbals, i am finding its like looking for a needle in a haystack. My dad originates from the Gorbals...From a very big family of Boyles and Kilkies yet they have all vanished according to this site, both families! somebody must have memories of know someone by one of the names, any help would be very very appreciated. Submitted by: Tommy Boyle Leicestershire, England 24/03/09 Email: Trying to get in touch with linda johnstone who married gordon fullerton and went to live in australia, she has been back a few times but was never able to get in touch with me for whatever reason. We went to st lukes then holyrood. Submitted by: Marie Bilsland Glasgow, Scotland 23/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Jayar, the Blarney Stone pub was on the corner of Thistle st and Caledonia rd. Send me your email address and I can send a couple of photos of it. Bye for now, norrie Submitted by: norman mcnamee Rutherglen, Glasgow 23/03/09 Email: Hi timmaloy, I can confirm that Bennys Bar did exist at Gorbals Cross. Send me your email address and I can send a photo of it. Bye for now, norrie Submitted by: norman mcnamee Rutherglen, Glasgow 23/03/09 Email: Hi I would love to know if anyone knows a friend I had, she stayed in cavendish st she had a lot of sisters I think her name was shevlin. We were best friends and I know she moved away after she got married i think she moved to Africa she was always helping people and I would love to know how she is. She came from such a lovley family her father and her mother were very good and honest people as was all the family. Wish I had a family like them so where ever you are patsy I would love to hear from you. I was adopted by very nice people and maybe that is where this is coming from, they were good to me my adoptive parents. I have since found out that I am not irish even though I thought all my life I was. what I am I am !!! I would like my friend patsy to please contact me Submitted by: Pauline B Glasgow, Scotland 23/03/09 Email: pauline Looking for relatives of mary mcgowan clyde valley stompers. Submitted by: Maureen McGowan Glasgow, Scotland 23/03/09 Email: Reply to Billy Bhoy, I can remember Ricky Shannon being killed by a bus in 1971,he wen to school with us to St lukes primary, on Ballater St Gorbals, he had an older brother Tam, Cheers Stevie Mullan. Submitted by: Stephen Mullan Falkirk, Scotland 23/03/09 Email: Hi, Tim Malloy. My uncle Joe ran the Glenties Celtic Supp. Bus from Bennies Bar for years. Mick.. Submitted by: Mick Gallagher Toronto, Canada 23/03/09 Email: As far as I know bennys bar was at gorbals cross. Submitted by: Ann Glasgow, Scotland 23/03/09 Email: Not Supplied There was a pub at Gorbals Cross called Bennys Bar, they use to run the Celtic bus from there. Submitted by: Tom Philbin Not Supplied 23/03/09 Email: Not Supplied The hi hi bar was in crown st. Submitted by: Anne Hannon/mcknight London, England 23/03/09 Email: Thanks for the response i got last time i was on here! what a crackin site tis is :). though would still like to know if anyone knew my mum elizabeth ward who went to st francise primary 1957- or my gran helen ward (nee) who stayed in the q e flats. storys and pictures would b great. Submitted by: Suzie Gorbals, Glasgow 23/03/09 Email: FAO Billy bhoy i was there the day that accident happened we used to get the bus at moffat st to school in cragie st oppisite the police station as bonnys was getting pulled down an john bosco getting built on same site it was wee rosemary toland who got dragged under the wheels and ricky shannon tryed to save her but got dragged under as well this happened after school as we got back to moffat st tragic god bless them both xxx Submitted by: Rosetta Connolly Scotland 23/03/09 Email: Hi, my Grandfather owned the pub at Gorbals Cross (McKellar's Pub) Does anyone have any pics of this? I would love to have them as I have no record, but very fond memories.Thankyou Submitted by: Caroline Glasgow, Scotland 23/03/09 Email: FAO Norrie McNamee The Thompsons School of Dancing was at the lefthand side of Cumberland Abbotsford place going towards Eglington St Submitted by: amelia mckinlay nee welsh Glasgow, Scotland 23/03/09 Email: Just love reading the anecdotes from the old Gorbals area. This is my 1st posting. I attended Buchan St school before the War, and the janitor often hid his empty bottles of beer in every nook & cranny, even in the girls toilets!!! I came from Inverkip St and had several friends from St. Ninians St. It saddens me to see my childhood area change so much. It brings a tear to my eye Submitted by: Mrs C.K Glasgow G42 23/03/09 Email: Not Supplied The paragon yes that was the place a piano player and the pictures tom mix tex ritter and a drink of water aff old wullie the torch man. Submitted by: Edward Friel Veiwpark, Scotland 23/03/09 Email: I live in Toronto, Canada. I moved here from the Gorbals in 1967. I left Scotland because of a very abusive childhood. Iam 64 yrs old and have never been back because of the horrible memories I was scared to re-live. I just went on a website showing the Gorbals. I lived with my grandmother at 99 Gorbals St. I couldn't believe what the website showed. It looks completely different. I have tears in my eyes just looking at what the area looks like now. I lived right at Gorbals cross. I'm just sending this e-mail because my heart has never left the Gorbals or Glasgow or My Scotland. I just wanted to say hello to anyone out there. I miss my City and Homeland so very, very much. God Bless all of you out there that reads this. Best Regards Joe. Submitted by: Joe McLean Toronto, Canada 23/03/08 Email: My late mum ina cassidy my late dad tam gillies of naburn st. mam had 3 sisters may peggy lizzie dad had a brother baldy we lived over from the pawn mam came from camden st Submitted by: Margaret Graham Gillies Glasgow, Scotland 23/03/09 Email: F.A.O tim malloy, BENNYS BAR wis oan the coarner nofolk st,they used tae run a celtic bus fae ther n the guy thit ranit wis the wan n only JOE GALLAGHER ,wit a guy wit a bus, it wis always a double decker, n it wis always brekkin doon, a used tae go oan the GARRYOWEN,bus wen a wis a wee guy,gon tae aberdeen, dundee, embra ur anywer, ye jist seen this big plume a smoke up ahead, n evrybody, oan oor bus wid say in unison thers bennys bus,wed stoap n pik up sum a ther punters n take them tae the gemme,even wen a used tae go tae the celtic rallies, n the mungo halls, or the kelvin hall, the celtic players n staff, wid kid big joe oan aboot hiz bus travls,aye tim bennys bar wiz ndeed at gorbals x. memerys ta THE JANNIE. Submitted by: Jim the Jannie Glasgow, Scotland 23/03/09 Email: F.A.O re the dodds famly, duffy, barnes, n norman fiddle, aye a remember thame, ian dodds hid windae boxes on his ledges wee blu hooses,certinly lookt diffrent, harry barnes endit up wurkin as a caretaker alangside ma da doon at waddell court flats, mrs duffy wisit her dauter that got hut wie the chimney stak,wen litenin hut 248 nicholson st,n the chimny fell doon n kilt her?norman fiddle wit a name,a remembr him noo (thanx) cannae remembr too much, did they hiv any weans i.e wee fiddlers!!!only kiddin,ye see a wis broat up at that time, tae be seen n no herd,respect the auld yins, yes sir no sir stuff,it wis ok, bit a jist wish a cud ask aboot things a didny understaun,ma maw n da hiv passed oan a few years noo, n av nae aulder members a famly let tae ask anythin aboot.this geis me the operchancity, tae ask aboot things,like who um urr, wer umm urr, n wer av a been wer umm a gaun, sum other famlys that stied up oor close 248, wur mrrs roarty, ah kin still remember the smell waftin doon! the sters, she made her ain breed n buns, n wid gie sum if ye went fur messages, ah wis goan tae her door aboot 5 ur 6 tmes a day fur a peece or a bun,ther wis also the mitchells, boyz wur davie n ian (a think)thair auld man wurkt as a slaughter man,n the meat market,h e used tae drap aff lumps a liver tae oor hoose(tasty!!!)ther wis also the sweeneys who steid low doon in the close,that wummin gave me ma first drink, brandy, wen a wis aboot 6yr auld,wit happend wis, a wis sittin oan the kerb wae ma pals,n we wer dain eenie meenie mannie mo,tae see who wis gon het fer tig,a hid this wee roon metal thing in ma gub(goat it oot a lucky bag, wae a magnet)n a wis tae go het a gulpt, n the thing stuk n ma froat,ma pals chapt mrs sweeneys door,she came oot n startit batterin intae ma bak(ded sore)n a faintit,a goat carrit intae her hoose, she flung this gless a brandy doon it, a frew up, n the wee roon thing flue oot, nae borra,jist went bak oot tae play(still het). so thanx name no supplied fer the namz, gonny tell uz yer name, eh pleez gonny. thanx THE JANNIE Submitted by: Jim the Jannie Glasgow, Scotland 23/03/09 Email: FAO: tim malloy, bennys bar was indeed one of the many bars at the gorbals cross,my cousen drank in it for many years. we are talking about the 1940/60s Submitted by: owen Dougan Glasgow, Scotland 23/03/09 Email: FAO: jay r, the blarney stone was situated in caladonia road, just close to cumberland street. I drank in it 1980/83. now long gone. Submitted by: owen Dougan Glasgow, Scotland 23/03/09 Email: FAO of Norman McNamee. The Thomson School of Dancing was in Cumberland St. It later became The Cuthbert School of Dancing. Submitted by: Josie MacDonald Glasgow, Scotland 23/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Great stories going on,To M,C Namee the dance hall was in Cumberland st I used to go there up the stairs, next door to wee bakery, an accross from the Church, To Sanny fae Brighton, did you used to live in Surrey st, and drink in the Waterloo bar? I remember you were an Arsenal supporter. Jack Submitted by: Jack Haliday Glasgow, Scotland 23/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Regarding the questions about the pubs the Hi-Hi was on Crown St opposite Kidston St, the Blarney stone was at the corner of Thistle St and Caledonia Rd it was also known as Seilsys after the last name of the owner "SEILS" and lastly Benny's Bar was at Gorbals Cross hope this helps. Jimmy G Submitted by: Jimmy Gallacher Sarnia Ont, Canada 23/03/09 Email: To Norrie Macnamee, the Thompson School of Dancing, was located at the top of Cumberland St. in between Abottsford Place & Eglinton St. As a wee Gorbals girl, I used to dream about going there but I think you needed lots of money to attend it. Submitted by: Anne (ex pat) Whitby, Canada 23/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Still looking for lassies by name then patsy mccann, winnie curran, rosemary douglas and bessie barrie luv anne Submitted by: Anne O'Neill Ontario, Canada 23/03/09 Email: Joseph Hughes - George Cross 23rd March, 2009 is the 63rd Anniversary of the death of Private Joseph Hughes, R.A.S.C. A Gorbals resident and only nineteen years old, Joseph Hughes was stationed at Lymun Barracks in Hong Kong where he was involved in clearing the aftermath of the war, including landmines. He was driving a 3 ton vehicle carrying ammunition and explosives into the magazine area at the Barracks. As the vehicle was entering the storage area, it started to smoulder and caught fire.Knowing full well that his truck could explode at any moment, Joseph did everything in his power to put out the fire, firstly by trying to remove the burning camouflage netting, then by using fire extinguishers. Unfortunately the truck blew up and two days later Joseph died of his injuries. Joseph was subsequently awarded the George Cross for gallantry and is remembered by those in his regiment and the Hong Kong holiday village which is now situated where Lymun barracks used to be. Here in Glasgow and the Gorbals in particular few have heard of Joseph and his heroism. A plaque containing a replica of the George Cross medal awarded to Joseph Hughes, and a brief summary of his bravery (including photograph) is now hanging inside the entrance (to the right) of the St. Francis Centre, 405 Cumberland Street in the Gorbals area of Glasgow. It is fitting that this should be in the area where Joseph was born and will be a place that people can pay their respects to a brave young soldier who gave his life for so many others. This was made possible by the efforts to have him remembered by Joseph' cousin Irene Finn and with the help of Glasgow City Councillor James Mutter (HUTCHESONTOWN WARD 66) and Mr George Donnachie of the RASC/RCT Association. The following poem was written by Elsa Beattie in memory of a brave young soldier. JOSEPH HUGHES – GEORGE CROSS - FOR A HERO WAS HE - Joseph Hughes gave his life for his Service Corps ‘Brothers’ his the ultimate price to save so many others. Just a lad from the Gorbals how proud we should be of that brave young soldier for a hero was he. His fear and his pain we can only surmise how he must have suffered in his sacrifice. With esteem his name spoken as it always will be by his comrades-in-arms of the RASC. In death then young Joseph his actions rewarded for his gallantry a George Cross awarded. His body lies cold far away, in the earth but let’s bring his soul home to the place of his birth. Each act of remembrance brings Joseph back home to the land of his fathers his spirit will come. So let’s always remember with a thought, or a prayer Joseph Hughes from the Gorbals and his courage so rare. © ELSA J BEATTIE Submitted by: Elsa Beattie Glasgow, scotland 23/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Picking up my search for some family and stories of my family THE SLOWEY'S Submitted by: Rena Pittenger Virginia, USA 19/03/09 Email: This is for Billy Malcom, The bookies was Willie Kings, yes Dennis was my nephew, can vaguely remember a young boy with black hair which must have been you, thanks for your comments Billy. I am a Shaws man now that I have moved, its not the same as the old days is it Malki Submitted by: Auld Malki Glasgow, Scotland 19/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Does anyone remember the tragic bus accident around 1971-72 when young Pat Shannon died under the wheels of a school bus. I think the bus was ferrying secondary pupils from Gorbals to a tempory school in Battlefield. Submitted by: Billy Bhoy Glasgow, Scotland 19/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Does anyone remember my late mother, Eileen Millar (Miller)? She came from Londonderry with her mother (Joyce) and younger sister (Ethel) possibly in the late 1930's. They may have stayed in Portugal Street and/or Crown Street. I think my mother worked in Bilsland's bakery after she left Adelphi school (possibly around 1939/40 but not sure of dates) Submitted by: Joyce Chalmers Perth, Australia 19/03/09 Email: Not Supplied I've noticed/read several anecdotes regarding long gone Gorbals pubs. I can remember my grandmother talking fondly of the Blarney Stone. Was this pub in Camden Street? Submitted by: Jay R Isle of Arran, Scotland 18/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Does anybody remember margaret smith from thistle street and my husband william hudson from hospital street about the sixties Submitted by: Margaret Smith Hudson Glasgow, Scotland 18/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Christina Philbin, Thanks for the details re Karrie Braggs site for the Crossans Hellraisers on google, it was very interesting but sad to see that Rose had died in her early fifties. Have you read the Bad News Shrews by Karrie. My mum is moving back into her own house this week and keeping a bit better, hope you are well yourself and will speak to you soon. Submitted by: Sandra East Kilbride, Scotland 18/03/09 Email: Not Supplied To Bill Toronto; Sorry Bill cant remember first names but can remember their faces even now , two well built stocky lads with rosy cheeks, both had light brown hair, I am sure someone on this site will know them. H Young Submitted by: H Young Glasgow, Scotland 17/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Can any of you tell me where the New Era Pub was located? Hope you can help. Bye for now, norrie Submitted by: Norman McNamee Glasgow, Scotland 16/03/09 Email: Can any of you remember Thomsons School of dancing, I need to know what street it was on. Bye for now, norrie Submitted by: Norman McNamee Glasgow, Scotland 16/03/09 Email: Can anyone help settle this friendly arguement at work. In the early 70's I briefly drank in a pub at Gorbals Cross called Benny's Bar. My work colleague insists no such pub name existed! I'm sure I'm correct. Can anyone confirm? Submitted by: Tim Malloy Cadder, Scotland 16/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Thank You Mr.Bernstein. I vaguely remember my upbringing in the old Gorbals, having lived at several addresses in and around Eglinton/Bedford streets, and attending Abbotsford school, but at no time do I remember any hostility towards my jewish family or anyone else's family due to religion. Life was tough, but I hold the old Gorbals with great affection. I enjoy nothing more than showing my grandchildren their family history from the Gorbals and trying to find the exact area's of my childhood where I grew up!! The old Gorbals? The people were the salt of the earth! Can we say the same now? Submitted by: Mr S Goldman Glasgow, Scotland 16/03/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Auld Biddy Thanks for your post and cheers! FAO Tam Craig Thanks for your comments and you answered your own question correctly. I know some people personally who have never recovered from violenct acts inflicted on them and that's what compelled me to write about my experience. The fact is the majority of the people hated the violence. Those who inflicted it and their wee sheep followers were and are in the minority. Pat Submitted by: Pat Mooney Not Supplied 16/03/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO the jannie remember the Dodd family Duffy and Barns and Norman Fiddle Submitted by: Not Supplied Not Supplied 16/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Robert Brierly, Are you same Bob Brierly of KILWINNING fame.? if so would like to know how you are all doing up in the Paradise State. Jim Fyfe Submitted by: J Fyfe Adelaide, Australia 16/03/09 Email: To would be interested to know details of reunion Submitted by: Glasgow, Scotland 15/03/09 Email: Re the recent request for location of the Hi Hi Bar in Gorbals. I seem to recall as a youngster it was situated in Crown Street near Caledonia Road. But I may be wrong. Submitted by: Jay Jay Dumfries, Scotland 15/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Great stories last week Pat Mooney Doris McIntyre Rita Moffat Etc.&Mick was No.2 the close next to the phone box?The close before Snowden St.I knew Peter McInnes and the Toner family both low down the Mission Hall was at the corner of Wolseley St.and Logan St. We lived above it when the landmine brought down all the ceilings and windows dont remember the one in Roseberry St.but when I went to see Oatlands before it was completely demolished and there was a big hut there standing all on its own which I think belonged to band of hope.Rita I remember the white buckskin boots and the white sannies out of the window to dry I remember the shop with the ribbons it sold nearly everything I cant remember the name of the shop but it was run by 2 jewish ladies one was called Lilly they always opened on a Sunday my mother used to buy white collars and studs for my fathers shirts he too worked for Glasgow Corporation and had a clean shirt every day not big wages but a safe job come! to think of it I think everyone up our close was working except one family lived next to Bert they were "different" we were lucky we had a nice clean close everyone took their turn at doing the stairs.Rita do you remember the cooperage work facing our windows not sure but remember something about McCanns maybe Amelia could find out from Bert. I used to go up to a shop in Rutherglen Road called Melroses for snuff for an old woman that lived same landing as us.I remember all the different styles coming back kept saying to my daughter I used to have a dress like that do you remember the nylons with the seams and the shaped heels. Submitted by: Christina Philbin London, England 15/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi debbie, I dont have any history of the Wee Mill but I do have a photo if you are interested. Email me if you want it. Bye for now, norrie Submitted by: Norman McNamee Rutherglen, Scotland 15/03/09 Email: To May from Sydney AU.The Street that ran off of Cumberland Street to the market was Commercial lane ,which I think eventually ran onto Camden Street,behind the Rose Garden and ancient burial ground. The Paragon Cinema was close to St.Francis Church and used to be a Synagogue at one time,I hope this helps. Cheers, Jim Doc Submitted by: Jim Doc Vancouver, Canada 14/03/09 Email: Hi im trying to find my dad thomas mclafferty just wondering if anyone knew him or can help me find him. if it helps my mums name is carol hamill. Submitted by: Kayleigh Ann McLafferty Fife, Scotland 14/03/09 Email: My dad used to lodge with a family called Forsyth who had a son kenneth not sure where in Glasgow they stayed but if anyone can help please contact .my dad was called Davie Williamson might have been known as Taffy.we lived in a small Aberdeenshire village. here's hoping Submitted by: W Keith Peterhead, Scotland 14/03/09 Email: Thank You for complimentary remarks Melvin Bernstein regarding recent threads from people claiming the old Gorbals was full of bigotry!! Your own input is itself most interesting, and its just refreshing to read of genuine anecdotes of the Gorbals from local people with no axe to grind. I often walked up and down Abbotsford Place when I courted a girl from there in the early 50's!! How times change. Submitted by: Gorbals Oldie Not Supplied 14/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Does anyone remember where the adventure playground 'The Vennie' was, I vaguely remember it was near Abbotsford Place,it was 35-40 years ago I played there, so I am not sure,, Hope someone recalls it .. A.F.G Submitted by: A.F.G London, UK 13/03/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Christina Philbin - Came across the Gorbals website tonight. Just wanted to know if this is my aunty chrissy. My mum's maiden name is Philbin sister I think to your husband James Philbin. A message from Amelia McKinley re the sad loss of your husband made me write this to you. Can you confirm if uncle James is alive or dead as we have not had any news regarding this. Kim Submitted by: Kim McLaren Houston, Renfrewshire 13/03/09 Email: Not Supplied fao Sadie Gibson Im sorry to hear about Sandra in fact Im really gutted Sandra was a lovley lassie always bubbly and cheerfull I was one of the boys that used to hang about the corner (chip shop)Im really stuck for words to say to you Sadie Im just gutted sanny Submitted by: Sanny Brighton, England 13/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Reading through the notes about the gorbals, brings but some memories. I remember the moffats staying up the road. I stayed at 38 Mcneil Street. Reading through notes and i noticed CHRISSY PHILBIN comments, COULD ANYONE INFORM ME IF MY BROTHER JAMES PHILBIN HAS PASSED AWAY?? As just noticed it on here, i am very shocked if its true! please get in touch! Thanks Submitted by: Helen McLaren (nee Philbin) Erskine, Renfrewshire 13/03/09 Email: Any info on a Janet Anderson nee Janet Singleton Gibson,b 1928 Ayr,died abt 1978 Glasgow,also 2 older brothers Bobby b abt 1926 (lived in Glasgow) and John (moved to Sussex after WW2) sadly all died in their early 50`s all died about 1977 2 1979 Submitted by: Sharon Redmond Wexford, S.Ireland 13/03/09 Email: May in Sydney. Yes the Paragon Cinema was on the right hand side of Cumberland St. after turning in from Sandyfaulds st. and was next to St. Francis Chapel. The market you want to know about was in Errol St. or Lane. My mammy went there to pick up what she could for us children. I have a picture of the cinema and chapel if you want me to send it to you. Submitted by: Jean Fairie Melbourne, Australia 13/03/09 Email: FAO: Lynda Duffy, the Warren family from the gorbals that I knew,lived across the street from me in the 1940/ nicholson street. the boys were hughie, tommy and I think there was one younger, the girls were, betty, margaret, and helen. sorry but ive no idea were they all are now; owen dougan Submitted by: Owen Dougan Glasgow, Scotland 13/03/09 Email: Happy St. Patrick's Day to all those good people who came from the Gorbals no matter their heritage. Submitted by: Margaret Burgdorf (McGettigan) Westfield NJ, USA 13/03/09 Email: Not Supplied I remember in the late 1950s watching street football teams in the Gorbals,playing in Coburg Lane at the back of the Coliseum picture hall.There was some terrific young players,i can remember some of their names there was John(holly)Mulholland Jim McGraw Ian McDonald Jamie McDonald Jackie Murray Jackie Dobbie Pie Dobbie Gebbie Ward Denis Gunn Frankie Ford Jimmy Foley.I wonder if any your regulars remember any of them,and are they all doing well. Submitted by: Alan Young Adelaide, Australia 12/03/09br> Email: Not Supplied Dear liz biggam aylesbury just wondering did you have relations who came from vine street,partick my grandad was robert biggam, if not i apologise for any inconvience,regards,bob kidd. Submitted by: Bob Kidd Bristol, UK 12/03/09br> Email: Not Supplied Hi, i am just wondering if anyone can remember my grandfather Robert Kenney? He had 4 borthers and was friends with billy bisland? Submitted by: JMC Glasgow, Scotland 12/03/09 Email: Hello can anyone living at the present time in partick or maryhill glasgow give me any information regarding my mother elizabeth coyle born in november 1924 at 10 brook st glasgow in the calton district. i was born in nicholson st gorbals glasgow in 1953, my mother and sister kathleen coyle are both alive and well today somewhere in partick or very close by could anyone with real information e-mail me please asap thanks. Submitted by: Peter Coyle Edinburgh, Scotland 12/03/09 Email: Wee Bleather; I knew Mag Clark, her brother John was my best mate, I lived round the corner in Egliton street, John was a great guy. I am sure Johnny Ramenski lived in the same street. Leishy Submitted by: Leishy Perth, Scotland 12/03/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Stephan Mullan - No sorry Stephan did not know your mother Tily Mullan my schoolfriend lived in Mathieson St.passed Cumberland Street and Ropers Pub No I dont have a son called James. Submitted by: Christina Philbin London, England 11/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Just love reading the anecdotes from the old Gorbals area. This is my 1st posting. I attended Buchan St school before the War, and the janitor often hid his empty bottles of beer in every nook & cranny, even in the girls toilets!!! I came from Inverkip St and had several friends from St. Ninians St. It saddens me to see my childhood area change so much. It brings a tear to my eye Submitted by: Mrs C.K Glasgow G42 23/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Harry Young, I remember a Henry Young that played on the spare ground, yes I remember all the names you mentioned especially Budgie, his real name was Ronnie Parrot he lived in Egliton street there were some great players in those days. Auld Malki, I used to go to Jacks for the bookies a few doors away to get take away dinners,for them, I used to drop a line for you and you would always give me a couple of bob at the end of the week, you were related to Dennis Fraser, a mate of mine, you were always smartly dressed good luck Billy Submitted by: Billy Malcom Easterhouse 11/03/09 Email: Not Supplied I have a 1941 photo of St Johns Portugal St pimary school I'ts two classes together. The teachers were a miss Mc Dermott & Higgins [not in photo]. don't suppose there will be many around but if interested get in touch Submitted by: Not Supplied Glasgow 11/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Was the Paragon cinema in Cumberland St just up from Sandifaulds St? Also, as you turned into Cumberland St from Sandifaulds St, I remember there was a lane on the right hand side which led to a market. Can anyone remember this? Do you rmeember the name of the lane or the markets? This would have been in the early to late 50's. Submitted by: May Sydney 11/03/09 Email: Not Supplied To harry young 3/3/09 you mention the campbell bros. playing fitba in Cavendish st.what were wheir first names...... Submitted by: Bill Toronto Canada 11/03/09 Email: Not Supplied My sister Elizabeth {Betty}Clark nee Brierley died 31/12/2008.Born 179 Lawmmor st,grew up 46 Lawmoor st Married 310 Lawmoor St and Ardmory Ave Toryglen Submitted by: Robert Brierley Brisbane Australia 11/03/09 Email: hello can anyone give me some information on the wee mill in oatlands when it opened and when it closed someone must have memories of the wee mill.My family drank there for years as we stayed in oatlands but sadly they have all passed away.any information would be wonderfull Submitted by: Debbie Glasgow 10/03/09 Email: Answer maureen hay regarding relatives of mary mc gowan who sang with the clyde valley stompers i think i may have went to school with maureen Submitted by: Mark McGowan Lanark 10/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi wee bob, I may be able to help you with a photo if the Hi Hi. I will need your email address. Send me an email. Bye for now, norrie Submitted by: norman mcnamee Rutherglen 10/03/09 Email: Hi Everyone, Just wondering if anyone remembers my dad not sure where in the Gorbals he was from, will find out next time i see him.....But he always went on about the high rise flats....would be good to hear any stories or info if anyone remembers him.. His name is Terry Ryan, and had brothers called Dennis, John, Kenny and a sister called Esther, his parents were Flora and Dennis. Would be good to find any info out thanks Submitted by: Mark Not Supplied 09/03/09 Email: Not Supplied This is for Mary Shankland wishing you a Happy Birthday 14 March from you Pal Irene Dumbreck dont know how to reach you mabe if nancy or your other sisters are on the net they can let me know where you are...Thinking of coming home for a holiday in July sometime love to hear from you your pal Irene Submitted by: irene dumbreck Ontario 09/03/09 Email: The Walker family thank & appreciate all the support & sympathy from the Gorbals community in the passing of my granda Johnnie Walker, he was a Gorbals boy born & bred & we miss him so much. Submitted by: Jodie Not Supplied 09/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Does anyone remember my late mother,Betty Mullan,we used to live at waddell court,we moved there from Mathieson street,my ma worked part time in the st mungos bar Ballater st and also worked as a machineist in Twomax Bros old rutherglen road,she followed her dream,building a big house in spain and went to live there full time in 2001 but sadly she only got three years in the sun,we lost her 10/10/2003,and since then have found my self asking all these questions,why do we leave things so long,anyway enough of my rantings,if anyone remembers i would like to hear from them,regards to all on the site,Stephen Mullan. Submitted by: Stephen Mullan Falkirk 09/03/09 Email: FAO Pat Mooney. Hi Pat your letter was good and I applaud you, for years I have said the same as you on this site but the characters you mention still persist in talking about violence and gangs, and yes they all must be in their sixtes and seventies, I am 59 and cant believe how people cannot grow up, lets hope they get the message this time, either be pleasant and honest or stay away from us decent folk we want to share happy memories on this site. Pat very pleased about your letter and I am sure a lot of us on the site appreciate you writing it. Tam Craig Submitted by: Tam Craig Tollcross Glasgow 09/03/09 Email: Not Supplied F.A.O. Maureen Hay - Re. Relatives Mary McGowan have sent you an E/M which hopefully will assist your search. Submitted by: Bill Shields Perth Austrailia 09/03/09 Email: Looking for Henry's, Devlins & Nelsons. Hello All! My Dad is getting old (73), and I wanted to get some info about how he grew up and if anyone remembers him or his family. He, his brothers, mother & father moved to London in the late 50's, but spent all of their youth in Govan, the Gorbals & Plantation. My Dad is John McLennan Henry, one of four brothers, Thomas, Frank and Robert. They were raised mainly by their maternal Grandmother Jamima (Nelson) Devlin, her nick name was "Cushy". Her husband William John Devlin, murdered in Ocober '29(I think he deserved it). They lived on Blackburn Street. Other addresses were Crookston St. Plantation St, Elder St and King St. My Dads parents were Mary (Devlin) Henry aka Molly and Thomas Henry. My Dad was in the Royal Scots Fusiliers from '52-'56 and fought in Malaya. He tells all sorts of stories from his childhood, some hilarious, some really sad. I now live in the States, Dad's still in London. God he's proud of where he came from. I just wondered if there was anyone out there that might remember him or his family. Thanks alot! Submitted by: Theresa Cooper Lynchburg, VA USA 09/03/09 Email: My grandad was Patrick James Boyle born 1908 and died in 1946 Eglinton Lane Gorbals in 1946.His parents were Francis or Frank Boyle and Rosey Montford or Mountford,Patrick was married to Mary Ann Kilkie.Does anybody have any memories of this family or know of any living relatives? Submitted by: Tommy Boyle Leicestershire 09/03/09 Email: Im from glesga, born and bread, i came to england when i was six years old, but when i got here i had so many auntys and cousins i stayed a scott and am so proud of it, i love scotland and love to read all the diffrent storys i will never be English to all the scotts Submitted by: lizbiggam aylesbury 08/03/09 Email: I would love to hear from anyone who lived in parkhead cargiell street and went to quarrey brea shcool i was born ther and moved to england when i was six Submitted by: lizbiggam aylesbury 08/03/09 Email: hi alice lyon buckley sadly sandra died almost five yrs ago .rena stays in caslemilk and is fine i dont rem u glad to hear from u will pass on ur mess to rena take care Submitted by: Sadie Not Supplied 07/03/09 Email: Not Supplied hi, im looking to here from anyone who new my sister in law who lived in the gorbals peebles street they were the gallaghers father antony, son's francie,charlie, and mary, this was in the sixtie's. Submitted by: peter o' neil. geelong victoria 07/03/09 Email: Auld Malki you say that I am a petty annoying person my opinions annoy you don't read them you are correct probably a lot of my posts are 50 years old but after all I only tell stories of things that have happened to me in my life I did leave when I was 25 but I lived life in those 25 years and up until 1989 I had been back 5 time for 6 weeks each time and I did see a lot of changes probably more than the people who never left their because they don't notice the changes for instance I seen these really ugly high-rise flats I may be wrong but I think they were the Q E 2 flats I was standing at my hire car when a young woman probably in her early 40s says "what the F are you doing here?" She didn't know me from a bar of soap I asked her if she knew where lawmoor Street was she really screamed up a couple of flights of these boxes something like "Maggie do you know where FN lawmoor Street " I know on my visit before then in Agyle Street I heard something similar coming fr! om a five-year old girl I presume to her mother to get her FN arse across the road quicker that was one thing in Glasgow that was quite common sure to cut a long story short I found lawmoor Lane facing the graveyard in the same block of flats so those people that live there some time inside a pigeon hole and didn't even know their own building never mind the Gorbals I must confess I don't think they were all too sure of me and thought I had just landed from the planet Mars in a strange vehicle and as for the barras it is a pity we don't have photos on here we have plenty of family still working in the barras and I can trace my family back to the 16th century "Boyle Earle of Glasgow " so we are truly Glaswegians just for the benefit of those who claim we are Irish but I am Australian with papers to prove that ! Do visit my homeland and have seen many of the changes and only write about my 25 years of living there not 50 years locked in a dookit people who leave Scotland to t! he far-off corners of the world who wouldn't wear a kilt to save their life. know more about Scotland than if they stayed there just one of those things AULD MALKY I think we should agree to disagree I did go to school with Ian Brady you can't blame his stepparents or his parents for what he'd done Peter manual killed my wife's best friend can't blame the parents either Jimmy is my young cousin and his brothers can't be blamed for what he does and his mother was the salt of the earth I think if everybody looked in their closets they might find a skeleton staring back at them by the noo 10 quid Submitted by: 10 Quid Oz 07/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi does anyone remember the warren family from the Gorbals Submitted by: Lynda Duffy Berkshire 07/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Hello to everyone on the site,is there anyone out there remembers or knows my ma,Betty Mullan,she used to work in the Saint Mungos bar on the corner of Balatter st and waddell st,she also worked in Twomax on the old rutherglen rd,i lost my ma in 2003 and canny ask her anything anymore,so i would love to hear from anyone who can remember her or our family name,kind regards to you all,Stephen. Submitted by: Stephen Mullan Falkirk 07/03/09 Email: Looking for descendants of the MULHOLLAND family. William my Great, Great Grandfather married in Rutherglen in 1893. My Grandmother, MARY CLARKE GAVIN was born in Hamilton in 1896 and died in 1977. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you. Ann Williams Submitted by: Ann Williams Germany 07/03/09 Email: Pat Does this mean that 10 quid is not the flavour of the month any more as I quite enjoyed reading his stories better than the one line questions that seemed to be the common practice on this site maybe some of you should stop warning people about their behaviour I always thought that was the Webmaster's job on this site is that not true? As people tend to jump on the bandwagon and when they have nothing better to say just say " Keech! " a common Gorbals wording ! A big sook Submitted by: A Big Sook USA 07/03/09 Email: Not Supplied For my book " LOVE INTERRUPTED " Author Publishing A love story (1956 ) about a girl from Lawmoor street and a boy from Parkhead, Has anyone got photographs of Barrowland balcony looking dow at dancers and the entrance. The Lacarno Inside and entrance. Lawmoor st. BOOTS, tramcar. Barras. Royal Inf.Rottenrow Hospital entrance. All shot in the fifties. ( Credit only. ) It's a comedy. I'd be obliged. I'll send story outline by E-mail to contributers. Submitted by: Carey Connor Toronto Canada 06/03/09 Email: For Pat Mooney - well written, your thoughts are enhanced a thousand times! Submitted by: Auld Biddy Not Supplied 06/03/09 Email: Not Supplied GORBALS OLDIE, Thanks for your much appreciated note, I thought what you wrote was absolutely perfect, lets hope between the two of us we can get those isolated cases to Wake up and get on with their life. I was down South at a business conference a few weeks ago and there were a few German businessmen there , now if anyone should have a hatred of the Germans it should be me, because I am Jewish, but life is not like that for me, the English people made rather stupid comments about the Germans, but I have to laugh because it reminded me about the stupid few on this web that moan about religion in the Gorbals 30 years ago! Life is too short for all that, live for today because you cannot change what happened in the past, as far as I am concerned living in the Gorbals was the greatest experience of my life, the people were the salt of the earth, I take my children down there often still telling them my memories of Abbotsford place school. Thanks again, Melvin Submitted by: M Bernstein Glasgow 06/03/09 Email: Not Supplied There are two polish clubs in glasgow, "the polish cultural & educatunal club, 5 parkgrove terrace,glasgow" and the,"ex combatents club, woodside road' owen dougan. Submitted by: Owen Dougan Glasgow 06/03/09 Email: Billy Malcolm hi there I really had no intention of answering your posts but you are to the heart of the matter very insulting you say you just like to come on this site and have a joke I haven't read one yet but telling somebody who's having their say to back off as a bit bullish if the other person is able to communicate on this site and I am sure they can stand up for themselves. Mick you know about the law ever heard of fiction the daily record had a site called Scots abroad that collapsed and died a death because of people insulting other people nothing like this site this is very tame and although I never wrote much I did read it - people can tell their stories without other people being so rude the best comment to give somebody is no comment at all. One person I have to apologise to AGNES this is the reason I never use my real name and always refused to give it because people start jumping on the bandwagon they know everything about my family sorry I was so rude but you did give me my just deserts back! 10 quid Submitted by: 10 quid oz 06/03/09 Email: Not Supplied I am trying to trace any photos of my grandfather James Boyle. He was a bookie as was his father i believe . He was well known in the calton and the gorbals He died at Ayr races in 1954 Submitted by: George Duncan Calton Glasgow 05/03/09 Email: JOHN MUIR... does anyone know of a JOHN MUIR who was born in Gorbals in the 1920's and spent some time in The Royal Navy in the 1940's before returning to Gorbals. Please email me if you have any info. regards Helen Submitted by: Helen Beeby Plymouth 05/03/09 Email: Hello to Christina Philbin,did you know, or where you an old friend of my ma, Betty Mullan? we lived at 24 waddell court, my da Harry died young only 31,i remember your family came from Mcneil street,do you have a son called james? cheers the noo,Stephen Mullan. Submitted by: Stephen Mullan Falkirk 04/03/09 Email: Christina We do have a Polish Centre in Glasgow-but I don't even have a name to so I think it would be best to put that whole thing to rest. On the subject of clothes -I think we can plot our lives through the special clothes we wore as children teenagers and adults. the size of the clothes definitely increases of course, with age but that is another matter!! My first recollections of clothing is of a pair of bottle green panataloons that resembled my grandfathers Glasgow Corporation trousers. It would not surprise me to find out that they were made from a spare pair of said trousers. Then, white buckskin boots and white sandshoes. They put out the windae after my mother whitening them in the summer. The first Sunday in May meant a new pair of sannies, new white ankle socks and a new ribbon in your hair at least. If one of my aunties were flush there might be a new wee dress made by a local dressmaker. Big birlie skirt- if the material was cheap enough. They bought loads of it.The rib! bons were bought from a wee shop on Rutherglen Road a couple of yards from Greasy Peter's. Christina or anyone remember this wee shop? -I loved all the different choices of coloured ribbon. Then we went to watch the May procession with all the girls in lovely white full length frocks and the page Boy bedecked in blue velvet. That's it for now be back with more clothes stories soon. Love Rita PS Could everyone please take note of what Mr Bernstein said. Enough is enough we are all bored with some of the stuff appearing in this fab website. Submitted by: Rita Moffat Glasgow 04/03/09 Email: Not Supplied I lived in Rutherglen Road. I went to Oatlands School before moving to Castlemilk around in 1963. I remembr Archie Archibald who lived around the corner and Kathy Barry from school. Also a girl called Pauline who I think moved to England around 1960 ish. Submitted by: Cathy Jordan Not Supplied 04/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Does anyone know a william woodside aka billy? he lived in the high rise flat with a jackie dickson. thanks Submitted by: Not Supplied Glasgow 04/03/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO. Hi yes I remember John Harvey, he lived at 3 Abbotsford Pl. Geoff Shaw lived in Cleland St.;; He became Convenor of Strathclyde in the 70s but sadly died, I think in the late 1980's, A great man who did A lot of good work for the people of the Gorbals. Nice to see someone give him A mention. ;;;Did you know Margaret Clark who lived at 10 Herbeston St, she was in my class at school? I think she had A brother who was in the scoutts. Remember the Wee cobbler's shop in the middle of the St?. Wee Blether. Submitted by: Wee Bleather Not Supplied 03/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Ann Davies (kerr) nice to hear from you,yes I had a good Christmas and new year, yes it would be nice to keep in touch. Don't know if I mentioned in my last E-Mail to you that one of my husbands cousins was in a photo in a book called Shades of grey, his cousin is standing with his horse and cart changed days noo Ha Ha Ha anyway nice to hear from you Cheers Agnes ( Amb ) Submitted by: Agnes Burns Lake district 03/03/09 Email: agbmu@yahoo .com Does anyone know of the books written about experiences teaching infants at Polmadie circa 1950's. I don't know the lady's name but am keen to track down her books to read. Hope someone can help! Sal Submitted by: Sally Black Livingston 03/03/09 Email: Regarding the comment made about irish catholics not to be employed in the gorbals many decades ago,when we moved out of mathieson street and into waddell court,my neighbours where,the teehans,mcteighs,monaghans,mcglinshies, herritys,all good irish stock,all hard working families and all employed,the gorbals at that time was a cultural area where, to my memory,everybody got on,all colours,all creeds Submitted by: Stephen Mullan Falkirk 03/03/09 Email: Interesting to read about an Adelphi Girls reunion. I believe the School which I also attended is no longer in use or demolished? Can anyone enlighten me as to where the local girls would complete their Secondary education? Submitted by: Annie Bangor Northern Ireland 03/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Hey Georgie Porgie that wis a brammer, at least you didnae go at the grope, aye folks he is a good kisser. Would still love to hear from Sally Dodds, Kathleen Scanlon, Alice simpson , Alice she lived up oor close at 2 Snowden st before the çurrens moved in we had the Rankins ,the Kelly;s Bisland ,Martain;s and the sons were great singers.I was thinking about the shelters during the war , we had one in oor back yard and man some of the best times were had in the shelters , singing dancing all the local talent pies n peas, chips wi vinegar and of course there wis always a dumpling and whatever else could be rustled up. boy we sure did have a lot of talented people , and naebidy cared whit yi wur thats when we all stuck by each other, but there wis always some craw that wid start wi the fisty cuffs then best o pals next day. It jist goes ti show yi people made the best wi whit they hid .And how about them buskers tap dancers singers we used to sit oan the pavement getting entertained for a few coppers , see whit ah mean some people did not sit oan their duffs they did what it took ti survive , ah know it might sound daft ti some people , how could yi be happy when a war wis going oan . Well I guess that is all we had was to look after each other.Oh and oor tent hall wis oan Roseberry st jist doon fae John the pawn whose signature tune wis fur yi aloan that wis his motto took me years ti figure it oot .So deep n wide deep n wide my cup is full n running over . Was I think a p! rotestant thing but we got in for the paris bun and ginger and as long as you stied and sung it was okey. Oh and it wis always nice n waaaaarm . I see that †quid will be having his works and writting in the Glasgow museum is that no brilliant or whit. any hoo the noo best to all DAM oh and nae comments oan ho ah write it is all in good fun Submitted by: Doris McIntyre Slo USA 03/03/09 Email: Not Supplied My mum (Mary) Ann Farry Johnstone, born 1940 lived at 17 Baird Street, Townhead, with her mum, Mary Farry Johnstone and her mum, Margaret Mcinnes Farry then maybe Lennon, widower of an Alice Collins. Ring any bells anyone - they left Baird Street around 1955. My biological grandfather (who I'm not totally sure was married to my granny - oops) was a ? Johnstone of Black St, Townhead - he may have had a daughter born around the same time as my mum to another woman and the daughter was called Rene - also - was divorce common in the 40's and anyone know where any records are kept? Thanks for any ideas. Hope you are all well. Submitted by: Eva Gardiner Alloa 03/03/09 Email: FAO Annie Martin, brilliant to hear that Janette was your sister, used to chat with her when she was hanging out the window, some great laughs we all had. Dont s'pose she will remember me, tho she should remember my sister Lana Thomson, thanks for that and hope all is well with the family....BRILLIANT SITE THIS!!! Submitted by: Peter Thomson Eyemouth 03/03/09 Email: To Billy Malcom, I read your letter it was very good, well done, I used to play fitba at the spare ground in cavendish st, I remember you, there were some great players the best being, Alan Yates,wee Jim Hall he was magic, Campbell brothers, Iain and Alex Mackie, the Elliots, Johnny Miller, Conshie, Big Budgie, he was a rite laugh, we used to play there after school till our maws would come and get us, I remember playin in broken glass, bricks stones the lot but we all loved it where are you now, you were always chasin skirt, you had a couple of older brothers I remember as well. Submitted by: Harry Young Castlemilk Glasgow 03/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Hey there, I'm looking for any info anyone may have on a relative of mine, William Woodside, aged late 40's/early 50's, he is also known as 'Billy'. All I really know of him is that his girlfriend was Jackie Dickson (late 40's I think) who had a son Stephen Dickson from a previous relationship. They lived in high rise flats in in Gorbals (I cant remember which floor but Ido remember they were pretty high up) Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks you in in advance. Oh forgot to mention, he also has a sister named Shirley and his mother's name was Isobelle. Thanks again. Submitted by: Not Supplied Glasgow 03/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Myself and sisters are researching our family for our mother. her name is mary kate(kathleen)reilly or brady, as she was known by both. yep confusing. she lived in and around kent road in the late 1950's. she married my dad patrick rushe in 1959 in glasgow. my grandmother was known as maggie, (margarette) brady. apparently maggies husband was killed in the docks, his name was sean(john)reilly, and was from creevey, milltown, co cavan. mother returned to ireland but granny and her sister (catherine) remained in kent road. if there is anyone who might know my mother/father/family please email me. thank you kindly.Mother is 71yrs old and is the last remaining relative on her side. thanks again Trisha Submitted by: Trisha Rushe Derry Ireland 02/03/09 Email: TO Auld Biddy; Billy Malcom; and others. who have supported my simple letters, I did write to thank you Auld Biddy but recently three of my letters have nt been printed on the Gorbals web site, I was not told why. Ten Quid, your out of touch with Glasgow your stories are 5o years old, so why bother, as I said I have never left Glasgow, every Sturday I walk from the Shaws to the Toon, some times to the Barras, I get the bus back, I meet and see old friends so I am in touch with the reality of Glasgow, always have been, your petulance is noted, I never said anything wrong about anyone, just said I was proud of my scots ancestory, I am not stupid of course we all come from "we dont know where" but why did you have to interfere, I never said nought about your life as I said your too fond of other peoples business and try to disrupt them, I am 77, and a proud Glaswegian you wont take that away from me, I have read your history of letters well.... Billy Malcom, yes I did eat in Jack the Jews in Abbotsford place that was in the 60s. I dont think I know you, remind me please. God Bless all Auld Malki family? Submitted by: Auld Malki Shawlands Glasgow 02/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Anyone remember the vandermotten family,Nicholson Street.Billy,Fran,Catherine Or the Easton family? Submitted by: margaret welwyn 02/03/09 Email: Not Supplied would like to know relatives of mary mcgowan vocalist of the clyde valley stompers..... Submitted by: maureen hay glasgow 02/03/09 Email: I am still lookin for anyone who knew my dad ronnie dewar or soapy he got killed in the gorbals it would be a great help as im struggling to remember memories of him if anyone has any stories it would be a great help thanks nicola Submitted by: Nicola Dewar Gorbals 01/03/09 Email: Like to contact old friends, from Wellcroft Pl.( Cathie Mooney/ Hendry Edwards/ Elizabeth Cassady/ Diane Anderson/ Isobel Crum/ Billy Dixon/. Submitted by: Wellcroft P1 Pupil Not Supplied 01/03/09 Email: Not Supplied I Would like to contact Bessie Forbes or Jordan? sister of Margaret, Jack, Tommy, Myles, Jimmy, Frankie. I think she may have lived in the Pollok area? or Dumbreck Submitted by: Margaret Forbes Not Supplied 01/03/09 Email: Not Supplied I was born in the Gorbals but left before I was 7-years old!! My only memory is standing outside a pub called the Hi Hi Bar waiting on my father handing over much needed pocket money! Unfortunately I can't remember or find any trace of where exactly this pub stood. I'm sure I remember a Church nearby? I'd like to show my teenage daughters this little spot of personal nostalgia. Submitted by: Wee Bob Largs 01/03/09 Email: Not Supplied Have really great memories of neighbours, family and friends while living in the Gorbals and Oatlands. The kindness of folk helping others and most would give the shirt off their backs and go without themselves, to help somebody out. However along with the good comes the bad. I also have terrible memories of the violence I witnessed and it has stayed with me for life. People boasting on here about stabbing, taking razors etc. to people is sickening. Nowhere, do I see in these posts that they have any remorse for things they have done. Instead they put it down to, they were young, daft, and/or it was the thing to do, to join a gang. Bullsh*t! They made choices just like the rest of us did, decent folk got on with it and tried to work hard and make the best of the hand they had been dealt. One individual on here seems to be reliving his glory days as a thug. Reminiscing at this stage of his life (who’s now probably nigh on seventy) about all his victims and how tough he was, the injuries and damage he done, is pathetic. J.B. you’re an old man now, you’ll not be doing any more damage (hopefully) so gie up the ghost! There was a comment made on here that the cumbie took care of their own. Rubbish! Obviously whoever wrote that forgets or didn’t see this same cumbie beating the crap out of many of the poor folk who couldn’t pay back the money they had borrowed from these thugs and their money lending scheme. As for their loyalty to each other, that’s a joke! Several of them grassed up their “pals” and sung like Engelbert Humperdink if it meant taking the heat off them. These “hard men” were and are not hard men they were BULLIES nothing else, nothing more. They ran in a gang (because they couldn’t do anything one on one) and they victimized their own people, the poorest of the poor. Personally I believe KARMA is a boomerang and it will come back and get you, so hope all the thugs are ready to take their lumps. Another post in here talked of how a lot of folk are boasting about knowing Jimmy Boyle. Well I was unfortunate enough to have him as a neighbour when he lived in Rutherglen road in the Oatlands, I don’t boast of knowing him, as a matter of fact I shudder at the memory. It’s lovely to read all the good memories and laughs on here; many friendships were formed and have lasted a lifetime. I think though we also have to tell the whole story and for a lot of people it wasn’t just the struggle of poverty and a hard difficult life, but for some also being victimized by the cumbie bullies was the catalyst in breaking their spirits. I don’t miss the slums, filth, rats, poverty or violence, but I do miss many of the decent and great people, they are the absolute best and I’m happy to still have many of them as friends. Pat Submitted by: Pat Mooney Not Supplied 01/03/09 Email: Not Supplied

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