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I am trying to look for my birth father john mccrory (i am not sure exactly on the last name spelling). he lived in ireland for years and was with a woman called shirley cox( my birth mother) i heard he also had 3 daughters before me and that he came from the gorbals in glasgow and that his family are there, i know its a long shot but does anyone know anyone there with the same last name which may give me a starting point to look for him, they may be related to him in some way. in advance thanks for your help Submitted by: David Meath, Ireland 28/02/09 Email: F.A.O Nancy, not sure how you know me or what the connection is to the family, I would love to hear more from you. Marion Submitted by: Marion Bidgood Reading, UK 28/02/09 Email: Would love some photographs of the Gorbals around the 50's/60's, My granda had reels of film from the coronation 1953 taken in the back court of 148 Nicholson St, but cant seem to get a hold of them. You see he died aged 99 in June 1998. Was my link to the old Gorbals...pre 50's Submitted by: Peter Thomson Eyemouth, Scotland 28/02/09 Email: To peter yes Janette is my sister and I do remember John Tein and a few other names you mentioned Submitted by: Annie Martin Auckland, New Zealand 28/02/09 Email: Would anyone have come across Lizzie McPhail and her five children - between 1890 and 1902 (at least) she lived in a number of streets in the area...90 McLean, 365 Cumberland, 129 Alexandra Park St. I'd love to hear from you. Submitted by: Helen Darwin, Australia 27/02/09 Email: Hi Donna Burke did you by any chance go to Strathbungo and do you remember Anne Brown from Herbertson St? She had a brother Robert. Submitted by: Josephine Fairley (nee MacDonald) Glasgow, Scotland 27/02/09 Email: Not Supplied F.A.O/Sandra Hughes,Hello Mary I have had Kate The Shrews Photostream which has loads of photos n fact there are about ten different sites take you ages to go through them all www.kate the Crossans -Hellraisers of Castlemilk there are letters from Rosemary to her mother addressed to Commercial Road then later to Catlemilk Rosemary kept all her letters and her mother kept all the replies thought I was a hoarder she was worse than me I see someone else called Drew looking for Crossans so he will get lots of information from these sites hope you are feeling a little bit better Mary but early days. Christina. Submitted by: Christina Philbin London, England 27/02/09 Email: Not Supplied Well said M.Bernstein! I've also had enough of reading about the Cumbie, Irish Catholicism, Shebeens, and Gangsters! Great working class characters were born, bred, and worked in the old Gorbals. Male & Female alike. Dozens of close-nit pubs provided entertainment. Young lads aspired to be footballers, neighbours rallied round in times of emergency. There's NO other district in Glasgow quite like the old Gorbals! So to the ignorant who use the Forum to rake up old prejudice's - give it a rest. Oh, I lived in Camden St for over 30-years, and my sons still live in the Gorbals. Submitted by: Gorbals Oldie Glasgow, Scotland 27/02/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Rita your emails always give me a laugh but thinking about you in the white dress with the rose in your hair made me burst out laughing.You seem to be looking for a needle in a haystack these things were never discussed in families then.We have a Polish Centre here in London so I suppose there is one in Glasgow have you asked for their help just a thought.I remember Lewiss being called the Polly thought you were a toff if you bought something out of there but later on it went downhill.Christina Submitted by: Christina Philbin London, England 27/02/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO: Peter Thomson, you mentioned a few names that I remember well from the 40/60s in nicholson street. Submitted by: Owen Dougan Glasgow, Scotland 27/02/09 Email: Hoping to find whereabouts of Deborah MacMillan formerly of Commercial Ct or Waddell Ct. for Adelphi old pupils girls reunion. Debbie would be about 53 years old. Submitted by: Adelphi Girls Glasgow, Scotland 27/02/09 Email: Hi Christina Philbin I suppse I will always be looking for someone who knew my father-my mother met him in Dumfries when she worked in munitions during the war. He was Polish and that is all I know. I keep thinking maybe I would meet Frankie Mcguiness or somebody that would have information. My mother never spoke about it and I when she was alive I kinda thought she might say something but she was a very quiet, private person. As was the way then, my grannie became my mother and my grandfather my father. Now he was a character and a half. He created another version of "looking oot the windae wi a pllow and watching all the fights after the Pig and Whistle shut" He loved his drink and had a prankish sense of humour. He would delberately tell Big Wullie or whoever that wee Jimmy was chatting up his wife. Lay another couple of landmines in the course of his evening drinking, then come up the stair, tell anybody who was in the house that there were going to be some rare terrs when the pub shut. We would all then grab a pillow open the windie and have the best seat in the hoose to view the "entertainment" As you know we lived directly above the Piggie so we did have a grandstand view....... Big Emily, I have fond memories of too. She was always soooooo pleasant and as you said always smiling. Best of all she gave you more paris buns than Rita or anybody else- so you always joogled aboot tae get her to serve you. The motivation was a paris bun or a chelsea bun or two could be snaffled before you got home. I worked in Lewis's in the late 60's. My wee auntie Nell used to call it The POLLY-Maybe the Polytechnic at one time? Anyway... I worked in the basement in the Gardening Dept and theY made me the Rose Queen one year. Rose sales were good business and a big thing was promoting McCreadie's roses to the toffs. God when I think aboot it- they sent me to the hairdresser came out with BIG HAIR-we are talking major bouffant here, complete with a red plastic rose stuck in a foldy over french pleat. White flouncy frock with sticky oot underskirts and a wee red rose print all over it. Cool or what? I bliddy cringe thinking aboot it!! I think Mary Foster will be over the moon having her old pal to write to. You both shared one of the most interesting times being brought up in the Gorbals. Well I think so-the weans in 50 years time will not have as many memories to talk about in a web site like this............ Love Rita Submitted by: Rita Moffat Glasgow, Scotland 27/02/09 Email: Not supplied Does any one remember mae and davie campbell who lived in Crown street? Submitted by: Gorbals Girl Not Supplied 27/02/09 Email: Not supplied Doris Mc Intyre Just for you the biggest kiss ever xxxxxx from georgy porgie mmmmmm that tasted nice, I have not lost my touch, enjoy Doris, but I am sure if you had been kissed by me before you would never have forgot it, I must have slipped up my darling not kissing you before, because I kissed all the girls in the Gorbals ha ha and made them cry! Submitted by: Georgy Porgie Glasgow, Scotland 27/02/09 Email: Not supplied Does anyone have any info on Edward, James, Rose or Ronald Crossan from the Gorbals and then Glenacre Castlemilk? Submitted by: Drew Glasgow, Scotland 27/02/09 Email: Not supplied Would any old-timers out there remember my grandfather - Bert Stewart who was a part-time barman in the Bundoran Bar, Gorbals, late 1950's? Submitted by: V.S Kent, England 26/02/09 Email: Not supplied Anybody remember the parrot from the malley arms?... well if you do i'd just like to let you all know he's still alive and well and has retired to a wee village just outside glesga. Submitted by: Smokey's pal Glasgow, Scotland 26/02/09 Email: Not supplied F.A.O.Sandra Hughes I tried Crossans-Hellraisers of Castlemilk I got it alright the history of all her family are on this and lots of pictures of her mother and just the way I remember Rosemary and a photograph of Mrs.Crossan the Granny once again just as I remember her good luck. Submitted by: Christina Philbin London, England 26/02/09 Email: Not supplied Hi Sadie Gibson I know your sisters Sandra and Rena.but I have been out the country for along while,Ihope they are ok asi havent seen them for years.Sandra use to live with Spiders mum in Waterside Street for a while and I lived in Turnlaw Street.Tam Lyons was also a pal of ours and a few others I cant remember the names.How is everybody getting on.They may not remember me but tell them I send my love.Thank you Sadie Alice. Submitted by: Alice Lyons Buckley Billingham, England 26/02/09 Email: Not Supplied A wee message to wee Mick, a word of advise you should not put peoples name down on this site that associates them with being gang members or involved in violence, I for one deplored readin your article, it cannot be proved and is not what us folk want to read about, it was sick to think anyone could write such an article without being considerate of others, I know a little about the legal profession and you are treading on thin ice Melvin Submitted by: M Bernstein Glasgow, Scotland 26/02/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Ten Quid; I have chatted with you a few times about the old days, we both went to Bogie, when I write in I like to be friends with everyone, tell a few jokes and have a laugh, through this site I have met a few old friends which was good, got drunk one nite as well with one. So I am suprised you have been caught up on this latest moaning and bickering, if I was a Judge and Jury, then what I would say is, this started from Terry McNamee saying Irish persons could not get a job in the gorbals, this was answered by a lot of people as rubbish, which it is, then we had Pauline Boyce denouncing that Irish weere not members of the gorbals gangsters, I went to Abbotsford place and not one pupil was a member of the "CUMBIE", at Bogie there was no way of that either, so I dont want to prolong this for whatever reason but the Cumbie as even mentioned by a person called M connolly were all Bonny boys and catholics from Irish parents, WHY are certain people not want to admit! that? As for Malki I know you, you used to eat at Jacks in Abbotsford place, is that right? You were a gentleman! So Ten Q. back off from Malki he is a fine GORBALS gent and all he has said that his family date back 200 years, no probs there!! Please lets all get back to normal the Gorbals people do not want this moaning about Irish and scots, as far as I am concerned we are all one I used to play football at cavendish st spare ground, most of the boys were catholics but we all got on with each other and had some cracking games and injuries on the playing surface! Celtic and Rangers is not on this site, it is Humane beings most of us getting on life trying to get a bit of a banter going, please try and remember that, we do not need bitter senseless people. This is totally the longest letter i have ever wrote!! Billy Malcom Submitted by: Billy Malcolm Glasgow, Scotland 25/02/09 Email: Not Supplied does anyone remember reverend john harvey, was a friend of the reverend, geoff shaw who held a youth club called crossroads. Submitted by: Donna Burke Glasgow, Scotland 25/02/09 Email: hi,looking for any pictures of herbertson street, anyone may have, my dad matt burke lived number 10. any pictures would be great. thanks Submitted by: Donna Burke Glasgow, Scotland 25/02/09 Email: Message for catherine coll, matt burke was my grandad, his other brother was called chic and also alec, sadly all three are no longer with us. thanks for your story. donna burke. Submitted by: Donna Burke Glasgow, Scotland 25/02/09 Email: Looking for my grandfather Submitted by: Leslie William McNamee Alice Spring, Australia 25/02/09 Email: Another sad loss for the gorbals the passing away of johnie walker RIP will be sadly missed Submitted by:John Gorbals, Glasgow 24/02/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Annie Martin, did you live at the bottom of the same close that the MCNally's lived and were you related to Jeanette Martin. Does anyone remember the Carlton's lived up the same close as the Kerr's and Kilna's, there was Tam, Pat and Rose that I can remember of, there was also a McGuire family, pronanly the same close, my sister Cecilia was a flower girl sometime in the 50's. I also remember the Horn's, Gallacher, McGonigle's, Pringle's. There used to be a teenager by the name of John Tien of s'possedly German origin who used to throw cut-out german soldiers from his window I'm sure he lived above the Carlton's, can anyone else rememver any of these people.....Pedro (Peter Thomson) Submitted by: Peter Thomson Eyemouth, Scotland 24/02/09 Email: HI AGNES [AMB] HOW YOU DOING, SORRY I HAVENT KEPT IN TOUCH BUT IM HERE NOW. HOPE YOU"V RECOVERED AFTER XMAS AND NEW YR AND I HOPE SANTA BROUGHT YOU EVERYTHING YOU WANTED, LETS KEEP IN TOUCH REGARDS ANN Submitted by: Ann Davies (kerr) England 24/02/09 Email: Not Supplied To Rita Moffat,the same thing happened to me some time ago when I wrote rather a long posting think I was taking too long then it happened the other night when I was writing something to Mary Foster before I could finish it just went whoosh-gone couldnt bring myself to write it all again.Dont know if Frankie worked in Dumfries she fell out with her mother so its posssible she did but I really dont know.I remember big Emily she stayed in the little red Co-op building it had a close in Mc Neil Street and one in Ballater St. she lived 2up in Ballater St.facing the tram car stop she lived next door to the Linstrums I used to go with Lilly Linstrom on a Saturday to Lewiss her uncle played the piano there.The last I saw of her was when I was at a dance in the Plaza when I was about 18 I met her then about 25years later I met her in a club down here James came back from the bar and said someone at the bar says she knows you small world eh! I remember big Emily had two sons bi! g strong boys years later she moved to the building along at the Shan shop she was always smiling I loved those Paris buns.I also loved looking out of the window cushion under my ribs on a Saturday night when the Pig and Whistle was coming out especially if there was a fight Happy Days! Christina Submitted by: Christina Philbin London, England 23/02/09 Email: Not Supplied Could Mary Kelly get in touch with me again? I got an email recently but it was accidently deleted. She was a past pupil of St Luke's and had a school photograph?? Submitted by: Eileen Duffy Co.Tyrone, Ireland 23/02/09 Email: Hi Annie Martin, thanks for your email and the post, those names you mentioned certainly brought back some fond memorys of Nicholson Street. regards, Owen. Submitted by: Owen Dougan Glasgow, Scotland 23/02/09 Email: FAO.PETER THOMSON, Hi peter many thanks for your reply about ROSE we just have to hope its wrong , maybe someone can lets us know on this site. once again peter thank you, ANN Submitted by: Ann Davies (kerr) England 23/02/09 Email: Not Supplied DEBBIE ,I dont know if it is the same person but Paddy Slowy the one I remember he used to run the sheebeen in Mathesion st and a couple of times ma da would bring him and a couple of the other drinking pals to the house on Snowden St. he was a stocky built man or it must have been all the clothes he wore to keep warm but he made a living regardless and was known as a hard man I guess you had to be selling the fags n wine or people would just mess you about. Mick you put it down very well who really cares cant change the past so get on with it. Hey Georgy Porgie ah jist wish ah wis wan oh the lassies you kissed being you said you were a great kisser so pucker up laddie and gies a big kiss all the best to every one DAM Submitted by: Doris McIntyre Slo, USA 23/02/09 Email: Not Supplied How old are we all? why do i come on this site and each time find someone bitching? I am not a Gorbals man but my family are so i come here to find out about my origins and what it was like to live in the Gorbals not to find out whos dad can beet up someone elses dad,who has the hardest conkers,etc etc nah nah nah nah nah.Lets all grow up and use the site for what its for...Fond memories of times we cant get back,i left playground squables beind years ago! Submitted by: Not Supplied Not Supplied 23/02/09 Email: Not Supplied Posting this again because I'm sure you great people must know something about my grandparents. Their name was Campbell and they stayed at 97 Wolseley Street, Oatlands from 1957 to 1963? My grandfather was Malky (Malcolm) Campbell and my grandmother was Doris (or Dot) Campbell. They have four "weans" Dorothy was the eldest, My mum (Mary) and then there was James and then Janice. Dorothy and Mary went to Wolseley Street School. My grandmother died in March 1963 when Janice was only 3. For one reason or another we never had any photos of my mum and we can't find any info re her past. I know it's a long shot but it's worth a try. Does anyone remember and are there any photos out there???? Please help!! Submitted by: Jillian Livingston, Scotland 23/02/09 Email: To: Christina Philbin- Hi Christina thanks for your recent posting sorry to hear about your daughter and so is my mum. Could you throw any light on Karrie Bragg(Rose Crossans daughter) web site I cannot get onto it or her e-mail address, they seem to be withdrawn.Hope all is well.........Sandra Submitted by: Sandra Hughes East Kilbride, Scotland 23/02/09 Email: Not Supplied Funny how all this talk aboot the Irish and the Scots seems to get a few o the folks backs up. Some people would call it racisim but we Scots are above all that sh.... My auld Da cam frae the Gorbals but somewhere along the line he was of Irish decent. He never brought that up when he was called up for the war nor did he tell the Germans wjhen they put him in a prisoner o war camp that he really shoudnae be there because he was from the south o Ireland. He always told me that any country that was good enough to feed ye was good enough to fight for. He ran about the Gorbals with my uncle Danny Mccauley and married Danny's young sister Bernie. I was born at number 11 Gorbals Street. When the Billy Boys came to us from Bridgeton they never asked "I say old boy are you a Tim or a proddie" they just got their stuff out and charged us. Thank God for the older guys, Johnnie Knotts, Ronnie Feeney, Graham Sorley, John Gourley, Neesey, Charlie Screen, Jamie Fullerton, Jamie McCalumm, Gasser and Johnny Callaghen, All the lads from the YYC, and the Tiny and even some from the Toddler. It didn't seem to matter to me when some guys from the Calton were running at me with swords and hatchets where the guys that were stood beside me origanated from, as long as they stood beside me was enough for me. I wish yese would all shut up about where we came from and focus on where we are and where we are going. Wan thing for sure we won't be around for too much longer not any of us who remember the old Gorbals. So who cares where we came from as long as we were there, that's what really matters. As long as we were there. I don't go for all the Cumbie thing but the truth was the other gangs did come and we had to stand our ground. And we did stand our ground shoulder to shoulder Tims and Prods alike. So please don't insult me anymore I have a good family and a good decent life. I haven't hurt anybody in a lot of years and don't intend to do so in the near furture. So geesa brek and lighten up. Will Ye. Submitted by: Mick Glasgow, Scotland 22/02/09 Email: I'm recently retired and lived and worked in the Gorbals from 1953 to 1982. I'm a Catholic and was never out of work when leaving St.Bonaventures in '58. The only RC's out of work were those who were workshy! Any Irishman/RC who's says different is talking nonsense! Submitted by: James Connolly Glasgow, Scotland 22/02/09 Email: Not Supplied looking for picture or info on the new era bar rutherglen road belive it was on the corner of gorbals st think somewhere near dixon blazes, my mums name was cathie kelly, her brother dick and sister ann, her mum was also cathie and her father was tommy,they left after my granpa had a stroke and came back to cumnock Submitted by: Libby Cameron Cumnock, Scotland 22/02/09 Email: I would like to pay tribute to george mcauly a real gorbals man who sadly passed away last week. george was a clyde supporter all his days and one of natures gentleman he will be sadly missed.condolances to zena and all his family Submitted by: Martyboy Glasgow, Scotland 22/02/09 Email: Not Supplied hi owen dougan I remember the Rizzas and the forsyths warrens mcnallys kilnas just to mention a few my parents lived there till 1963 then moved to castlemilk Submitted by: Annie Martin Auckland, New Zealand 22/02/09 Email: I read this Forum regularly and just love the various anecdotes from people who lived and loved the old Gorbals. I cringe with embarrassment when I read of Catholics from Irish origin claiming they couldn't get a house or a job due to their religion. What utter nonsense! Gorbals housed and gave employment to Jews, Protestants, Catholics, Pakistani's and other ethnic minorities since Gorbals grew from a small village to the early 90's. Take your bigotry back to Ireland and allow this Forum to be Sectarian free. Oh, I was born and bred in Lawmoor St. and married a Catholic. He was never out of work! Submitted by: Lilly Glasgow, Scotland 22/02/09 Email: Not Supplied I would love to hear from or know if there is a neighbourhood street map from the 1900-1945 era. My Gran and Dad lived in the Gorbals. Gran and Dad are David Glen Watsons I know there are Hendersons in Glasgow today but they may be via marriages related. It is the Watson brothers I would love to chase. My dad somehow managed to get some education. Broad accented and proud he has passed away. Would Auld Malky know of anyone from that time that may recall my Gran and his wife Agnes (Nesbit) she is in a cemetary with an elaborate headstone but that is another task on hand.... Submitted by: Shone Glen Watson Brisbane, Australia 22/02/09 Email: to george kidd jnr who was you aunties and uncles we may be related if not sorry for the inconvience, bob. Submitted by: Bob Kidd Bristol, Englandland 22/02/09 Email: Not Supplied F A O Anne Niehus Hi Anne my father was your Grandmothers brother Owen Durkin so I guess that makes us cousins. I know Auntie Suzie very well and my cousin James who is still in Glasgow speaks to her nearly every week. My Daughter who now lives in Perth W Australia stayed with her and Thomas before she moved there.Thank you for replying and hopefully will keep in touch. from Margaret Submitted by: Margaret Durkin Newton Abbot, Englandland 22/02/09 Email: F A O James Neill Hi James, yes I know the Lyons family who lived in Surrey Street. James,Freddie, Margaret,Susan and Alice. Their Parents my Uncle and Auntie were Alfie and Agnes if this is the same family who you are refering to. regards Margaret Durkin Submitted by: Jillian Livingston, Scotland 22/02/09 Email: Not Supplied F.A.O. Amelia McKinley thanks for your kind thoughts I had a lovely letter from Bertie and everyone has been very kind. Submitted by: Christina Philbin London, England 22/02/09 Email: Not Supplied hullo "wee blether" .I went to Gorbals Primary from 1935 -43 we too had a horrible wee man "the school board" he would knock on the door with his pencil and ask the obvious question . my brother and i plunked and went to watch the smythies shoe the the big Clydesdale horses used by the coalmen until we were caught out . Reuben Submitted by: Reuben Israel 22/02/09 Email: Not Supplied I would like 2 hear from any1 who knew john [bunny] and paddy slowey Submitted by: Debbie Glasgow, Scotland 22/02/09 Email: AULD MALKi I asked you a question and you never answered you said you could trace your family back 200 years does that give you more rights to be called a Scot than people who came from Ireland 50 years ago and had kids born and bred in the Gorbals next time you're in the library look up some books on the history of Scotland and you will find that people come from many different nations including Ireland lutheranians Poland Greeks Italians different religions too! maybe if you went back another 50 years you may have found that you were a Sassenach one-side of my ancestors came from Normandy bypass the north of Scotland and finished in Ireland then came to Scotland some of us come to Australia and become Aussies international. law says that if you are born in a country you have citizenship of the country my kids were born here so there Australians one of them plays the bagpipes and the other the banjo they don't talk about Ireland they talk about Scotland as I and my wife do. our great-great-grandparents were from Ireland and one thing we're proud of is to have a good singsong and enjoy life my dad did teach me is my name is Boyle not O Boyle as the tuechter police would arrest us just for having an Irish name, nowhere have I said that you should know me or my young cousin. you were the one stated that people you knew and rimed off the names now you say you don't know them your dad and grandad told tales out of school of other ones who are all gangsters and Irish make up your mind do you know them or not? you say that I interfere in other people's posts easy way to fix that just put the dates were I happen to say this so that everybody can read posts that you say I tell lies, you say that I should know you because your name is Malki and the only one I knew was daft Malki who become dafter when I was finished with him for putting cement in the radiator of my car "you must think your someone important" by saying that your name is Malki and I should know you the only Malki I knew was when there were a fight on somebody would shout "give them the Malki!" you say Brady was a child molester that's letting him off very very lightly he was a mass murderer of children molestation is evil killing was lowest form of life and I knew him as "Sloany" the Colleen you verbally abuse does not need my help, she is quite capable of handling herself and I don't know all this about 8 sisters has got to do with it unless you are one of them. there was another person in here who hated the Irish and was always given them stick its not you changed your name? Why in heaven's name would I like to imitate my young cousin life no way, "an imitation of life" my own has been a good life many troubles like everybody else, life is what you make of it I am sure, I was called Boyle at school and Cumberland Street and although I did like fighting and was a bit of a Nutter I did not take purple hearts and cheap wine for Dutch courage I seemed to! have that a plenty to write this to AULD MALKY 10 quid Submitted by: Ten Quid Oz 22/02/09 Email: Not Supplied HI MARION, NANCY HERE I REMEMBER YOU WELL. SO SORRY TO HERE ABOUT YOUR MUM MARION, I DIDN'T KNOW. ANYWAY HOPE YOU ARE WELL SEE YOU AROUND. Submitted by: Nancy Glasgow, Scotland 21/02/09 Email: Not Supplied Does anyone remember the pawn in cumberland st - it was up the close? anne Submitted by: Anne O'Neill St.Catharines, Canada 21/02/09 Email: I am living in Israel for past 60 years I was born in 71 South Portland st. in 1930.Ienjoy reading the stories and memmories of all ages, the amazing thing is we all have the same stories to tell, my granchildren love to hear of my childhood in the Gorbals (we left in 1946) and Ilove to tell them. Is the book NO MEAN CITY still around ,it was published in 1935 and was banned fo a long time. Submitted by: Reuben Rachkind Israel 21/02/09 Email: Not Supplied A note for Auld Malkie - Fantastic response to Ten Quid, and did I giggle a lot while I was reading your comments. He needs to be brought down a peg or two and yes, I agree, his story has varied over the last few years. He seems to take great pride in his knowledge of the "Gorbals Underworld" where others have more scary memories! I am Glaswegian and lived in Cramond Street during the first few years of my marriage to a man from Oatlands. We had the misfortune to live in the close next to the infamous Jimmy Boyle who, at that time (1966 ish) was moulding his criminal career. The most terrifying moment for me and my young family was his flat door being set alight by some opposing gang member and everyone in the surrounding closes having to leave their beds in the middle of the night!! Not such great memories for me, I'm sorry to say. However, I do have a soft spot for the Gorbals and most of the people who still live there! A lot of my old family are still there and I wish them well. Submitted by: Auld Biddy West Sussex, England 21/02/09 Email: Not Supplied HI IS THAT THE BUD FLANNAGAN WHO RAN ABOUT THE HELLS KITCHEN IF SO THE PAPPY DOC YOU ARE ASKING ABOUT DIED A NUMBER OF YEARS AGO Submitted by: Charles Screen Glasgow, Scotland 21/02/09 Email: hi i would like to thank everyone who sent me an email some quite interesting and some a lot of mince as you see i put my name and email address why do people get so mad about people from irish familys being very proud of there ansesters we were told from our parents and grandparents about the hardships they went through yes scotish people went through a lot but you seem to forget the highland clearence we dont forget i am not a bitter person i have a pride in my ansesters and i will always tell my kidds the are scottish and be proud but they cant look back to any scotish ansesters or any highland hame so what is it you want us to do tell them what they are born here be proud but dont forget where you came from my mum and dad came from ireland and lived in the gorbals my father loved scotland he always said this country gave me a living he loved football any football he loved celtic but he loved any kind any team his favourite player was jim baxter he used to have him under his crusificks john hughes jinky willy henderson he loved football so dont think i have been brought up bitter i am just like a lot of people who are very very proud of the irish in us and the people who seem to have a problem well get a life or i might just get the irish gangsters on you ha ha Submitted by: Pauline Boyce Glasgow, Scotland 20/02/09 Email: I was born at 158 Florence St in 1952. My parents were George and Marion Hanton, they are both dead now and I wish I had listened more carefully to their stories. I am not sure how long we lived at this address, probably only a year or so. It has been lovely reading through all the comments about a place that I spent a lifetime denying, now I feel proud that I was born in the Gorbals. If anyone knew of my parents I would love to hear from you so I can fill in some of the gaps. Submitted by: Marion Bidgood Reading, England 20/02/09 Email: FAO Anne Davies (Kerr) Hi Anne, a friend of mine way back then was a guy called Roddy Gray whom I met some years later maybe in the late seventies and he had told me that Rose had been involved in a fatal road accident, BUT couldnt confirm if true or not, since it has been some time since I last spoke to anyone else from around our time early 50's/60's, so basically I'm in the same situation not knowing who is still around from those BRILL day's. LOVED Rose to bits and hope the info I got was wrong. Dont hesitate to contact me if you here different PLEASE!!!. All the best meantime......Peter Submitted by: Peter Thomson Eyemouth, Scotland 19/02/09 Email: My nan Mary Folan lived at 52 Dale Street in the Gorbals from 1918 - 1940. I was wondering if anyone remembers my Nan or my Nans Mother (Mary Clancy) or my Nans Dad (Martin Folan). Most have probably passed away but I thought there might be children or distance relative that might relate to my message. Fingers crossed Submitted by: Phil G West Sussex, England 19/02/09 Email: Does anyone remember Paddy Duffy from the Gorbals. He would have lived in Moffat St. No. 407 to be precise? Submitted by: Terri Glasgow, Scotland 16/02/09 Email: Not Supplied Just wanted to know if anyone remembers transport cafe in Crown Street/Caledonia Road it was owned by Katie Russell who was my auntie. She had a big dog called Rhemus. Submitted by: Catriona Smith (nee MacDonald) Glasgow, Scotland 16/02/09 Email: Not Suuplied Can you help Glasgow Museums with a new display? Does anyone remember Churchill Prams, located on Commerce Street? I am working on a new display about Churchill's at the Museum of Transport. We are looking for any information on the company, the people who worked there, and the Churchill Family. What would be really great would be photographs of the factory, prams being built, the office show room and the Churchill employees Any information would be very useful. Please email me if you think you can help with this new display. Cheers Submitted by: John Messner Glasgow, Scotland 16/02/09 Email: Looking for old school friends.Donald Robertson from Sandyfaulds street,Johnny Adams of Rosyth st , Brian Giles matheson streetPhilip Strang of Naburn street hope somebody can help. Submitted by: Tommy Kearney Toronto, Canada 15/02/09 Email: Hi everyone. I am from 84 Crown St in 1937 I went to St Francis then Holyrood. I loved The Crownie and Paragon picture house Saturday matinees. My heroes were Flash Gordon and Johnny Mac Brown. I got my pocket money by raking the midgies for beer bottles and jeely jars. I was an early Donald Tump midgie raker. Submitted by: Mick Gallagher Toronto, Canada 15/02/09 Email: I was born in hospital st in 1947 and my first job at 15 was at david bennie&sons steel rolling mill hobden st springburn I worked there till I was nearly 17,I work as a furnace man,breaker, rougher, coger with the hook I left when we started working shifts. Submitted by: Robin Hayes Manchester, England 15/02/09 Email: Who rem the gibson sisters sadie betty (twins)sandra rena.lived thisle st then hospital st with our maw lyons Submitted by: Sadie Gibson Glasgow, Scotland 15/02/09 Email: Not Supplied Sara Macauley Family; I hope the info was of some help.The bar I sent should have read The Glasweigan. at Bridge/Nelson st. rgds Joe Submitted by: Mr Joe Lynch Church Hill TN, USA 15/02/09 Email: Not Supplied Does any one remember the kellys who ran the new era bar on rutherglen road trying to find photo of mother was cathy ,her brother dick,her father was called tommy her mother cathy,and sister ann Submitted by: Libby Cameron, Scotland 15/02/09 Email: Thank you Auld-biddy for your kind words to my e-mail regarding my xmas-wish and looking for my son, also Is there any other woman that were in that unwed girls home in glasgow?that was in the 59s to be exact. Submitted by: Pat Lynch LA, USA 15/02/09 Email: gorbals 1900/1933. doe anyone remember the allport or patrick family they lived in queens street then mcleod street in the govan and accross the river in partic. harold james allport was a ferry man . childeren were george,lucy, harold, sid, beatrice, florance and ellen. Submitted by: Allport/Patrick Family Yorkshire Dales 14/02/09 Email: FAO: JOSIE hi read ur post, wen a wis at abbotsford 1959-1966,the wis MR GREEN.noo a thot the jannie wis called that bcause everything!!! wis painted corporation green,na josie a wisnae yer jannie,a wis a wee wean then,noo am a big wean. thanx x THE JANNIE. Submitted by: Jim the Jannie Glasgow, Scotland 13/02/09 Email: The Band of Hope was in the UF Wynd Church - corner of Crown Street and Kidson Street. I lived in Kidston St and I attended with one of our neighbours - a kind lady we called "Auntie Betty" I went every Friday Night as a child )in the late 50's/early 60's- we used the climb up the stairs - half way up were women who took your name and I think a collection. Anyway - I remember these projected pictures each week. I also remember sweeties getting thrown if you answered questions properly. It is obviously no longer there, and was knocked down mid 80's when the congregation joined with folk in Govanhill Submitted by: Millie Jordan (nee Rorke) Glasgow, Scotland 13/02/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO Nan Cameron as soon as I pressed the send button I remembered Caledonian.Thanks for confirming it. Submitted by: Chrstina Philbin London 13/02/09 Email: Not Supplied To Christina Philbin Yup,- I swear I wrote you a long posting and it did indeedy vanish........ spooky or what? Anyway to continue our conversation... the couple at the window were definitely the Fair's -can you confirm it was the double windows 1 up right up above the Pig and Whistle? And yes, your right it would have been the man Thomson who went on to be a polisman. What a memory, I see too that Mary Foster's daughter Sandra has sent in a posting. Hi Sandra pleased to meet you my Granny Moffat delivered your Aunties Helen and Catherine into the world. My Granny was famous as the local mid-wife. Remember in those days you had to pay for a doctor and not everyone could afford it. I knew Helen and Catherine when they were wee weans-they are maybe a couple or so years older than me. From what I remember Helen Foster had lovely wavy hair. I ate up all my crusts as everone told me that it would give me curly hair-nae chance it is still as straight as a poker. I wonder if Mary remembered anything ab! out my Granny Moffat or my Mother Elizabeth-also known as Betty or Liz/Lizzie Once she is more at herself maybe she can join us here and have a wee gab about the old days. Maybe Mary knew Frankie McGuiness? What do you remenber Christina? Would love to make contact with Frankie but wouldn't know where to start. My mother had a tiff with one of her sisters overthe ownership of a pair of nylons hanging up on the pulley. She was a very honest person and was much aggrieved over this incident- left the house and went of to Dumfies to work in the munitions there. Would Frankie have worked there with her do you think?I would very much appreciate any information you might have-thanks in advance you have helped a lot of people refind their roots. Thinking about your corned mutton story. I was sent round after school every day and on a Saturday morning to the Co-operative Shan Shop in Ballater St, this is where you got the "cutting" un- wrapped bread and bags of 2-3 day old tea bread eg Chelsea buns, Paris buns and the like. The latter was thruppence a bag. I suppose money was always short and as there was always mouths to feed in our house the buns filled a space as the saying goes.I was always warned to try and skip a woman they called big fat Rita as she gave out a very frugal bag of buns and try and get a woman called Emily to serve me. Needless to say I used this to my own ends.... I always snaffled a couple of buns on the way back home. Big fat Rita was always blamed........ But heh, she got the last laugh in Heaven-I definitely look like I ate all those buns and then some! I will go now as you have become very popular and will await your reply. With Love From Rita Submitted by: Rita Moffat Glasgow, Scotland 13/02/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO: WEE ECK ive heard there was a venny at abbotsford pl in early 60s,there is a place called the playbarn,a big wooden hut enjoyed by many weans,n adults take a trip doon memorie lane a hear thats aboot tae be demolished the only venny a remember wiz at kidson st gone up tae lawmoor st at the grave yard many a happy time spent there on the tarzan swing playing boardes it was run by a guy called chris sheldrok they used to take you to a place called balquida up at callender or near there lots of happy memories from the venny Submitted by: Not Supplied Not Supplied 12/02/09 Email: Not Supplied Annie Martin, I remember you like it was yesterday, kissing you was sumptous! However there are some girls out there too embarassed to say anything about Georgie, I know who they are, come on girls sing the song Georgie Porgie kissed all the girls and made them cry, lets have some responce from you lot!! Submitted by: Georgie Porgie Glasgow, Scotland 12/02/09 Email: Not Supplied Does anyone remember my grandparents who lived up jock hislop's pen gorbals street they had 13 of a family one of there son's charles was in the bee hive gang he was killed in the second world war on 18th july 1943. one of their daughter's mary was my mum sadly she passed away on the 29th march 2009. I lived with my granny until I was 5yrs. old I remember the peanut man ..the palace cinema..ragstore..the cafe in gorbals street where I stood on the table and sang the finger o suspicion points at you. Submitted by: Maureen Scotland 12/02/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi,Sandra Hughes I am so pleased to hear about your Mum.Iput a posting on this site about two years ago asking about Mary and Tilly but no replies I heard she had a little girlafter Ian then Tilly told me she had moved to EK then heard she had a little downs syndrone girl but knowing Mary bet the wind never got blowing on her.I too lost my daughter Maureen aged 55 in October 2007 with breast cancer nothing prepares you for losing your child so your Mum will need lots of loving care from her family at this time and to happen on Christmass Eve. dont know if your Mum knew I have a red haired son who will be 52 next week.I see someone else remembering Helen and Cathy. Your Mum would be more able to give Rita Moffat some answers from that side of the street than I can great to hear from you thanks for getting in touch. Submitted by: Christina Philbin London, England 12/02/09 Email: Not Supplied HI I WENT TO ST.LUKES PRIMARY SCHOOL FROM 1955-1962. I WOULD LOVE IF ANYONE HAD PICTURES OF MY CLASS YEARS OR FRIENDS FROM THAT YEAR . PLEASE GET IN CONTACT IF YOU DO . Submitted by: Eileen Duffy Omagh, Ireland 12/02/09 Email: FAO. Catherine Coll,the bookies you menioned belonged to willy king, he had three sons,George,billy,&Tony, they lived in Oxford street, 1950s. BTW,were you related to the Colls that lived in nicholson street, and also a Coll family that lived in hospital street. Owen Dougan Submitted by: Owen Dougan Glasgow, Scotland 12/02/09 Email: FAO. Peter Thomson,I remember when I was about 9 or 10 [1944/5] on a sunday afternoon,on the spare ground at the corner of Beford street and Nicholson street, a big lorry would pick up the kids from the surounding area,and take us to the "Tent Hall" in steele street, off the saltmarket. were we would all sing "my cups full of running over" and at the end of the sermon, we would get a mug of cocoa nad a biscuit. 12th.feb.09. 3.14pm.g.m.t. Owen Dougan. Submitted by: Owen Dougan Glasgow, Scotland 12/02/09 Email: FAO. Annie Martin, did you live there during the 40/60s? I'm sure that the Rizza's lived there, one up. Submitted by: Owen Dougan Glasgow, Scotland 12/02/09 Email: Does anyone rem the gibson sisters sadie betty twins sandra rena.lyon family, thisle st hospital st gorbals Submitted by: Sadie Gibson Glasgow, Scotland 12/02/09 Email: FAO Ten Quid. I TRULY AND CALMY THINK YOU SHOULD ASK YOURSELF THE VERY QUESTION THAT YOU ASKED ME, "What gets up your nose" because I have read time after time on this site mail being sent in as far back as 2002, I go to the public Library once a week and spend time on the computer there, as I dont own one, I love reading through the pages, I note that you continually interfear with other peoples opinions, you think your the "prima dona" of the Gorbals but what I see you hardly ever lived there, you mention going to Camden school and then to Bogie, strathbungo, you then went under the name of BOYLE, I knew a lot of Boyles but tell me how I should know you or your cousin? You say we were all Celts, what will it be next, I referred to my own family that I knew and traced back to 1794, 200 years of scots, its obvious your not one, hence the Big complaint from you. I lived in the Gorbals for over 40 years, I had eight sisters and three brothers and now have a family all! around Glasgow in their multitudes, you dont even live here and your telling everyone on this site you know the lot, you dont know anything, because you dont live here, so take it from me a man who has been around and does not try to impress others just state facts of truth so although you are quite rightly entitled to your opinion, you dont tell me a load of rubbish about Brady, he was a child molester, did you know that his Dad and Mum were both from Limerick. You see Mr. know it all your wrong again. How many Malkys did you know from the soo side because you would know me, and my family? I think you live in a fantasy world looking back all these pages, you made a few big mistakes and as a true Gorbals man I recognised the lot you slip up from year to year, SOME OF YOUR EARLY STORYS IMITATE THE REAL jIMMY bOYLES LIFE, lets be sane enjoy stop bragging and telling people what to do, after all I read this page every week along with a load of other decent Gorbals people like myself. Benny LYnch I did say he was of Irish stock, what are you saying now....see you Malky Submitted by: Auld Malki Glasgow, Scotland 12/02/09 Email: Not Supplied hi, does anyone remember a guy called jacky morrison from the gorbals he was the orignal "fonzy "back then in the sixties he was a great guy, wonder what happened to him ? Submitted by: Ann Davies (Kerr) England 12/02/09 Email: Not Supplied hi. does anyone know of a bookmakers ran by a reilly family in glasgow 1960/70. names john or derek might be relevant. please get in touch if you have any information. thankyou. take care. Submitted by: Jan Liverpool, England 12/02/09 Email: FAO Chritina Philbin Bert told me the sad loss of your husband You are in our thoughts. Amelia x Submitted by: Amelia McKinlay Glasgow, Scotland 12/02/09 Email: FAO - Morag Reilly, Hi Morag good to see your postings, this site is excellent for jogging the memory eh!, Glad to hear you and the family are well. Hope you have had a nice start to the year and wish you all the best in 2009. Linda F Submitted by: Linda Fletcher (nee Reid) Not Supplied 11/02/09 Email: Not Supplied Hiya I remember playing in the Adventure Playground (aka "The Venny") tho it was located on the site where Willie Haughey has built "an empire state" alongside Dixon Blazes estate, we used to play on the "tarzan swing" and it was your very tuff luck if you were on first cos everyone else just boarded on top,I can still remember the pain in my legs when at least 8 bodies had boarded on top of you, legs evenually became numb! I hung about the Venny in the early 70's with Linda & Marie Smith, Cathie Murray, Carol Dearie and gang of guys, Flecky (now happens to be my other half), Scobie, Morgy, Eric Kelly, Terry Knotts, I'm sure there will be loads of others out there remembers these times too. Submitted by: Linda Fletcher (nee Reid) Not Supplied 11/02/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Marion Mulligan (nee Scott), yip I remember you well Vicky & Barry were good friends of Carron & Stephen when we lived in Caley Rd flats. They both married now with kids of their own, Vicky has 4 handsome boys aged between 13yrs-4yrs & Barry has one handsome boy aged 3 and a beautiful daughter aged 1yr, we are now living in Knightswood area, still regularly frequent Gorbals tho to visit family. Submitted by: Linda Fletcher (nee Reid) Not Supplied 11/02/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO PETER THOMSON. HI PETER ROSE IRVINE IS MY OLD SCHOOL FRIEND IV BEEN TRYING TO FIND BUT HAD NO LUCK ,IF U FIND HER LET ME KNOW ON THIS SITE . CHEERS ANN DAVIES Submitted by: Ann Davies (kerr) England 11/02/09 Email: Not Supplied terry. sorry to say that you are not ta lot of places telling the truth. i lived in glasgow at that time,and nowhere was it ever posted that no irish or catholic need apply for a job. i will say that there was places that would not hire you.but they did ask in some jobs what school you went to. one of the biggest drawbacks for most of the ones from irish born in scotland is they think more of being irish than scots. even here in the states most of the irish never have lived there or visited but think more of being irish than american Submitted by: Robert Anderson Torrrington, USA 11/02/09 Email: Not Supplied Re; Christina Philbin I was looking on the internet for any information on McNeil Street when I came across yours and realised that you were a close friend on my mums - Mary Foster, "the red haired boy" is my elder brother Ian,my mum then went onto have Sandra, Linda & Stuart. My dad Jack Gordon died 14 years ago, and unfortunately my sister Linda who had downs syndrome and was very special to us all died on Xmas Eve 2008 so at present my mum is staying with me until she gets a bit stronger as Linda was cared for by my mum upto the end, she was 51. Submitted by: Sandra Hughes East Kilbride, Scotland 11/02/09 Email: Not Supplied I rember Helen and cathy foster from mc neil st verry well we used to go wilsons jiving club and the barrowland does anyone know if they are still living in glasgow Submitted by: JJ Glasgow, Scotland 11/02/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi again Christina I hope you got my last posting-I swear to you that it was sooooooo loooooong that it took itself off. Either that or I touched the Send Form button in mistake or maybe one of our 'absent friends' from McNeil st took the huff at not getting a mention and vanished it before I had time to sign of properly. Now I will just have to wait and see........... Love , Rita Submitted by: Rita Moffat Glasgow, Scotland 11/02/09 Email: Not Supplied MacDonald family, lived on Mckinley St 4 girls Sheila, Janette, Ann, Grace & 1 boy Gordon. Father Neil & Mother Grace. In the close there were Barkleys and Youngs in the next close was O'neils & McCallums. Went to Abbotsford Primary left in 1950 to Pollock then Drumchapel and onto Australia in 1961. Is there anyone who know any of these families? I would love to hear. Ann Submitted by: Ann Zampogna mandurah, Australia 11/02/09 Email: I remember playing in the Venny when I was around 8 or 9, it was run by people with different accents from ours, I think Matt McGinn was involved in organising it. The place itself was built from pieces of wood from the tenements being demolished at the time- I remember that the wood was rotten in places and full of splinters,the place also had high climbing frames with no safety rail and a drop onto what was a building site, the health and safety people would have a fit if you tried that now. In response to some of the anti Irish posters on here dont let your bigotry blind you- there are people of every faith and nationality who turned to crime, my family were Lynch's from the Gorbals, and very few of them ever got the jail Submitted by: Mark Not supplied 10/02/09 Email: My father Peter McCallum Smith was born in the Gorbals in 1910. I am looking for any relations. His Mother was Annie Isabella Smith(Bovingdon) Submitted by: Isabella Manson (Smith) Christchurch, New Zealand 10/02/09 Email: Hi if Jack Parker still on line he can email me. no luck with his email. address Submitted by: Karum Din Newbury Park, California 10/02/09 Email: Went to adelphi secondary with nacny ann and brenda th does anyone remember me? Submitted by: Marion Mulligan (nee Scott) Gorbals, Glasgow 10/02/09 Email: Not Supplied Tam Craig, It would be silly to say that the Cumbie were made up of Irish Catholics. There were nutcases from both sides of the religious divide in the Cumbie and they all looked out for each other regardless. John Gourlay, Tarzan Wilson being a couple of prominent protestant cumbie boys. Submitted by: Danny C LA, USA 09/02/09 Email: Not Supplied Can anyone remember that horrible wee man called (the school/board)? he wore A gaberdine raincoat and walked about the Gorbals looking for children that went;; AWOL from school;; Plunking school was A great and cool thing to do,? (or so we thought).;; Me and my pal Cathie would always pick A Friday to go AWOL, because we thought the teacher would forget by Monday,but there was always someone who would shop you,so then you had to tell A lie to the teacher and produce A note from your mum,;; or get somebody to write one. At the end of the day it realy wasn't worth it,cause all you did all day was walk about starving with nowhere to go hiding and dodging everyone who knew you should be at school.;;; This was in the 1950's and we still continued to do it till we left in 1961.;;; No wonder we ( never learned A thing)..But we know absolutely everything now?. Wee Blether. Submitted by: Wee Blether Not Supplied 09/02/09 Email: Not Supplied F.A.O.Christine Philbin,my aunt Peggy Haxton was my Dad`s sister.Her eldest boy was Jimmy(after his Dad) then David,Jessie,Margaret and several others.They were a big Family.I think Jimmy is the boy you are talking about and he joined the navy about 1947/48.Eddie Healy Submitted by: Eddie Healy Liverpool, England 09/02/09 Email: Not Supplied Thanks Jim the jannie for answering my query about Sunday school in CavendishSt. I remember janitor in Abbotsford school. I think his name was Mr McLeod. would that be you? Submitted by: Josie MacDonald Glasgow, Scotland 09/02/09 Email: Not Supplied FAO. Mr. T Mc Namee. I was born in the Gorbals just after world world two, and I am Jewish,I NEVER ONCE HAD ANY DISCRIMINATION AGAINST JEWS , or any catholics catholics were as we were part of the Gorbals community in the 60s, your living in Fantasy land, go tell your porkys in Dublin but not here on our site, We Gorbals people lived and let lived, if you say you saw that in a shop window you must have been in another country, all over the world the word GORBALS means something and I am Jewish and a Gorbals man until I die, it was not a perfect world at times but never have I heard of such nonsense in my life said about our folk. Submitted by: Melvin Bernstein Glasgow, Scotland 09/02/09 Email: Not Supplied Does anybody remember Manet McDonald, Linda Donald or Sandra Walsh from 2 Queen Elizabeth Square? I would love to know what happened to them? Manet, I believe went to live in Castlemilk. Submitted by: Auld soo-sider LLanfair, Wales 09/02/09 Email: Not Supplied I'm looking for may,and her two sisters,jean,margaret barnes.they might have a brother.william.they lived in the blackhill,area.may was married to sam smith,they stayed in,hospital,st.moved to,166,gorbal,st.may,had two.daughters,one son. Submitted by: K Smith Gorbals, Glasgow 09/02/09 Email: Not Supplied Tom Danny is from crown st. I am Louise his daughter I live in America and I was looking for him. By the way my Mum Marjory said to tell you hello. Submitted by: Louise Norfolk, USA 09/02/09 Email: TO, LIl,age 77. did you know, the hayes,or mcshanes or the ryans at 29 hospital st. or the foxes next close.and did you know mrs o,mally who lived further up hospital st. she used to visit my granny maw hayes and do you remember the pawn shop in hospital st. Submitted by: Robin Manchester, England 08/02/09 Email: Does anybody remember the Oatlands fitba team under 21's 1974/75. Submitted by: Franny Miller Glasgow, Scotland 07/02/09 Email: I am George Kidd JR. George Kidd was my dad and the other's you mentioned were my auntie's and uncle's. if you need any more info then please email me or I will catch a message on here. Submitted by: George Kidd JR Winsford, Cheshire 07/02/09 Email: Does anybody remember the Borland Family who lived 106 Nicolson Street, looking for old friends and neighbours. Submitted by: Elisabeth Borland Glasgow, Scotland 07/02/09 Email: Pauline Boyce i think you have a bitter problem. i had loads of irish pals in the gorbals,people did not treat them bad. if your heart is in ireland go find it. Submitted by: Sonny Glasgow, Scotland 07/02/09 Email: Not Supplied For Pat Lynch in the U.S.A. Hi Pat, such a sad wee note regarding your son! I do hope that one day he might just find you and your Christmas wishes come true! Submitted by: Auld Biddy West Sussex, England 07/02/09 Email: Not Supplied I was born and bred in the Gorbals and not once did I ever see a notice saying no RC's or Irish need apply for jobs and when I left school(Holyrood Senior Secondary) I got a job without any bother and I think there were more Catholics than non Catholics in my work. What shops or factories are you taling about that had these notices. The only thing I can remember is when you filled out a form it asked you what school you went to or what religion cannot remember as the brain is getting a bit addled now. Submitted by: Amelia McKinlay (nee Welsh) Glasgow, Scotland 06/02/09 Email: Hi georgie porgie i lived at 148a nicholson st for ten years do you remember me? Submitted by: Annie Martin Auckland, New Zealand 06/02/09 Email: Auld Malki what's up your nose about the Irish are we not all the same people "Celtics" and how many generations do U have to get back before you become a scot I am one of the guys you mentioned"and surely not my younger cousin of the same name he would be too young for you to hang about with 12 years the difference" and I know everyone you have talked about even some are from English grandparents we will have to give up the greatest Boxer ever produced Benny Lynch his family come from Co.Donegal next thing you'll be saying we were all Catholics I went to Camden Street school and they say there was no gangsters I am glad you never mentioned murderers " Brady !"enough said 10 quid Submitted by: 10 Quid Oz 06/02/09 Email: Not Supplied hi Nan yes it's quite possible I went to school with one of your relations one was a short guy the other big stocky guy the big one I went to strathbungo with the small one I played football with and I was coach of the daily record football team changes to Langside Thistle remember the day he scored 5 goals all with the head and he was about 5 foot tall and he was a great PAL big shuggy Was bigger just to differentiate between the 2 which one I am talking about many times we lind up for 6 of the best at Bogie I even seen him throw his kit bag at the teacher and tell them to F off and walk out the class hey really don't care what people think about me even when I was playing football with wee shuggy I broke my foot in the 1st few minutes of the game no reserves in them days had to play on and I scored the winning goal with my broken foot I was in agony sure they should remember that I was 6 weeks in plaster and I do hope they are related to you they were good friends of mine you know my Surname that's what I was called 10 quid Submitted by: 10 Quid Oz 06/02/09 Email: Not Supplied To Terry Mc Namee. Sorry about your experience when you first arrived from Ireland, I lived in the Gorbals all my life and I must say that I cant believe what you say about those signs, we had Polish, Jews, Hungarians,Indians, Pakistanis, they were all part of our community, we had catholic and protestant schools , in 1962 as you say, catholics and protestants worked together on building sites it looks like your running us Gorbals Scots down, there was indeed an element of gangsters in the Gorbals and they were all from Irish backgrounds, that is a well known fact, so why hide it? At the end of the day as my old teacher used to say "We are all Jock Tamsons bairns" We are what we are, we cannot choose our parentage. The Gorbals welcomed EVERYONE, we were a close knit community so Terry if you lived in the Gorbals all those years may I ask you what you were doing? It seems strange after 40 years to make a statement against our beloved Gorbals, people were not like th! at, I remember Two Irish friends sisters working in Templetons, and Irish bus conductors, footballers, working as bar staff in the Mally arms, the George bar, Teachers, The Office bar, where Celtic players would have a beer, all building sites, I am sure their were some with more important jobs, you see in 1962 the irish and their off springs where a strong part of the Gorbals, yes in 1962 I am sure everyone on the site knows this, You must have read those signs in Belfast Big Tam Craig. Submitted by: Tam Craig Glasgow, Scotland 05/02/09 Email: Not Supplied F.A.O. Christina Philbin I think the cheques you are thinking of are Caledonian Cheques these are the ones my Mother used cheers Nan Cameron Submitted by: Nan Cameron Glasgow, Scotland 05/02/09 Email: Not Supplied hallo wee BLether I was reading your wee story about your first day at St,Johns and mine was the very same but my granny stayed with me till I went into the class,but I had a great time there and I loved miss Gorden and yes my first teacher was also Miss fox,thanks for the memories wee Blether.regards Alice (Lyons)Buckley. Submitted by: Alice (Lyons) Buckley Billingham, England 05/02/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi Ann i have sent you two emails so you didnt get any? well Ann I think its this computer.However Ann since I get your emails please send me your phone no, and we can catch up on old times in ST, Johns and St,Bonnies.Someone on the site mentioned something about a reunion well i think that would be a great idea ,please get back to me Ann regards Alice. Submitted by: Alice (Lyons) Buckley Billingham, England 05/02/09 Email: Not Supplied Me again, does anyone from in here remember The Band O Hope, I used to attend every now and then, but cant remember where it actually was as I was about 5/6 years old at the time, obviuosly it was for the poor as our family were skint. Does anyone remember Rose Irvine from the pen in Nicholson St. Submitted by: Peter Thomson Eyemouth, Scotland 05/02/09 Email: Jim the Jannie. That is my uncle John. He was a good guy but mental all the same I remember that story. Thanks for putting a smile on my face.. Submitted by: Louise Not Supplied 05/02/09 Email: Hi tam, if you read this could please leave an email address. Thanks tam, you got all three right. danny broadley. Submitted by: Danny Broadley Gorbals, Glasgow 05/02/09 Email: This is the 3rd time i have filled this form in and my post is never added! Here goes again, i am looking for Colin Graham whose last known address was somewhere in Springburn. He would be around 35-38 years old and has 2 sisters. 1 called Veronica(Ronnie) and i cant remember the other sisters name. I understand that this is a gorbals site, i myself live in the gorbals for 32 years before moving 6 years ago. I have important news for him, so please if anyone knows him can you let me know or direct him to this site. Thank you Submitted by: Lil Jo Glasgow, Scotland 05/02/09 Email: Not Supplied Hi, Donna Burke. I was just talking to my sister last week and mentioned your dad and Alec his brother, I remember when they were bookies runners. I'm i right,I lived at 72 Bedford st, the betting shop was just up from my close,my dads name was Barney Coll. I rem' your dad and uncle they were good to us kids,got the odd sixpence off them,my regards to them ps.I've forgot the other brothers name. Submitted by: Catherine Coll Glasgow, Scotland 05/02/09 Email: Not Supplied Hello Peter Thomson I was born in 1930 in South Portland st and i remember the Tallies on the corner we used to get pokes and wafers across from the Bedford pictures we would get broken biscuits \ if we had the money. we used to get boxes from the fruit shop 0n the corner broke them up and and sold them as fire wood. we kids had great times. thanks for reminding me.we left Gorbals in 1946.cheerio Reuben Submitted by: Reuben Rachkind Not Supplied 05/02/09 Email: Not Supplied Anyone know george kidd from gorbals 1975 80 first true love think his bro was joe jim? Submitted by: Not Supplied Not Supplied 05/02/09 Email: Not Supplied Well said pauline boyce. I arrived in the gorbals in 1962 and trying to get a job was very difficult because of being irish. shop windows and factories had notices saying no r.cs or irish need apply to suggest the irish were gangsters is ignorance. we were and still hard working proud people. its sad that 47 years on there is still a bigoted and small minded section of people who treat us with contempt. Submitted by: Terry McNamee Glasgow, Scotland 04/02/08 Email: FAO: Wee Eck, my son Edie played in the adventure playground as a wee boy in the early sixty's. I think the Rev. Jeof Shaw had something to do with the running of it. Owen Dougan. Submitted by: Owen Dougan Glasgow, Scotland 04/02/08 Email: looking for anyone who remembers my mum Ann (Mary) Farry then Nicol. Born in baird street to Mary Farry and John Johnston(e)? Was friends with 'big anne' left probably around 1957 - thanks! Submitted by: Eva Gardiner Sauchie, Scotland 04/02/08 Email: Did Pearl Scott originally come from Cumnock or somewhere in Ayrshire, she was about 12 when she came to the Gorbals am I right? Leishy Submitted by: Soo-side Leishy East Kilbride, Scotland 04/02/08 Email: Not Supplied FAO alice buckley [lyons] hi alice i sent you an email, dont know if you got it so will try to contact you on gorbals site. cheers ANN Submitted by: Ann Davies (Kerr) England 04/02/08 Email: Not Supplied Is it danny fa crown st? sister dot an brother shug, daughter louise? Submitted by: Tom Campbell Not supplied 04/02/08 Email: Not Supplied Hi does anyone remember the obrian family from florence st, please help thanks.. Submitted by: Claire Glasgow, Scotland 04/02/08 Email: Not Supplied To Rita Moffat The two Foster girls were delivered by your Grannie we met her coming down the stairs after she had brought the yougest one into the world think her name was Helen and her sister was Catherine.Mary their big sister was my best pal we used to go to the Denny Palais or Barrowland Mary was a lovely dancer and a great jiver.We got married about the same time she went to live in Cramond St. married a guy named Jack Gordon we both had our babies about the same time along with another pal Tilly we all used to meet at Richmond Park and sit and knit great times.Mary used to hate men with red hair and if somone with red hair asked her to dance she used to make all sorts of faces when she passed by dancing with them. When Tilly and I went to see her in the hospital and the nurse said would you like to come to the nursery to see the babies Mary said to Tilly and I "If you two laugh when you come back I will never speak to you again" lo and behold this little boy had! red hair.Her Mother was a lovely sweet gentlewoman who died very young she died long before Tommy.Think the policeman was Alex Thomson think he joined the Palestine police as he wasnt couldnt join Glasgow police (changed days). You are so right about the houses there were not many houses that were not spotless you are right about the name too it was Vine.Im sure it was the Fairs Mrs. Foster was friendly with it was two windows.I dont remember the name of that dairy in Hayfield St.but remember being sent to it one morning before school for 4rolls and a quarter of corned mutton on the way home I ate a slice of the corned mutton my mother made me take it back and tell them it wasnt a quarter he put it back on the scales made it up then leaned over and said "dont do that again or ill tell your mother" needless to say I never did it again. I dont know the names of all your aunties just remember there was quite a few of them the only one I remember is the one that went wit! h Frankie McGuiness whom I presume was your mother remember your auntie Peggy most of all. Submitted by: Christina Philbin London 04/02/08 Email: Not Supplied F.A.O. Carole Rae I am Anne's Sister if you give me an email addy I will forward it on to her daughter Submitted by: Isabella Henriques Rotherham, England 04/02/08 Email: Not Supplied Re- Eddy Healy I remember the Haxtons in particular a boy who would be about 10 or 12 in 1943-44 good looking boy he had auburn hair & lots of freckles and I remember the mother like your own mother she always seemed to be cleaning I dont remember knowing they were your cousins. Submitted by: Christina Philbin London 03/02/08 Email: Not Supplied Hi everybody, nice site this a lot of interesting people, i have been reading way back to 2002 to find some friends i have found loads! thanks to pappy how about anyone else from Nicolson street are you still around? i bet you cant remember my real name, but i will always be Georgy Porgy cause i kissed all the girls and made them cry, Mae Muir, Nancy Shankland, Mary Docherty, Francis Call, so so many... Submitted by: Georgie Porgie Glasgow, Scotland 03/02/08 Email: Not Supplied Any information on Wheatsheaf bar at the corner of crown st and rutherglen rd:with especial reference to Tommy Graham who owned the bar? Submitted by: T Graham Glasgow, Scotland 03/02/08 Email: For Wee Eck: I'm sure the Adventure playground you spoke of was built on waste ground on what was once Surrey Street. I lived in nearby McKinlay Street and my kids played there. Come to think of it, wasn't the Adventure playground an old wooden eyesore? Submitted by: Mrs Kellerman Largs, Scotland 02/02/08 Email: re the traynor family tommy was my uncle you have not left an e mail to reply to you Submitted by: Eddie Friel Glasgow, Scotland 02/02/08 Email: my uncil john wilson was killed by his father mr docherty his mothers name was jean cullen wilson he was just one year old and lived in the oatlands gorbals it was some time between 1968 and 1973 it happend does anyone know of this crime thank you Submitted by: Claire Wilson Selkirk, Scotland 02/02/08 Email: re. Margaret Durkin, Devon. My grandmothers name was Suzanna Thomson .nee Durkin.Shes currently living in Sydney Australia, and a grand age of mid nineties. Submitted by: Anne Niehus Corowa, Australia 02/02/08 Email: FAO James Neill, I knew the Tigers from Possil, the bears from ibrox, the lyons from calder park zoo, hope that helps you matey, from Billy Submitted by: Billy Malcolm Glasgow, Scotland 02/02/08 Email: Not Supplied Re-Jim Patterson 2/1/09 I thoroughly enjoyed your nostalgic walk it was great it was Cochranes my pal from schools husband was made the manager she came from Mathieson St. he came from Camden St next door to that there was a chemist called Cockburns think Galbraiths was at the corner of Gilmour St.and R Rd accross from Mc Neil St.does anyone remember the bakers at the pend bottom of Moffat st just passed the pub two women run it they had lovely pan bread which they wrapped in white tissue paper that could get used for the toilet think it was called McKays it was a welcome change from the shan shop. If you lived up that close did you know a girl called May McGarry I had to take a course in french for the company I worked for and she was hoping to become an air hostess I think but not sure if her mother was a Hyslop who were well known in the south side as she had an uncle called Johnny Morrison lived in bottom end of Waddell St.his wife was Jeannie Hyslop they were tha! gents for cheques not Provident the names on the tip of my tongue but cant think of it but I knew all the shops that accepted them. I had forgotten the name of the electricians so thanks for that, great stuff. Submitted by: Christina Philbin Londong 02/02/08 Email: Not Supplied Glad to see ten quid back on line, whatever you think of him you must admit the guy has guts. I would have given up long before this. I thought at first he was in my class at Camden St. but he is a year behind me so he was either in my brother's class or my cousins they were both called Hughie Cameron. I would also like to appeal to Lisa Rutherford for the photograph she has of Miss Wood's qualifying class 1950 i've tried to contact you with no success thank you Nan Cameron Submitted by: Nan Cameron Glasgow, Scotland 02/02/08 Email: Not Supplied font face="Futura, Arial, Helvetica" size ="3" color="#000000"> HI ALICE [LYONS] SENT OFF AN EMAIL TO YOU HOPE YOU GOT IT .IT WAS GREAT TO SEE YOU ON GORBALS SITE ,KEEP IN TOUCH ANN Submitted by: Ann Davies (Kerr) England 02/02/08 Email: Not Supplied Hi I lived in the gorbals around 59 till they pulled down Mathieson St. I hung around with my pals in Lawmoor St. We were called the lawmy and used to have run ins with the mathie. My memory seems to going nowdays making it hard to remember names, some I do remember are Jamie Irivine who had a brother Ronnie, John Lough who all lived in Lawmoor St. we used to make bogeys out of pram wheels, bits of skates and some wood, make dens with old doors roon the backs, climb walls jump fea dyke to dyke dreep aff the walls and dykes, I hated the high backs as I found out I was feart of hieghts, I even joined the RAF later on thats a different story. We used to play in the oueen elizabeth flats while they were getting built "boy did we drive the watchie daft" I used like getting the scrap pipes and cable from the derlict buildings and taking it to the scrappy, the worst paying scrappy was my uncles in Eglintion St. used to get hudgies of the Coal motor, Nearly broke my nose when I let go to soon one day I think it was Charlie Boyce's lorry. I remember the Queen coming to our fair toon she even waved to me but I was too far back in the crowd to see. I went to Hayfield wher miss Barkley made my life hell, the dinner school was great loved the food shame it was only once a day, I remember the pictures the Crownie With Lennox shop just a few doors down we all bought what we thought was biscuites what really turned out to be the best tasting dog biscuites we ever tasted the film zulu was good too. After Leaving Mathieson St. We ended up inHayfield St number 11 but thats a different tale. Submitted by: Bobby Gorbals, Glasgow 01/02/08 Email: Not Supplied Anybody have stories about or memories of the dunvegan bar. the red star wolfson the drapers shop.getlins red painted shop. hughie carols bookies.all in cumberland st.or johnie and mary cristies newsagents in hospital st. Submitted by:Marty G Malaga, Spain 01/02/08 Email: Not Supplied hi, im not sure if im even in the right area for the school, but here goes. has anyone heard of lorne street primary. well im trying to get a hold of a old janitor for there he is robert mcavinchey.. he is wife to dina, my dads sister , he is andrew macaulay they were brought up by family and fell out of contact, so its up to me to try and find her. if anyone can help thats great. Submitted by:Catherine MacAulay Glasgow, Scotland 01/02/08 Email:

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